Oct 2021 Minutes

APPROVED minutes Carron Valley & District Community Council
Wednesday 6 October 2021 meeting, via TEAMS @ 7.30pm


Peter Hayward, Chair Dorothy Breckenridge, Sec, DB
Nicolas Sinclair, Treasurer, NS David Petch, Councillor, DP
Sara Smith, Councillor, SS Morag Holdsworth, resident, MH
Margaret Porter, Councillor, MP Helen Bang, clerk, HB


  1. Introductions and welcome

    1. The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting. Apologies were received from the
      Police and Iain Macfarlane.

    2. Conflicts of interest - none

    3. Items raised by members of the community – none.


  2. Community Police report

    1. Attached as Appendix I

      12 calls to CV area relating to helping members of the public.


  3. Minutes of previous meeting on 1 September 2021

    1. Approved with amendment to discussion on the gate to the car park.
      Proposed DP seconded DB.


    2. ACTION HB send approved September minutes to DB for Stirling Council.


  4. Matters arising


    Actions still pending. See item 16.1 Other issues discussed elsewhere in the agenda.


  5. Chair’s report [PH]

    1. Rob Ferguson, NS and PH spoke to Stephen at Shelloch Windfarm. Of a mind to
      divide equally between six community councils involved. With Falck money there is
      a direct link between community council. If Shelloch money goes directly to VRG it
      would be helpful to have a clear arrangement and the CC has oversight of this.


      There was a discussion. NS there are currently two sources of money. Falck money
      is restricted, approval required from CC. The agreement between CVDCC and VRG
      was circulated prior to the meeting, in fact there is more consultation than the MoU


      Also unrestricted money – as the development trust for the area, the VRG trustees
      decide what is done with this money.


      PH community is being granted a sum of money. The CC might not have input as
      to how the money from the potential Shelloch windfarm is distributed.

      Potentially £20K per annum per community.


    2. PH new regulations for linked fire alarms come into force in February 2022. The
      community has money which could be used for this. New builds will have these
      installed but older properties will not.


      MH is looking at a range of costs which vary considerably between companies.


      Approved minutes CVDCC meeting 6 October 2021

      DB might be worthwhile finding how many houses requires this, get a quote for a
      job lot, may get better deal.


      DP do we have qualified person in the community who could do the work?


      SS is it one to ask VRG grants subgroup to discuss? PH yes but would like it
      described as a Community Council driven initiative.


      ACTION SS/NS to take to VRG grants group


  6. Secretary’s report [DB]

    1. Nothing not elsewhere on agenda.


  7. Treasurer’s report [NS]

    1. £896.84 grant from Stirling Council, approx. £1500 in bank

      NS correction to last month. Had requested invoice from VRG for work on newsletter
      and website. Breakdown of money bears no resemblance to what we can claim


      Our admin – clerk, up to 13 meetings a year £520. Adding on money £2400, deduct
      admin we have £1880 There is a surplus of £380 Should we ask VRG to claim for
      this? What float do we want to retain? Do we need £1500 as a float? The only
      things we have purchased in past 3 years are the grit bins.

      DECISION – agreed to keep float of £1000 ACTION NS will ask RF to send invoice
      for £880.


  8. Stirling Councillor report

    1. No report received at time of meeting.


  9. Valley Renewables Group report [NS]

    1. Board meeting on 5 October, no meeting in September as not quorate. Community
      Consultation on Hub closes on Friday.

      Directors have spoken to neighbours to remind them to put in a response.


    2. Falck have made funds available for building back stronger communities. Can apply
      for up to 3 projects up to £5000 each. VRG is applying for two; one is for people
      wanting to get into work/a new job. The second is to allow people to respond to new
      working practices, e.g. working from home, people not re-employed after being
      furloughed so money for training, home businesses etc.


    3. Retirement of directors at AGM – require new directors.


    4. The AGM will be held in Zoom again this year.


  10. VRG Investment Fund [NS]

    1. Stands at £436,600. 15.5% return on investment. However over last month there
      have been some losses owing to market volatility.


  11. Woodland Group report [DB]

    1. Felling should have started 2 weeks ago but additional water pipes were discovered,
      still trying to get hold of Scottish Water to sort this issue. Woodland Group is meeting
      on 7 October.



      Approved minutes CVDCC meeting 6 October 2021

      Apple Day – Saturday 16 October – people asked to advise regarding numbers for
      BBQ. 40 people have responded so far. 13 – 14 November may be Wood Fuel


  12. Roads report (SS)

    1. Cauldbarns Wall issue. ACTION DB to contact Stephen Bly and Planning
      Enforcement about this.

      NS has had representation from resident regarding this. It was a planning condition
      of development – no clear line of sight.


  13. Planning report (PH)

    1. Nothing new to report. Shelloch Windfarm - height of turbines. During conversation
      with Force 9. Objections were to lights on turbines and the height – said lights were
      almost invisible but no reference to height. Blade height will be lower than current
      masts because they will be located in the valley.


  14. AOB

    1. MH expressed thanks – at North Third – access, litter etc. has improved. Also went
      to Cambusbarron CC Open Day regarding proposed Community Hub.


    2. What contact is there with Cambusbarron CC? MP: there was contact between VRG
      over the Woodland. Other communications were to do with sharing of the Falck
      money. There was a joint meeting between six councils but eventually decided pot
      to be divided by six. They are doing good work at Gillies Hill. MP has been in contact
      with Green Woodworking – could we get someone to do wood-creating at the
      Community Woodland? VRG’s treasurer talks to other community councils finance


      DP windfarm developer initially set up adversarial atmosphere. Stirling Council also
      have similar approach with money for communities. DB scope for this because there
      will be similar issues. Separate meeting with chairs of different CCs would be useful
      to get a joint approach.


      ACTION PH – contact other Chairs of West Stirling CCs.


  15. Date of next CC meeting –Wednesday 3 November 2021 at 7:30pm via TEAMS.



    1. - Actions from previous meeting on 1 September

2.2 Query on fire raising in previous police report DB

3.2 Approved August minutes to DB for SC HB

4.3 Scottish Water re shoreline clean up DB

  1. Grit bins to be sited NS

  2. Damaged grit bin signs etc still need removing by SC SS

12.4 B818 state of road - complaint to be raised with Falkirk Council HB

13.2 Issues with wall at Cauldbarns development DB

14.3 Raise AGM issue with convenor SF

  1. Memorandum of Understanding with VRG to be circulated DB

  2. Car park closure DB

  3. Recording number of vehicles on roads when car park unavailable SS



Approved minutes CVDCC meeting 6 October 2021



Actions from this meeting


Approved September minutes to DB for Stirling Council




Linked fire alarms funding - approach VRG grants subgrou



Invite VRG Treasurer to submit invoice for £880



Cauldbarns wall issue



Contact chairs of other west Stirling Community Councils






Agreed £1000 float was appropriate



The meeting closed at 20:40pm


Approved minutes CVDCC meeting 6 October 2021





Police Service of Scotland

Community Council meeting


Name of


Our priorities in the Carron Valley area continue to be
Anti-Social Behaviour, Drug misuse/Drug dealing,
Road Safety and Community Engagement and


Our activity over the last month has been focussed
towards these priorities.

Carron Valley Community Council meeting








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Approved minutes CVDCC meeting 6 October 2021