March 1 2021 Minutes

APPROVED minutes Carron Valley & District Community Council
Wednesday 3 March 2021 meeting, via TEAMS @ 7.30pm


Margaret Porter, Councillor, MP Peter Hayward, Chair PH
Dorothy Breckenridge, Sec, DB David Petch, Councillor, DP
Nicolas Sinclair, Treasurer, NS Sara Smith, Councillor, SS

Neil Benny, elected rep, NB Iain Macfarlane, resident (IM)
Helen Bang, clerk, HB


  1. 1.1 Introductions and welcome. The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting,
    especially Councillor Benny.

    1.2- Apologies – Police. Pam Campbell.

    1.3- Declarations of interest for items on agenda – none. See Item 7
    1.4- items raised by members of the public for inclusion in agenda:
    Madeleine Kelly, Evelyn Crawford. See item


  2. Community Police report

    PC Pam King and PC Ross Barclay can’t be present but will take note of comments.
    Attached as Appendix II

    NS – reference to vulnerable people. Covid 19 group. What is the shoot – PH shoot
    near John Owen. Were there complaints? Or were police just advised. Vulnerable
    people will be school at Meikle Canglour DP.


  3. Minutes of previous meeting on 3 February 2021

    1. Proposed DP, Seconded NS. ACTION HB approved minutes to DB for Stirling Council.


  4. Matters arising

    1. Actions from February meeting

2.1 Shelloch windfarm - see planning item 14.1

4.1 Approved minutes to DB for Stirling Council HB

  1. Carried over from January Purchase shovels for grit bins NS done.

    Needs map for location of grit bins. Decided not to insure last year. Have
    lost two bins to car accidents this year. One stolen? NB is insurance in
    case of claim against owners, third party. Agreed to put 4 bins as assets.

  2. Purchase grit bins NS

Pending. Damaged bins need removing by Stirling Council.

7.1 Roads action points NS

  1. Contact Hillfoot Development RT/KK

  2. Roads response form PH

See Item 6.1


  1. Some roads have been cleared this winter but some minor roads haven’t been cleared
    at all during bad weather e.g. Greathill Road. In past years local farmers had done
    snow clearing if required. Could this be reinstated?


    APPROVED minutes CVDCC meeting March 3 2021

  2. Anti-social behaviour, lots of visitors around North Third and Carron Valley area. Raise
    with the police so it goes onto their regular list. Usually more of a summer problem
    but has increased during lockdown.


    DP has had complaints about state of B818, potholes.


    Also hospital employees’ issue, the road through Torwood has been closed. If need to
    get to A & E at Forth Valley Hospital adds a lot of time to the journey. Being used for
    ‘walking’. A sign at Denny road end saying no through route to hospital would be


    SS – according to website this road closure is a Falkirk Council not Stirling Council issue.
    C9 Glen Road, C9 Roman Road, Torwood.


    ACTION ALL – think of any relevant issues, forward to DB as there will be meeting with
    Stirling Council.


    SS – police should come through later in the day regarding parking/traffic issues in the
    area. PH – could Stirling Council instal a giant litter bin for visitors? The existing
    Forestry bins quickly fill.


  3. Flytipping. Ongoing problem. No prosecutions for this? NB there were a few
    prosecutions several years ago. Battery-operated cameras used. ACTION NB will raise


    Last year Council regularly picked up bags of litter. Reinstating this would be helpful.
    Western end of reservoir is also a litter hotspot. Fisheries car park at North Third also
    attracts a lot of rubbish.


  4. ACTION DB will send report to NB.


  1. Chair’s report (PH)

    A combined CC and VRG meeting was held on 17 February. This proved a very useful
    exchange of views.


  2. Secretary’s report (DB)

    1. See Appendix II on resilience issues etc.


  1. Treasurer’s report (NS)

    Balance is £2077.36

    Expenditure - £40 clerk's fee. £36 on four shovels.


  2. Stirling Councillor report (NB)

    1. Full Council meeting Thursday. New Forth link road. Will go ahead 2022. New system
      regarding garden waste collection. Grey bin will only be picked up once a month rather
      than fortnightly from end of summer.


      APPROVED minutes CVDCC meeting March 3 2021

      Budget meeting 11 March. No council tax increase this year.

      PH – combining food waste with garden waste – is this an economical way of dealing
      with the waste. System changed a few years ago. Previous system produced low
      quality compost. Current compost is used by certain forestry and agricultural

    2. NS – bin schedule changes. SC are not sticking to the current schedule at the
      moment. Bins are left out for a long time awaiting pick up so get contaminated with
      other waste from walkers etc. PH’s green bin not collected for 3 months.

      ACTION NB to investigate.


  3. Valley Renewables Group report (MP)

    1. Report attached as Appendix III.


  4. Woodland Group report (DB)

    1. Path work on hold owing to bad weather. Site meeting with contractors was put on
      hold. Suggestion that families could do volunteer days during lockdown restrictions
      with support from Woodland Group. A Wood Fuel weekend is planned for the autumn.
      May be able to do a Woodland Open Day later in the year if restrictions allow.


      SS – cars parking near woodland is not ideal but less of a problem than parking on the
      main road and near residential properties. DB - Forestry do need access to track for

      Finance report attached as Appendix IV


  5. Roads report (PH)

    1. Some roads are in a very poor condition. North Third virtually impassable at night
      owning to potholes. Ongoing problem getting SC to deal with many issues raised. DB
      has again raised issue. Agreed to schedule an online meeting 2pm Tuesday 16 March?


      20mph signs appearing – near vets? NB part of the ‘spaces for people’ measures
      during coronavirus. Temporary traffic orders. If successful they will be made
      permanent. PH – for years have been trying to get road junction and yellow lines at
      this location and 30mph instead of 40mph limit near residential properties with no

      NB – best way may be to raise petition – now online, may be best way to go.
      DB how were areas nominated? NB it was Council officers.


      SS – use of roads has increased considerably during lockdown, we should now be a
      priority route for lower speed limit.


      Reciprocal gritting – Falkirk Council/Stirling Council. Kenny Sneddon’s response – daily
      traffic must be more than 500 a day. But our survey showed 700 so we now meet
      criteria. To be raised at meeting with Stirling Council 16 March.

      See Appendix V


      APPROVED minutes CVDCC meeting March 3 2021

  6. Planning report (PH)

    1. Shelloch windfarm update. No news. NB next meeting is end March/beginning of April.
      CC has raised objections to height of turbines - 180 metres high as opposed to existing
      turbines which are 120 metres high.


  7. AOB

    1. Local resident, Madeleine Kelly, has complained about potholes on C10.

    2. Evelyn Crawford is going to chop down very large tree on 11 March so won’t be able
      to use road. ACTION HB contact about Facebook post.


  8. Date of next CC meeting – 3 April 2021 at 7:30pm via TEAMS or Zoom tba.



  1. Roads issues for meeting ALL

  2. Flytipping NB

  3. Roads report to Councillor Benny DB

10.2 Bins not being collected NB

15.2 Evelyn Crawford tree removal. Facebook post HB
The meeting closed at 20:50pm.

Appendix I Police Report


Name of


Our priorities in the Carron Valley area continue to be
Anti-Social Behaviour, Drug misuse/Drug dealing,
Road Safety and Community Engagement and


Our activity over the last month has been focussed
towards these priorities.

Carron Valley Community Council meeting






APPROVED minutes CVDCC meeting March 3 2021


Crime Reports for Carron Valley from
03/02/2021 – 02/03/2021


There have been no crimes recorded in said


Crime Reports: 0


There were 6 calls made to Police for the
Carron Valley area over the stated period.
The calls relate to sudden death, vulnerable
persons and a planned shoot.




APPROVED minutes CVDCC meeting March 3 2021




We are aware of the parking issues etc at North
Third. Patrols were carried out yesterday by
Community officers with no issues observed.

Stirling community team will continue to carry out
patrols and updates will be provided within next
months Police report.


Incidents of




Please contact PC’s King and Barclay with any
community issues at the email address noted below
or alternatively by calling Tel no. 101.




Appendix II


Carron Valley & District - Community Resilience issues draft 1. March 2021


  1. Carron Valley area & North Third area and access parking areas.


    Times – Mainly from Easter to autumn more often at weekends, evenings. Currently
    year round.


    Issues -

    Inappropriate behaviour – especial issue at North Third where youngsters have been

    Anti-social behaviour - littering, abandoning camping , drinking, human waste, etc.
    Anti-social behaviour - Also, Raves especially in the Carron Valley area,. Late nioght
    drinking parties in the North Third area

    Parking / blocking road access – both areas


    Both areas are very well used by walkers, cyclists, families, runners, etc. Large
    increase in popularity due to Covid-19 restrictions and now a year round issue for


    APPROVED minutes CVDCC meeting March 3 2021

    visitors and especially local residents who have to cope with the detritus on a daily


    Locals and some visitors endeavour to collect the litter and Council has collected
    from roadside. What would be welcomed is more police presence in the area
    especially at weekends, and early morning (catching the campers abandoning litter
    and later evenings to deal with issues of inappropriate behaviour and antisocial


  2. Winter - Road clearing / gritting of Great Hill Road, North Third Road,
    Auchenbowie / Hallquarter area – using local resources?


    C10 and B818 are being more proactively cleared / gritted by the Council which is
    welcomed. However there are smaller communities of residents on some of the
    minor roads / offshoots where there are concerns. These include an older
    population who may have health or ability issues. In the past there have been times
    where local farmers where contracted by the Council to clear such minor roads. Can
    this be re-instated for our area?


    Appendix III


    Report from VRG to CVDCC meeting on 3rd March’21


    • A proposal to change the director trustee tenure and that of the officers to a fixed term one
      going forward was approved.


    • Another newsletter and Woodland Supplement will be landing at your doors this week.


    • Work continues to make entry points to the Community Woodland, its paths and tracks
      more accessible to all.


    • The website is due for a revamp and submissions to do this work have been received.


    • There will be a meeting shortly of those interested in putting together a Virtual Community
      Open Day (or event) this year in place of the normal one which has again been cancelled.


    • A substantial chunk of work was presented for consideration by the grants sub-group. It was
      decided to leave this to a separate meeting in 2 weeks’ time with comments being made in
      the coming week prior to the special meeting.


    • The payment due for receipt from Falck via Foundation Scotland is now overdue but is being
      chased up. Financial reports are attached for information.


MgtP 3rd March’21


APPROVED minutes CVDCC meeting March 3 2021

Appendix IV


Carron Valley Community Woodland

Summary Balance Sheet 2018-2021


Income 2018/2021

Scottish Land Fund




Restricted Fund




Expenditure 2018/2021







Land & Legals




2018/19 expenditure




2019/20 expenditure




2020/21 expenditure to date




Total spend to date (26/02/21)




Balance (261,000 - 254,034)




Credit from timber sale (estimate)




Total balance at 26/02/21




Projected spend to 30/06/21





Total spend to 30/06/2021 (End of first three year budget) 257,972


Projected underspend at 30/06/21

Budget underspend carried forward (261,000 - 257,972)



Revised expenditure 2021/2024

2021/22 expenditure



2022/23 expenditure


2023/24 expenditure




Less underspend


Revised budget for 2021/24


Balance as requested from Restricted Fund


RF for VRG - 26/02/21



APPROVED minutes CVDCC meeting March 3 2021

Appendix V

Our joint proddings has had some success, with help from Pam and the Councillors. Below is
from John Steele, Team Leader Roads Operations. We need to decide which date is best for the
meeting and to co-ordinate a list of issues (and their possible resolutions) which we could send to
him beforehand... I think this would be sensible so that the meeting is to discuss solutions and
the timescale thereof. He is new -ish to the area so a map of the CC district and highlighted
locations / road stretches would help him to understand......






I have had a discussion with my colleagues John Steele and Elaine Nicol unfortunately neither is able
to attend the community council meeting on Wednesday due to other commitments. However
please be reassured they are addressing immediate issues highlighted in respect of Polmaise Road;
Newline Road and North Third including planned temporary repairs. The programme for capital
works is being collated and the intention is to include the roads highlighted above within.


They are assessing conditions and priorities and are in the process of developing a draft plan of
action to address the concerns and would welcome the opportunity to discuss further with
representative s of the community council. They have advised of some suggested dates/times and
would appreciate if the community council could advise which date suits best and send a link to the
Microsoft Teams meeting to my colleagues John & Elaine (copied into the email) and if possible
could you copy me in. Suggested dates:


Tuesday 16th March 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm
Monday 22nd March 2..00 pm till 4.00 pm
Wednesday 24th March 2.00 pm till 4.00 pm


APPROVED minutes CVDCC meeting March 3 2021



APPROVED minutes CVDCC meeting March 3 2021