October 2022 Minutes

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APPROVED minutes CVDCC Ordinary Meeting Carron Valley & District Community Council

Held Wednesday 5 October 2022 at 7.30pm, via ZOOM

In attendance

Peter Hayward, chair, PH Sara Smith, councillor, SS Margaret Porter, councillor, MP Nicolas Sinclair, Treasurer, NS Sara Smith councillor, SS Iain Macfarlane, resident, IM Morag Holdsworth, resident, MH Helen Bang, minute clerk, HB

1 1.1 Introductions and welcome

1.2 Apologies – David Petch, Scott Farmer, PC King, Marnie Forster. David is in hospital. The CC agreed to send a card. ACTION DB.

1.3 Declarations of interest for items on agenda

1.4 items raised by members of the public for inclusion in agenda David Petch Janet Owen item.

2 Community Police report , PC Pam King can’t be present but will take note of comments.

Attached as Appendix I

PC Spike has joined as a community officer

3 Minutes of previous meeting on 7 September 2022

The minutes were approved with small amendments. They were proposed by NS and seconded by PH. ACTION HB


4 Matters arising

4.1 Item 14.7 Historic documentation. No action has happened. MP spoke to Sheila Laidlaw at the Open Day. Someone needs to see the volume of material to decide what needs to be done. IM to speak to Sheila regarding the material pending a possible visit by HB to review material. Peter Hayward is to visit archive

MP there is £6K still held by the Historic Group - David Petch, David Gillespie obtained. Perhaps hstoric documents could be done by a student at the university.

SS - images with names - these would have to be removed if for public access.

IM - here is an issue regarding who owns material. MP Historic group had or had a website. If it's CC material it should be hosted on CC area of VRG website, if it is historical material it should perhaps be elsewhere. ACTION IM.



Update on ACTIONS from 7 September meeting



Approved June minutes to DB for Stirling Council



Trotting track and other outstanding Stirling Council issues to MF

This is no further on. See item 12.1



2015 development plan to DB




Ongoing as DP is unwell

Trotting track information





See above.

Defibrillator request for host







Falck bursary information to HB




Purchase litterpickers

MH has several at Greathill House



Enquire if councillors will attend Zoom meetings



Stephen Bly's response was incorrect, meetings on a Zoom business


account can go over 40 minutes. Also it is clear that both Scott Farmer and Marnie Forster had intended to attend this evening.

ACTION DB Ask Stephen Bly if Councillors will attend on personal laptops?

Dissatisfaction was again expressed regarding Stirling Council not responding to issues raised by the CC.

5 Chair’s report (PH)

5.1 Nothing not covered elsewhere.

6 Secretary’s report (DB)

6.1 Work is taking place at North Third dam. They are relining the slipway. Work is due to start in December. The route crosses the slipway and it can't easily be closed.

MH - there is also apparently work required to raise the slipway so it doesn't flood adjacent land. She queried this as it has not happened and was told it was a requirement.

7 Treasurer’s report (NS)

7.1 We currently have £1201.01 in the bank. We have paid £2050 for a defibrillator. The Council grant was £1500 for this.


8 Stirling Councillor report

8.1 No councillor attended. Scott Farmer sent a short report:

Due to unforeseen circumstances I am unable to attend this evening's meeting so regrettably am having to submit my apologies.

In terms of Council business there has not been a lot happening. I attended the proclamation of the new monarch with Neil and Jen in Stirling. Council finances are extremely challenging with a projected £10m budget gap and Officers are working through options.

In terms of Carron Valley specific I have been approached by several constituents regarding concerns over a proposed Golf range and trotting track situated at Milton Bog and the fields to the south. At present the applications are at the PAN stage Pre- Application Notification stage and is progressing.

9 Valley Renewables Group report (NS)

9.1 A Board meeting was held on 4 October.

9.2 Minutes - it was agreed to supply approved minutes to CC. These were forwarded today.

9.3 The strategy is now concluded. The next steps are in the appendix of the strategy report. All the points can be allocated to existing subgroups.

9.4 Falck have offered another extraordinary grant looking at fuel poverty. They are offering up to £10K for initiatives that can help with this. It was agreed that we would submit the Wood Fuel project from the Woodlands Group. Rob Ferguson liaising with DB on this. Also Barbara Wilson and SS will look at other measures that can be taken in the home, e.g. slow cookers, heated blankets, and will submit a bid for this.

9.5 Fuel efficiency project - directors were unsure exactly what had been proposed. It was noted that a meeting was planned at the Engine Shed on 22 November to meet with experts on retrofitting older properties etc.It was felt that this should have been done via a subgroup as is VRG practice. Four VRG director will attend the meeting in November as an information gathering process. NS also feels Home Energy Scotland should be involved on this.

9.6 Falck have a forum that pre-COVID CC members attended. There will be another this November. They have asked to create a video. Last year they interviewed NS regarding the Apprentice Director. The now fully-fledged Director Jenny Holdsworth has agreed to be interviewed at the Pomona Apple Day regarding this. It was agreed that VRG would like to offer this initiative again.

MH - Jenny says she has benefitted not only professionally but also as a young person living in the area it has been helpful to find out more about what is happening in the district.

DB suggested the video goes on the website if Falck approves. PH should the Stirling Observer be invited? ACTION NS to ask.

9.7 Meeting Room - there is a meeting next week but it will be December before there is an update as the AGM is in November.

9.8 Open Day. We are looking for a new venue. Rob Ferguson is looking into this.


It was agreed to thank the Crawfords for hosting the event for 5 years and send a £100 gift voucher

9.9 The VRG AGM will be held on 8 November at the King Robert Hotel. Paperwork will be available online this year. Members are encouraged to attend as VRG need more members than directors to be quorate.

9.10 Morag queried her VRG membership as she has not had an acknowledgement. ACTION HB chase Barbara Wilson. Also raise alternative ways to pay as some people no longer have a cheque book.

9.11 MP queried the final strategy. NS the strategy is complete. We now need an action plan from the key points. The Comms group wish to avoid printing copies. IM thinks we should have a printed version as it does not allow for people who lack access to the technology. We should produce a document. SS - people should request a printed copy if they want one. ACTION NS to consult VRG directors.

KG sent out the final version following the meeting in September. No CC members received it.

DB is disappointed the CC didn't get sight of the final draft before it was approved. She thought this was the point of the joint meeting. The CC has responsibility for the restricted funds.

DB thinks the previous strategy was approved at the VRG AGM. SS - Kerrien had to make multiple changes to the draft as she was being lobbied by people, leading to additional costs. Not all points or opinions can be included.

NS this is the first time the CC has been involved in the VRG strategy. He feels they have been included at each stage.

9.12 ACTION HB to circulate PDF to CC and pass on comments to NS.

10 Woodland Group report (DB)

10.1 The Wood Fuel day took place in September. 35 loads of timber were supplied to households, some collected, some delivered. 12 volunteers worked at the woodland on the day and also undertook deliveries.

MH - this was a very enjoyable day.

Some residents brought surplus produce to swap at the event.

10.2 Pomona Day is on Saturday 15 October 12-3pm. People are asked to bring apples or apple-related foods, please let Christine Puckering know for numbers for the BBQ.

10.3 Proposed Falck project - currently we hire a processor. 70-80 households have had fuel at previous events, some not every year. We propose increasing this to six days a year, and purchase at capital cost a wood processor which would be available year round. One of the issues is that on one occasion the machine wasn't working too well. At present Peter Mitchell's assistant manages the process. We would hope to get some volunteers trained up to use the machinery. VRG would support the woodland group to buy in additional timber.

An extra load has already been bought from EuroForest.

The CC asked now many grants had been made by VRG for wood stoves. ACTION HB. SS - how do you monitor who is collecting wood? Someone from Denny came up twice

10.4 What is happening with the path? We're awaiting the contractor finishing a previous job.


IM - regarding the wood day - the wood is green and needs to be stored. The most helpful thing is to have stove-ready wood. At last night's VRG meeting it was agreed that £2500 from the Outlander car parking fee will be used to buy wood now.

11 Roads report (PH)

11.1 PH will keep contacting CC enquiries each week.

DB and PH took a circular route some years ago - discussed what had happened at the Glen Road, speed limited etc. They have introduced similar schemes on the Pirnhall junction road. now 40mph on several sections. Why can't there be a similar section. PH - there is currently a speed sampler on the New Line Road. ACTION PH.


12 Planning report (PH)

12.1 Golf range. The golf range at the bottom of the New Line Road - this looks as if it will be too close to the battle site to be accepted but we will keep an eye on it.

IM has concerns about the proposed location of this golf range. An article in the

Stirling Observer says that SC doesn't think it needs an environmental assessment. This is not in the CVDCC area, but it has an impact on the wider environment. It is next to the Bannockburn, an historic burn. It is approaching the rotunda and the Bannockburn monument. It will obscure the view to the rotunda. It will have an impact on road access, lighting at night etc.

MP if we are going to raise this it would need to refer to an impact on our area and this would be a major increase in traffic. It will have an impact on houses at Chartershall. The loud speakers from the trotting track would also be close.

PH both the golf course and trotting track are still at the Pre Planning stage. He will phone Planning to ask if we can comment on this now. DB these comments would go to the developer. ACTION PH


13 AOB

13.1 Janet Owen contacted David Petch regarding reports of a grant being made to someone not resident in the CVDCC area. This is not the case, but a resident did receive two grants for power tools and may have passed them on to this individual. This is contrary to VRG terms and conditions and the matter has been referred to the grants subgroup.

13.2 Barr Wood access/Auchenbowie opposite Craigend. Significant engineering is occurring at this site. There is a lot of machinery on site. This may be an attempt to level the access route. NS contacted planning department. No one has yet got back to him. PH should SEPA be informed?

NS the grit material on the road is now substantial. ACTION PH to email SEPA.

15 Date of next CC meeting – Wednesday 2 November 2022 at 7:30pm via ZOOM. The meeting closed at 9.10pm.






Approved September minutes to website and to DB for Stirling Council



Historic documentation IM to contact Sheila Laidlaw



Ask Stephen Bly re Zoom meetings Councillor attendance etc



Invite Stirling Observer interview VRG Apprentice Director



VRG membership issue



Printed strategy document? To be raised with VRG Comms subgroup



Strategy document to be emailed to CC



Number of woodburning stove grants issued by VRG



Road concerns



Golf course and trotting track concerns



PH to email SEPA re Barr Wood quarrying


APPENDIX I Police Report


Crime reports

Crime Reports for Carron Valley area between 30/08/2022- 04/10/2022

There were no crimes recorded over the stated period.

999/101 CALLS

Over the stated period there have been 10 calls for Carron Valley area relating mainly to relating anti-social behaviour, vulnerable persons and road traffic matters.


APPENDIX II Marnie Forster Report


Just wanted to send you a quick update before your Community Council meeting tonight. I would have attended myself but unfortunately I have another appointment this evening.

Stephen Bly and myself have been looking at how best we can support CVDCC.

Lack of Police attendance/updates: Stephen is in contact and trying to establish how they work and how to ensure CCs are kept updated regularly via a report or police attendance at meetings.

Grit bins: Currently Gary Neil from SC roads department is contacting community councils directly to

discuss. If he hasn’t made contact please make Stephen aware.

Trotting Track- Currently there is not a CC enquiry in regards to this issue, can I ask that you complete one and this will be looked into.

Crematorium- No CC enquiry, please could you complete one and provide as much detail as possible of the issues being faced.

CVDCC CC Enquires: All CVDCC enquiries from April 2021 are currently being reviewed.

If you would like to discuss anything from above please contact me using the details below.

Kind Regards

Marnie Forster

Community Development Officer (Covid Recovery)

Community Development Team | Stirling Council | Old Viewforth | Stirling FK8 2ET

T: 01786 233 306 | M: 07385966604 E: forsterm@stirling.gov.uk | W: Stirling.gov.uk