Sept 2021 Minutes

Approved Minutes Carron Valley & District Community Council
Wednesday 1 September 2021 meeting, via TEAMS @ 7.30pm


Margaret Porter, Councillor, MP Dorothy Breckenridge, Sec, DB
David Petch, acting Chair, DP Nicolas Sinclair, Treasurer, NS
Sara Smith, Councillor, SS Scott Farmer, elected rep, SF
Iain Macfarlane, resident, IM Margaret Porter, Councillor, MP
Helen Bang, clerk, HB


  1. Introductions and welcome

    1. The acting Chair, DP, welcomed everyone to the meeting

    2. Conflicts of interest – none declared.

    3. Apologies – Peter Hayward, Christine Simpson, Morag Holdsworth, PC Ross
      Barclay, PC Pam King

    4. Items raised by members of the public - closures at the forest park.

    5. Constitutional issues.

    6. Election issues.

    7. There was a query over whether the CC was quorate, it was agreed to revise any
      decisions if necessary.


  2. Community Police report

    1. PC Pam King and PC Ross Barclay could not attend but will take note of comments.
      Attached as Appendix I


    2. No recorded incidents. Couldn’t log on to internet to see any calls. ACTION DB to
      query fire raising from last month.


  3. Minutes of previous meeting on 7 July 2021

    1. Approved with minor corrections Proposed DP, seconded DB.

    2. ACTION HB send approved August minutes to DB for Stirling Council.


  4. Matters arising - Actions from previous meeting on 4 August:

    1.5.8 Newsletter - mention incident number when reporting crime HB


    Carron Valley Connections - group rules



    Approved July minutes to DB for SC



    Carron Valley Connections post on incident number



    Photo and resume for new VRG website



    Red squirrel project info for MH



    Scottish Water contact for MH



    All done


    1. SF actions – police have to look at proportionate response on weekends, not using
      a lot of resources to deal with the rave. As no evidence of criminality they decided
      to contain the issue.


    2. DB followed up the rave and the mess caused at North Third. Contacted Gill Hay
      Scottish Water who accepts the irresponsible nature of some, she is getting a third
      party contractor every Monday to clean up the site until the end of the season,
      probably beginning of October.



    Draft minutes CVDCC meeting 1 September 2021

    The water is so low owing to lack of rainfall and on going work on the dam over past
    few years. Trying to find out when the level can be raised up – likely to be sometime
    next year. Morag Holdsworth has been in touch with them.


    SS there is always litter etc. around the shoreline / dam wall at Carron Reservoir
    and this is never cleaned up. ACTION DB will mention this as well.


  5. Chair’s report [PH]

    1. The Chair was absent from this meeting. Nothing not elsewhere on agenda.


  6. Secretary’s report [DB]

    1. Scottish Water discussions.


  7. Treasurer’s report [NS]

    1. Balance is £1561.28. Confirmation from SC that we would get money asked for
      minus small amount for insurance. Newsletter, website, once in receipt do we ask
      VRG to submit invoice for this contribution. DECISION – agreed.


    2. 4 Grit bins at Craigend Farm. Will arrange with PH to site bins. SS damaged one
      near her property. One near David Petch. ACTION NS


    3. Damaged bin and signs still need removing from near Sara’s house. ACTION SS to


  8. Stirling Councillor report (SF)

    1. Apologies from Christine Simpson. Thanks to Scott Farmer for attending instead.


    2. Covid situation in Stirling/Forth Valley. There had been a gradual reduction and then
      there was a 60% hike in cases recently. Stirling is at 436.9 cases per 100K Test
      positive rate 11.2%. Virus is considered under control if this percentage is 5 and
      below. Clacks 674.6 cases per 100K. test positive rate is 11.8%. Falkirk is at 394.2
      cases per 100K and 9.5% test positive rate.


      As of 25 August Stirling residents - 90.4% have had first dose, second dose 82.5%


      Forth Valley Hospital is under acute pressure principally from non-Covid


      Intensive care – 3 weeks ago 3 people at level 2 in intensive care, one was a 15
      year old, 61 and 74 year old had had double vaccines.


    3. Economic recovery – potential for aerospace and insurance inward investment. The
      International Crime Festival is going ahead. City centre regeneration – there is a
      one year action plan, further work is being done on a 5 year action plan to look at
      priorities and repurposing city centres.


      Covid situation – following guidance, SC hoping to meet more in person but subject
      to prevailing guidance.


      HB asked about farmers’ markets and cost of pitches. SF agreed to look at this. He
      also commented that local business Egglicious has expanded its range of products.


      Draft minutes CVDCC meeting 1 September 2021

      NS – query on inward investment. SF the insurance company has significant interest
      in Northern Ireland, Asian market. Aerospace – in competition with some European
      destinations but this is a growth sector in Scottish economy.


      DP asked about the empty units in the town centre and on industrial sites. SF this
      is part of city centre regeneration task force. This will include fiscal and regulatory
      measures over which the Council doesn’t currently have a lot of control.


      DP was horrified by state of Springkerse Road with number of businesses that have
      closed. SF motor retailers do want to move in, this is a volatile market. Homebase
      has been shut for over 3 years. Recent planning approval for B&M to move on to
      this site.


      John Clark Group are looking to move Land Rover/Jaguar to Springkerse.


  9. Valley Renewables Group report [NS]

    1. July Minute 11 correction - £25K increase was double counting, but investment
      fund now stands at £440K


    2. No Board meeting held yesterday as not quorate but there is a joint meeting on 2
      September re the consultation on the Woodland Hub.


    3. Held strategy meetings. Have decided to put this in abeyance with consultation


    4. Defibrillators are in place. Checking procedure is working. Need to get 3rd and 4th
      ones in place.


    5. Events held at Woodland Base, activities scheduled.


    6. Red squirrel project ongoing.


    7. Meeting with Minister for Environment, Biodiversity and Land Reform 24 August.
      Arranged by Forestry and Land Scotland. Impressed by developments at the site.
      Unaware that windfarm operators not statutory obliged to make contribution to the


    8. Website – NS emailed response, when PH back to organise meeting with Shelloch.


  10. VRG Investment Fund [DP]

    1. See item 9.1 The fund now stands at £440K


  11. Woodland Group report [DB]

    1. Machinery doing felling opposite Roadmans Cottages, will get in touch when has
      the date.


  12. Roads report (SS)

    1. Thanks for patching on road and have put in pipe from old millponds.

    2. Also significant stretch at North Third.

    3. Also patching near Sauchieburn.


    4. Concerns were raised about the stretch of road which belongs to Falkirk Council.
      B818 from the bridge to Denny is in a very poor state. ACTION HB to report to
      Falkirk Council. Endangerment to life of cyclists.

      Draft minutes CVDCC meeting 1 September 2021

  13. Planning report

    1. Nothing new to report.

    2. Crossroads at Cauldbarns – haven’t taken old section of wall down. Planning
      enforcement issue? ACTION DB to raise via CC reporting.


  14. AOB

    1. 15 months over deadline for AGM. ACTION SF to raise with convenor. Still not
      possible to meet in person.


    2. NS has reported accounts but not independently-checked accounts.


    3. Memorandum of Understanding with VRG needs re-examining, is it still fit for
      purpose. ACTION DB to circulate.


    4. North Lanark put 10 days of closure on forest park over a 7 week period, has had a
      knock on impact on residents. Issue with vehicles parking on Drum corner as laybys
      full. Has been conveyed to North Lanark, no response to residents, only to the
      Duncarron Fort. No discussion with the Woodland Group, nor with the Robb
      Memorial Run organisers.


      North Lanark Should have to consult with residents even though technically a
      different area.


      DP how can a Council which has no boundary at the entrances close roads without
      consultation? The gate they have closed is actually in the Stirling area.


      MP Clan Ranald should have put notices on local roads saying the car park would
      not be available on certain days. A consultation process was supposed to be put in
      place, MP, David Sparkes, Forestry, Clan Ranald etc. met a few years ago, agreed
      to consult diaries before taking such action. Woodland site – paying towards using
      the car park, also use of toilets, not sure if this happened.


      ACTION DB – request Clan Ranald put up large notices on local roads warning
      people that car park is closed. Also a joint meeting to prevent this happening in the
      future. Could have put it on Carron Valley Connections Facebook page.


      Need to avoid this happening again next year.


    5. There are 3 more weekends scheduled. Would be good to have an idea of the
      number of vehicles inappropriately parked on roads. Also if there is any damage to
      vehicles this needs to be recorded. ACTION SS.


      NS there is a full page spread in today’s Stirling Observer so likely to be very busy.


      14.5 Project Officer Libi Newell asked for the CC to be reminded about tomorrow
      evening’s meeting.


  15. Date of next CC meeting –Wednesday 6 October 2021 at 7:30pm via TEAMS.



2.2 Query on fire raising in previous police report DB

3.2 Approved August minutes to DB for SC HB

4.3 Scottish Water re shoreline clean up DB

Draft minutes CVDCC meeting 1 September 2021


Grit bins to be sited



Damaged grit bin signs etc still need removing by SC



B818 state of road - complaint to be raised with Falkirk Council



Issues with wall at Cauldbarns development



Raise AGM issue with convenor



Memorandum of Understanding with VRG to be circulated



Car park closure



Recording number of vehicles on roads when car park unavailable



The meeting closed at 9pm


Appendix I Police Report


Name of

Carron Valley Community Council meeting


Our priorities in the Carron Valley area continue to be Anti-
Social Behaviour, Drug misuse/Drug dealing, Road Safety
and Community Engagement and Reassurance.


Our activity over the last month has been focussed towards
these priorities.




Crime Reports for Carron Valley from 04/08/2021 to


Detected cases: 0


Undetected cases: 0


Crime Reports: 0


Unfortunately the calls for the area are unable to be
checked due to the Intranet currently being down this
afternoon at the police office.


Draft minutes CVDCC meeting 1 September 2021

Incidents of



Police are continuing to patrol North Third on a regular




Please contact PC’s King and Barclay with any
community issues at the email address noted below or
alternatively by calling Tel no. 101.


Draft minutes CVDCC meeting 1 September 2021