March 2 2021 Minutes

APPROVED minutes of Roads meeting held at 2pm 16 March 2021 via TEAMS.
Carron Valley & District Community Council and Stirling Council Roads Dept.


David Petch, DP Nicolas Sinclair, NS

Peter Hayward, Chair Sara Smith, SS
Margaret Porter, MP


Helen Bang, HB, clerk


Stirling Council

John Steele, JS, Roads Operations Team Leader, Stirling Council,
Elaine Nicol, EN, Road maintenance Team Leader


  1. Introductions and Welcome

    1. Apologies from CVDCC Secretary Dorothy Breckenbridge.


    2. JS has been with Stirling Council 2 years in May. Working from home for a year now.


  2. Roads are not in good state. North Third, New line had squads filling in potholes last
    week and this. Road closure following week Thursday – Sunday lay as much material
    as possible. Areas have been marked and pegged for where material will go down.


Photos were shocking. This was discussed, road closure was considered. Need to focus
on how to move forward. JS working off information from others so would welcome
additional information.


DP historic damage after windfarm construction. Can SC not hold windfarms to


Unfortunately JS had to leave the meeting owing to a family emergency. He offered to
meet again at a later date.


  1. Discussion between Councillors before EN joined meeting:


    1. PH communication. Do they ever read the minutes? Do they only respond to CC things

      – don’t get back to us on it.


    2. DP – ongoing problem.


    3. SS on website for reporting issues – danger to life – reported this when road near her
      property was in a serious condition. Was resurfaced within 4 weeks.


    4. DP the only other thing is a small claims – this gets a response.

  1. Elaine Nicol joined meeting at 14:15. Without video. She is based near Peebles in
    Scottish Borders.

    Joined SC just before Christmas. Civil engineer by training. Road maintenance Team

    Road network in CV is work in progress.


    PH no point in discussing if EN not familiar with the area. One of the frustrations is
    getting someone to see the issues.


    EN was on Balquidder C33 Road measuring defects on road two weeks ago. Timber
    transport works measured. Happy to go and look at roads in CV area or get team to
    do to.


  2. PH had been told that Roads Dept can’t come out because of Covid restrictions. Could
    perhaps liaise and make appointment to do this.


    EN happy to do this. Previous work was done under social distancing, masks etc.


    Doesn’t want to raise expectations. Whilst they do consider all the defects, jobs have
    to be put through a rating system. May only be a select amount of work that can be


  3. PH do you have copy of agenda items circulated?


    Doesn’t have copy of this. HB sent this via email.


  4. Discussion with SS re culvert. EN have to touch base with SEPA regarding water
    courses etc.


  5. DP whole road work from B818 C10, potholes or other obstructions. Cars have been
    written off. Knows of 4 vehicles in the past 2 months. Even residents with
    tractors/trailers are complaining.


  6. NS – around road networks historically there have been road markings and post based
    signs. Is there any pro active assessment. If relevant in the past, 20-30 years ago surely
    more relevant not with increased traffic both vehicular and bikes, horses, walkers.


    EN good question. Yes, responsibility of traffic department to assess these.
    Responsibility of EN’s team to do repairs. Carolyn Fraser is network team leader.

    Handles road user issues. Road safety, traffic data, safer routes to schools, pedestrian
    crossings etc.


  7. SS also damaged culvert and road speed sign knocked down.


  8. Data on assets not ideal. EN work in progress. ACTION EN to speak to CF.
    NS list is on agenda.

  9. Speeding issues etc would be Carolyn Fraser.


  10. Road junction on C10 Cauldbarns housing development FK7 8HH.SC required stone
    wall to be moved back to improve a road to improve visibility, but developer has left
    huge pile of debris etc. so objective has not been achieved. Junction has no road
    markings. Two posts with no signs. Accident about 6 months ago. Resident had a very
    near miss here too.


EN Have you spoken to Neil Perry, development control manager? When housing
schemes are put through they undergo road construction consents. ACTION EN to
take this to Neil Perry. Before Council take on adoption of road can have snagging list.


4.10 DP road markings were up to date 10 years ago. Not up to date – serious risk of
collision. Give Way, Halt signs have all disappeared. Not a single junction in our area
is adequately marked.


PH received letter 12 months ago saying markings were not relevant. ‘Road markings
might make junctions more dangerous’.


  1. EN wants to adopt a 360 customer service approach. Community Councils, groups,
    elected officials etc. can get in touch with Roads and groups can get information they


    1. PH does any member of Roads Dept. ever read CC minutes? EN probably no, should
      be sent to Team Leaders. PH the only way was CC enquiries. Send in enquiry, as soon
      as forwarded to correct department assumption is that enquiry is closed. No one gets
      back with final outcome, asks if satisfied etc.


    2. Took 2 years to get Auchenbowie sign on posts already there. We ask for white lines,
      nothing is done for years.


      CC enquiries may get response in 10 days but of no use if it isn’t the action required.
      PH – needs ‘customer satisfaction’ element, how was it for you?

    3. EN receiving 90 – 100 emails a day. Good thing about CC enquiries is that can get data
      and get timeline put on it.


    4. Can liaise with EN about meeting up. EN to email PH. Agreed to meet and tour area
      last week in March.


    5. EN left the meeting.


    6. SS suggested Roads section of CC minutes separately sent to Roads Department.

      ACTION DB.

    7. MP when touring area please go over Greathill Road on drive. People were stranded
      here during bad weather.


The Meeting closed at 14:55



4.8 Speak to Carolyn Fraser regarding signs etc. EN

4.10 Issues with Cauldbarns housing development EN

5.6 Roads section of minutes to go to Roads Department DB