April 2023 Minutes

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Venue – But & Ben
Wednesday 12.04.23 @ 7.30 pm

Attendees: Margaret Steel (MS), Ali Peterson ( AP), David Armstrong (DA), Cyndy Bourbousson (CB), Donnie Watson (DW), Henry Braid (HB) , Rosemary Fraser ( RF) Plus 8 residents.
Apologies – David Mackie (LL&TNP), Police
1. Previous Minutes –proposed DW, Seconded AP.
2. Police Report (None- received) – RF advised that in the future they would like to produce a joint report for the other Community Councils instead of Individual ones.
3. Planning Report – CB
No further planning applications on the website. Pirniehall Development - CCC Updated Feedback to LL&TNP after March meeting
A Letter has been sent from LLNP to Mr Lewis re the site at Pirnie Hall.
Planning officer wants more info from the applicant.
1. Trees- not satisfied with the info in the app about the trees. Have asked for more info.
2. Landscape impact assessment- they want photos of the effect of the views in and out of the site.
3. Identified a problem with the access to the Back road and needs visibility of 80m and the avenue of trees will be affected.
4. Phasing plan- asking for a reversal of the phasing plan. Asking that the house is dealt with before the development of the other buildings.
5. Request for a structural survey to be done on the house.
6. Sustainable travel - identifies that there is no plan within proposal as people will be using their cars.
7. Facilities – for Community/public use or not?
8. Revision of the trip data has been requested on this basis.
Letter was issued 13 Mar and have been asked to reply within 28 days.
A Copy of the letter can be found on the Park Planning site.
Q Will the CC see the response? Yes this should be uploaded.
Q Can individuals comment on this response?
A letter of support was received after the last deadline and this was added to the site.
Expectation is that as a consultee the CC will be able to respond to the planner’s response.
Place Plans are in progress of being developed so it is important for the community to give their feedback.
4. Roads Update – DW- Main St to be closed 18 to 20th April up to junction of Balmaha Road 8am to 6pm
5. Treasurer Update – Bal of account is £1428.47. Annual accounts due to be produced as at 31 Mar. We didn’t receive our Assets Insurance form in time so have written individually to the Insurance Company to request a cost. Admin Grant to be applied for by July 23.
6. Stirling Council Update – Rosemary Fraser. (Private consultations available prior to meeting commencing )
Re Budget plans for Aberfoyle and Fintry nursery
Scottish Govt will provide the funding for the Big Noise project – therefore Stirling Council have revisited and released £392K which can be used to resinstate 8am-6pm hours at both nurseries.
RF will commit to ensuring that the same doesn’t happened again next year.
Parents had indicated that they would have to take their kids out of the nursery.
Cross party discussions including active travel. Getting to Net Zero – looking at EPCs. Plan to be put forward to Govt to see how to reduce Carbon use.
RF asked re Glengoyne flooding which seems to have been resolved.
Dropped kerb to be chased.
20 mile per hour zone- no update received yet.
Q re other villages where limits were changed to 20mph by Stirling Council not Govt.
Limits installed during Covid have become permanent. ( more people were out and about during Covid and funding was given for temporary limits).
Two different petitions have been received to reduce sections of road ie Blairdrummond to Thornhill.
Q asked around reducing the limit in Croftamie before the bridge opening as the Participation request was agreed just before the bridge closed. A resident is happy to take this on.
MS has met with Roads Dept.
Do we need just 20mph or other traffic measures?
Q-What is the best process for achieving traffic measures. Individuals or CC.
Inconsistency at both ends of the village as to where the lower restrictions should start?
Q re flooding on the bridge at the Finnich Toll? Devils Pulpit on the Glasgow side of Bridge.
Q- does the community approve the reduction of the speed limit.
Q- what is next step?- survey to be done once road is done. Looking at average speed of cars. Looking at injuries and casualties in the village. Near misses dont count. Lorries tipping don’t count. Have to be injury or death.
Can the road be treated as a new road?
Eg like the John Muir way, cycle path.
Q- can our MSP help with this?
Historically we had a survey done on the road before Dalnair was developed.
A solution could be rumble strips but they are noisy.
Can the Police be more visible to deter speeding.
RF will chase up whether anything can be done before the bridge opens.
Little bit of time whilst the bridge is single file.
Q- Can RF find the previous surveys?
Q-where do they monitor the speeding? Is in the middle or ends of the village?
Q- how can the measurement be changed – rather than waiting on an injury.
Q- what accidents were reported in Strathblane to allow them to have the 20mph.
Q- do we need to do anything further.
A resident can be co opted- and do this on behalf of CCC.
Q- re the junction of the A811 and A809 and the third accident with the milkvan. Rf to be given the Council reference to be able to chase why white Give Way lines have not been repainted.
Bridge update read by RF – see attached.
Parapet has to be secure to open the south bound lane- upstream site
Parapet is not been cast with the deck but will be separately done.
Community event to be held on the 14th. Zoom details to be issued.
Answers to questions from the last meeting will be given.
Q- when the road reopens will be have a bus service? RF had met with McGills and RF had requested that the Drymen bus could come to Croftamie.
New buses have been installed and improvements found in other routes. No plans for other routes at the moment.
To be viable there needs to be a profitable service. EG for Devil’s pulpit loop. Linking with Killearn.
Could be a 16 seater bus doing a Killearn Balfron loop via Croftamie and Devils Pulpit.
7. LL&TNP – NO update received. DM hopes to attend in May.
8. Outstanding points from last meeting
Participation Requests – 20-21-002, Pavements & 20.2.003 Speeding – ongoing
Local Place Plans, LLL&TP & Stirling Council update - Community Trust – in May some questionnaires will be sent out. Support will be provided from the Park.
We will ask Drymen and Kilmaronock for feedback as our local neighbours.
Q- what is the deadline? We have an extra 3 months
Q- could the Park provide street signs?
No this is Stirling Council responsibilities.
CC Enquiry Reference: 2302292- Re Dalnair Developers Contribution ongoing. RF will chase this.
Amendments have been made to the plans for Dalnair. At what point does the Council determine that the developer has not met their conditions?
Footpath on the bridge will be slightly wider.
A request was made last summer to remove section 75 and this has been withdrawn.
They no longer need to build the footbridge.
Path to Dalnair to the bridge was always part of the original plan.
Developer’s Contributions review has been done and the Council knows who still owes what.
We will have to wait until road opens to do a survey. Average to be no more that 24mph.
Cyclists warning signs on the road just appeared. CC had not been informed that this was happening. Please keep us in the loop. RF will ask what the procedure.
9. Correspondence Received :
Community Council Assets Insurance- missed the deadline so a separate request has been sent.
Drivers Insurance – not required so not applicable.
Community Council Elections – Nominations must be submitted no later that Wednesday 19 th April at 4 pm . 6 Councillors required for Croftamie – packs available.
If we have 6 we can have our meeting. More than 6 we have a ballot at a meeting.
Let Margaret know if you are interested.
DW has indicated that he would not be looking to be re-elected. He was thanked for the 10 years that he has served.
10. Any Other Business –
Whats app group- old one to be archived and new one set up.
Community Litter pick – CC Trust proposing 13.5.23.
Repair of village pavements fit for purpose- Community major concerns. Ongoing request for the dropped kerb at Buchanan Cres.
Pavement not fit for purpose for wheelchairs.
Confirmation of next Meeting – Depends on results of Election date TBA
Possible Wednesday 10.5.2023 AT 7.30 pm Location But & Ben
Good afternoon all,
I write to update you on progress of the repairs to Catterburn Bridge and the timescales for re-opening.
The road is programmed to re-open on Friday 28th April 2023.
Where are we?
Extensive temporary works arrangements are ongoing to facilitate installation of the cantilever footpath. Concrete work to the pile caps, tie beams, upstream and downstream wingwalls has been completed. Installation of Pre-cast reinforced concrete spandrel panels have also been completed to aide deck installation.
The reinforcement to the deck is currently being installed.
What’s Next?
Concrete pour structural deck followed by waterproofing and kerbing.
Relocation of the site welfare has commenced and preparation of the location is currently underway. We anticipate the move will take place w/c 17th April.
At the last Community Event, several questions were asked to which we took an action to explore and advise. This will be issued as a separate communication prior to the Community Engagement Event which is due to take place on Friday 14th (an invite will also be sent separately) . We are awaiting comments from our Transport Team with regards to the provision of the bus service.
Gary Neill, Road Services Manager
Environment and Place | Stirling Council | Endrick House | Stirling FK7 7SZ
Received 12 April 2023