Aug 2021 Minutes

Cowie Community Council
Minute of Meeting

25 August 2021
Cowie Community Centre



Mags Hughes (Secretary)
Jane Hamill

William Derrick

Sharon McGrouther, Siling Council



Clare Stevenson
Alan Stevenson
Louise Bishop
Zoe Duffin

Gael Strachan


In Attendance:

Cllr Maureen Bennison


Residents: None


Meeting opened and attendees welcomed by Mags.


  1. Declarations of Interest: none


  2. Adoption of previous meeting minute:

    Proposed - William Derrick
    Seconded - Jane Hamill


  3. Matters arising:

    • Action plan to be carried forward. Mags to update

  4. Reports - External:


    • Police Scotland - read and noted. No feedback re gas sniffing in spider park.
      Dirt bike complaints require specific times/videos and not reported through
      facebook. Request police attend next meeting.


    • Councillor report - Cllr Bennison to get timescales for council responses.

    • Hub steering group been set up. Ongoing recruitment for members. Sharon
      McGrouther to organise meeting in next month.

    • No further discussion on sale of Library at the moment.

    • New housing on target. No property will be allocated until build finished.

    • Grounds at St Margaret being left in state of disrepair. Cllr Bennison to have
      this looked at and solution advised.


  5. Reports - internal: none


  6. Community Council Business: none


  7. AOB:


    • CC Enquiries - items still outstanding from last year. Backlog caused by
      COVID. Request update.


  8. Residents Forum: none


  9. Date, time and venue of next meeting:

Wednesday 29 September at 7.15pm via Zoom