May 2023 Minutes

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Cowie Community Council
Minutes of the Meeting
31 May 2023
Cowie Community Centre
Clare Stevenson
Maria Cooper
Avril Knox
Jane Hamill
Daniel Holgate
Sara-Ann Forshaw
William Derrick
Steve Mayes
Sharon McGrouther – Stirling Council
Brian Hambly – Councillor
Stephanie Martin – Community Police
Jade Hynds- Community Police
Meeting opened with Introduction from Sharon and Register taken.
Election Of New Office:
Chairperson: Clare Stevenson- Proposed by Jane Hamill Seconded by Maria Cooper
Vice Chair: Mags Hughes- Proposed by Clare Stevenson Seconded by Jane Hamill
Secretary: Daniel Holgate- Proposed by Clare Stevenson Seconded by Sara Ann Forshaw
Treasurer: Maria Cooper-Proposed by Jane Hamill Seconded by William Derrick
Planning Correspondent: Jane Hamill- Proposed by Maria Cooper Seconded by Avril Knox
 Signing of the new Standing order and Constitution is signed by newly elected parties.
 Confirmed Community Council meetings will take place every 2nd month on the last
Wednesday of the month.
 AGM date not yet set.
 The Scheme of Establishment guide and handbook will be emailed out.
Meeting now passed to the Chair Clare Stevenson:
Everyone welcomed by the Chair and given a copy of the March Meetings minutes. Minutes proposed
by William Derrick seconded by Mags Hughes.
Police Report:
Crimes in general have come down from the last meeting, Skate Park area has been quiet compared
to previously.
A female from the village has been warranted for selling drugs, this was also linked to a Male being
charged for Vandalism. Another male has also been charged within the village for drug related crimes.
Vandalism to Primary School St. Margarets:
There are now photos and videos being brought forward from both the public and school CCTV. Most
of the offenders are under the age 12 so will be spoken to by the police in the presence of a parent or
guardian. There is at least 1 offender over this age so may be criminally charged on this matter. School
is working hard with the police to try and prevent this. Further update will be provided at next C.C
Drug Paraphernalia:
During recent walk throughs of the community there has been a lot of drug paraphernalia found
behind the shops on the main street/hub area. This has been brought to the police attention as well
on occasions by young people around that area. Police are trying to get any agencies and the police
themselves to attend Cowie annual Funday to help educate the community and children about drug
paraphernalia and what they should and shouldn’t do if they come across this.
Police are also aware of complaints in regard to speeding within the village and hope that by the end
of summer they will be in a position to do regular speed checks in the community.
Councillors Report:
Councillor present Brian Hambly. No report to pass on from last Meeting.
 Councillor Hambly requested to be given an electronic copy of meeting minutes emailed to
him so he can view them directly. These are already posted on Website, but email copy would
be good to have for himself.
 Eastern Villages Forum 14TH June 6pm-8pm in the Council Chambers. Welcome to attend.
Tenant Consultation:
 this is to try create extension to the estates team by the end of Summer.
 Work with the wardens to try clear estates/housing areas.
 Looking on info as to which areas are in need of being cleared (fly tipping etc)
 If any suggestions on this a List can be sent to Councillor Hambly via email and or to the C.C
Enquiries mailbox.
Is there any improvement on the Buses? Overall response from members at the meeting was No.
 Hospital Bus still doesn’t go through the village.
 Discussions are ongoing to perhaps adjust route of the number 38.
 Looking at maybe a circulatory bus route down past the Peak so that more members of the
public have access.
 There was a new Bus Service survey issued out in Feb this year looking to push this so as much
feedback as possible is collected.
 McGill’s stated the success rate of their buses being on time and turning up is 97%. Disagreed
within the meeting on this.
 Fare prices have increased recently quite dramatically.
 Hospital route travel ticket that was available has now disappeared; drivers don’t know about
this so its not an option to passengers.
Other Topics discussed with Councillor:
 Community Centre tables were centralised 2years ago and stored in one location. The issue
with this is that when Cowie Centre then requires them for any events etc there is not always
transport to deliver these and we often need to provide our own way of getting the tables.
 Mr Hambly asked if a route Map for 10k was made, confirmed no but on the day there are
stewards, sign posts and also road signs
 Is it possible for additional key holders to be put in place for the new Hub as this would open
more access for the community for our community groups etc as at present The Hub is only
accessible at certain times or during Library open times- Sharon advised this is being looked
into as there is the issue of insurance and liability if appointing additional key holders.
 There may be media coverage over an ongoing enquiry that is taking place on 21st June relating
to Council members.
 29th June is the last full Council meeting before re-election.
Matters Arising: N/A
Treasures Report:
No Report. Balance of Account £4.26
Date & Time of Next meeting:
26th July 2023 at 7:15pm in Cowie Community Centre