March 2021 Minutes

Cowie Community Council
Minute of Meeting

31 March 2021
Virtual Zoom Meeting



Alan Stevenson (chair)
Mags Hughes (Secretary)
Clare Stevenson

Jane Hamill
Gael Strachan
William Derrick
Louise Bishop



Zoe Duffin
William Derrick

Sharon McGrouther, Stirling Council


In Attendance:

Cllr Margaret Brisley


Residents: none


Meeting opened and attendees welcomed by Chair. Due to technical reasons Clare
Stevenson continued meeting.


  1. Declarations of Interest: none


  2. Adoption of previous meeting minute:

    All agreed (show of hands)


  3. Matters arising:

    • Action plan to be carried forward to next month.Mags to update and circulate

    • Broadband box in Community Centre serves businesses. Why not residents?

      Cllr Brisley to investigate.

  4. Reports - External

    • Police Scotland - read and noted.


    • Councillor Report - Cllr Brisley stated delays in contracts/works due to Covid.

    • Chromebooks issued to p5 and above at schools.

    • Hub proving more expensive for material costs. Work due to start mid May
      2021 with a view to completion February 2022. Cllr Brisley asked to find out
      who is accountable for extra cost, were there meetings to discuss changes and
      what had been signed off

    • Spider park - Community warden/environmental health to make sure open
      space ready. Council need note of work to be done.

    • Covid Recovery Group set up to help premises get ready to reopen. £13 million
      grant for recovery available to businesses. Group consists of Leader of
      Council, Depute Leader, Leader of Opposition and Green Party Leader. Cllr
      Brisley to find out breakdown in cost for putting homeless into hotels and clean
      up cost.


    • Stirling council - no reps present.


  5. Reports - internal: none


  6. Community Council Business: none


  7. AOB

    • Would it be possible for village speed limit to be 20 mph round every street.

    • Invite Andrew Young from Quarry for meeting with Community Council.

    • Email to be sent to Norboard and Nexfor with the registration of lorries parking
      overnight in road between football pitch and Bowling green.

    • Agreed to invite Councillors and Police to next meeting.


  8. Residents Forum: none


  9. Date, time and venue of next meeting:

Wednesday 28 April at 7pm via Zoom