July 2023 Minutes

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Causewayhead Community Council

Minutes of the Business Meeting held on
Monday 31st July 2023

Valerie Sinclair (Chair), Fiona Macleod (Vice-Chair), Stuart Wilson (Secretary), Joyce Carberry (Member), Darren Draper (Member), Susan White (Member)

In Attendance:
Councillor Jim Thomson, Esther Lim (Minute Taker)

Sonja Ross (Treasurer), Isobel Jackson (Member) & PC Jacqueline Fisher

4 residents were in attendance

The Chair welcomed attendees to the meeting.

2.Adoption of Minutes
The unconfirmed minutes of the Business Meeting held on Thursday 15th June 2023 were approved having been proposed by Fiona Macleod and seconded by Stuart Wilson.

3.Matters Arising
3.1 Community Council Noticeboard
Since the last meeting, the Community Council noticeboard has been installed in the children’s park at Easter Cornton Road and is now in use.

3.2 Local Place Plans
The Secretary gave a brief overview of the ‘Local Place Plans’ scheme which works with communities to create a community-led plan for how they want land to be used and developed within their local community. The Chair and Secretary appreciated the potential of the scheme but recognised the large amount of work required in drawing up a plan for submission in September 2024.
Members discussed potential uses for various unutilised spaces within the area and the difficulty of gaining engagement from the local community and businesses. It was suggested that the CC consult with Drymen CC who are further along in the process.
It was agreed that the Secretary would conduct further research into the scheme and attend the next Local Places Plan meeting before reporting back to the CC. The CC members will identify potential green spaces. Councillor Thomson agreed to send relevant documentation to the Secretary. [Action Stuart Wison, Councillor Thomson, CC Members]

3.3 Manor Powis Cycle Link
Plans for the Manor Powis cycle link should be available by the end of the year.

3.4 Recyke-a-bike
Recyke-a-bike are running adult cycling lessons over the summer.

3.5 Dumbrae Biodiversity Project
Vanessa McCorquodale, Community and Student Engagement Manager for Edinburgh University’s Forests and Peatland programme will be holding consultation meetings on the Dumbrae project in September 2023 to gain input from residents in Bridge of Allan and surrounding areas.
A local resident informed the CC that Stirling University were running a similar project and agreed to send information to Councillor Thomson and the CC. [Action: Local Resident]

3.6 Play-in-the Park
Play-in-park on 24th July was a great success. The park was packed and the new water pump very popular.
Staff from Ochil House at Wallace High School expressed their appreciation of the wheelchair swing which their students are using regularly.

3.7 UCI Cycling World Championships
The Chair reminded attendees of the planned road closures on 9th to 11th August.

3.8 Play-Park Upgrading
Seven play parks have been identified for upgrading in the Stirling area. This does not include Causewayhead. The closest parks to be upgraded are in Blairlogie and Dunblane.

3.9 Defibrilator Funding
An application has been submitted to Magic Little Grants for funding for defibrillator maintenance as the batteries need to be replaced every 4 years.

3.10 Foliage Encroaching on Walkways
Following complaints regarding overgrown foliage from a private garden encroaching onto walkways, Stirling Council have agreed, as a one-off, to cut back the foliage. In future this will be the responsibility of the homeowner.

4. Police Report
The Chair presented the Police Report which had been sent to her by email prior to the meeting. The report is for the period from 15th June 2023 to 28th July 2023.
• There were 4 undetected cases comprising 3 road traffic offences and 1 theft.
• There were 2 detected cases which were road traffic offences

5. Councillor’s Report
On 25th June 2023 Councillor Thomson undertook a walk-a-bout with representatives from Stirling Council looking at areas about which residents and the Community Council had expressed concern. Councillor Thomson expressed his disappointment that a month later he is still awaiting a response to questions and concerns that he raised. He requested a representative to join today’s meeting but no one had attended.
Councillor Thomson highlighted the following points:

5.1.1 Context to On-going Delays
When the original work started, it was discovered that properties hadn’t be properly surveyed and drainage work need to be completed before work could start. More recently work has been delayed due to budget cuts, stopping of overtime and workers being redeployed to concentrate on other projects such as preparations for the UCI Cycling Championship.

5.1.2 Changes in Personnel
Andy Stevenson, the Project Leader on-site is leaving at the end of August.

5.1.3 Causewayhead Roundabout
Flooding at Causewayhead roundabout was to have been resolved as part of the with current work. As yet, this has not been done. SUSTRANS has promised to do this.
There are plans to narrow the road where there are currently white lines leading off the roundabout. Councillor Thomson does not think the road is wide enough here and will raise this with Gary Neels. [Action: Councillor Thomson]

5.1.4 Dunster Road Junction
The give way priority has been changed at the junction in favour of cyclists. The junction have been mapped to determine that the sight lines meet the safety criteria, which they do in 3 out of 4 cases. However, this is dependent on the hedges around the junction being cut and maintained to an appropriate height and width. Darren Draper expressed concern that no one is responsible for ensuring the hedges are at a safe level on an ongoing basis.

5.1.5 Castle Road
Councillor Thomson is awaiting proof that the work here is compliant.

5.1.6 Dunster Road Islands
These are currently full of weeds. Councillor Thomson has requested that gravel be put down.

5.1.7 Road / Cycle path outside Cycle Shop on Airthrey Road
Councillor Thomson is awaiting confirmation as to whether this work is compliant. (It should be 6.2 metres.)

5.1.8 Cycle Path between the University & Dunster Road
Councillor Thomson confirmed that this section of the cycle path is to be reviewed.

5.1.9 Concerns Raised by Easter Cornton Road Residents
A resident, speaking on behalf of 26 residents, expressed concerns about safety on Easter Cornton Road. The 26 residents have signed a document detailing their concerns. In summary he made the following points.
• Both professional and domestic drivers are not adhering to the speed limit and the Highway Code. They request speed cameras be installed.
• There was an accident involving 2 cars to which an ambulance was called. No one was seriously hurt.
• Residents are concerned that the removal of white lines in Ballater Drive and Easter Cornton Road will make the road less safe.
• Residents are unhappy that the changes were made in Castle Road without consulting with them.
Councillor Thomson expressed frustration that the work in Castle Road had been suggested to SUSTRANS and they then carried out the work without consultation. Councillor Thomson also noted that Highway Code rules regarding priority have changed and many drivers are unaware of the new rules.
Residents are asking for recognition they are not happy with the current situation. They requested a meeting with Stirling Council which has not taken place.

5.1.10 Buchanan Drive
Members raised concern about the lack of visibility on the double give way on Buchanan Drive due to high hedges around the flats and the B&B. Darren Draper again raised concern that these pinch points are not being managed. The Secretary and Councillor Thomson agreed to meet to look into the issue. [Action Darren Draper & Councillor Thomson]

5.1.11 Escalation of Concerns
The Chair expressed concern that their meetings with SUSTRANS appear to be tick box exercises after which nothing is done. She felt that the concerns of residents and drivers are not taken seriously and those of cyclists are prioritised. The Chair expressed the opinion that the CC have been very patient but their concerns now need to be escalated.

5.2 Safety Issues Hillfoots Road /Unadopted Lane
A resident raised the issue of speeding and safety on Hillfoots Road and the unadopted lane leading from the Wallace Monument. Her car had recently been written off outside her house by a tourist leaving the monument who was driving on the wrong side of the road.
Councillor Thomson noted that new signs had been put up reminding drivers of the 20 mph speed limit. It was suggested that a flashing sign be installed near Legends Coffee House and Councillor Thomson agreed to take this forward. [Action: Councillor Thomson]
It was suggested by a resident that a barrier be put at the top of the unadopted lane.
The resident asked for the CC to help apply for funding from the Paths For All scheme to develop the unadopted road as a pleasant walkway to the monument.

5.3 Wallace Park Estate
5.3.1 Speed Limit Signs
A resident raised concern that there were not enough signs reminding drivers of the 20 mph speed limit on the Stuart Milne development. There is currently one 20 mph sign at the beginning and one at the end of the road. The resident requested Stirling Council’s roads department to install additional signage on every second lamp post but the department replied that this is not their responsibility. Councillor Thomson agreed to take this forward and confirmed that adoption of the roads on the Wallace Park estate by Stirling Council was imminent. [Action: Councillor Thomson]
Darren Draper suggested students from Wallace High School could be involved in creating signs to enhance their visibility. He agreed to speak to staff at the school and the Chair agreed to speak to Michaela Jackson. [Action: Valerie Sinclair & Darren Draper]

5.3.2 Adoption of Roads / Drainage
A resident explained in detail the drainage problems on the Stuart Milne development which have delayed the adoption of the roads and lighting by Stirling Council. The resident described the impact on his property and his family of the inadequate SUDS and surge protection system which resulted in a build up of live sewage outside his property and a 6-year battle with Stuart Milne to have this resolved. While the remedial work has now largely been completed, there is still repair work to be completed on his property. The resident expressed concern that if Stirling Council adopt the road before this repair work is completed, the developer is free to walk away from the development and the repair work will not be completed.
Councillor Thomson stated that he had been unaware of the full details of the case before this meeting. He reiterated that Stirling Council do not adopt roads until any sewage issues are resolved. However, if Scottish Water agree that the drainage on the Wallace Park estate is in order, Stirling Council will go ahead and adopt the road as other residents want the road to be adopted so they can install fibre broadband. Councillor Thomson agreed to contact Neil Perry about the resident’s concerns and to get back to him directly. [Action: Councillor Thomson].
A CC member advised the resident to contact the New Homes Ombudsman regarding his case.

5.3.3 Repurposing – Johal Convenience Store
A member expressed concern that this property has been allowed to fall into disrepair and the owners are now applying for planning permission to build residential properties. Councillor Thomson responded that community residents want the property to be demolished as it has become an eyesore and are comfortable it being replaced with housing.

6. Chair’s Report
6.1 Planning Applications
There have been 2 planning applications since the last meeting.
• 15 Craiglea – an application for a rear extension
• 15 Causewayhead Road – an application for a timber boundary fence to the front of the dwellinghouse

6.2 See Matters Arising

7. Any Other Business
7.1 Wallace High School Students - Lunchtime
A member expressed concern about Wallace High School students eating their lunches in the rain and queried if provision could be made for them within the school. They also expressed concern at the amount of litter the students generate each lunchtime. Councillor Thomson suggested the member talk to the head teacher.

7.2 Access to Meeting Minutes & Agendas
A resident expressed concern that community members who are not on social media are not able to access CC meeting agendas. The Chair noted that meeting agendas are posted online on the Causewayhead Community Council and Causewayhead Cares facebook pages and on the CC noticeboard in Easter Cornton Road prior to the meetings.
The resident also expressed frustration at the delay in CC meeting minutes being made available to members of the public. The Chair noted that paper copies of meeting minutes were previously distributed to residents by the CC but they had been informed by SC that this was no longer allowed. The current procedure is that
the draft meeting minutes are approved at the following CC meeting and submitted to SC within 14 days of approval. SC then post the minutes on the CC website. The resident pointed out that community members who are not online (particularly the elderly) cannot access meeting minutes in this way.

8. Date of Next Meeting
The next meeting will take place at 7pm on Monday 2 October 2023 in the Function Room of the Birds & Bees, Easter Cornton Road, Stirling, FK9 5BP.