June 2023 Minutes

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Cornton Community Council Meeting 28th June 2023 at 7pm


Jackie McKechnie (Chair). Anna Johnston
Mary Brown(Vice Chair)  
Rose Curley Treasurer  
Jim Thomson Councillor  
Charles Russell Planning  
Shona Cullen Secretary  
Colleen Sharp  
Robert Kemp  
Crispin Bennett  
Kate Flemming  
Sarah Jane Welsh  
Patricia McCormack  
Sharon McQuillian  
Julie Arrol. Minutes Shona Cullen


2. Notes from last minutes amended for Anna
Approved Rose Curley
Seconded Mary Brown

3. Dates of Meetings
This has been submitted up until March 2024

4. Filing Cabinets
We cannot use old Credit Union room as roof falling in. But can use filing cabinet in
cupboard at this time.

5. Bank Account
Rose explained account has been frozen in March this year. She called bank and went
through paperwork and the names bank have had been changed in 2018, photocopies
have been done and mandates to be returned to bank should be up and running 10 days.
Chris Burns explained that most Community's having same problems with B of Scotland.

6. Community Council email
Email has now been set up by Jackie McKechnie Chair. Still send minutes through email to
all.( Get Robert and Colleen's email) GDPR consent forms to sign.
Logo to be designed again by School, Sharon will do poster and sent to school for kids to
do new logo, There Will be prizes for best logo. Will get in touch with Kat at Library and ask
if kids could do this in Library.
Notice Board needed for Centre etc.

7a. Public Realm
Charles explained the whole area of Cornton (1area at shops with flowers and a resident is
keeping it free of weeds and keeping it tidy).
Kerbs need to be cleared of weeds Council leaving this till end of year as funding cut. This
was reported . Councillor Jim Thomson informed us that C C enquires - email about weeds.
Charles will take this forward for us. Rose informed meeting about wild flowers where kids
play and the Community wasn't consulted about this.
Crispin will follow up on Councillor Rachel Nunn about weeds etc.
Colin McKay decided they cut 10 feet because of vermin on main road behind Strathmore
Drive and Adamson Place. Hogweed down by river who has to treat this? Councillor Jim
Thomson explained landowners responsible (part owned Stg Council,Cowane Trust etc)
He explained he would take this and find out, he will find out who responsible for overgrown
paths etc. Chris explained it's Community Council takes lead on Place Plans and Kate
explained that CAPP have started this (Set up Steer group and take forward). Kate has
emailed but no replies as yet.
Clear roles for CAPP and Community Council, CAPP works with Community (funday clubs
etc) CCC- is main group (place Plans) etc, work together and discuss this.
Street lights,kerbs etc, 2 groups need to discuss together exercise being done by CAPP look
at this again on Monday to find out who will take on.( Pick representatives to decide this)
Charles explained about obstruction at beginning of Johnston Avenue is a real concern for
Buses etc biggest problem is parking, suggest a review Cornton Road and Johnston Ave
road markings, T Junction, Road Safety will do audit, Stirling Council Parking Wardens.
Councillor Thomson will ask about this. Bus route is not suitable for buses to use go back
to Circular invite McGills to next meeting, Crispin flagged up markings need upgraded
across whole Council Area. Julie asked if residents will be consulted about new cycle paths.
B. Playpark and Play Services

A. O. C. B.
Booking for party in August Person was told key holder needed and she could not do this, after being told she could key hold. Caretaker prepared to work weekends doing parties.
People are being told no cover and caretaker can't work. Chris explained they are fighting for this
at the moment, he also that he has had to provide caretakers for Scouts new term. Joe and Chris
are keyholders. Email Lyndsay McNair and see how pricing and bookings. Need to keep this hall open and Council meeting with Kate and Shona with recommendations put forward. July meeting
Invites will be sent to Credit Union Stirling, Forth Housing (Cadden Kelly) Castle Rock, also Community Police Officer to discuss unsafe Cornton.
Alternatives to look after Centre needs to be upgraded and brought up to standard new roof etc.
Chris doing this across the full Council Area ( Annual Review each year) Councillor Thomson explained that no area is ready to take on responsibility for Centres etc. Julie Arrol asked for minutes to be put in Library for all to read. She also asked for last minutes to be brought to CAPP.
Pedestrian Cycle all the way on pavement.
Trustee Training - free course all welcome from CAPP and Community Council Boards.

Stirling Volunteer Enterprise Chris will find out about this try website. Chris will email out results of Survey in area 76 turned up and had great comments bring to next meeting

Meeting closed 8.30pm
Next Meeting 26 July 2023 @ 7pm