April 2021 Minutes

Cowie Community Council
Minute of Meeting

28 April 2021
Virtual Zoom Meeting



Alan Stevenson (chair)
Mags Hughes (Secretary)
Clare Stevenson

Jane Hamill
Gael Strachan
William Derrick



Zoe Duffin
Louise Bishop


In Attendance:

Cllr Maureen Bennison

Sharon McGrouther, Stirling Council


Residents: none


Meeting opened and attendees welcomed by Chair. Due to technical reasons Clare
Stevenson continued meeting.


  1. Declarations of Interest: none


  2. Adoption of previous meeting minute:

    All agreed (show of hands)


  3. Matters arising:

    - Action plan to be carried forward to next month. Mags to update and circulate.

  4. Reports - External

    • Police Scotland - read and noted. Priorities were antisocial behaviour/drug use.
      Encourage people to report to Council Link as well as crimestopper/Police. Cllr
      Bennison to find out if Council form can be simplified.

    • Councillor Report - Cllr Bennison stated she has resigned from SNP but
      continuing to work amicably with other Councillors

    • Add to Action Plan - Cowie to Bannockburn existing path to be cleared and
      trees/hedges to be cut back.

    • Hub - request CCC be kept involved with decisions/updates. Cllr Bennison to
      follow up on who authorised £450k overspend.

    • Doctor surgery - no elected members have been contacted to raise issues
      on new updated surgery. Willie to follow up. Cllr Bennison to approach
      NHS for update in view of new planned housing.

    • Stirling council - none


  5. Reports - internal: none


  6. Community Council Business: none


  7. AOB

    • Spider park - Council to clean up first before Denny/Beauly money used to

    • Is School house up for sale. Cllr Bennison to feedback

    • Hilton - complaints re rubbish left lying. Willie reported and rubbish cleared.
      Also people staying in recently deceased person’s flat. Willie to investigate


  8. Residents Forum: none


  9. Date, time and venue of next meeting:

Wednesday 26 Mayl at 7.15pm via Zoom