January 2024 Minutes

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Cowie Community Council
Minutes of Meeting
31st January 2024
Crag Community Centre
Clare Stevenson – Chairperson
Maria Cooper – Treasurer
Margaret Hughes
Jane Hamill
Joanne Boyle
Sharon McGrouther – Community Development Worker
Sara Ann Forshaw
Avril Shanks
Daniel Holgate
Meeting opened by Chairperson Clare Stevenson and register taken. Minutes from last meeting 29th
November 2023 given out to all those present. Minutes agreed and proposed by Maria Cooper and
seconded by Clare Stevenson.
Police Report:
Local Community Police:
PC Graeme Woodhouse –
Crime reports did not confirm period covered.
Total crime reports = 9
55 calls made to Police to time period (which is not advised) majority relating to assisting members
of the public, concern for person(s), disturbance and road traffic matters.
Anti-Social Behaviour:
Any information regarding this behaviour is welcome and can be reported to Police Scotland via Tel: 101, to
Crime Stoppers, or directly to Community officers at above email.
Efforts are always being made to obtain intelligence in relation to substance misuse and drug dealing in the
Cowie area, we are keen to tackle drug dealing where intelligence is received. Any information regarding this is
welcomed and can be reported using the same contact info above.
Councillor Report:
None in attendance
No report submitted
Treasurer's Report:
Account balance as 6th November 2023 was £680.87. Secretary fees of £80 paid out 5 December 2023,
therefore closing balance as at this date = £600.87.
Other Matters Arising:
Other topics discussed:
Bannockburn/Cowie walking path – Attendees were advised that the works need to be completed
before 30/06/2024 or the funds will be lost. Still awaiting update on commencement of works.
Roxburgh Pitch – Old goal posts are still on site when they should have been removed some time
ago and are now dangerous due to the deterioration – this was on the Action Plan. Parking is still an
issue by HGV’s and Realm engineering vehicles – Again Clare has advised previous advice from West
Fraser etc was to send registration plates to them so that they can deal with it.
Action Plan – Mags will circulate Action Plan and set a date for a walk round to update.
Fly tipping – Roxburgh Pitch is still being used to fly tip.
Planning - notification has been received for houses in the Roxburgh area. Taylor Wimpey – No
updates from them on what will happen with the Berryhill area as they have decided not to build.
Grants – Community Pride grant applied for for bins, How many ? will council empty ? Where to be
placed – Community centre car park, Tibbies Brae – Places agreed.
Community grants applied for we should hear decisions back in February/March 2024 after Council
budget cuts meeting.
Library – Reminder to send in survey before budget meeting. Librarian to share info on what’s on in
the library eg Reading sessions, Job Club, Citizens Advice, Start Up Stirling – Mags will visit to request
sharing of this info on social media, windows, TV etc.
Unfortunately the library is closed when CRAG would look to utilise the facilities and is too small for
various groups.
Pavements – Issue with pavement in Mossgiel Ave, Mags to photo and report to Council to apply for
drop kerb for disabled user.
Centre Signage – Awaiting authorisation from Council to go ahead and have this ordered and
Centre Bookings – These are going from strength to strength showing a real need in the village for
this facility and access to it. These include Parties, Fitness classes, CRAG events, Man’s club (once
p/m) and dance classes.
Planning officer – It was noted again that Jane Hamill is the Planning Officer and although this has
been updated several times to Stephen Bly he keeps sending the regular email to Mags Hughes.
Mags will request again from Stephen to update this going forward.
Date & Time of next Meeting:
Wednesday 27th March 2024 at 7:15pm in the Crag Community Centre