Nov 2021 Minutes

Approved Minutes Carron Valley & District Community Council
Wednesday 3 November 2021 meeting, via TEAMS @ 7.30pm


Peter Hayward, Chair Dorothy Breckenridge, Sec, DB
Nicolas Sinclair, Treasurer, NS * David Petch, Councillor, DP

Sara Smith, Councillor, SS Margaret Porter, Councillor, MP
Dennis Canavan, resident, DC Iain Macfarlane, resident, IM
Helen Bang, clerk, HB


  1. Introductions and welcome

    1. The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting. Apologies were received from
      Sara Smith and Nicolas Sinclair. (There were major issues with the TEAMS
      technology, people had difficulty joining or found it impossible.)


    2. Conflicts of interest - none

    3. Items raised by members of the community – Dennis Canavan access issues.


  2. Community Police report

    1. Attached as Appendix I


  3. Minutes of previous meeting held via TEAMS on 6 October 2021

    1. These were approved - proposed DP, seconded DB.


    2. ACTION HB send approved October minutes to DB for Stirling Council.


  4. Matters arising


    1. Some actions from September meeting are still pending.


    2. Cauldbarns wall issue

      Email complaint to SC via CC enquiries. Could SF investigate. The CC have
      been after action on a road junction we consider tobe unsafe for over two years.
      All we wanted was two poles withroad junction priorities, some white lines and
      earth cleared awayfrom road junction.


      Other road works have been done all over Stirling – but not where we want them.
      Someone needs to come out to see what’s required – e.g. a Give Way or Stop


      ACTION PH to email details to SF.


    3. Other issues discussed elsewhere in the agenda.


  5. Chair’s report [PH]

    Thanks to VRG for agreeing to fund the interlinked alarms grant. Thanks to HB
    for organising the mailing etc. 147 households in the district have been


  6. Secretary’s report [DB]

    1. AGM to be held prior to December meeting.

      Draft minutes CVDCC meeting 3 November


    2. Scottish Water are doing a survey for Carron Valley and North Third reservoir,
      link on FB page. Open until 27th November


  7. Treasurer’s report [NS]

    1. The reconciled bank balance is £1,600.12.


  8. Stirling Councillor report

    1. Attached as Appendix II

    2. DC’s issue. It is over a year since he first raised these issues. PH and DB, DC,
      SF took part in site visit with access officer. He has lost count of the number of
      emails and still no action.

      At least two gates are locked and have been preventing access, contrary
      to the legislation and also the minute of agreement between the estate owner
      and SC. In addition, at least two notices saying land is private are contrary to
      legislation. SC are not using the powers given by the Scottish Parliament. DC
      and other MSPs then fought hard to give powers to enable local authorities to
      take enforcement action. There is clear evidence the estate owner is still flouting
      the law. What is the point of having statutory powers if unwilling to use them?

      DP was Chair of access forum. Then personnel changed. The current
      Access Officer is trying to do two jobs. Previously Richard Baron had agreed the
      Sauchieburn estate owner should be taken to court.

      SF Council’s legal terms have been operating under extremis in reaction
      to the Covid outbreak, resources have been very stretched. Once he gets reply
      back he will have discussion with DC as to how to move this forward.

      DC new Access Officer was sympathetic to case. But suspects that she is
      being overruled by Council’s legal department even though they were involved in
      a very similar case over 10 years ago. ACTION SF.


  9. Valley Renewables Group report [IM]

    1. Grants for interlinked fire alarms – CC initiative, EGM agreed to fund up to £220
      for these alarms. Applications open on 8 November. Have asked for form
      accompanied by a receipt. Will also fund residents who have already installed
      these alarms.


    2. Electric Charging Points – have asked residents to apply to Energy Saving
      Scotland and report back on result.


    3. Consultation regarding Meeting Room is complete. 80% support going ahead.
      There were 85 respondents to the consultation with 81% (69) in favour of
      proceeding with the meeting room project and 19% (16) against.


      It had been agreed to request a meeting with VRG/CVDCC regarding results of
      survey as it involves restricted funds. There was a discussion and it was agreed
      to take a vote. The four councillors in attendance were in favour of accepting the
      survey report, a majority.


      DECISION – to accept the survey report and advise VRG can go ahead with the
      next stage of the project.


      In subsequent discussions it was agreed that funding should be discussed at a
      later date when all councillors are present.

      Draft minutes CVDCC meeting 3 November


  10. VRG Investment Fund [NS]

    1. There is no investment fund update.


  11. Woodland Group report [DB]

    1. 18 October – Apple Day was a great success. Lucky with the weather. 47 adults
      and 14 young people taking part. Plenty of apple-related food. 15+ litres of juice
      pressed, even though not a great year for apples. Hope to repeat next year.


    2. Felling at Muirlands had been held up again because of water pipe issue, 28
      October there was a on-site meeting with Peter Mitchell and EuroForest and 7
      Scottish Water operators identified where pipes were. Now awaiting felling a slot
      for the contractors to start. Wood fuel weekend provisionally 13-14 November,
      will have to be postponed dependent on the felling.


  12. Roads report

    Covered earlier in agenda.


  13. Planning report (PH)
    Nothing new to report


  14. AOB

    1. AGM to take place at 7pm 1st December 2021..


  15. Date of next CC meeting –Wednesday 1 December 2021 at 7:30pm via
    TEAMS. Preceded by AGM.



    1. - Actions carried over from meeting on 1 September

      2.2 Query on fire raising in previous police report DB

      13.2 Issues with wall at Cauldbarns development DB


  17. ACTIONS from November meeting

    3.2 Approved October minutes to DB for Stirling Council HB

    4.3 Email to SF re Cauldbarns junction concerns PH

    8.2 Sauchieburn Estate issues SF

    9.3 Advise VRG re meeting room agreement IM



    1. DECISION – to accept the survey report and advise VRG can go ahead with the
      next stage of the project.


Draft minutes CVDCC meeting 3 November


The meeting closed at 8:40pm
Appendix I Police Report

Our priorities in the Carron Valley area continue to be Anti-Social Behaviour, Drug
misuse/Drug dealing, Road Safety and Community Engagement and


Our activity over the last month has been focussed towards these priorities.
Crime Reports for Carron Valley from 06/10/21 to 02/11/2021

Detected cases: 0


Undetected cases: 1


08/10/2021 – Assault (Enquiry ongoing)
Crime Reports: 0

During the time period stated there have been 7 calls to the Carron Valley area. They
relate to Assisting members of the public and Road traffic related matters.




Police are continuing to patrol North Third on a regular basis.


Please contact PC’s King and Barclay with any community issues at the email address
noted below or alternatively by calling Tel no. 101.


Draft minutes CVDCC meeting 3 November


Appendix II Carron Valley Community Council Councillors Report 03/11/21


As of the 29/10 Stirling was at 416.7 per 100,000 with a test positivity rate of 9.6%.

Clackmannanshire is at 629.8 per 100,000 and a test positivity rate of 11.9% with
Falkirk at 350.6 and 8.7% test positivity. This is a decline in infection rate for
Stirling from the previous week where Stirling was on 462.4 per 100,000 however
Clackmannanshire has seen a significant rise from 491.3 per 100,000 Hotspots
for this week in Stirling are Fallin, Cowie, Plean and Rural South East. The above
illustrates that the virus remains highly infectious across our communities and is
very volatile.


Vaccination rates are high with first dose at 93.4% for Forth Valley with Stirling at
91.6% on par with the Scottish average of 92%. Second dose Forth Valley 89.4%
with Stirling at 87.6% both are above the Scottish average 85.8%.


At Stirling Council meeting in October the restrictions in place regarding Community
Councils were lifted to enable them to meet in person if they so choose. However
given careful consideration of the above and especially with regard to those that
are vulnerable I would suggest a cautious approach is adopted.


The Council's focus is still very much on recovery however Services are still being
heavily impacted by COVID in particular Waste Services where collections have
suffered delays due to high infection rates amongst staff and the requirement for
crews to self-isolate. I have held meetings with the Cabinet Secretary for Finance
and City Leaders on the development of a City Centres recovery plan and how to
repurpose as we emerge out of the pandemic. I have also been engaged with
Ministers over the Scottish Governments proposals to create a National Care


I will be meeting a German delegation as part of COP 26 In showcasing Stirling’s
District Heating Network as part of our drive to net zero carbon emissions. The
Provost and I will also be attending the Church of the Holy Rude for
Remembrance Sunday.


In terms of Carron Valley I am awaiting a response into the ongoing issues regarding
access rights at the Sauchieburn Estate. I will update all concerned as I am
expecting a response in the coming days. This matter has been going on for
almost a year and I feel the frustration experienced by the residents.



Cllr Scott Farmer


Draft minutes CVDCC meeting 3 November