Sept 2021 Minutes

Cowie Community Council
Minute of Meeting

29 September 2021
Virtual Zoom Meeting



Alan Stevenson (Chair)
Jane Hamill

Sharon McGrouther, Stirling Council



Clare Stevenson
Mags Hughes
Gael Strachan


In Attendance:

Cllr Alasdair MacPherson


Residents: none


Meeting opened and attendees welcomed by Alan


  1. Declarations of Interest: none


  2. Adoption of previous meeting minute:

    c/f to next meeting


  3. Matters arising: c/f to next meeting


  4. Reports - External

    • Police Scotland - read and noted. Noticed very scarce police presence. Fires in
      skate park woods to be reported to CC Enquiries for thinning of shrubbery.
      Request police attend next meeting.

    • Councillor Report - Cllr MacPherson reported concerns on traffic lights at St
      Margaret site. Building work on schedule with first handover being due February

    • Hub progressing well. Concerns vehicles delivering equipment destroying
      grass at park. Contact Tracy Mills for breakdown of costs.

    • Community Centre - update required on future use

    • Credit Union - closure a blow to Community. Leftover money allocated
      between 2 local schools.

    • Tibbies Brae - progressing well. Re-open end of november.

    • Grey bins - changes to encourage more recycling. Justification on service
      change to be emailed to community council.

    • City Fibre - to be rolled out to Cowie in future.

    • Levelling Up Fund - money to be allocated to Eastern villages.

    • Main Street/roundabouts - resident raising concerns re near misses.
      Awareness campaign by police/enforcement officers.


  5. Reports - internal: none


  6. Community Council Business: none


  7. AOB: none


  8. Residents Forum: none


  9. Date, time and venue of next meeting:

Wednesday 27 October 2021 at 7.15pm via Zoom