April 2022 Minutes

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Cowie Community Council Minute of Meeting

27 April 2022 Cowie Community Centre






Alan Stevenson (Chair) Clare Stevenson

Jane Hamill Zoe Duffin William Derrick


Mags Hughes Community Police

In Attendance:

Cllr Alisdair Mcpherson

Sharon McGrouther, Stirling Council

Residents: none

Meeting opened and attendees welcomed by Chair

1. Declarations of Interest: none

2. Adoption of previous meeting minute: Proposed – Claire Stevenson Seconded – William Derrick

3. Matters arising


· Tibbies Brae – proper crossing and better lighting required at Fallin end – Cllr McPherson to follow up

· Bus service – price hike and service irregular. Query if it can be put to tender

4. Reports - External

● Police Scotland

  • 13 crimes reported – 7 detected.
  • 85 calls made for varying issues

● Councillor Report – Cllr McPherson

· 22 dwelling houses at former St Margaret’s land ready for handover mid June. None allocated as yet. Fencing required behind bungalows – Cllr McPherson to follow up

· Innovation Hub – anticipated to be fully operational by 1st August. Enquire re outside defibrillator

5. Reports - internal:

  • Treasurers report – no change

6. Community Council Business: none

7. AOB

· Hub – Enquiries to be made re Community Council getting site visit and look at decoration samples. Also will soil be removed

8. Residents Forum: none

9. Date, time and venue of next meeting:

Wednesday 29 June 2022 at 7.15pm in Cowie Community Centre