June 2023 Minutes

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Causewayhead Community Council Minutes of the Business Meeting held on Thursday 15th June 2023


Valerie Sinclair (Chair), Fiona Macleod (Vice-Chair), Sonja Ross (Treasurer), Stuart Wilson (Secretary), Joyce Carberry (Member), Isobel Jackson (Member), Susan White (Member)

In Attendance:

Councillor Rachel Nunn Esther Lim (Minute Taker)


None received


1 member of the public was present


1.  Welcome

The Chair welcomed attendees to the meeting.

2. Adoption of the Minutes of previous meetings


The Unconfirmed Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 9th January 2023 were approved having been proposed by Valerie Sinclair and seconded by Fiona Macleod.


The Unconfirmed Minutes of the meeting held on 6th March 2023 (which was inquorate) were approved having been proposed by Fiona Macleod and seconded by Joyce Carberry.

3. Matters Arising


Installation of Wheelchair Swing, Causewayhead Park

An inclusive wheelchair swing, funded by Play as One, was officially opened on Sunday 21st May at an event which included music and free hamburgers. A picnic table and benches were also donated. The CC expressed appreciation for the fund- raising efforts of Danny Letford and others which had made this installation possible.

The swing is enclosed in a protected area and tokens (requiring a £5 deposit) can be collected from Corrieri’s restaurant or The Flooring Company on Alloa Road.




Cross-over Swing, Causewayhead Park

It was noted that the cross-over swing in Causewayhead Park has been condemned by Stirling Council and cordoned off with Harris (Heras) fencing. The CC had not been informed.

A young woman was seen sleeping in the hanging basket overnight. Valerie Sinclair has contacted the police and Stirling Council to request signage warning that the equipment in unsafe.



Scott Waste Bin outside the Rugby Club

Stirling council have removed the full Scott Waste bin from the entrance to the Rugby Club. Scott waste are to be charged for this.


Double Yellow Lines, Easter Cornton Road / Beech Lane

Double yellow lines have been installed in Easter Cornton Road by the exit to Beech Lane but have not been installed in Lindsay Drive as proposed.

Councillor Nunn explained there had likely been a miscommunication between the specialist teams brought in to do this and she agreed to follow this up. [Action: Councillor Nunn]


Water Overflow from Graham’s Dairy

Water was observed running across the road from the fields owned by Graham’s Dairy and concern was expressed about potential contaminates. Valerie Sinclair contacted a representative from Graham’s Diary. The trough has now been removed from the field and the matter is resolved.




Sustrans – Walk, Cycle, Live Stirling



Active Travel Project Support

Stuart Wilson has attended a number of webinars hosted by Sustrans aimed at promoting active travel. He noted there is support available for projects which meet their aims.



There was discussion over the different needs of the 2 main age groups primarily affected by the current road changes. Concern was expressed that both students and older folk were being treated as a homogeneous group rather than having their distinctive needs addressed.



Concern was expressed that Sustrans are starting work in multiple places and leaving it unfinished rather than starting and finishing work one job at a time, thereby minimising disruption. (e.g. the red barriers at the Rugby Club). Councillor Nunn suggested the CC contact Andy and local councillors about this. [Action: Valerie Sinclair]




Concern was expressed that Sustrans are not adequately consulting with or listening to the views of residents and the CC. The following examples were given:

·         The CC printed and distributed leaflets in Dunstan Road regarding proposed changes. The residents stated they were happy with things as they stood but Sustrans subsequently introduced traffic islands.

·         The CC requested the tarmac area in Aboyne Avenue be retained as this provided good overflow parking. It is currently being dug up without consultation.

·         The pavement outside The Flooring Company is being extended without notice or consultation.




·         The road is currently being narrowed at Airthrey Road and the pavement widened without notice. Concern was expressed that this will leave the road too narrow to allow tankers to pass each other.

It was agreed that communication between Sustrans and the residents needs to be improved and it was suggested that the website should be updated every week to avoid rumour and anxiety. Councillor Nunn noted that Sustrans have appointed a new officer responsible for this area and expressed the hope that communication would improve.

Councillor Nunn will monitor this and the CC will let her know if they continue to have concerns. [Action: Councillor Nunn]

Councillor Nunn will ensure that the minutes from the Manor Powis meeting scheduled for 21st June are shared with the Community Council. [Action: Councillor Nunn]




Road Signage

Concern was expressed that there is an unacceptable delay between the completion of road works and the installation of new signage. The teams responsible for this do not appear to be working in tandem.

Concern was expressed regarding a lack of signage indicating a change of priority at speed tables.

Councillor Thomson met with David Hopper and others to discuss concerns. Councillor Nunn will include David Hopper in future communications. [Action: Councillor Nunn]




Traffic Calming, Easter Cornton Road

Following a 2nd traffic survey, residents are concerned that drivers are still not observing the 20mph limit. Councillor Thomson is organising a residents’ meeting to discuss.



 Abbey Craig

Abbey Craig has been designated 1 of 13 Local Nature Conservation Sites across Stirling.


Wallace Warriors

The Wallace Warriors Cycle Competition will take place at Abbey Craig on Thursday 29th June from 6pm – 9.30pm.


Cycle Path Improvements, Craiglea

Sustrans has applied for funding to remove 2 chicanes in Craiglea and to introduce drop curbs to improve the cycle lane.


Network Rail, Cornton Road Crossing

The work on straightening the crossing at the bottom of Cornton Road, (near the dance school) is scheduled to start in September 2023.




The Chair thanked Joyce Carberry for her continued work in watering the planters.


War Memorial, Causewayhead Park

This has now been weeded and tidied up.


Broken Play Equipment

The broken play equipment in the small park next to the B&B has been removed by Stirling Council and is to be replaced in due course.


Demolition, Johal Convenience Store

Permission has been granted for the demolition of the former Johal Convenience Store on Munroe Ave. The CC expressed concern that the building could contain asbestos. Nearby housing is to be informed when the demolition is to take place. Fiona Macleod will keep the CC informed. [Action: Fiona Macleod]


Community Council Noticeboard

The CC agreed to go ahead with the installation of the new noticeboard in the children’s park at Easter Cornton Road.

4.  Police Report

The Chair presented the Police Report from which had been sent to her by email prior to the meeting. The report is for the period from March to June 2023.


There were 16 detected cases comprising 6 thefts from the Co-op, 1 domestic incident, 2 road traffic accidents due to drink driving, 3 cases of driving with possession, 3 road traffic offences and 1 assault on licensed premises.

There were 3 undetected cases comprising 1 theft of diesel, 1 theft of a car and 1 sneak theft from a home.

 5.  Chair’s Report


Planning applications

There have been 2 planning applications since the last meeting.

·         32 Causewayhead Road – an application for a dormer extension.

·         27 Alloa Road – an application for a rear extension.


 See Matters Arising

 6. Treasurer’s Report

There was no Treasurer’s Report for this Meeting.


7. Councillor’s Report


Tree Planting, Dumyat

Councillor Nunn informed the CC that Edinburgh University has begun a tree planting project on Dumyat to improve biodiversity.


Manor Powis Cycle Link

Councillor Nunn and the CC discussed the cycle link to Manor Powis.

 8.  Any Other Business


The CC queried who is responsible for the maintenance of the planters in Dumbarton / Back O’ Hill Road. Councillor Nunn agreed to find out. Councillor Nunn suggested residents be encouraged to maintain the planters. The Chair stated that residents did not want the responsibility for doing this. [Action:

Councillor Nunn]


Council members queried if anything can be done about overgrown gardens. Councillor Nunn confirmed that Stirling Council will only get involved where the growth poses a danger to the public or there is a clear case of light being blocked. The Councillor reminded the CC that Stirling Council charge a fee for dealing with these issues.

 9. Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting and AGM will take place at 7pm on Monday 31st July 2023 in the Function Room of the Birds & Bees, Easter Cornton Road, Stirling, FK9 5BP.