Aug 2022 Minutes

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Venue – But & Ben Wednesday 10.8.22 @ 7.30 pm

1. Attendees- Henry Braid, David Armstrong, Alison Peterson, Margaret Steel, Paul Houghton ( Houghton Planning), David Mackie- LLTNP Board Member and 17 residents

Apologies – Emma and Jenny Okeefe, Cyndy Bourbousson and Donnie Watson. Ewan MacDonald re Buchanan Cres ( RSHA Croftamie )

2. Previous Minutes approved DA seconded MS

3. Police Report (emailed report) – July 2022 - Compiled by PC Graeme McNulty

There was only one call to Police in relation to the Croftamie area. This was in relation to an attempted fraud by electronic means. In this case, Croftamie itself was not a target and there is no wider danger to the public within Croftamie.

However please all be wary giving out personal information when receiving telephone calls. If in doubt, please tell the caller that you will call back to the company they represent, that way you really know they are a bona fide representative.

Antisocial Behaviour

No reported incidents during this period.

Road Safety

No reported incidents during this period.


No reported incidents during this period.

Police Officer Recruitment


In Police Scotland no two days are the same, no two careers are the same and no two officers are the same. The police officer job is unique. It will challenge you mentally and physically every day. It can be tough, but also incredibly rewarding. Your job will be to protect the vulnerable, support victims of crime and build trust with the people and communities you serve.

We will train you with the skills you need to rise to the challenge, and provide support through our police family. You will become part of a 200 year long history of policing in Scotland. You will join a team of 23,000 officers and staff dedicated to keeping people safe.


We are looking to recruit people who work and live by our values of integrity, fairness and respect and have a commitment to public service. In this role, you will build lasting relationships with colleagues and the people who live and work in the area you are based in.

In order to apply to become a police officer, you must meet essential criteria (which can be found on the Police Scotland website). You will then take part in our selection process. This includes a fitness assessment and a medical, which takes place at the end of the process.


Starting university or college can mean some significant life changes - making new friends, studying in a new town, going out to new places and living independently for the first time. However, some of these changes could also increase your risk of becoming a victim of crime. Start out in the safest way possible, take some simple steps to protect yourself and your property, and above all keep safe.

Home Safety

Whether you are living in student halls, or a flat, you may be away from home for the first time with the new responsibility to keep your home and your property safe from theft.

Thieves will be aware that new students arrive every year with new laptops and tablets and also that many use pedal cycles to get around campus. This can make you a target for theft. There are simple measures you can take to keep yourself and your property safe.

Practical Guidance

· Think about your level of security at home – are there working locks on doors and windows? If you are renting, ask the landlord to upgrade the security.

· Keep your doors and windows locked whenever you are out. If you are on the ground floor you should consider closing your windows when you are out of the room for extended periods / at night, especially where high value items are within line of sight from outside.

· Keep your high value items such as laptops, tablets, phones out of sight and secure when you are not using them. Keep a record of any model/serial numbers and consider property marking and “find my device” apps.

· If you live in a property with a controlled entry door, never let anyone into the building or through a controlled entry door unless you know them or have seen their identification. If someone should buzz looking for another flat, don’t let them in –

tell them to call the flat directly. If you’re ordering a takeaway, don’t give the delivery driver the keypad number for the door.

· Pedal cycles are very attractive to thieves. Get yours insured if possible, use a security marking product and always use a good quality D-lock fixed to a secure anchor when not in use.


Online Safety

There are a number of steps you can take to help make sure you don't get trapped in the web and become a victim of crime online.

· Create a separate password for your email.

· Create a strong password using three random words.

· Save your passwords in your browser.

· Turn on two-factor authentication.

  • Update your devices.

· Turn on backup.

Practical Guidance


Protecting your computer


· Secure your Wi-Fi using the encryption option.

· Do not open emails from people you don't know.

  • Install anti-virus / anti-spyware software and a firewall.

· Keep your computer software, web browser and security up-to-date.

· Don't use obvious passwords e.g. birthdays. Use a mixture of numbers, symbols and upper and lower case letters and use different passwords for different sites.

Social networking


· Keep your personal information hidden.

· Set security levels so that only your friends can view your profile.

· If someone sends you an abusive message, save them and contact the forum administrator.

· Don't arrange to meet someone that you have only met online - some people might not be who they say they are.

· You should also check your privacy settings on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Cyber Aware provides essential advice on protecting yourself online from National Cyber Security Centre.

Online finance and shopping


· Look for "https://" and the padlock image to show that the site is secure.

· Use a secure payment option such as PayPal or a dedicated pre-pay credit card for all online purchases.

· Beware of sponsored links at the top or side of search pages. These are now always reliable and can be used by criminals.

· Remember, banks and financial institutions do not send emails asking you to verify your bank details by clicking on a link. Always check with your bank.

Get help


If you suspect you have been a victim of cybercrime contact Police Scotland on 101 to report it.

Community Engagement and Reassurance


· It is important to you to have community officers who you know, who are accessible and who address local problems.

PC Steven Graham is based at Balfron Police Office and can be contacted at the office, on 101, or at It is recommended that this email address is used by the local community for email contact.

Please remember that we regularly publish useful information and updates on social media, including appeals for information, updates about road closures and crime prevention advice. Our Facebook and Twitter pages can be found at

Planning Report – MF

  • Alteration to land at site entrance at Crienich Stables has been approved.

· Formation of new raised timber deck and front entrance porch at Benview, Badshalloch Road

· A couple of applications for Kilmarnock CC, Drymen and some changes at Carbeth too.

· A concern has been raised about the Pods at Cattermuir

· Request has been made for a dropped kerb opposite number 4 Buchanan Cres.

Pirniehall Development Update - Paul Houghton

Paul Houghton from Paul Houghton Planning introduced himself as acting for Warren Lewis the new owner of Pirnie Hall who is looking at the development of the site. His report as follows

Statutory Community council consultation is complete as required for a major planning application. Comments were received and part of the application process is that these comments are included in the Pre-application consultation report submitted to the Park with the planning application.

Proposals, trees/ecology reports are done and design work done and almost there to submit application – poss around mid September.

This is a Hybrid application – some parts in detail and some parts in principle

In detail will be

7 bed dwelling- Pirnie hall 1300 sq metres

Ancillary building on the grounds- garage and accommodation 300 sq metres


Various conversions of the stable block – 1 x two bed holiday house, 130 sq m, 1 x2 bed holiday house, 150 sq m.

1 x3 bed holiday let – 170 sq m and 4 x one bed studios at 50 sq m each

In principle will be

Ten tree houses

16 x 2 and 3 bed lodges- c 150 sq m Reception and shop unit- 10 sq m

Gym 280 sq m, ( hall of previous building) which will be a shared facility for those at the site Community allotment

Work has been done on Road layouts and how the development can fit with existing landscape to mitigate concerns of immediate neighbours at the two gate lodges.

Plans will include full layouts, Design and access statement, Ecology assessment, Bat survey, Trees and transport statements, Site management plan, Habitat enhancement tree managements, planting proposals ideas on lightings, materials used on roads and footpaths.

Business plan is in accordance with Nat Park guideline.

Paul provided a Draft site plan which was viewed by all attendees and Paul also shared visuals of what the tree houses and lodges could look like. This part of the meeting was conducted by people moving around the room and asking ad hoc questions of Paul.

Attendees then sat back down and asked Paul further questions:

Q-What’s the opportunity and what’s the financial model? PH was unable to comment

Planning statement /Management plan to be submitted too.

Paul confirmed that the Lodge plots would be sold to finance the development of Pirnie Hall.

Q- You applied for a screening to see if you need an environment impact assessment – based on an ecology preliminary report done in Feb- which is not in accordance with the Park’s requirements as February is not a suitable month for most Ecology checks. Why is

there no decision recorded on the Park’s website and what additional information have they requested

A -whether an environmental impact assessment is needed is the Parks decision they have not responded to our request and have not asked for any further information and no we do not think this will delay the application.

PH- Transport statement has been scoped with Council who are the roads authority – considering road network and number of cars. Council will comment on it and CCC will be consultee and the community will be a consultee. Transport issues are not considered as part of the screening for an Environmental Impact Assessment.

Q- how do you assess the number of traffic coming out of the site. A - nationally used data based on certain types of properties

Comment made -but the unknown is current volume of traffic on the road.


Our report is assumptions made on numbers of traffic when under normal conditions and the bridge is open.

Noise pollution will be assessed by Environmental Health Noise pollution team Q – are the Council concerned about the level of increased traffic?

A- Council roads have not given any indication if they support this application

Q- Have they not mentioned roads maintenance which is already a concern in the Council?

Q – how many properties is the total. A is 34. The numbers of properties will be fixed. Q how many letting beds? Paul wasn’t able to confirm

Comment made that the holiday lodges are the size of average 4 bed detached house in Scotland

Q- what is the total financial plan for the development? – PH was unable to answer. PH is not involved in the building of the project

Q re the ownership of the development

16 lodge plots will be for sale- National park condition for holiday accommodation is that occupation cant be for no more than 11 months of the year and no more than 90 days at a time for a single occupant. Properties will be owned but they will need to meet this guidance. Lodges will probably be advertised on Air BnB or Service charges will be paid to Mr Lewis and if the owner sublets then a fee will be paid to Mr Lewis.

PH clarified that the lodges would be owned but managed centrally.

Q- Pirnie Hall to be refurbished from the sale of the lodges so with this proposal the plots would be sold prior to work starting on Pirnie Hall?

A- Warren will forward fund the build and then start selling the plots. Owners will have to then apply to the Park for planning permission for Lodges.

National Park rules state that Mr Lewis cannot occupy Pirnie Hall until there is a holiday business in operation.

Comment was made that there is no guarantee that Pirnie Hall is ever restored. Q- You are relying on income from the lodges for the Pirnie Hall. A - yes

Mr Lewis will sell the plots and then with no consented design on the plot, the design for the lodge will be discussed with the builder- who is Mr Lewis - planning permission will be applied to Nat Park for each individual plot and if design accepted Warren will build the lodges.

Q buyers will no control over the situation

Q have you shown your plans to the Nat Park and a meeting has taken place.

Q why are you showing visuals to us – of the treehouses and lodges which are planning in outline only – therefore nothing we see in the visual is a specified matter so they are not an accurate reflection of what will be built–but you have no other visuals of the stables and hall which will be detailed design so your design team know exactly what they would look like for visualisations.

Paul confirmed he can show us the elevations of Pirnie Hall. Q does Mr Lewis run a building company. A- Yes


So he is therefore benefiting from the build of the lodges. It is noted that you would be buying a plot and you only have one builder choice

Q why are the Nat Park stipulating that holiday business is needed. A- The policy is that you need a business first. David Mackie confirmed it is his experience that if a business is established on a site then housing could be considered afterwards.

Q as an example Hillhead farm is broken down would I need a business if I was to redevelop that house?

Comment made that Pirnie Hall is a derelict site which is stipulated in the Local Development Plan that it should be used as a Visitor experience, education facility or boutique Hotel – this plan is not in line with this National Park’s local development Community Plan.

Q- What’s the point of the consultation? Defined differently as a Major Application and the applicant has a statutory responsibility to consult with the community to the instruction of the National Park. That process is now complete however none of the input from the consultation has been taken on board.

Comment by David Mackie The community should wait until the planning application is submitted before making comments.

Comment made that Pre discussions with a planning officer do not need to be declared- Planning will consult with community once the plan has been submitted.

Q Broad band has this been considered.

Q- Septic tanks- where will they be located. A- Mr Lewis is asking if an offsite treatment plant in adjoining field can be used. If not a new treatment plan will be created in the site. Q- Bins- where are they to go. A- being looked at

Surface water going into a new Pond on site or soak away. Q- Who is you Council contact for Roads? A- –Neil Pirrie

4. Roads Update – nothing to update


5. Treasurer Update – DA. Balance of account is £1519.90.


Update on the SSE electricity bill is that due to the complaint being raised with the Ombudsman, SSE have waived all recent charges and quarterly invoices to take the account to NIL. Power supply has been cut off with the waival of the £95 fee.

DA to purchase Lights that are battery operated in time for December.

6. Stirling Council Update –no Councillor present


7. LL&TNP - David MacKie, Board member for the Park


David wanted to stand when he had issues with the Park.

Gerry McGarvey is also joining the Ministerial board member on the Park.

Local development plan is 7 years old and a new one is due and the Park will contact the Community to create the new one.

DM – cannot visit the Pirnie Hall site before the plans are submitted

Q re Caroline Struggle –planning officer has seen pre planning application. Q around why trees had been cut before plans submitted at Pirnie Hall.

No planning officer has been appointed to the development

DM will be on the board that will vote.

Contact info for David is

HB recognised that Willie is to be thanked for his service and time to the Community. Gift and card to be sent.

8. Outstanding points from last meeting

Catterburn Bridge progress Update from 28.6.22 meeting & presentation held on Zoom.

Cabins to be onsite by Mon, Water and Gas to be suspended and may affect Cattermills and Dalnair.

Potentially by Feb single file and then two laned by March. How they will they control the traffic is being looked at.

10 weeks time the contractor, Amco Giffen, will host another meeting. Council looking at how they spend their money on the roads.

Parking and the bus for the kids.

Contractors will be parking on the other side of the bridge.

B818, Branshogle Bridge Repair - no update provided

Participation Request – 20-21-002 Pavements & 20.2.003 Speeding Update Participation request- confirmation of pavements to be scraped back this month. Hardcore and not tarmac.

Q asked how will it be maintained?

Traffic calming not applicable until bridge is open.

Community Hut – no update provided

9. Correspondence Received


National Park asked about our Community 5 year plan. Can we have an extension as it was due end of July.

10. Any Other Business –

AGM Community Trust – early Sept to be confirmed.

Looking or Directors – some examples of work the Trust has done in the past is Community bus, BBQs, Litter picks, flower bales, when the beacon came to the Village and looking for ideas to keep us together. Members are required.

Looking for individuals to work on a plan for the community.

Tues morn coffee morning has resumed in the library and money donated is given to local charities/ groups

As discussed in June CCC Meeting there was an opportunity within CCC which we would be looking to submit a nomination on the next meeting. 1 person indicated interest at that stage. On checking the individual was still interested and no other stepped forward. Relevant paper - Co Opting Nomination form will be submitted by M Steel.

On the Back road Martin property on the way to Gartocharn.- hedges are overgrown and require landowner to cut back.

Confirmation of next Meeting – Wednesday 14.09.2022 7.30 pm Location But & Ben



Post Meeting note –re Pirnie Hall traffic- this issue has been checked by CCC – Traffic and transport can be considered as a relevant topic in an EIA. Also, the National Park planning officer has confirmed that additional information has been requested from the applicant for the screening process