March 2023 Minutes

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Venue – But & Ben Wednesday 8.03.23 @ 7.30 pm

Attendees: Margaret Steel (MS), Donnie Watson (DW), Cyndy Bourbousson (CB), David Armstrong (DA), Alli Peterson (AP), Rosemary Fraser, Stirling Council, Plus 14 Residents


Apologies Henry Braid, Police, Anne Ewing,


Previous Minutes Approved by DW, Seconded by CB.

Nov 2022 Minutes which were not approved at the Jan meeting- approved by DW and seconded by CB.


  1. Stirling Council Update Councillor Rosemary Fraser (Private consultations available prior to meeting commencing )


Budget was approved at budget council meeting. Main thing is the increase in our council tax at 7%. Additional budget for roads but not potholes.

Massive shortfall £17M . School PFI contracts has been extended helps to fill the gap. Services to look at how they can cut costs and how they can save money.

Councillors were given a list of possible cuts and responses were received on what would be acceptable cuts.

Q from last month- Marie Lucey contribution from the Dalnair developer. They are responsible for creating a path. They will provide a sum of money or they will build the footbridge.


Q what will the timescales? RF will follow this up.


Fintry and Aberfoyle are changing the model at the Nursery-instead of 9-6 – they will close at 3pm.


Q- months ago a dropped kerb on the corner of the Crescent was requested but response was lack of funds. RF will follow this up.


Re Contributions- work being done to chase that up. Council has legal recourse. - as there is no contribution been sought yet from the developer there is nothing for planning to chase up. However, once agreed the Council would have legal recourse as it would form part of the legal agreement. Developer contributions can be required either up front or prior to a specific trigger point in the development build out. Or they can be required on a phased basis as the development builds out, it depends on the specific circumstances of the planning application, type of infrastructure being required and the amounts required. . RF will keep on this.


Footpath from Dalnair to the Quarry. No capital budget for that at the moment. Can submit a motion to ask for officers to look at this.


Glengoyne distillery still has traffic lights. Roads Services are aware of the situation at Glengoyne Distillery and have been working with our partners to resolve this. If I floods again let RF know.


Q- re the McGills buses. A meeting was held. 100 buses went off the road when they took over. And put 16 back on the road. New buses are beginning to be rolled out onto the roads- another 12 buses are coming in April.

Add back in on the route to Croftamie. Asked for regular updates. Buses are being regularly cancelled.

DRT- two providers for DRT have come back. Increased their minimum and mileage allowance.


Another cut is with school transport statuary requirement – 2-3 miles from school.


Q-Speed limit reduced in Strathblane – and Killearn also have 20mph. Can Croftamie be considered?

A - RF will ask what the plan is.


RF – then left the meeting to attend another CC.


2.     Police Report (emailed report) –

Forth and Endrick, Croftamie Community Council March 2023 - Compiled by PC Steven Graham


Antisocial Behaviour

There was a report of possible deer poaching with dogs on the back roads between Croftamie and Gartocharn. Extra attention has been given.


In addition persons reported driving on fields in Gartness area and a further report days later of persons lamping in this area. Police attended on both occasions however persons had left prior to arrival.



No thefts have been recorded in the Croftamie area since the last meeting although there was a possible bogus workman reported in the Drymen area. Due to the time of year please see advice re bogus workmen.


Road Safety

There has been no reportable RTCs since the last meeting.


Livestock worrying

What are livestock attacks and worrying?

Livestock attacks and worrying is the phrase used when a dog attacks or worries livestock animals in rural and farmland areas.

This crime usually takes place in the countryside and is a particular problem when dogs, even those that are well trained, are off their leads or are roaming without an owner or person in charge with them. In doing so, they often scare or attack livestock animals.

Whilst many owners are unaware of the impact their dogs are having on livestock, it is their responsibility to ensure attacks and worrying don't happen. They should ensure


their dog doesn't disturb or attack these animals, otherwise there are consequences under the law if it does occur.


Reporting livestock attacks and worrying

Call 999 if the crime is ongoing and animals are being injured. To report a crime which isn't ongoing call 101.


Livestock attacks and worrying and the law

The Dogs (Protection of Livestock) (Amendment) (Scotland) Act 2021 came into force on 5 November 2021 to tackle the issue of out of controls dogs attacking and worrying livestock.


Under this law, the term "livestock" is wide ranging and includes cattle, sheep, goats, swine (pigs/boars), horses, camelids (alpacas/lamas), ostriches, farmed deer, enclosed game birds or poultry.


What are the consequences of livestock attacks and worrying?

Under this new law, owners of dogs that attack or worry livestock can be fined up to

£40,000 or even sent to prison for up to 12 months.


Advice for dog owners and land managers Dog owners


It's important for dog owners to be aware that livestock are valuable assets and any harm to them could significantly affect the livestock owners livelihood.

There's a number of things owners can do to reduce the chances of their dog committing a livestock attack or worrying crime.

When in the countryside, be wary of your dog approaching other animals. Try to stop your dog coming into contact with livestock. Remember, in the countryside, it may not always be obvious when animals are around.

If you're in an area where livestock are nearby, always keep your dog in your sights and maintain control over them. If you can't guarantee this, use a lead.

It's important to be aware that under certain circumstances, land owners can shoot your dog if it is attacking or causing distress to their animals.


Land managers

There's a number of things you can do to minimise the threat of your livestock becoming a victim of worrying and attacks.

Appropriate signage can make walkers in the area aware of their responsibilities and can suggest alternative routes if you're worried of an attack or worrying.


You'll also need to think about public access near your land and any risks that this can cause to your animals.


Bogus workmen.

With the better weather forthcoming bogus workmen can use this in order to target homes for work on the house (gutters, driveways etc) and/or gardens. Please be aware of this and see the below guidance.


How can I protect myself from doorstep crime?

  • Be on guard if someone turns up
  • Keep front and back doors
  • Use the door viewer or nearby window when answering the
  • Fit a door chain or bar – use it and keep it on when talking to callers at the
  • If you’re not sure, don’t answer the
  • Don’t feel embarrassed - genuine callers expect you to be
  • Only let callers in if they have an appointment and you have confirmed they are


  • Always ask for identification badges of anyone you answer the door to, but don’t rely

on them. Identity cards can be faked – phone the company to verify their identity.


  • Some companies offer a password Ask your utility providers if this can be used

and if you have a password with a company make sure the caller uses it.

  • Never let people try to persuade you to let them into your home even if they are asking for help – they may not be genuine. If someone is persistent, ask them to call at another time and arrange for a friend or family member to be with you.

Never agree to pay for goods or give money to strangers who arrive at your door.

Don’t keep large amounts of money in your home.

  • Remember, it’s your There’s no reason why anyone should ever enter your

home against your wishes.

If you’re not sure, don’t answer the door.


Community Engagement and Reassurance

It is important to you to have community officers who you know, who are accessible and who address local problems.

PC’s Steven Graham and Graeme McNulty are the Ward Officers for the Forth and Endrick area. They are based at Balfron Police Office and can be contacted at the office, on 101, or at It is recommended that this email address is used by the local community for email contact however this should not be used to report crimes.

Please remember that we regularly publish useful information and updates on social media, including appeals for information, updates about road closures and crime prevention advice. Our Facebook and Twitter pages can be found at;                                                                                                                                                                            Community feedback

  • There was another damaged car at the T Junction which has not been mentioned in the report.
  • Q asked around can the village have a 20 mph speed limit?
  • There is a Wildlife officer who can be contacted if we see anything out of the ordinary in local Laura Robertson PC C0200, Wildlife Crime Police Officer, landline: 01786822271

mobile 07790398053, Dunblane Police Station


3.     Planning Report – CB

No new applications for our area.


-Drymen- 6 dwelling houses to the south of the Laurels and north of the Drymen Cemetery has been refused.

-Drymen camping site at Gartness Road- campsite extension with erection of reception building/small outlet store and 3 camping pod structures with new access track.

-Kilmaronock- Demolition of existing property to create two chalets and a dwelling house

-RSPB – sculpture application

Erection of a fence at Dalnair in the curtilage of the listed building.


Pirniehall Development - CCC final Feedback to LL&TNP planning given 10.2.2023. Our response has now been placed online- see attached.

Comment made that the final paragraph should be revised to make it clear that each of the points fails to meet Park standards.


Community Place Plans are being discussed. Community Trust will be updating our plan which will include thinking about Pirnie Hall and the nursery.

Planners will have to listen to the community and what we want. Restoration of the building and perhaps development of the stable block.

We will be told when the plans will be discussed at the Planning committee.


On back of Pirnie Hall and MS met with the roads team. Roads team can’t stop the planning but they came and looked at the road. Road had been re-tarred but they commented on how bad the road is beyond Hillhead.


4.     Roads Update – DW

Nothing on the Stirling council website.

Gartocharn traffic lights have been removed and Dumgoyne ones should be removed soon.


Pavement that was washed away – perhaps this can be repaired by the end of May for the Drymen show.


  1. Treasurer Update Balance of account is £1608.47.



  1. LL&TNP - Update David MacKie. No report


7.     Outstanding points from last meeting


Reference numbers held to keep council to account for the items in question.


  • Participation Requests – 20-21-002, Pavements & 2.003 Speeding – ongoing


  • Croftamie Nursery – Enquiry Ref 2301263 Teams Meeting with Tracey Mills held on 9.2.23. Will be closing towards the end of April.

Somebody is interested in the building.

Questionnaire can be circulated round the village and what could the building be used for.

Restrictive covenants on the building – limited use of the building.


  • Local Place Plans, LLL&TP & Stirling Council update - Community Trust – Q- when does the Plan have to be submitted. Due by the end of August. Meetings have been held support from the Council and the LL&TNP.


·       CC Enquiry Reference: 2302292- Re Dalnair Developers Contribution

Q from the community – are Stirling Council going to hold back the completion certificates until the developer contributions are received?


  • Bridge update teams call- they want another Teams call to provide an update in approx two weeks The concrete plinth will not work and they now plan to pour concrete.


  • Community Council Elections 2023- all within Stirling Potentially we will require another 2. 6 community Councillors required for Croftamie. No AGM required this year.

MS explained the benefits of having a CC.

We have a voice. MS explained that after September, she will have to step down.


  1. Correspondence Received : Community Council Assets Insurance/Drivers

Insure the Hut and obtain Liability cover- DA to investigate.


  1. Any Other Business –

-£500 Grants available – 25 min application. Projects in the village? CB to investigate.

-Two metal benches to be cemented.

-AMCO budget? MS to ask for a meeting. (Apprenticeship costs should not come out community benefit funds)


-Hillhead- a light has been on in the barns but property seems secure.


-Drymen Place Plan- see attached. Drymen Trust have asked for feedback by 31 Mar 23.


Confirmation of next Meeting –

Wednesday 12.4.2023 AT 7.30 pm Location But & Ben



  1. Feedback Drymen Community Trust Local Place Plan – for discussion
  2. Issues raised via enquiries will be referred to the relevant Service and will receive a reply within 10 working CC Enquiry Reference: 2302292 & Ref 2301263



Item one

On behalf of Drymen Community Development Trust, which shares a boundary with your Community Council or Community Trust. We have been working on a Local Place Plan for our Community Council area, involving community engagement over the last 12 months.

We have now prepared a draft Local Place Plan. It has just been published online for public consultation at until 31st March 2023. If you have contacts who might be interested, please do share that link with them.

We are legally required to send each adjoining Community Council the following information, to comply with Section 4 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Place Plans) (Scotland) Regulations 2021:

The Plan covers the Drymen Community Council area. A map of the Community Council area is contained within the Plan.

The primary purpose of the Plan is to provide an up-to-date statement of current issues we face and our aspirations for the next 10 years, to help public bodies, landowners, businesses and funders consider how they can best support positive change in the area. If you have comments on the attached proposed Local Place Plan, please email them by 31st March 2023. Paul Saunders                                                               

The above information comprises the ‘information notice’ to which the Regulations



Item two CC Enquiry

Reference: 2302292. It was raised in a recent Croftamie Community Council Meeting about the lack of Community Benefits fulfilled towards the various project originally set out by the Builders at Dalnair Estate.

As they are now on their final stage of building how do Stirling Council hold them to account before they finish and disappear. Originally they they were to build a walkway across the Catterburn. However as the Catter bridge which is been rebuilt by Stirling Council will have a pavement it is not longer required.

The new Community in the Estate expressed their frustration at the recent meeting. They are feeling totally cut off from the village, they have no safe pavement on roadside or paths through the woods to the village. I also believe the Builders had other conditions to uphold .

  1. Can you advise again what they all were?
  2. What are you proposing to do to ensure the developer fulfils these
  3. How do Stirling Council ensure the roadside hedges between the Entrance to Dalnair & the village are annually trimmed back. Especial as in the past, no one at the Council could hold the developer to account to get the hedges cut back at their cost.


Look forward to moving this forward promptly as I believe the Council are debating these issues in general at the moment. Margaret Steel Croftamie Community Council Secretary


Response *****     Dear Community Council,

I refer to your enquiry above and advise I have received a response from the Services as detailed below:-

Form Planning Service, “In terms of point 1 and 2, the developer has entered into a legal agreement regarding developer contributions for Affordable Housing and Education purposes. These have been secured and are protected by the terms of the agreement should such contributions not be paid. In terms of the conditions, the condition is subject to an ongoing enforcement case as the condition has not be complied with.

Discussions around this matter, including the provision of the replacement bridge, are

going to secure compliance with this condition.”

From Roads Services in relation to question 3, “the responsibility to maintain the hedge sits with the land owner which, in this case and at this time, is the Developer. If the hedge is not maintained, Road Services can issue a Vegetation Clearance Order


I hope this is satisfactory for your purposes and advise this enquiry has now been closed. Please note, Councillor Fraser was interested in seeing the response issued to the Community Council and I would appreciate this being sent over when you can.

If, however, the Community Council feels the response is not satisfactory or you would like further information, please do submit an e mail to the ccenquiries e mail account quoting the original enquiries’ reference number.

Response ****

No not happy with response as we are fully aware of the points on how it should work

however how does the Council hold the Developer to account to actually do this.

This Developer has already ignored Stirling Council in cutting back hedges. How does the Council ensure they honour the commitment before they vanish as a Company and we are left with nothing.?

We were also asking what was the contribution value was and I also take it from the response it hasn’t happened so far. So again how do we ensure things happen before they depart the site??

Community Council Enquiry Ref 2302292 – still open




CC Enquiry Ref 2301263 - Croftamie Nursery

Believe the new building is almost at completion stage in Drymen and rumour is children will be moving by the end of February.

What is the plan for the Nursery?

There is equipment belonging to the Community in the Nursery, what to happen with it and or when can access be given to remove it

What is to happen to the building?

The Community owns a shed on the site which is filled with Community table chairs What will happen if a vote is required as this is our Polling centre



Community Council Comments Response to the Pirniehall Application Ref: 2022/0329/PPP

The community council have set our objections to the proposed application based on the consultations held within the village.

If however the application does go to the planning access committee and is approved we would like to see a section 75 agreement in place to mitigate the worst impacts of the development on the local community, environment and infrastructure.

We would like to see the following issues addressed by the section 75 agreement.


  1. No works to begin on site outside the footprint of the original buildings prior to substantial completion, occupation and operation of the original buildings. For clarity this would be the restoration of the original hall and stables.


  1. No works to begin on site, including no enabling works, no roads, no tree felling, no ground clearance, no fencing until a full detailed drainage design has been signed off by SEPA and necessary legal agreements are in place with adjoining

We believe this is important as the drainage strategy provided lacks basic feasible detail and has several important incorrect statements.

The strategy provided for planning could result in flooding of both Pirniehall and adjacent lands.


  1. No new road works to commence without a redesign to avoid the new entrance from the C118 road. The tree lined avenue of the C118 should be protected and the existing entrance at the Witches Hat gatehouse used instead.


  1. The commuted sum developer contributions should be paid in advance of A similar project in Croftamie within the Striling council planning area is complete and the agreed developer contributions, including a new footbridge for the village have not been delivered. As a community council we would welcome a discussion with the National Park regarding the budget and use of the developer contributions in our area.


  1. The environs of Pirniehall as identified by the applicant by the red line on the planning drawings shall remain in sole ownership.


  1. No further development on the site should be permitted including no extensions, sheds, outbuildings, roads or fencing.

In conclusion, we believe that whilst many people in the community would welcome the principle of restoration of the hall, they remain unconvinced that this is the right development on the right scale for Croftamie.

There are improvements that could be made to the application, most notably in relation to the scale of development, environmental concerns, drainage and road infrastructure. It would be helpful if the developer would urgently address these concerns. That said the public consultation through the community council in the village shows that 100%


of local people who took part in the various consultations were against the development.

Whilst the community council are not opposed to development per se at Pirniehall, we believe that the key question is whether this is the right development for the area.

We would be grateful if the planning committee would consider whether the density of the proposed development is appropriate. We have set out the views of the local residents who have taken part in a series of consultations. Some of these views might not be directly relevant as a planning consideration but nevertheless form the context for the development for local people.