May 2023 Minutes

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Cornton Community Council Meeting 31st May 2023 at 6.30pm

Jackie McKechnie (Chair) Chris Burns (STIRLING Council)
Mary Brown(Vice Chair). Sharon McQuillian
Charles Russell(Planning & Licensing)  
Shona Cullen (Secretary)  
Rose Curley(Treasurer)  
Robert Kemp  
Colleen Sharp  
Anna Johnston  
Sarah Jane Welsh  
Patricia McCormack  
Crispin Bennett MINUTES
Julie Arrol. Shona Cullen
Donna Phimister  


2. Jackie McKechnie opened meeting

Jackie asked for inaugural Minutes to be approved
Approved - Sarah Jane Welsh
Seconded – Rose Curley

4. Meeting Calendar
Meetings will be held last Wednesday of the Month Shona will book these with Stirling
Council for 7pm and book full year no breaks.
Qouram for meeting only need 3 for meeting to go ahead.

5. Documents to be filed
Shona will ask Caretaker for the key for old Credit Union room and get keys for filing
Anna Johnston will send all Community Councils paperwork and Shona will file.
Asked for extra key holders for Cornton Centre
Sarah Jane Welsh
Rose Curley
Shona Cullen
Charles Russell
Jackie McKechnie
Forms filled in and will be sent to Neil Jardine @ Mayfield Centre

6. Bank Account
Rose Curley told meeting that the account has been audited by Karen Kiakowski
Balance £2083.38
New Signatories - Rose Curley
Mary Brown
Shona Cullen
Rose Curley will contact bank about new Signatories

7. Email and Advertising
Specify to Stirling Observer needs to be in Wednesday and for 2 weeks of the month
before meetings.
Posters in Library,Chemist,Morrison's, School and Nusery Logo for Community Councils and ask Stephen Bly for the old Logo.
Anna will take information to Stirling Tenants and will include me.
Facebook page will be set up once Logo with Shona
Julie did mention at CAPP that both Community Councils and CAPP could have a joint
Website, but at moment we need to keep separate, as pointed out by Charles Russell.
Donna Phimister said there has always been distinction between CAPP and Community
Secretary should get refunded for paper printer cartridges etc
Marnie said we could have a paid minute taker and all agreed it would be best.
Ask Stephen to get minute taker for all meetings and ask how payment works.

Rose brought up letter that she received through her door in Adamson Place pertaining
to making play space wild flower space, there was no consultation with Residents.
Kids use this area to play as they don't have any other green space beside their homes.
Charles Russell is taking this to planning/Licensing.
Crispin Bennett asked to get in touch with Rachel Nunn and flag up wild areas where kids
Play. He would also like an action group to deal with graffiti clean ups.
Notified Police Councillors etc to come get involved in meeting.
Shona will email Council,School,Nursery and find out who our local Community Police
Officer is.
Julie Arrol showed interest in joining Community Councils needs to attend 3 meetings
Robert Kemp showed interest too.
Crispin Bennett explained about bin theives at Castle Vale kids where taking them to river
to burn them, explained that Community Officer wasn't Informed of this.
Also Council need to do Something about the hogweed it's getting out of control.
Ask Rachel Nunn to ask Community Officer to next meeting
ASBO Council Fishery to see if the unsafe shack can be removed as being used for
smoking and drinking by the young ones.
Ask Stephen about why the kerns and verges are not being sprayed now.
Opening into Johnston Avenue/ Cornton junction need to stop cars parking on pavements
Charles will monitor and take photos and report back and to Council planning.
Buses finding it difficult to get into Johnston Avenue.
Dog Warden needs to come and patrol Cornton dogs barking all day 8am till 8pm also
dog poo and we need more dog bins.
Anna Johnston will take to Tenants Association,parking area needed
Donna Phimister mentioned the parking on Ruskie Road also as bus finds it hard
to get round holes in pavements and parking is a real issue.
Charles will check with Planning and Council about restrictions. Plan for housing
on flood plane as Sepa explained. Scottish Government decide what land can be used
for. Patricia McCormack explained that Forth Housing, had to put steps up to new houses
As SEPA said it was a flood plane.
Robert Kemp asked if five a side getting moved we answered no it was just a rumour.
Sarah Jane Welsh explained that Play Services and Rachel Nunn had conversation with
Kids about what they would like in park, should have been discussed with Residents.
Invite Castle Rock Housing Officer to meeting.
. Robert Kemp also mention a rumour about CAPP not wanting recovery cafe in Centre
This was never said. Patricia McCormack informed meeting that at least 5 people from
recovery cafe had started coming to Hub on Centre for coffee etc and mixed well.
We also need planning Officer as speed bumps needed in Johnston Avenue, also road
markings and junctions need painted and sign posted right off way.
We also need Street signs for Ledi View for police ambulance etc.
Donna Phimister also asked for walk about with Community Police Officer, Councillors
Roads etc.

Jackie McKechnie closed meeting at 8.30pm
Date of next meeting 28 June 2023 @ 7pm