August 2023 Minutes

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Venue – But & Ben

Wednesday 9th Aug 23 @ 7.30 pm

Attendees: Henry Braid (HB), Alli Peterson (AP), Callum Crawford (CC), Paul Henke- Stirling Council and 17 residents.
Welcome and Apologies – Cyndy Bourbousson (CB), David Armstrong (DA).
Previous Minutes – June 23. Approved by Alli Peterson. To be seconded at next meeting
1. Police Report (emailed report) – August 2023 – Compiled by PC Graeme McNulty
Antisocial Behaviour
• Report of youths driving at speed in Croftamie area and urinating in street. Also reports of them being verbally abusive. Police were unable to attend at the time. It would appear this has been an isolated incident and that youths were not local to the area.
• Reports of a 60 year old male having taken unwell on Conic Hill. He was assisted off of the hill by mountain rescue team and left safe and well in the care of friends.
Road Safety
Reports of cows on road near to Croftamie. Police attended and safely returned them to their field.
Possible fraud incident reported however matter dealt with appropriately by bank and no crimes established. Stop, Challenge, Protect
Criminals don’t need a full house to steal your money. If you receive an unexpected request to share personal or financial details, even if it appears to be from a person or organisation you know, remember to always Stop, Challenge, Protect. Make them wait. Don’t let criminals rush you into a mistake.
Criminals set up fake websites, social media pages and posts as well as online ads promoting exclusive investment opportunities. They pretend to be financial advisors and offer to make investments on your behalf.
CHALLENGE Could it be fake? Take your time and do your research before investing. You can check if an investment or pension opportunity you’ve been offered could potentially be a scam by taking the FCA’s ScamSmart test.
PROTECT Contact your bank immediately if you think you’ve fallen for a scam. If in Scotland report via 101. For advice on how to avoid fraud please visit the Take Five website
Community Engagement and Reassurance
It is important to you to have community officers who you know, who are accessible and who address local problems.
PC Graeme McNulty is the Ward Officer for the Forth and Endrick area. He is based at Balfron Police Office and can be contacted at the office, on 101, or at It is recommended that this email address is used by the local community for email contact however this should not be used to report crimes.
Please remember that we regularly publish useful information and updates on social media, including appeals for information, updates about road closures and crime prevention advice. Our Facebook and Twitter pages can be found at;
Discussion at meeting:
It was noted that locally there had been a high value theft two weeks ago and some residents were asked if they had seen/heard anything but no further info available.
Reducing Speeding- is a high priority
• Paul Henke has had a meeting with the local police but a request is to be made for police to come to our meeting.
• Community would like the Police speed trap vehicles to come but have been told in the past there isn’t a long enough straight bit of road for this to be successful.
• If only one policeman attends then they are unable to book a driver.
• Recent wire survey in village was to measure volume of cars not speeding
• Residents were encouraged to report everything eg recent report for a planning application said that there had been no speeding incidents in last 5 years ( as they had not been logged)
• Q around the illegal parking at Devil’s Pulpit but the Council is responsible for the parking tickets. However if there is dangerous parking it should be reported to 101 but it is hard to get through.
• Requests were submitted in 2021
• Some of the suggestions were: Pelican crossing, Average speed camera, Pavements and crossings
• A traffic survey will be done shortly
• Excess speeding – rumble strips
• Surveys have been done but roads were closed in other places when the traffic lights were still on the bridge – so we should contest the timings of the survey.
• The current Bumps- are they permanent?
• Request to extend the 40 limit to further outside the village as you leave.
• When the rep from Council attended the village the bridge was closed and no further action was taken at this time.
• Where would signage go to reduce the limits?
• Roads department visit would be useful.
• PH suggested that requests should be sent to Corporate enquiries and copy him in.
• Dalnair residents feel that they are cut off from village as it is not safe for them to walk on the main road with the speed of the traffic.
• Net Zero Initiatives- highlight the issues
• CC has asked for copies of the complaints from the workers on the bridge who felt that the 10mph limit was not adhered to during construction.
2. Planning Report – AP Buchanan Crescent – no update
Item 1- Pirniehall Application 2022/0329/PPP
Mixed use residential, tourism and community development comprising change of use and alteration (part demolition) and conversion of former residential school (Class 8) to residential dwelling (Class 9) with erection of associated detached garage (with annexed self-contained accommodation above); alteration (part demolition and extension) and conversion of redundant outbuildings to form swimming pool, gymnasium, 7 no. holiday let units and ancillary shop and visitor reception, formation of outdoor games court, play area and community allotments; new access with associated control booth and gateway structures, internal roads, ancillary parking and footpaths, utilities and drainage infrastructure and outline proposals for the erection of 10 no. pods/tree houses and 16 no. holiday lodges | Pirniehall House Croftamie Glasgow G63 0HD
LLTNP planning officer wrote to the applicant’s agent on 13/03/23 asking for more information and clarification. In summary the letter asked for the following
1. Tree Survey (Incorporating Constraints Plan)
2. Landscape Assessment
3. Phasing Plan
4. Structural Survey
5. Sustainable Travel statement
6. Community / Public Use Statement
A tree survey and a Landscape Visual Assessment were loaded onto the planning portal on 19th June. However not all the information requested has been loaded onto the portal.
LLTNP Planning Officer reported at the end of June that not all the information had been received and that the community council would not be expected to provide a consultation response until all of the information requested was submitted.
We are waiting for the additional information before asking for responses from the community and formulating our own response.
Item 2 - Dalnair Estate Application 23/003239/FUL
Request for 3 new dwelling houses on Land To Rear Of 1 - 6 Mid Dalnair Dalnair Estate Croftamie which were not included in original application
This is a new application – the closing date for the community council consultation response is 10/08/23.
There are 18 neighbour objections listed on the planning portal with a variety of reasons for objecting. The common theme is that the planning obligations of the original works
have not been completed or in some cases not started and some of the works completed are not to a suitable standard.
Item 3 - Dalnair Estate request for information from Stirling Council regarding the footpath and footbridge giving access from Dalnair to the village.
Response was read by HB- Response - Dalnair House - Lagan Ref: 101000728575
Good afternoon Cllr Henke
The provision of a footpath and footbridge to provide a safe route of access to a nearby village from any new housing development would not be a building standards matter. I note from review of the relevant drawings, this not been included in any of the building warrant applications and is also not something that we would ask for as verifier to show compliance with the mandatory standards within the Technical Handbooks. The minimum standards only require a safe means of access to an accessible entrance from either any parking within the curtilage of a dwelling or from a road. The lack of this facility would not prohibit or delay the acceptance of any current or future completion certificate submissions.
Kind Regards, Iain Bowden, Building Standards Co-ordinator
Letter issued to Stirling Councillors June 2023, response received July 2023. Response is not a full answer to the questions raised. It is a technical response from building control which is correct in its content but of no help in the search for answers as to why Stirling have allowed the buildings to be occupied without the provision of a safe footpath.
A second letter with clearer, concise questions will be issued that should be harder to misinterpret- see appendix 2. Discussion at the meeting:
  • In the original application, permission was given for enabling works – upgrading the House which is a listed building into useful purpose. In this application there is no design and access statement- explaining why their application should be approved.
  • The planners are suggesting that if they build 3 more, they will be able to fund the obligations of the original application. Eg the developer has not Built a safe footpath – section 75 agreement says it should have been built before occupants moved in.
  • Developer has lodged an application to have their footbridge obligation removed but this has been rescinded.
  • Building control have answered re the footpath – see below but we need a response from Stirling Council Legal department and the developer.
  • Understanding was that 28 completions certificates have been issued. People are occupying the houses before planning obligations have been met. A resident confirmed that they only have an interim habitation certificate and whilst waiting for drainage to be installed, they have been flooded 11 times.
  • The building of further houses is not in the local development plan and there is not a case for building the new 3 houses.
  • There is now a different builder and Residents understood that the flats were to be done first. Also Education funds were to be given.
  • Section 75 relates to the site- not the developer.
  • Community Councillors agreed that a letter should be submitted to object to the plan for 3 houses
  • HB- will write to PH ask why the council are not enforcing the commitments. PH to find out what is being done about the repeated failure to enforce section 75.
3. Roads Update – CC
Sat and Sat expect delays at A811 junction and through Drymen by pass for the cycling race.
4. Treasurer Update – Admin Grant application has been submitted. Balance of Bank account is £1241.62
5. Stirling Council Update – Councillor Paul Henke
Private consultations at 7pm will not be held but PH happy for anyone to contact him directly if they wish to discuss an item.
We are waiting on an update on Average Speed Cameras
Outstanding Question re where will we Vote now- PH to find out.
6. LL&TNP – no update given
7. Outstanding points from last meeting
  • Catterburn Bridge – now open , Possible Community Benefits? Margaret got a new contact at the council- as previous one is off– AMCO were supposed to replace trees. No budget amount has been given but ideas from village were submitted.
    They have saved £150K by not cladding underneath the bridge.
    Margaret was asked to follow up with Gary and copy in PH.
  • Plants required at the bridge site- which may be part of Community benefit.
  • Participation Requests – 20-21-002, Pavements & 20.2.003 Speeding
  • Local Place Plans Update- This is a Community Action plan and takes into account what the Community wants and doesn’t want with development – there is a steering group in place and surveys are to be issued, eg what we will do with the Nursery. We have to do two place plans – one for the Council and one for the National Park. NP is moving forward quicker. Vision for area 5 – 10 years time . include traffic development, Pirnie Hall and Devils pulpit- what do we want or not want.

8. Correspondence Received : none

9. Any Other Business –

  • There is to be a grant application for flower Barrels in the village and a question was asked- who will maintain them. It was agreed that a rota would be created.
  • Previous Minutes are to be added to website by Margaret. Ann can assist with paper copies becoming scanned docs.
  • Public meeting in Drymen re the Road Safety Trial to be held in Village Hall on Mon 21 Aug at 7pm.
  • Bin Collection strike 10th to 13th Aug 23.
  • Replacement of bench on railway track- Land owned by Sustrance. Chris and Callum can update existing bench.
  • Two metal benches were given from the bus station in Stirling which need a base and are on the list for AMCO.
  • Maintenance of woodland path in Catter Wood- FM owns the land but Parks for All could provide a grant.- CC to investigate.
  • Do FM have a responsibility to clear the Japanese knotweed? Scottish fisheries have provided some funds elsewhere to help clear it.
  • Children’s Playpark- Council have said they have no money but could perhaps be included in the Buchanan Crescent development (CB)
  • Grant are available for Community Ownership Funding and suggestion was made this could be used for the Community to buy the Nursery. £150M in the pot and we can bid for funding up to 250K where Assets are being lost or essential renovations
    Nursery – could have a community asset transfer request.
    Trust to contact Stiring Council to discuss. Understanding is that we have until Sept 23 to make a decision.
    HB to email the Council as well as the Trust to find out options.
  • Q-Who is doing Facebook? Need a new volunteer. Events coming up Kilmaronock Folk night on 18 Aug and Croftamie Rural starts again on 6 Sept.
  • Regional Transport Strategy – rural area. Closes on 27 Oct-
  • Consultation on Regional Energy master plan closes on 27 Sept -

Confirmation of next Meeting –
Wednesday 13 September 2023 AT 7.30 pm Location But & Ben

Appendix 1- Police Report- May 23
Antisocial Behaviour
Reports of a drunk male causing a disturbance within a residential property. Police attended and male left, causing no further issues. No formal complaints made and suitable advice given to all parties.
Incident reported to Police by social work expressing concern for an adult client who was distressed. Police attended along with colleagues in the Scottish Ambulance Service and male treated accordingly.

Road Safety
As you will no doubt be aware, the bridge has finally reopened providing access to Croftamie from both directions. I expect an increase in road traffic volume as a result, particularly during the busy summer periods.

No reported thefts during the period of this report.

Neighbourhood Watch Over the next month I plan to sign up with Neighbourhood Watch Scotland. This will allow me to use their ‘alert system’ which is a means to pass on messages and alerts to those within the ward who are signed up to Neighbourhood Watch.
You can sign up independently with the Neighbourhood Watch Scotland scheme to view such alerts or alternatively new and existing Neighbourhood Watches are always welcome. Some details of Neighbourhood Watch are as follows; Getting involved with Neighbourhood Watch in your area can be a great way to help keep your community safe. It's not all about crime these days; it's about safety. Neighbourhood Watch is a community led initiative to bring local people together to address crime and other community safety issues. Neighbourhood Watch groups often liaise with the local police, the local authority and other agencies.
The concept originated in the United States and was introduced into the UK in the 1980s. Behind it lies a very simple idea; Working together can help to improve your community. Neighbourhood Watches can be large, covering most of the households on an estate, or they might involve just a few houses. They may meet frequently, or keep in touch via e-mail or social media. There really is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to Neighbourhood Watch. Neighbourhood Watch adapts to fit the community it serves. What are the benefits of Neighbourhood Watch?

  • Areas of local concern can be addressed
  • Your problem becomes a shared problem
  • People work together to make communities safer
  • You can work together with other NW Schemes, the police and other partners
  • Opportunity to know your neighbours, local police officers and other service providers
  • Being a member of NW may secure a discount on your house insurance

Appendix 2- Letter sent to Council Councillors 10 Aug 23 from Croftamie Community Council, Stirling Councillors Forth & Endrick Ward
Rosemary Fraser, Paul Henke, Gerry McGarvey

Good Afternoon Paul, Rosemary and Gerry

REF: Croftamie Community Council meeting 07.08.23 REF: 13/00537/FUL | Demolition of extension, conversion of existing building to 10 flats and erection of 12 dwelling houses | Dalnair House Croftamie Blanefield G63 0EZ
With reference to our previous letter of the 15.06.23, unfortunately the response from Stirling council does not cover the questions raised. The matter is primarily we understand a legal situation between Stirling Council and the landowner of Dalnair as it is breach of the section 75 agreement.
To simplify our request for information please find below a list of short questions.
Q1 Are Stirling Council aware that the footpath required by the section 75 agreement to be completed PRIOR to any occupancy of any dwellings at Dalnair has not been started.?
Q2 Are Stirling Council aware that the footbridge required by the section 75 agreement to be completed PRIOR to any occupancy of more than 15 dwellings at Dalnair has not been started.?
Q3 Given that over 28 dwellings are now occupied and most have been occupied for several years can the council confirm that the land owner is in breach of the section 75 agreement regarding the footpath and footbridge.?
(Please Note Stirling Council have issued completion certificates for 28 dwellings over the past 5 years indicating that the dwellings were ready for occupancy and additional planning permissions have been granted whilst the section 75 agreement have been breached. Also, both the community council and residents alerted the council officers over several years in person and in writing that the section 75 agreement terms had not been met.)
Q4 Given that any measures that may have been taken by Stirling Council to date have not been effective, what steps will Stirling Council Officers take now to ensure the footpath and footbridge will be completed.?
Q5 Will Stirling Council take enforcement action against the landowner.?
Q6 What will be the timescale for enforcement action by Stirling Council?
Q7 When can the residents of Croftamie expect to see commencement on site of the footpath and footbridge?
Q8 When can we expect completion of the footpath and footbridge?
Q9 Will a detailed design for the footpath and footbridge be available for the community to review?