May 2021 Minutes

Approved Minutes Carron Valley & District Community Council
Wednesday 5 May 2021 meeting, via TEAMS @ 7.30pm


Margaret Porter, Councillor, MP Peter Hayward, Chair PH
Dorothy Breckenridge, Sec, DB David Petch, Councillor, DP
Nicolas Sinclair, Treasurer, NS Sara Smith, Councillor, SS

*Christine Simpson, elected rep, CS Iain Macfarlane, resident IM
Helen Bang, clerk, HB


  1. 1.1 Introductions and welcome

    1.2- Apologies – Pam King, Ross Barclay, Pam Campbell, Christine Simpson

    1.3- Declarations of interest for items on agenda – none. MP defibrillators – AOB.
    1.4- items raised by members of the public for inclusion in agenda

    1.4.1 Flytipping

    1. Tillhill forest – trials bikes (motorbikes) on North Third tracks and crags. DB
      number of individuals have been in touch after encounters with motorbikers on the
      paths and tracks, the walkers being intimidated by the speed of the bikes on at times
      narrow paths. Motorised vehicles are not allowed under Scottish access legislation
      and need to have landowner permission to be there. Can this be followed up with
      Tillhill? Notices excluding motorbikes / trials bikes may be part of the solution?
      Police to be informed. ACTION DB contact Tillhill.

    2. Grit bins – SS has discussed.


  2. Community Police report, PC Pam King and PC Ross Barclay can’t be present but will
    take note of comments. Attached as Appendix I.


    Rave – near John de Grahams. IM this has been here before. Only real concern is if
    anyone was lighting fires. Longer term VRG would like signage at the site but this is
    in the hands of Forestry. SS have had raves Cairnoch end of reservoir which caused
    more annoyance to residents. Covid fines issued.


    Flytipping incident at Community Woodland – followed up as name and address was
    on some items.


  3. Minutes of previous meeting on 7 April 2021

    1. Proposed DP, Seconded PH

      ACTION HB send approved minutes to Secretary for Stirling Council.


    2. Stephen Bly, Community Liaison request to send in draft minutes, agendas.

      DECISION - agreed not appropriate to have draft minutes on SC website.


  4. Matters arising

    1. Nothing not covered elsewhere in the agenda.


  5. Actions from previous meeting held on 7 April


Draft minutes CVDCC meeting Wednesday 5 May 2021


  1. Approved March minutes to Secretary for Stirling Council HB

  2. Approved Roads meeting minutes to Secretary for Stirling Council HB

  1. Flytipping - send SS Council contact for removal of car DB

    6.1 Speed limit, serious safety concerns with increased pedestrian traffic in area SF
    DB Trying to get evidence from community of inappropriate parking etc. The

    issue with speeding is that residents consider the official speed too fast for the

    10.8 VRG - going forward, strategy discussion ALL
    Complete. VRG will undertake a new plan for 2022 will involve full community
    consultation. DP involved in investment meeting on 4 May. Will cover later in

    10.10 Newsletter copy required May ALL

    MP copy due now.

    14.1 Pirnhall development objection PH

    Objections can’t currently be put on website. Agreed to keep a
    watch on developments.


  2. Chair’s report (PH)

    1. Libi Newell – photographs of VRG directors to be included in redesigned website.
      There will be a Community Council section. Are people happy to have photos on
      there. It will not have personal emails but CVDCC’s email.


      Please provide photo and short bio. ACTION ALL. email:


    2. Flytipping – LN wants to make this a community enterprise to get kits for
      litterpicking etc. DP a camera system would be beneficial. Two cameras currently
      available as part of the red squirrel project. As the red squirrel survey will be later in
      the summer these may be available for temporary use. One pointing towards
      Woodland cabin. To be reviewed.


    3. Dark Skies initiative. Need wheelchair parking etc. Todholes is the only possible
      location with these requirements.


    4. Elaine Nicol. Following up with culverts and drains. Still no sign of required works at
      Cauldbarns junction, stuff at side of road, potholes on C10 and Pirnhall have been
      dusted. But still no real action. DP - junction at Carronbridge is in a bad state.


  3. Secretary’s report (DB)

    1. Nothing to report not covered elsewhere in agenda.


  4. Treasurer’s report. (NS)

    1. Balance currently £2157.36. Purchased 4 shovels. NS owed £37.


Draft minutes CVDCC meeting Wednesday 5 May 2021

  1. VRG Investment Group Report (DP)

    1. Meeting 4 May with representative of Brewin Dolphin. Investment is now nearly

£400K. Annual investment of £23K into the fund for 2021 will go forward as per
agreed budget. Will need to discuss how much goes forward in subsequent years.
Question is whether VRG should maintain this level of investment over next few years.
Need to decide how much is put in legacy and how much spent currently.


PH - pleased to have been proved wrong regarding wisdom of this investment. Has
increased by £50K. Over the long term unlikely to get these sorts of returns
consistently in the future.


MP - The CC and VRG had agreed in the setting up of the investment fund that the
fund was to protect the value of the money VRG was holding in bank accounts and to
set up a legacy fund for future generations in the case of no community benefit
accruing from re-winding. As a Community Council need to look to the future and
share the benefits for following generations.


  1. Valley Renewables Group report (IM)

    1. Red squirrels – initiative will add to importance of Community Woodland contributing
      to diversity etc.

    2. Defibrillators – thanks to MP for promoting.


    3. MP has stepped down as both Chair and as a VRG director. The community owes a
      great debt to MP for taking over the management of VRG in early days, recruiting
      directors, putting in place sound management structures and steering VRG through
      13 years of development.


    4. Sunflower competition for young people in community about to be launched.


    5. Virtual Open Day – this is still being discussed. May produce a video which highlights
      important aspects of community. Also looking at virtual talks.


    6. Strategy review. Had meeting in April reviewing state of play.


    7. Project Development Officer (NS). Agreed to continue Libi Newell’s services for
      another year. A midterm review has been done. Libi has progressed four projects,
      three are likely to become active this year. Of new projects total of 9 it is expected
      that 5 will be active in 2021, a further 2 will become active in 2022. Two more are
      longer term e.g. generation opportunities from the Carron Valley.


      Libi has done additional work for grants and communications subgroup including the
      website. She has also been in touch with Scottish Water regarding North Third
      reservoir. Now two CV reservoirs are going to be involved in a new initiative.


  2. Woodland Group report (DB)

    1. No meeting this month. Looking at restarting volunteering days.


      Draft minutes CVDCC meeting Wednesday 5 May 2021

  3. Roads report (PH)

    1. Covered earlier.


  4. Planning report (PH)

    1. Glamping pods. New planning application for 4 along Auchenbowie Road. The
      previous planning application was turned down in November because it didn’t comply
      with development plan, contrary to scenic value of area, didn’t fit in with domestic
      setting of residential properties. Have now resubmitted with glossy brochure.


    2. Planning permission concern – Rosehall “farm”- reason given for building cottage was
      looking after livestock, the barn now closed down. DP thinks these properties were
      built under Section 75 for farmworkers only. It served as farmworker’s cottage for 12
      months, then sold property for a large amount. Stirling Council should have had it
      demolished then. Now just getting rates.


  5. Stirling Councillor report (CS).

    1. No elected representatives attended this meeting.


  6. AOB

    1. Barr Wood plots (NS). Owner withdrew provisional plans because the advice was that
      should go for full planning permission which would constrain any new owner. He is
      now selling it on basis that any purchaser would then seek planning permission for
      what is required.


      Wishes to sell two plots and keep two but would sell all.


      Fencing is going to put along the road which would remove unsightly plastic fencing.


    2. Defibrillator insurance. Were being quoted for £150 to add to VRG insurance. Can be
      treated as community asset and added to SC insurance for the CC, this would be
      approx. £45. As long as ongoing costs met the defibrillators would come under CC


      DECISION agreed unanimously. ACTION MP.


    3. Chair thanked MP for all her excellent hard work liaising between CC and VRG and for
      agreeing to stay on as a Councillor for the time being. Seconded by DP, the previous


  7. Date of next CC meeting – Wednesday 2 June 2021 at 7:30pm via TEAMs or Zoom.



Draft minutes CVDCC meeting Wednesday 5 May 2021





Contact Tillhill




Approved April minutes to Secretary for Stirling Council



10.10 Copy required for May newsletter



Contact Libi Newell re bio and photo for redesigned website



Ask SC to include defibrillators on insurance









Agreed that draft minutes should not go on SC website



Ask SC to include defibrillators on insurance



The meeting closed at 20:40pm


Draft minutes CVDCC meeting Wednesday 5 May 2021

Appendix I Police Report


Name of

Carron Valley Community Council meeting


Our priorities in the Carron Valley area continue to be
Anti-Social Behaviour, Drug misuse/Drug dealing,
Road Safety and Community Engagement and


Our activity over the last month has been focussed
towards these priorities.




Crime Reports for Carron Valley from


Detected cases: 4


10/04/2021 - Fish without legal right or

17/04/2021 – Wilful fireraising
01/05/2021 – Various road traffic offences
01/05/2021 – 29 x breach of coronavirus


Undetected cases: 5


01/04/2021-08/04/2021 – Theft (enquiries


Crime Reports: 5


There were 13 calls made to Police for the
Carron Valley area over the stated period.
The calls relate to anti-social behaviour,


Draft minutes CVDCC meeting Wednesday 5 May 2021

poaching, fireraising, road traffic matters and
vulnerable persons.





Incidents of



Police are continuing to patrol North Third on a



regular basis. Two males have been charged with

deliberately setting a fire. We will continue to carry


out patrols and keep you updated accordingly.




Police received a call from a local resident advising
there was a “rave” taking place at noted location.


Police attended and 29 x fixed penalty notices


relating to breach of coronavirus regulations were




Please contact PC’s King and Barclay with any
community issues at the email address noted below
or alternatively by calling Tel no. 101.



Draft minutes CVDCC meeting Wednesday 5 May 2021