May AGM 2021 Minutes

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Croftamie Community Council- AGM Held online on Wednesday 12 th May 2021

Present : Peter Lloyd, Donnie Watson, Mary Dickie, Margaret Firth, Henry Braid, David Armstrong, Willie Nisbet, Cllr Rob Davies and 7 residents.

Apologies - none received

Previous minutes approved by PL and seconded by DW

Chairperson’s report

There is no doubt that the last year or so has been a challenge for us all, in some way or other. However, it’s been heartening to see how we all pull together when times are difficult and how we’ve all adapted to the new normal.

It’s only been 6 months since the last AGM so there isn’t a great deal to report.

Hopefully we are now all feel as if the fog is lifting and there is a light at the ned of the tunnel. No doubt it will take time for us to get back to anything like the life we had before COVID but the phased lifting of the Lockdown is certainly a step in the right direction.

As I mentioned in my report last November, we sadly lost a couple of our residents during the lockdown. At this point I wish to recognise the work and support we had from Councillor Graham Lambie over a long period of time. As you will know Graham passed away earlier this year, his passing is not only a loss to the Croftamie Community, but also to the wider Stirling area. Our thoughts are with his family.

Covid aside, most of the challenges we faced are unchanged

· The A809 bridge over the Catter Burn remains in a state of disrepair. If it’s possible, it does appear to be getting worse.

· The footpaths in the village remain in a generally poor state.

  • Public transport within the area remains an issue


· Speeding within the village is a constant source of frustration and concern.

Opportunities / Successes

· The village continues to grow in population with more and more resident moving into the development at Dalnair House.

· Despite some challenge because of the COVID restriction The But and Ben appears to be going from strength to strength. I believe that they plan to open inside seating area as soon as regulations allow and they are recruiting for additional staff.

· Although we have had no update from Stirling Council we can expect them to close Croftamie Nursery in the coming year. Although this is a disappointment to us, it does also provide and opportunity for the community to repurpose the building, if enough support is found.

· Participation requests have been submitted to Stirling Council to seek support to deal with both the state of our footpaths and the issue of speeding vehicles in the village. Although Stirling Council has failed to respond within the 45 day time limit. We will continue to press for appropriate action to be taken.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Community Partnership Team, at Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park. Anne Sobey and Marie Harvey were always great supports of the Croftamie Community and a great fonts of knowledge. Funding for the Community Partnership was ended in March and both have moved onto new roles.

I also want to thank Pam Campbell at Stirling Council who was always and ally and would often help steers us through the bureaucracy of the council. Pam has also moved onto a new role in different council area and wish her, Anne Sobey and Marie Harvey best of luck for the future.

Our thanks also go to Willie Nesbitt, and councillors, Rob Davis, and Alistair Berrill who all continue to be great supporters of Croftamie Community over the year. Thanks also to the Forth and Endrick Community Policing team for their monthly updates and regular attention to the village.


· But most importantly I’d like to thank the community councillors Margaret Firth, Mary Dickie, Donnie Watson, David Armstrong and Henry Braid, along with our minute taker, Lynn Armstrong – for a small village we have strong support and we couldn’t have achieved what we have this year, without volunteers.

I sincerely thank you all!

I would like to end on a little personal news of my own. Having been in the village for 5 years and our two girls having flown the nest, Carol and myself have decided to downsize.

The housing market being what it is we sold our house in 2 days and now have a moving date of the end of July.

The community has made us feel welcome from day one and whilst we would love to be able to remain in the Croftamie Community Council area we do not expect this to be possible.

As it stands, I am anticipating not residing in the Community Council area after July this year and if this is the case, I would obviously need to standdown from the Community Council.

I just wanted to make this clear before we elect officer bearers later in the meeting.

Not standing down until I move.

The meeting thanked PL for his contribution.


Balance at the start of the year was £1783.26.

Income received was an Admin Grant of £660.76 which included funds for payment of a Minute Secretary. Four Covid Grants were received totalling £2500 for PPE, Food Bank and the Community Bus.

Expenditure for the year included payment for the Community Website, Electricity costs for the Christmas Tree, Dog Poo Banners for the Village, PPE, Payment to the Food Bank and the Community Bus. Also for Admin costs of the Zoom licence and Minute taker.

Balance remaining at the end of the year is £2230.31 (which includes restricted funds of £ 865.39 for Community Banner £328, PPE £534.58 and Admin £2.81)


Accounts have been independently overviewed by Ruth J Ronald & Co Ltd.

Approved by PL and seconded by MF

Re- election of Office Bearers

Chairperson- Peter Lloyd – approved MF , seconded DW Secretary- Margaret Firth- approved by PL and seconded by MD Treasurer- David Armstrong- ap proved by PL and seconded by MF Planning Co-ordinator – Mary Dickie

Roads Co-ordinator - Donald Watson

Police Liaison - Henry Braid

Cyndy Bourbousson agreed to be Co-opted onto the Community Council. Approved by MF and seconded by PL

It was agreed that Lynn Armstrong would remain as Minute Taker.



With no further AOCB the meeting was concluded at 20.10pm.