January 2023 Minutes

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Causewayhead Community Council Minutes of the business meeting held on Monday, 9 January, 2023


Val Sinclair, Chair;

Joyce Carberry, Member; Fiona Macleod, Vice-Chair; Sue White, Associate Member

In attendance:

Thelma Barron (Resident and Minutes Secretary); Councillor Susan McGill, Ward 4, Stirling North;


Sonja Cameron, Treasurer; Darren Draper, Co-opted Member;

PC Greig Lowery and PC Jacqueline Fisher, Community Police Officers.


Paul Mcdonald, Secretary

1.         Welcome

The Chair welcomed all attendees to the meeting,

2.         Adoption of Minutes of Previous Meeting

  • The Unconfirmed Minutes of the meeting held on 7 November 2022 were approved, having been proposed by Ms Carberry, seconded by Ms

2.2      Matters Arising

  • Concerns about American Bullies in Cornton (M2.2.1 refers)

There was nothing further to report at the present time.

Airthrey Park (M2.2.2 refers)

  • Towards the end of December, the decision of Ministers was announced, that planning permission for the proposed Airthrey Park Development had been refused. This was the third time Scottish Ministers had rejected the Graham’s Ministers concluded that the proposed development did not accord with the Stirling Council Development Plan, and that material considerations did not indicate it should nevertheless be granted permission. In the view of the independent planning reporter, the ‘potential benefits to the town do not outweigh the loss of a significant area of sensitive greenbelt’. The DPEA had essentially upheld Stirling Council’s original rationale in its rejection of the planning application; the floodplain could never have withstood such a development. Thus far there had been no comment from Graham’s Dairies.

Speeding issues at Craigmill (M2.2.3 refers)

  • There was no new information on speeding issues at

Network Rail: Cornton Level Crossing (M2.2.5 refers)

  • There was still no timeline for completion of the work to convert the Cornton pedestrian level crossing from a diagonal to a straight

Wallace Park: adoption of sewerage by Scottish Water (M2.2.6 refers)

  • There was no further progress to report at this

Installation of double yellow lines at Beech Lane (M 2.2.7 refers)

  • There was no timescale available for this work at the present

Sustrans, Walk, Cycle, Live (M2.2.8 – M2.2.10refers)

  • There was nothing further to report at the present time on the installation of the cycle lane on Causewayhead Road, and in particular nothing to report regarding the perceived need for a pavement on the approach to the rugby club, on the railway side of the road, which some local residents had perceived to be

Flooding at tunnel leading to rugby club (M2.2.10 (iii) refers)

  • The Chair confirmed she had spoken to the manager at the rugby club about the flooding, and had provided contact details for Cowane’s Trust. Subsequently, a Drainmaster had been employed to remove the water. One member suggested the possibility that silt being washed down from the railway line, could be adding to the problem.


  • The Chair also noted that there was a ‘Scotwaste’ bin full of rubbish sitting under the tunnel. The question arose whether the bin belonged to Network Rail or the Rugby Club, and who was responsible for removing it.

3.         Police Report

Whilst there was no police report available at the time of the meeting, a police report for the period from 9th November 2022 to 9th January 2023 was circulated to members subsequently.

  • The Police Report covered a total of nine crime Four detected cases comprised: theft by shoplifting; fire raising; and two road traffic offences. Five undetected cases comprised two incidents of theft by shoplifting; fraud; assault; theft; vandalism; and two road traffic offences.

4.         Treasurer’s Report

There was no Treasurer’s Report for this meeting.

5.         Chair’s Report

 Planning Applications

  • (i) There had been one planning application since the last meeting:

12 Brown Avenue – an application for a dorma window and balcony on the west elevation.

Remembrance Sunday

  • The Chair reported that she had attended a service at Blairlogie Church, followed by a ceremony to lay wreaths at the memorial in Causewayhead Park. In particular, she singled out for praise a piper from Wallace High school, together with pupils from Wallace High School and Riverside Primary School, who had performed readings. Pupils from Wallace High had also attended a memorial service in Bridge of Allan in the afternoon.

Stirling Council - identification of local flooding issues

  • The local areas identified for flooding had been reported to Stirling Council, namely Easter Cornton Road; Causewayhead Roundabout; Airthrey Road; the University Roundabout; Craigmill. The Chair had been asked to submit photographs of the various areas.

Flooding from Graham’s field at Beech Lane

  • Water from a leaking trough in Graham’s field was running across Easter Cornton Road in the vicinity of Beech Lane and the Birds and Bees, and was freezing over in the wintry weather, constituting a hazard to traffic. A further concerning issue was that the water was undoubtedly contaminated with animal waste from the field. Councillor Thomson had contacted Graham’s Dairy to raise the issue, and subsequently the Chair had also contacted them, and provided photographs. The water was duly turned off but the trough had continued to leak, suggesting a washer needed replacing. One member suggested it was possible the flood had been been exacerbated by the release of water into the burn from the Wallace High School tanks. Members agreed that the situation should be monitored. If the problem persisted, Graham’s Dairy would need to be advised that the field drains required to be cleared.

Relocation of Notice Board

  • There was no indication yet of when work would be carried out to relocate the Notice Board from the grassed area beside Causewayhead Roundabout to the Easter Cornton Road Park.

Speed Table Issues, Easter Cornton Road

  • Councillor Thomson had met with staff from the Roads Department and from Walk, Cycle, Live, They affirmed categorically that the speed plates on Easter Cornton Road would not be removed; nor were they willing to conduct a vibration study. In due course, when the cycle lane on Dunster Road was in place, there would be a ‘Give Way’ at the intersection between Easter Cornton road and Dunster Road, which should slow traffic. However, the Roads Department and Walk Cycle, Live, Stirling Team did agree to hold a meeting of all residents of Easter Cornton Road with an independent assessor, to discuss the various issues regarding traffic speed.

6.         Councillor’s Report

Councillor McGill provided an oral report.

Cycle link between Manor Powys and Causewayhead

  • Councillor Thomson had raised the issue with Stirling Council of whether the cycle link between Manor Powys and Causewayhead was being implemented. Enquiries would be made with Sustrans to ascertain whether funding was available for this link, and if so, whether the work would be done in the current financial year.

7.         Any Other Business

 Plumbing issues in ex-Council flats

  • One member, who owns an ex-Council flat and rents it out, experienced a serious problem over the Christmas period, when Council workers cut off the water supply to the flat above, which had been bought back by Stirling Council, and inadvertently cut off the water supply to her tenant. Consequently, her tenant had no cold water, including water to flush the toilet, from 23 - 31 December. The member called out her own plumber on 27 December, but he was unable to gain access to the flat above, as no-one at Stirling Council had keys. Eventually, the locks on the flat were changed to allow access, in order to turn the stopcock The member now plans to have the water supply separated. However, her main concern was that senior officers were unavailable and uncontactable over the period, to help resolve what was a relatively simple issue. She was also planning to speak to the Head of Housing in the hope that such difficulties might be avoided in future.

School pupils trespassing on private property

  • One member reported issues with school pupils playing football near the bus stop at the top end of Easter Cornton Road towards Causewayhead Roundabout, and coming into her drive, which in effect is trespass. It was noted that at lunch-time, Year Heads from Wallace High School come out to usher the school pupils back to However, where issues arise, it was suggested that they should be reported in writing to the Head Teacher. If an issue were to occur repeatedly, the Head Teacher might be prepared to address the problem in assembly.

8.         Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting would take place on Monday 6 March, 2023, at 7.00pm in the Birds and Bees Function Room.

9.         Community Council Elections

Elections for the Community Council would take place in the early summer.

The meeting concluded at approximately 8.00pm.