November 2023 Minutes

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Cowie Community Council
Minutes of Meeting
29th November 2023
Cowie Community Centre
Clare Stevenson- Chairperson
Maria Cooper-Treasurer
Councillor- Margaret Brisley
Sharon McGrouther- Community Development Worker
Danielle McPhilemy- Community Link Worker from GP
Sara Ann Forshaw
Jane Hamill
Steve Mayes
William Derrick
Mags Hughes
Avril Knox
Daniel Holgate
No Police attended but report given
Meeting opened by Chair Clare Stevenson and register taken. Minutes from Last meeting 19th Sept
2023 given out to all present. Minutes proposed by Sara Ann Forshaw and seconded by Sharon
Police Report:
Local Community Police are:
PC Stephanie Martin C0563
PC Nicola Dunward C0353
In the absence of both PC Martin & Dunward due to restricted duties due to pregnancy PC Graeme
Woodhouse will be taking over as the main community constable. Contact details:
Crime Reports from 29th Oct to 29th Nov:
Total 2 reports. 0 detected cases 2 undetected cases both Vandalism dated 15th & 16th November
2023. Over the time period concerned 44 calls were made to Police for the area, the majority relating
to assisting members of the public, concern for person(s), disturbance related calls and road traffic
Anti-Social Behaviour:
Any information regarding this behaviour is welcome and can be reported to Police Scotland via Tel:
101, to Crime Stoppers, or directly to Community officers at above email.
Efforts are always being made to obtain intelligence in relation to substance misuse and drug dealing
in the Cowie area, we are keen to tackle drug dealing where intelligence is received. Any information
regarding this is welcomed and can be reported using the same contact info above.
Councillor Report:
Councillor present Margaret Brisley. Report attached to email copy of minutes and paper copy given at
Community Council Meeting. The report focused on the financial position facing the council next year
as the council expect they will have to make a further £13 million saving after the £19 million saving
they had to make this year. This is going to be difficult as it means that some services within
communities may need to face cuts. The biggest 3 budget cuts areas that may be affected by this are
Libraries, Education Services and Community Centres. There is the potential that both Cowie and Fallin
libraries could face closures. The council are looking at ways in which they can try to help in different
ways to help with the budget cuts such as getting rid of older buildings, a new headquarters in one
building and selling off properties.
There is a “Big Conversation” event going on at present to try and get feedback from the public on what
they can do to help protect those most vulnerable, how they can reduce costs and increase income,
how the council can reduce demand for services, what's important in their area and how they can
reshape the council to focus on modern demands. There have been a number of walk in events for this
as well as the online survey. Last event being held 30th Nov.
On the back of the conversation about the Big Conversation online survey the Community Council did
ask if there was an end date for surveys to be completed and taken into account and also if there would
be a paper copy available for those without online access or anyone who doesn't wish to do it online.
Paper copies are available in libraries and Sharon McGrouther is going to check the end date for entries
and email Clare Stevenson confirming so the Community Council could then look at getting the link sent
out to encourage people to have their say.
Councillor Brisley also informed us that they are looking at getting a 6 month rota for next year for
attendance to community council meetings so we can see which councillor is then due to attend our
Treasurer's Report:
Account balance as 6th June 2023 was £87.71. We received a grant funding of £593.10. Balance from
11th Oct 2023 £680.87.
Other Matters Arising:
Other topics discussed:
Could we potentially use our funding to purchase a litter bin for the Tibbies Brae are so that dog walkers
and the public have a place for litter and dog waste. If we supply the bin could we then request the
council then empty this?
No Community council business at meeting, Mags and Steven Bly have recently completed a new walk
through of the village to come up with a new action plan for going forward. Information on this has not
yet been discussed.
Date & Time of next Meeting:
Wednesday 31st Jan 2024 at 7:15pm in the Cowie Community Centre