Feb 2021 Minutes


held on online
Wednesday 10.02.21 at 7.30 pm


Attendees: Peter Lloyd (PL), Margaret Firth (MF), Mary Dickie ( MD), David Armstrong (DA),
Henry Braid (HB), Donald Watson (DW), Alistair Berrill (AB), Willie Nisbet (WN) and five
local residents


  1. Apologies - none received


  2. Previous Minutes Proposed DW by Seconded MD


  3. Police Report

    Forth and Endrick, Croftamie Community Council February 2021 - Compiled by PC Steven


    Antisocial Behaviour


    There was 2 cases of sheep worrying in the field on the A811 across from Fraser Robb’s.
    We went along the following weekend at the material time to try and trace the dog/owner
    but to no avail. No further reports have been made since.


    Road Safety

    Local officers have and will continue to carry out high visibility patrols to improve road safety.
    We’re aware that speeding is an issue within the village. We have access to a “Pop up Police
    Officer” which we have recently used in Croftamie. A picture is below of it operating in
    Gargunnock. This seems to have a positive effect in slowing traffic down. We will use it again
    and also carry out speed checks personally.

    Prepare for the winter by keeping your vehicle well maintained before you take to the road.
    Take special care that brakes, tyres, lights, batteries, windscreens and wiper blades are in
    good condition. In addition, washer bottles need to contain an additive to stop the water from

    Tyres should also be checked weekly to ensure they are legal and at the correct pressure
    (consult your vehicle handbook). The minimum legal tread depth for cars is 1.6mm across the
    centre 3/4 of the breadth of the tread around the entire circumference. They should also be
    checked for bulges, cuts or tears which weaken the tyre. Failure to maintain your tyres could
    lead to a maximum of £2,500 fine and 3 penalty points per tyre.

    Please ensure that vehicle windscreens are defrosted and you have a full view of the road
    ahead prior to driving off. On that note, please do not defrost the windscreen by leaving your
    engine running unattended on the road or driveway.



    There has been a theft of a CCTV camera located on the wall at the gable end of Edmond
    Terrace, near the Stove Centre car park.

    Last month there was a Theft by Housebreaking to Killearn Country Cycles whereby several
    high value bikes were stolen. That was the retail premises I referred to in last month’s report.
    A van would have been required to carry out this theft.

    Enquiries are continuing into both of these. If anyone has any information then please contact

    All incidents in relation to suspicious persons or vehicles are welcomed and Police will attend
    to all these incidents immediately. We urge people to remain vigilant and report anything

    We remind residents to be ever vigilant and contact the Police should anyone see anything
    suspicious. Please remember to follow basic home security rules and help to make it make it
    harder for the thieves.

    Please consider the following:


    • Use timer switches on lights and radios to make it look as if your home is occupied.


    • Ensure all doors and windows are secure when you leave and when you go to bed.


    • If possible use secure lighting at the front and back of your property.


    • Make sure all garden tools and ladders are locked away when not being used. Don’t give
      the thieves the tools to break into your house.


    • Use a good quality lock on any garden sheds and outhouses.


    • Make a note of all makes, models and serial numbers of expensive items in your home.


    • If your house is fitted with an alarm then please use it. This is a good deterrent should
      thieves manage to force entry to your house.


    • create a FREE and secure inventory of all your personal property at


    • If you note anything suspicious in your neighbourhood report it on 101.


      There are guides on the Police Scotland website giving other ideas to protect property in rural




      Fraudsters can make contact with you by phone. The caller might pretend to be from your
      bank and ask for personal information such as bank details or they might be someone offering
      you a deal or a prize. Recently calls have been made by persons purporting to be from HMRC
      stating that there was a warrant out for the receiver of the call and was asked to contact the
      number that was given. This is clearly a false call so please heed the below advise:


    • Consider making your phone number ex-directory.

    • Don’t give out any personal information unless you are the one who made the call and you
      are certain of the identity of the person you are speaking to.

    • Don’t give out your credit card or bank card details to strangers on the telephone.

    • NEVER tell somebody your bank PIN number, even if they claim to be the bank or police. If
      the caller is genuine they will never ask for this information.


    • Don’t give out information which may infer that you live alone, are older or vulnerable.

    • Never send money to anyone who claims to have a prize for you.

    • If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

    • Contact local trading standards – they may be able to use approved ‘call blocking’ technology.

    Covid 19 fraud

    Criminals are using the Coronavirus as a cover story to trick you into parting with your money
    or information. Always take a moment to Stop, Challenge and Protect before making any

    It’s important not to let the criminals rush or panic you into making a decision that you later
    come to regret and remain vigilant and guard against criminals using the publicity around
    Coronavirus as a chance to target you with fraudulent emails, phone calls, texts messages or
    social media posts.

    With fake news articles on the internet and in the press promoting remedies, cures and false
    advice around coronavirus, it’s also important to only share articles from trustworthy
    sources. If you are in any doubt, then visit
    www.gov.uk/coronavirus or www.who.int/ for
    updates and information.


    Criminals are experts at impersonating people, organisations and the police. They spend

    hours researching you for their scams, hoping you’ll let your guard down for just a moment.
    Stop and think: it could protect you and your money.

    If you receive an email, text or WhatsApp message purporting to be from the government,
    HMRC, the World Health Organisation (WHO) or a coronavirus-related charity, then take a
    moment to think before you part with your money or information.

    Never click on links or download attachments as criminals may infect your devices with
    malware or ask you to enter your personal or financial information into fake websites. In
    some cases this can lead to your identity being stolen


    Community Engagement and Reassurance

    It is important to you to have community officers who you know, who are accessible and who
    address local problems

    PC Steven Graham and PC Gary Martin are based at Balfron Police Office and can be contacted
    at the office, on 101, or at
    ForthEndrickCPT@scotland.pnn.police.uk. It is recommended that
    this email address is used by the local community for email contact.


    Please remember that we regularly publish useful information and updates on social media,
    including appeals for information, updates about road closures and crime prevention advice.
    Our Facebook and Twitter pages can be found at




    MF commented on the Fly tipping of tyres near the Brownie Hall on the back road.


  4. Planning Report – MD


    Nothing new has been submitted but 4 houses which were to be built on the former gun site
    on Stockiemuir Rd, the application has been withdrawn.


  5. Roads Update – DW

    Nothing for this area on the scheduled report.

    Q to AB- after the last meeting works were done at Finnich Toll but they had not been
    indicated in the roads schedule. AB will investigate and report back.

    HB advised that there was a lot of rubbish piled near the traffic light sites.

    DY- asked the workmen and they were from Open reach to take the fibre connection to the
    telephone mast. Minor roadworks consent may not have been published.


  6. Treasurer Update – DA


    No activity this month. Balance remains at £2514.75. PL is due to be reimbursed for Zoom
    monthly fee.


  7. Stirling Council Update – Councilor AB

    Council have an area Engage Stirling – consultations, sent a petition but is having some
    teething issues with closing dates not being correct.

    Concessionary business support funds for very small business - closed today but might
    still be worth applying.

    Issue of the bin collections going to 4 weekly and £35 permits for the brown bins- Meeting
    on 18 Feb to make administration revisit the issue and try to get them to change the minds
    Nursery- update website still says nursery closes in May but AB unable to provide further
    update. AB will attempt to get further info. PL asked if there was a timescale by which the
    nursery had to close after the consultation.


  8. LL&TNP -WN

    Apologies for not attending the last meeting.

    Meeting for stakeholders on 13 Jan was cancelled as not enough people could attend. Follow
    on is that change of circumstances is that budget from Scottish Government has been
    approved. There will be £1.3m extra requested due to Covid. ie portable toilets etc. For Part
    capital resources awarded- £2.6M. £1.56K for resource extra, 500K Covid one off and 540K
    for Capital.

    Capital budget is for 5 years not just for the 1 year. 1.7M for each of the next 5 years.
    Figure out between now and spring as to

    3% wage rise to come out of the budget also
    We also have a new Government minister.
    Caringorm have also had an uplift in Budget.

    This summer may have restrictions like last year and we are more prepared.


    PL asked re Community partnership will it still be disbanded.

    DY- can the funding only be spent in the Park or can it be spent outwith the Park
    Recognition that the Rural have had to deal with issues due to Covid that are outwith

  9. Outstanding points from last meeting


    Participation Request

    • PL- have been circulated. Traffic Calming within village and Pavement &
      Walkways to Drymen. DW and MF have confirmed that the ideas excellent.

    • Suggestions are: Reduce speed limit to 20 MPH in the village, potential for
      traffic leaving the village, rumble strips in both ends of the village, MF described about
      lights if speeding on entering village automatically trigger a pelican light ie red light
      stopping the traffic. Suggestion for Pelican crossing John Muir way nursery and
      Cattermills. Speed cushions speed bumps in middle of road.

    • LA commented that rumble strips can be too noisy for the residents. WN-
      agreed to careful not to put them next to housing and comment around the cushions in
      other villages.

    • Pavements – state of the roads and speeding have been added to Action
      plans since 2008. Concern that it takes until someone is injured or worse until action is

    • PL will check with Pam Campbell to review the forms and submit the forms.

      • Pavements are not wide enough and not fit for purpose. Uneven cannot use
        wheelchairs and prams.

      • MF has walked with Council representatives in the past to review the pavements, they
        agreed not fit for purpose but also stated no funds

      • DY- there is a pavement from the village to Finnich Toll and the neglect means that it
        has overgrown. How can these pavements be reinstated.

      • PL has asked for pavements in the village and route to Drymen but long term could
        include the Finnich Glen.

      • PL asked if National Park could provide funding to support the upgrading of the

      • WN says that there have been suggestions in the Park to upgrade the pavements from
        Gartocharn to Balloch.


      Food Bank- But and Ben is collection point for local food bank. PL- 3 bags were collected and
      thanks to those who have donated. If you know of anyone who would benefit please let us know.
      Next time you pop in for a coffee please drop off a tin or two. You can also make a donation
      using the the Go Fund Me page -


  10. Correspondence received


    • Stage 2 survey about how Community feedback- councillors have been sent a link and is
      open until 15 Mar.

    • Rural south west forum- MF will attend the dial in meeting on Monday 15th Feb. The
      agenda includes Roads & Traffic Management – How RSW Communities can inform and
      influence road maintenance e & traffic management programs.

    • Health and social care partnership – 18 Feb – 2pm to 4pm this has been circulated.

    • Non domestic rates- for the storage Hut at Nursery no action required MF scanned copy
      to DA.

    • Sad passing of one of older residents Mrs Marion Dow.


      Marion celebrated her 90 th Birthday last year.

      She lived & worked in this community most of her life.

      After serving an apprenticeship in Glasgow, she joined Stuart Cameron the Haulage Company
      until it close (they operated from the old station yard).

      Moved to Alex & then Sandy Mckenzie Veterinary Services and worked well into Marions late
      Eighties . Remising Sandy stated better than any computer, paperwork & accounts

      Marion married Willie one of the Dow Brothers both were our local postie’s, the couples living
      within the village. Played an active role in the Community from Sunday School Teacher and
      various other roles with our Parish Church - Kilmaronock .

      Held various posts like Secretary for the Croftamie Rural for many a year.

      Marion more recently looked after her twin sister who passed away a couple of years ago with

      Will be missed by neighbours & friends.

    • MF confirmed that Stirling Council, enforcement team includes Dog Wardens,
      ccenquiries@stirling.gov.uk a request sent if there could be possibility to be included
      within their patrol area


  11. Any Other Business

Nothing new about the development in Buchanan Cres. Plans approved by Park. Cyndy
has agreed to be on the Consultation Board.


Litter Pick had been postponed last year but there is concern that there is an increase in

Previously the Croftamie Community Trust arrange a date in April before the grass verges
camouflaged the rubbish. AE to suggest a date next meeting

WN suggested that the Park could support – Access teams Dave Robinson is access officer.


Confirmation of next Meeting Wednesday 10.03.2021

Commencing at 7.30 pm online