Apr 2022 Minutes

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Venue – But & Ben Wednesday 13.4.22 @ 7.30 pm


Recognition was made on the passing of Agnes McQueen, a well loved resident of the Community– all are invited to the funeral service to Drymen church at 1pm on 29 April 2022.

Apologies – David Armstrong (DA), Henry Braid (HB), Police.

Attendees – Margaret Firth ( MF),), Donnie Watson (DW), Cyndy Bourbousson (CB),Paul Houghton (PH), Willie Nisbet (WN), Rob Davies (RD)

10 residents

1. Previous Minutes for Mar 22. Amendment required to add that Paul Houghton was present at March meeting. LL & TNP park amendment that not Directors but Direct elections on June 5th.

Proposed by DW Seconded by CB

2. Police Report (emailed report) –

Forth and Endrick, Croftamie Community Council April 2022 - Compiled by PC Steven Graham

Antisocial Behaviour

There have been no reports of anti-social behaviour since the last meeting.

Road Safety

There was a 2 vehicle RTC on A811 near entrance to Buchanan Castle Estate. A passenger was slightly injured as a result.

A vehicle went down the embankment in the same area however was not injured.


There have been no thefts in the Croftamie area since the last meeting however a container was broken into at Milton of Buchanan and power tools stolen. Also, suspect persons appeared to be looking to break into a house in Blanefield however were deterred by a video doorbell. Vehicles have also been stolen in Killearn and Blanefield.

What basic steps can I take to protect my home?


Think about basic good housekeeping routines that aren’t expensive:

• Keep your home locked at all times

• Many thieves do not need to break in at all because a door or window has been left open or unlocked

• Don’t leave keys on the inside of door locks, under mats or anywhere else they can be easily found


• If you have a ‘thumb turn’ lock on the inside of a door, ensure that it cannot be accessed from outside

• Don’t keep house keys and car keys on the same key ring

• Don't keep a lot of cash in the house

• Mark your property with a UV marker pen or Security DNA marking Kit - these can be bought online or in some stores

• Look for the Secured By Design accreditation on the product and register - you can place an invisible imprint of your postcode and house number on your possessions

• You can record and register details of your valuables, serial numbers and features or marks, on devices on the national mobile property register on the immobilise website - this includes mobile phones, cameras, laptops and tablets

• Don’t leave valuables where they can be see through a window - for example, around the tree at Christmas time

• If you have a wall calendar, avoid having it shown near a window from where appointments can be seen - people may see when there will be no one in.

• Use timer switches on lights and radios to make it look as if your home is occupied.

• Ensure all doors and windows are secure when you leave and when you go to bed.

• If possible use secure lighting at the front and back of your property.

• Make sure all garden tools and ladders are locked away when not being used. Don’t give the thieves the tools to break into your house.

• Use a good quality lock on any garden sheds and outhouses.

Make a note of all makes, models and serial numbers of expensive items in your home.

• If your house is fitted with an alarm then please use it. This is a good deterrent should thieves manage to force entry to your house.

• If you note anything suspicious in your neighbourhood report it on 101.


Fraudsters can make contact with you by phone. The caller might pretend to be from your bank and ask for personal information such as bank details or they might be someone offering you a deal or a prize. Other calls have been made by persons purporting to be from HMRC stating that there was a warrant out for the receiver of the call and was asked to contact the number that was given. This is clearly a false call so please heed the below advice:

• Consider making your phone number ex-directory.


• Don’t give out any personal information unless you are the one who made the call and you are certain of the identity of the person you are speaking to.

• Don’t give out your credit card or bank card details to strangers on the telephone.

• NEVER tell somebody your bank PIN number, even if they claim to be the bank or police. If the caller is genuine they will never ask for this information.

• Don’t give out information which may infer that you live alone, are older or vulnerable.

• Never send money to anyone who claims to have a prize for you.

• If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

• Contact local trading standards – they may be able to use approved ‘call blocking’ technology.

Fuel theft advice

There has been a rise in domestic and commercial fuel tanks. Although this hasn’t happened in the Forth and Endrick area it’s important to put measures in place to protect your fuel tank and make it extremely difficult for thieves to target your fuel.

Please find below some tips to avoid becoming a victim of such a crime:

Locate your tank in a safe location remembering that many thieves use Google Maps to find satellite images of fuel tanks.

Consider locating your tank behind a garage or shed and away from roads. Positioning it close to your business or home will ensure it’s in clear view.

Locate inside a security gate or cage with a good quality, robust fence or cage to make life difficult for thieves.

Install an alarm Consider fitting alarms to external gates surrounding your fuel tank or to the inside of a shed or outbuilding that is housing the tank.

Fit a fuel theft lock, thieves often come armed with tools so it’s worth investing in quality locks, locking fuel caps and anti-siphoning deterrents to slow down the criminals and reduce the likelihood of success. Locks with a CEN or BSEN 12320 Grade 6 classification indicate maximum security (Grade 1 is the least secure)

Install outdoor security lighting positioning your tank in the bright light is an effective solution worth considering. With the majority of thieves striking at night, installing automatic security lighting will help stop criminals from targeting your fuel tank.

Install CCTV cameras on your premises to dissuade anyone from targeting your tank as well as catch a thief in the act, providing the police with the evidence required to bring those to justice who choose to ignore the deterrent.

Put up signage to highlight the security measures you’ve installed can help deter those up to no good. These could include: Private property, keep out, Warning CCTV in operation, All vehicles are left with minimum fuel, Security patrols in operation, All vehicles fitted with security devices etc


This time of year presents the problem of sheep worrying. It is an offence to allow a dog to worry sheep. “Worrying” includes attacking or chasing sheep and, in some circumstances, farmers are legally entitled to shoot dogs if they are endangering their sheep. It is vital that

you keep your dog on the lead around livestock, even if you can usually trust it to come to call.


If you live in or near a farming area, you must make sure that your dog cannot escape from your property, as it may find its way onto land containing sheep.

If a dog worries sheep on agricultural land, the person in charge of the dog is guilty of an offence. The Act considers sheep worrying to include attacking sheep, chasing them in a way that may cause injury suffering, abortion or loss of produce or being at large (not on a lead or otherwise under close control) in a field or enclosure in which there are sheep.

Community Engagement and Reassurance

It is important to you to have community officers who you know, who are accessible and who address local problems

PC Steven Graham is based at Balfron Police Office and can be contacted at the office, on 101, or at ForthEndrickCPT@scotland.police.uk. It is recommended that this email address is used by the local community for email contact.

Please remember that we regularly publish useful information and updates on social media, including appeals for information, updates about road closures and crime prevention advice. Our Facebook and Twitter pages can be found at

www.facebook.com/forthvalleypolicedivision www.facebook.com/policescotland www.twitter.com/stirlingpol www.twitter.com/policescotland

RD- There has been speeding on Gartness Road and Police have been informed Feedback to Police

Concern raised for Saturday 28.5.22 ,

additional signage requested at Devils Pulpit to redirect travelling to Drymen show with additional support in the village as the show closes


Traffic management on that day with road closure in Croftamie is a major concern for the Community.


Can the Police bring any additional pressure on the various route planners or Sat. Nav providers as alternative route to Croftamie are still been directed to C class roads which are not suitable for additional traffic. Someone could get hurt & or cars damaged as roads are substandard


Please advise for next meeting in May



3. Planning Report


Pirnie Hall -PH- new owner wants to move into the main house. In order to be able to live there he has to offer tourist accommodation also.

There will be one planning application for the whole site classed as a major development due to the acres in the


Formal pre- application formal consultation

The webpage will go live and the formal consultation will commence. Two virtual events on MS Teams.

Webpage goes live on 20th April and the Online consultations are to be held 27th April and 4th May – from 4pm and 7pm

PH happy to receive emails and phone calls in addition to comments on the website. PH will continue his communication with the Community Council too.

Some clearing work has started and there has been a tree survey. Most trees will be kept and there will be some remedial work.

Ecology surveys have to be done and there has to be Bat surveys done in May.

Q- why has the clearing has started and its noted that the Barn owls have moved before the ecologists have been out but the A was that the ecology surveyors have been out already and will come back.

Comment was made that any movement will disrupt the animals that are nesting.

It is noted that the neighbours were not notified that the ecologists were on site and perhaps they should have been.

PH described and circulated the initial plans for the Pirnie Hall estate and these are attached to these Minutes. (it is emphasised that these are draft at the moment)

The plan is for a Family home and a Community business venture. As this is a Major development site, there will be pre- application consultation then a planning application will be submitted in early June.

PH advised that the plan is to rebuild Pirnie Hall as a single dwelling with a garage and a garden area at the back. To rebuild and refurb the stable building as holiday accommodations and to take down the greenhouses and put up new build holiday units.

There will be a Lodge park in the main open area with also Tree houses for holiday lets and a Community area. They will be keeping the trees and the areas of woodland and supplementing with more trees.

Detailed plans will be submitted for the house, stables and new build accommodation.

In Principle for outline planning for lodge park and tree houses will be submitted with the initial application.

Suggestion for a Shop and Reception area at the stables.

Close up drawings of the lodge park is in principle – no more than 24 lodges – but this is not a final number.

Suggestion of Changing rooms and gymnasium for those on the site. Plans will be on the webpage when it goes live next week.

There were questions and comments around the room which Paul was happy to answer and emphasised that nothing is set in stone and that the Consultation events are the opportunity for residents to make comments or they can phone or email him also.

Comment was made that this would not bring tourism to the village as there are no shops to benefit from tourists.

Q was asked how often has Warren been in the Village to gain a feel for it? A-Warren has been a few times only


Q as part of planning will the Community council be a consultee. A-Yes

Q hybrid application detailed and planning in principle – will this be two applications? A- No, both will be considered at one application

Q – around point of access? A- the plan is that the Gatehouse will be for tourists and the Witches Hut driveway will be the access for the main house.

Comment made around Carbon footprint impacts on the amount of traffic to the area. CCC take on feedback and this will be forwarded as part of the planning application. Q- how big is the site? A- 12/14 acres. Q- Can the scale be included in the drawings.

Q- Will there be any updates by the 11 May? A – no Consultation shuts on 18 May.

Q what does the consultation look like- two online zoom events. Q around the two driveways and how can they be used.

PH has said he will go back to the architect with the suggestion of another driveway in the middle of the land between the two Gatehouses – but commented that this would take away trees.

Draft Plans have been included in these minutes

Correspondence note received from Paul Houghton, Houghton Planning Ltd

I am emailing you all as requested by Loch Lomond & the Trossachs National Park to advise you that a Proposal of Application Notice (PoAN) has been submitted to the National Park for the above site at Pirniehall, Croftamie.

The properties within 20 metres of the proposed site are either receiving this email, or will have a copy of the Notice and plan posted through their door later on this week.

An online consultation will be held for the purposes of community consultation for this development proposal. The online events will likely take place on 27th of April 2022 between 4pm and 7pm, and on 4th May 2022 between 4pm and 7pm, and details of the events, and how to access further information, will be made available as soon as the details are confirmed, probably next week. The events will also be advertised in the Stirling Observer.

In the meantime, please get in touch if you have any initial questions.

RSHA Croftamie – Buchanan Crescent - no further update. No other planning updates.

4. Roads Update – DW

· Bridge update to follow. Continue to adhere to road diversions.

· Arnprior to be shut- 19th to 22nd April for tree felling. Diversions will be in place.

· Google maps is not recognising that the Bridge is closed. MF to ask the Roads at the Council again.

5. Treasurer Update – DA


Balance of the account is £1738.68.

Electrical supply for Christmas tree- SSE have now disconnected the power supply at a cost of £95. However there is confusion as they then have asked to come and covert us to a Smart meter on the 20th of April which has been cancelled as we already have a smart meter. The cost of the electricity at Christmas has not been provided and we won’t know until we get our May statement. Ongoing complaint in progress.

In the shed at the Nursery is Anti Bac and masks – can these be distributed at the next meeting rather than being left in the shed?

Bank account signatories still to be amended.

6. Stirling Council Update – Councillor R. Davies

Discussions are taking place around refugees from Ukraine and requests received have to have a special meeting at the end of this month to discuss. Strathcarron Care home is not going to be an option.

There will be Elections on 5 May – 8 Candidates for this Ward for 3 Councillor positions. In this Ward, there are 13K people, 6k houses and 11K electorate.

Concern around rising costs and we as a community feel ignored often.

Q- Balfron Community Council visited to Polmaise recycling Centre for a tour. Q was asked around soft plastic and why we had to take it to the Co Op or Tesco for recycling but RD said that it can be put in to the Blue bin and then it is taken and burnt.


A82 at Bowling from Dunglass to Dumbuck is to be closing in the next couple of weeks (20th) at night time 8pm to 6 am. Check AME website for more info.

Community Councilors are automatically consulted on Planning applications.

Elections – NP has four local authority areas and we are very likely to have changes in our Councillor members responsible for the NP. Directly elected members elections of NP to be held at the end of June –there are 5 of them in the NP area.

This will have an impact if new members have to be trained on topics such as planning. 11 members could change out of a Board of 17.

8. Outstanding points from last meeting

Catterburn Bridge update – MS & CH

Catterburn Bridge Update:

Design work associated with Catterburn Bridge is now complete and the tender has been published. Evaluation of returned tenders is scheduled to take place at the end of May, with project award expected to take place in mid-June.


We are continuing to work closely with utility providers, Nature Scot, Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park and SEPA to ensure onsite works can commence as swiftly as possible once a contractor is secured.


CH- Open Tender went out last week – one has asked for an extension which is preferable to asking for new tenders. 10 day period when unsuccessful tender can counteract. Four weeks after tender agreed Construction can start. Construction period is determined by contractor.

Q can councilor have a say on tender. A – no.

Min 3 months construction- hoping to start beg July

Branshogle bridge has been pushed back two months so concerns around the timings of our bridge. RD visited the Branshogle bridge ground conditions were different to what they expected. Comment made on how the A class road with the Water bridge took much longer than expected also.

Concern on the 20 mile detour and financial impact to villagers. Q- can a pedestrian way be opened. A is no.

Gas utilities to be moved into the Centre of the bridge. Have local farmers been offered compensation? No

There is no mechanism for compensation. Suggestion is to use the Complaints process to Stirling Council.

Participation Request – disappointing that no action has taken place since Oct. But funds are not available.

20-21-002 Pavements & 20.2.003 Speeding Update

Drymen have had some pavement work done the Trust got a Grant from Stirling Council to pay for that.

A request has been made again to the Community payback team to see if they can help with the pavements now that the road is closed.

9. Correspondence Received

Election of Councilor’s to Stirling Council - 5th May 22

10. Any Other Business – Litter pick suggested date is 7 May 2022. WN offered some high viz jackets.

Suggestion made around What would we like to see the Council do for the benefit for the village?

How is this best taken forward? Perhaps once the bridge is fixed.

Suggestions to be received within two months.

Who would support this engagement – local development plan will be refreshed after the elections.

Requests have been made to the Buchanan Cres developers for the Buchanan Cres to be resurfaced and a play area for the village.


With the results of the elections unknown, Rob Davies was thanked for his support to the Community in the past 5 years.

Confirmation of next Meeting – Wednesday 11.05.2022 AGM – 7.00 pm

Followed by normal meeting 7.30 pm – location But & Ben

9.16pm meeting closed