June 2023 Minutes

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Venue – But & Ben
Wednesday 12.06.23 @ 7.30 pm

Attendees- David Armstrong (DA), Margaret Steel (MS), Clifford Clark (CC), Alli Paterson (AP), Cyndy Bourbousson (CB), Margaret Steele (MS), David Mackie (LL&TNP), Paul Henke ( Stirling Council) plus 9 residents.
Apologies – Henry Braid (HB), Callum Crawford (CC), Anne Ewing (AE), Donnie Watson ( DW)
1. Previous Minutes – April 23. Approved DA and seconded by AP.
2. Police Report – none received.
There had been cows on the road reported a couple of nights ago.
3. Planning Report – AP
No new application have been made this month.
AP to be added by Stephen Bly from Stirling Council to the email distribution lists. - Pirniehall Development – No response received yet from Planning officer so unknown if the application has replied to the Park’s letter with further info requests. This application has had Objections and is a Major application so it will go to Park planning committee. – Buchanan Crescent no timescales provided yet. Conic Way houses are similar to new ones in Buchanan Cres. Q asked about the sympathetic planting – ie not fences but trees. Advised for CB to speak to the developer and Rural Stirling. Dalnair House- additional 4 houses at Dalnair to be built. Q was put to Rosemary re the developer contributions – have these been paid? Footpath has not been built. Email to be sent to Paul Henke by AP for him to investigate. Comment was made about possible Knotweed in Dalnair.
4. Roads Update
Road to Balloch will be closed this week Thu Fri and Sat from 8am to 7pm
Q asked to PH– re Blane bridge but PH did not have any updated info.
5. Treasurer Update – DA
Annual accounts for 22/23 reviewed. DA read out annual report as we did not have an AGM this year.
Current balance of the account is £ 1306.00.
We had to organise our own assets insurance at a cost of £62.47.
Application for the Admin Grant for this year has been submitted.
6. Stirling Council Update – Paul Henke.
PH has received an email re list of things to get sorted from a resident. Q re timescales should be 5 days for a response.
A previously submitted Q to Rosemary Fraser re the mess of the junction at A811, has not been replied to so this is to be forwarded to Paul.
7. LL&TNP - Update David Mackie
DM has completed his training.
There is a Draft National Park Partnership plan - lochlomond-trossachs.org/future
You can comment until 19th July and a copy can also be found in Drymen Library.
8. Outstanding points from last meeting
Catterburn Bridge – Open , Possible Community Benefits
Participation Requests – 20-21-002, Pavements & 20.2.003 Speeding – ongoing
Local Place Plans Update , LLL&TP & Stirling Council update - Community Trust – AS advised there will be Q to circulate on Facebook, hand delivered, digital access. This will enable the Trust to update the previous Plan
There will also be Face to face discussions at a community event to be held.
9. Correspondence Received : none received
10. Any Other Business –
• Clifford Clark was introduced as one of our new Community Councillors and he will be the Secretary.
• A Presentation to was made to Margaret and a gift to be passed on to Donnie & Anna Watson for their many years of support to the Community Council.
• Drymen Community have created a Community Council.
• Tidy up the area at the T junction. No budget given. Council/ AMCO. PH request.
There is to be a budget provided by Amco to the Community and some suggestions as to how it could be used were read out:
• Repairs to all pavements within the Village
• Repairs to path connect the village to Drymen
• A electronic sign to assist reducing speeding through the village. One in place near the now closed Nursery school is still working. Plenty room for one in the centre or the Dalnair side.
Topics originally discussed - AMOC
• Reposition of original Noticeboard, turn to face road, replace plastic window panels & general repair. Move bench infront of Noticeboard & general tidy of area
• Repair of bus shelter windows n centre of village, fix two metal benches ( village have them in storage) 1 outside next to each bus shelter
• New Noticeboard near Bus shelters
• Clear around the junction corners to clean paths to our only bus stops at the T-Junction , requires scrapping & a surface . Area has been neglected for years
• Possible construction of path on right hand side of road from Catterburn bridge heading towards Dalnair. Has been discussed with landowner.
Spare ballast on the roadside up on right-side toward Dalnair House main entrance, this part of our community has been totally shut off from the village
- Anne Ewing has offered to update the Community website.
- MS attended the Rural South Area forum in May where local CCs meet together. This had been on hold during Covid but is now back up and running. Open to any resident to attend. 4 held a year.
- Q – asked re the Nursery which is now closed. If no plans for a community related venture. then they will market the building. Noted was that there are conditions in the deeds which include it should be used for Community use.
For the Community to take on the building this would take time and community involvement
Could council provide share of the funds from sale? The building is currently out of use as the Water has been drained.
- Q was asked where villagers would Vote as the Nursery was our Polling station?
- Noted was that the road from Hillead Farm to Alexandria has craters not potholes and the resident was advised to report this directly to Stirling Council.
Confirmation of next Meeting –
Wednesday 9 August 2023 AT 7.30 pm
Location But & Ben