June 2022 Minutes

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Cowie Community Council Minute of Meeting

29 June 2022 Cowie Community Centre




Alan Stevenson (Chair) Clare Stevenson

Jane Hamill Mags Hughes



Louise Bishop Community Police


In Attendance:

Cllr Brian Hambly

Sharon McGrouther, Stirling Council


Residents: none


Meeting opened and attendees welcomed by Chair



  1. Declarations of Interest: none



  1. Adoption of previous meeting minute: Proposed – Claire Stevenson Seconded – Mags Hughes



  1. Matters arising


  • Tibbies Brae – proper crossing and better lighting required at Fallin end – no response as of today’s date
  • Bus service – price hike and service Query if it can be put to tender – no response on tender as of today’s date


  1. Reports - External
    • Police Scotland
      • 5 crimes reported – 5
      • 34 calls made for varying issues


  • Councillor Report – Cllr Hambly
    • Waste collection – review of whole waste collection strategy to include public consultation
    • Houses at St Margaret’s – all offers Ready for entry end July/beg August
    • Innovation Hub – further delay on Landscaping to be started on 20th
    • Cancellation of buses – referred to Transport Commissioner



  1. Reports - internal:
    • Treasurers report – Lady Haig £107 Balance £965.13



  1. Community Council Business: none



  1. AOB
    • Outstanding enquiries to be resubmitted to CC Enquiries
    • Fire Brigade been called to wilful fire raising
    • Tibbies Road – conflicting speed signs – road is 30, signpost 20
    • Christmas lights on main street enquiries being made to source


  1. Residents Forum: none



  1. Date, time and venue of next meeting:

Wednesday 31 August 2022 at 7.15pm in Cowie Community Centre