Nov 2021 Minutes

Causewayhead Community Council
Minutes of the meeting held on
Thursday 4 November, 2021




Val Sinclair, Chair

Joyce Carberry, Member
Darren Draper, Member
Fiona Macleod, Vice-Chair
Paul Mcdonald, Secretary

Sue Whyte, Associate Member


In attendance:

Thelma Barron (Resident and Minutes Secretary);
Councillor Jim Thomson, Ward 4, Stirling North;
One local resident.




Sonja Cameron, Treasurer; Bill McLellan, Member; PC Greig Lowery, PC
Stuart Gray, Community Police Officers; Councillor Susan McGill.


  1. Welcome

    The Chair welcomed all attendees to the meeting, and introduced new members and


  2. Adoption of Minutes of Previous Meeting

    1. The Unconfirmed Minutes of the meeting held on 8 September, 2021 were
      approved, having been proposed for adoption by Fiona Macleod, seconded by
      Paul Mcdonald.

    2. Matters Arising

      Issue of speeding on Alloa Road (M2.5.1 refers)

      1. Members noted that a temporary order was being implemented to
        reduce the speed limit on Alloa Road from 40mph to 20mph, with
        immediate effect, or as soon as signs could be put in place. It was not
        immediately clear if the reduced speed limit would extend as far as
        Manor Powys, or whether this part of the road would fall within a
        separate project. However, whether all drivers drive at 20mph or not,
        this was welcomed as a very positive step which would encourage
        drivers to reduce their speed. At the same time, there were plans to
        impose a 20mph speed limit on the Hillfoots Road, as far as Blairlogie,
        and on a section of Airthrey Road.


        Sustrans: Walk Cycle Live, Stirling (M2.5.2 - 2.5.5 refers)

      2. There was no further progress to report on the development of the cycle
        lane along Dunster Road. However, the Chair had taken delivery of flyers
        for distribution to residents of Dunster Road, to obtain their views on the

        decision that Dunster Road continue to be the designated cycle route as
        well as feedback on the desirability and possible location of public seating
        and planters. Dunster Road would have road markings to delineate the
        cycle lane, and if Dunster Road became the through road for the cycle
        lane, it was suggested this would also help to slow traffic on Easter
        Cornton Road.


        Replacement of play equipment, Easter Cornton Road Park (M2.5.9 refers)

      3. The new play equipment was still awaited.


        Exclusion of Wallace Gardens from CityFibre Rollout (M2.5.8 refers)

      4. Councillor Thomson had written to Scottish Water regarding the
        subsidence in Dumyat Road, to enquire about the possibility of Stirling
        Council carrying out the necessary road repairs and recharging Stuart
        Milne. Stirling Council’s Roads Officer had contacted Stuart Milne, but
        had as yet received no response. Consequently, the flooding issue was
        ongoing, and until the drainage problem was resolved, CityFibre could
        not instal fast fibre cable.


      5. It was further noted that, as the streets in the Wallace Gardens
        development had not yet been adopted by Stirling Council, there were no
        public bins on the estate. It was suggested that, in addition to the existing
        public bins on Dunster Road, and at the Co-op, it would be useful to have
        a bin located at the intersection of Dunster Road and Dumyat Road. In
        addition, it was reported that dogwalkers were depositing bags of dog
        waste along the walkway leading from Cleuch Road to Lothian Crescent.
        It was agreed that Councillor Thomson, the Chair, and other members of
        the Community Council would undertake a walkabout of the area to
        determine where extra bins might be located.

        [Action: Councillor Thomson, Community Council Members]


  3. Police Report


    1. The Police Report covered crime reports from 1 September to 4 November, 2021.
      The 9 detected cases comprised 7 driving offences, including 2 charges of
      careless driving, 1 charge of driving whilst using a mobile phone, and 2 charges
      of careless driving. In addition, there was 1 case of assault and communications
      offences, and 1 case of housebreaking. The 4 undetected cases over the period
      comprised 2 cases of shoplifting, 1 case of drink-driving and 1 case of assault.


  4. Treasurer’s Report

    On behalf of the Treasurer, the Chair provided an oral report.


    1. Council members noted that the current balance stood at £7403.97


  5. Chair’s Report

    The Chair provided an oral report.


    Planning Applications

    1. There had been five planning applications:

      1. 2 Brown Avenue, an application for a single floor rear extension was

      2. 13 Brown Avenue, and application for a 11/2 storey extension was approved.

      3. 1 Lindsay Drive, an application for a rear extension was approved.

      4. 15 Causewayhead Road, an application for a rear and side extension and
        repositioning of a vehicle driveway was under consideration.

      5. Lothian Crescent, an application for a porch was under consideration.

      6. Munro Avenue, a pre-planning application had been submitted for two
        detached 4-bedroom houses on the site of the former shop.


      Surveys on Cycling

    2. The Chair reported that Streetwise had undertaken a survey of cycling on Dunster
      Road and Causewayhead Road and that she had been approached to respond.
      She was not able at this point to provide feedback on the overall outcomes.


    3. In discussion, it was pointed out that survey services were often flawed, and in this
      instance, it appeared that the survey failed to explore how cyclists actually use the
      routes. In practice, cyclists very often take shortcuts through the estates, joining
      the wrong side of the cycle lane on Causewayhead Road, close to the railway
      bridge. The point was made that the path to Brown Avenue was intended for
      pedestrians and was too narrow for bicycles, but was currently used by some


    4. It was accepted that even though Dunster Road is the designated cycle route,
      many cyclists would continue to use Causewayhead Road. However, the
      reduction of the speed limit on Causewayhead Road would make it safer for


    5. It was further noted that Stirling Council had a Working Group in place, to look at
      the cycle route.


      SUSTRANS and public seating in Easter Cornton Road

    6. The SUSTRANS project would be purchasing a bench in due course, to be
      positioned at the top end of Easter Cornton Road.


      Remembrance Service

      1. The Chair would be representing the Community Council at the forthcoming
        Remembrance Service on 14 November.


        Livestreaming of Council Meetings

      2. Stirling Council meetings were now being livestreamed on U-tube.


        Scottish Water Roadworks, 20 November

      3. Scottish Water would be carrying work out at the intersection of Dunster Road and
        Dumyat Road on Saturday 20 November, leading to a temporary traffic restriction.


        Installation of play equipment for disabled children

      4. The Chair outlined a proposal for fundraising to instal play equipment for disabled
        children in Causewayhead Park. A fundraiser from Pals1, based in Dunfermline,
        had initially contacted the Chair two years ago, to discuss the possible installation
        of a swing for a child in a wheelchair. At that time, a similar swing was being

        installed in Fountain Road Park, Bridge of Allan. The fundraiser was again in
        contact with Stirling Council, and with the Chair, to take forward the plan for
        fundraising and proposed installation of the play equipment in Causewayhead
        Park, at a likely cost of £16K - £20K. It was proposed that the swing would be
        fenced in and gated, with a key for the gate to be collected from Corrieri’s. It was
        noted that the plan would necessarily require widening of footpaths, and disabled
        bays for parking.


      5. In discussion, Community Council members expressed a number of serious
        concerns about the proposed installation. Whilst understanding the need to ensure
        that the installation was freely available to disabled children, they considered that
        the proposed fence and lockable gate were contrary to the idea of inclusivity.
        Moreover, there were logistical issues about access to the key, for example on the
        days or weeks when Corrieri’s were closed. It was also noted that the installation
        of a similar swing in Fountain Road Park, Bridge of Allan, had been very well done,
        without the need for a fence or lockable gate. It was agreed that Councillor
        Thomson would pursue the matter with Stirling Council officers.

        [Action: Councillor Thomson]


      6. In the meantime, the Chair had sent photos of the park on Easter Cornton Road
        to Stirling Council Officers, with a request for repainting, replenishment of forest
        bark and replacement of benches. [Action: Stirling Council]


        Need for all weather pitch in Causewayhead

      7. In discussion, one member raised the issue that Causewayhead lacked an all
        weather pitch for children and adolescents. Whilst, for example, Cowie had funded
        their own all weather multi-purpose pitch, with artificial grass, there seemed to be
        no such public space in Causewayhead where children could go to play football
        or other such games. Members were aware of the extreme lack of spare land in
        Causewayhead, but identified the stretch of grass adjacent to Wallace High School
        (between the school and neighbouring houses) as an area that might be converted
        for this purpose. The land was owned by Stirling Council but managed by Wallace
        High School; it was sizeable, surrounded by a high fence and well lit, although,
        like the wider area, was susceptible to being waterlogged following rain. One
        member noted the negative impact of artificial grass and concrete on flooding, and
        advocated against its use, especially in view of the high water table on Airthrey
        Kerse, albeit the use of artificial grass was permissible on private land. Councillor
        Thomson proposed that the need for an all-weather multipurpose pitch be included
        in the Community Plan, as part of the Open Space Strategy. It was agreed that
        Councillor Thomson would pursue the matter. [Action: Councillor Thomson]


        Airthrey Kerse Development

      8. The Chair reported that a pre-meeting had taken place last week by Zoom
        between the Reporter, Graham’s Dairies’ solicitors, Stirling Council’s solicitors,
        and Duncan McDougall, Associate Member, representing both Causewayhead
        and Bridge of Allan Community Councils. The discussion had focused mainly on
        housing supply: Graham’s Dairies maintain that Stirling Council have not provided
        enough space for housing, and that the proposed Airthrey Kerse development
        would be fulfilling a housing need.

      9. However, Graham’s Dairies had this week submitted their flood and traffic
        assessments, as required by the Reporter. (Duncan McDougall had earlier
        pressed for an enquiry to look at flood risk.) Graham’s Dairies’ transport
        assessment, conducted by SYSTRA, compared data for 2021 and projections for
        2024, but took no cognisance of likely increased traffic flow on Airthrey Road,
        following the installation of a new level crossing at Cornton, with longer waiting
        times. Their flood risk assessment, conducted by ECUS, would require a
        substantial response; Mr McDougall wished the proceedings to take cognisance
        of the flood risk assessment by SEPA, including the impacts of raised sea levels
        over the coming decades. It was noted that SEPA provided an app, whereby one
        could obtain a flood risk assessment up to 50 years ahead. A further meeting
        would take place, with the Reporter, and representative parties, once Councillor
        Thomson and Mr McDougall had had an opportunity to review the Grahams’ traffic
        and flood assessments in detail.


  6. Councillor’s Report

    Councillor Thomson provided an oral report.


    Stirling’s bid for UK City of Culture 2025

    1. Stirling Council, with key cultural partners, had submitted a bid for UK City of
      Culture 2025. A month ago, it was announced that Stirling’s bid had been included
      in the final eight, the only Scottish bid to be shortlisted. Stirling would now compete
      with seven other cities in England, Wales and Northern Ireland in the next stage
      of the process, which would require a much more detailed submission. This
      represents a huge opportunity to build on Stirling’s existing historical and cultural
      strengths to build an international heritage centre and widen participation in culture
      and the arts.


      Covid-19 impacting services

    2. Covid-19 continued to impact Council and other services. The NHS locally was
      reported to be overwhelmed and impacts extended to Social Services. Thanks to
      the vaccination programme, fewer Covid cases were being admitted to hospital,
      and those in hospital were not overwhelming Intensive Care, but were taking up
      beds. Whereas, last year, Covid appeared to impacting the older generation most
      seriously, this year younger age groups were badly affected, and in the last ten
      days there had been a spike of infections in the schools. Councillor Thomson
      urged Community Council members to continue to take all necessary precautions.
      One member commented on the seemingly slow rollout of the Covid booster
      vaccination, and the fact that there were very few patients at the Stirling University
      vaccination centre, when she attended.


      Stirling Council Capital Programme

    3. An underspend in Stirling Council’s capital programme would likely result in more
      road repairs being undertaken, to ensure the money was spent, although there
      was a difficulty in finding contractors to undertake the work.


      Pressure on Council Housing

    4. Covid-19 was impacting indirectly on Council housing, with greater demand for
      accommodation, in part due to more people being forced out of private rental

      accommodation, in part due to other social issues, including family break-ups and
      violence in the home. To address the immediate pressure on Council housing,

      £100k had been allocated for the repair of Council housing.


      Engage Stirling

    5. Stirling Council’s public engagement platform, ‘Engage Stirling’, affords an on-line
      vehicle for the public to discuss a variety of Council projects and strategies. One
      such is the Pollinator Strategy, introduced in Autumn 2020, whereby Stirling
      Council works with local communities to increase the diversity of plants and wildlife
      across Stirling. This strategy will be continuing, with consultation.


      Speeding on Easter Cornton Road

    6. Work had been carried out on Easter Cornton Road to refresh white lines, and to
      instal repeater signs and 20mph roundels. Some residents continued to complain
      about the speed restricting platforms, which, they said, caused vibration that
      impacted on their houses, especially when traffic travelled at speed (although
      expert opinion was at odds with this). Council members recognised that since the
      Covid-19 lockdowns, the number of delivery vans on Easter Cornton Road had
      increased noticeably. It was also understood that the shift to 20mph had been
      causing problems for delivery drivers, as their maps, delivery time-frames and
      satnavs had not been updated. Community Councillors perceived that such issues
      might well lead delivery drivers to exceed the 20mph speed limit.


  7. Schedule of Dates for Next Year


    1. After due deliberation, Community Council members agreed to revert to Mondays
      as the preferred meeting day, normally the first Monday of the month. The next
      meeting would take place in January. The Chair undertook to check availability of
      the Birds and Bees function room, and would confirm a schedule of dates with
      members in due course. [Action: Val Sinclair]


  8. Any Other Business


    Completion Certificate for Extension

    1. One local resident extended thanks to Councillor Thomson for facilitating the
      completion certificate for her extension, which she had now received.


      Problem Parking at top of Easter Cornton Road

    2. Drivers were parking on both sides of the road at the top of Easter Cornton Road,
      which was causing an obstruction to traffic turning in from, and approaching,
      Causewayhead Road. To address this, members agreed, the double yellow lines
      needed to be extended.


      Problem Parking at the Birds and Bees

    3. The line of parked cars belonging to visitors to the Birds and Bees, often extended
      along Easter Cornton Road, from the roadside in front of the park as far as Lindsay
      Avenue, and sometimes even extended round the corner into Lindsay Avenue.
      This was a serious issue, which obscured the view of drivers coming along Easter
      Cornton Road, and emerging or entering Beech Lane.

      AirBnB, Beech Lane

    4. Residents of Beech Lane continued to experience Intermittent disturbance from
      the AirBnB at Beech Lane, the most recent incident involving an all-night party
      that continued to 7.30am.


      Installation of Charge Points at Wallace High School

    5. Charge points were due to be installed at Wallace High School, which would be
      available for public use. It was anticipated that a bike sharing scheme with
      electric bikes would be a likely future development.


      Beauly to Denny Power Line

    6. Councillor Thomson reported that Scottish Power were meeting with Stirling
      Council regarding the local section of the Beauly to Denny powerline, part of
      which needed to be moved off the main road, subject to permission from


The meeting closed at 8.30pm.
TASB/ VS 10.11.21