November 2023 Minutes

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Venue -But n Ben
Wed 8 Nov 23 at 7.30pm

Attendees: Henry Braid ( HB), Cyndy Bourbousson (CB) Callum Crawford (CC), David Armstrong (DA), Paul Henke- Stirling Council (PH), David Mackie- LL&TNP (DM), Ewan from MacDonald Cameron Ltd Plus 10 Residents.
Apologies - Alli Peterson (AP)
1. Previous Minutes – October. Approved by CB Seconded by CC
2. Police Report – CB
Forth and Endrick, Croftamie Community Council
October 2023 – Compiled by PC Matt McCammon
Antisocial Behaviour
Report received regarding a disturbance within a holiday let in the area. All persons were traced safe and well no complaints were forthcoming and suitable advice given.
No recorded thefts during the period of this report.
Road Safety
A road traffic Collison occurred after a vehicle aquaplaned on standing water and struck a wall. Fortunately this was a low speed impact and no one was hurt and only minor damage
caused to the vehicle. Please remember to drive to the road conditions.
A number of vehicles became stranded in the heavy flooding we had in the area recently these were recovered once the water level subsided.
Young driversYoung drivers are much more likely to be involved in collisions
than older drivers.
17-25 year-olds make up 10% of licence holders, but over 20% of collisions.
Young drivers have different kinds of collisions to older drivers.
Young drivers are more likely to be involved in:
 Single vehicle collisions.
 Crashes where they've lost control of the vehicle
This means young drivers will pay more for their car insurance.
Driving skillsMany driving skills are picked up after you learn to drive.
 Anticipating and spotting hazards comes with experience
 Not being able anticipate hazards can cause road collisions. It means that you didn't stop in time
 Observation, concentration and anticipation are skills which you will develop
over time.
Courses such as Pass Plus for motorists help with developing your skills as a driver.
Speed is one of the most common causes of road collisions. You can still be under the speed limit and kill someone.
Remember, the police are always on the look out for people speeding. Slow down before it’s too late. If you are caught speeding you will get fined and points on your licence.
People who have just passing their first driving test will be "on probation" for two years.
Community Engagement and Reassurance
It is important to you to have community officers who you know, who are accessible and who address local problems.
PC’s Graeme McNulty and Matt McCammon are the Ward Officer for the Forth and Endrick area. They are based at Balfron Police Office and can be contacted at the office, on 101, or at It is recommended that this email address is used by the local community for email contact however this should not be used to report crimes.
Please remember that we regularly publish useful information and updates on social media, including appeals for information, updates about road closures and crime prevention advice.
Our Facebook and Twitter pages can be found at;
Comment at the meeting- It was noted that there has been another theft locally of 25 meters of coping stone from Balfron area last week.
3. Planning Report -AP
There have been no new applications and there is no progress on Dalnair
Estate application or the Pirniehall application.
Buchanan Crescent development with Rural Stirling - Ewan explained that the
projected commenced in 2019 and that Planning Consent was given in October
Funding approval is now in place from the Scottish Government, Stirling Council and Rural Stirling.
The builders will be setting up on the site by end of year and full commencement will begin in Jan.
Final stages in progress of pulling together traffic management plans and getting in touch with neighbours.
Completion is expected by March 25.
14 new affordable houses -2 storey houses, cottage flats and semi detached
Q around social housing- Applicants are received from Stirling council waiting list and Housing Association waiting lists.
Comment made re parking and additional parking. There will be Gardens
landscaping – soft landscaping right hand side
Left on entrance attenuation tank to drain the water
Temporary biodisc treatment plant for foul treatment in the village- outfall to
Q around the tank – is this emergency water for fire hydrant. Plans detail the size of the tank.
MacDonald Cameron are the Development agency services to Rural housing
Stirling. They manage the design team, create the funding, see the whole
process through.
Ewan is happy to be contacted during the construction phase- at
4. Roads Update - Callum
Awaiting response re the removal of the speed cushions- looked like council
van. CC had requested that they did not get removed.
Pavement has been resurfaced- top coat has not been done as the Owner of
the wall has to arrange a repair first.
Comment was made that during the Work on pavements –a chunk of rock
was removed from a wall and was not replaced. The purpose of the works
was to slightly widen the pavement.
Question has been asked again as to why the request for a dropped kerb has
not been done. Ref LG731378 _ PH has said he will investigate.
It has been reported to Stirling Council that there is a new Sinkhole on the
Amco bridge- and that a cone has been placed into it for awareness.
Callum is in contact with the Traffic management officer in Council – and the
Participation requests are still to be actioned. These include speeding in the
The new Chevrons at the T junction are on order and it was noted that the
Croftamie sign at the T Juncion was lying on the ground and bashed. PH
asked us to email him re this.
The damage to the gate and pavement at the Drymen Bridge during the
recent flooding is due to be repaired on 27 Nov. They will be using bricks with
holes to relieve the pressure. This work is expected to last around a month.
Comment was made that the Blane bridge has flood provision.
5. Treasurer Update – DA.. Balance of Bank account is £1403.49. The Admin
Grant of £671.87 has been received and payments made to Minute takers.
There is now updated storage for the emails at a cost of £3.60 per month and
McAlpine Graphics will oversee the mailbox and he will add back in the
archive of emails.
6. Stirling Council Update – Paul Henke
Funding is available for rural areas- 50% to 100% for projects.
Suggested that we could purchase civilian speed guns. £2k for a gun. Comment was made that the public could not stop anyone but we would record people’s speed.
There needs to be 3 people and 2 police present to issue a Penalty.
This has been discussed in Killearn also and there is concern that it could create an atmosphere of antagonism.
Speeders will get the letters to tell them not to do it again
Concern around few police in our are and another policeman is being transferred to another station.
General opinion the speed cushions were a good thing and they did reduce the
Big conversation 15 Nov BHS- drop in to explain impact of £13M shortfall. 6pm til 7.30pm
7. LL&TNP update - David Mackie
Prine hall – nothing to update. This will not progress now until next year as
outstanding points have to be provided.
Planning meeting meets and the public can come along.
Applicants and the Community council can object and members of the public can also speak. The planning meetings are publicised in advance. National Park Partnership Plan closed in July – 350 pages of comments. These are
being brought together and launched in 2024.
Park Place plan – survey have been done and results will be issued shortly. A
Community meeting will be held in January- sparking community based change.
Conic hill will be closing for further upgrade
Perth and Kinross and Lochaber have applied for two new National Parks.
MOD site in Stirling is going to be a film studio- first film in the spring and the site will include houses and flats. The Place plan will highlight potential opportunities re local economy.
David is to meet with Drymen Community Council and Drymen Community Trust to discuss community bus services- bringing communities together.
Q- is it not a condition of the planning condition ( re Buchana Cres) that there is public transport. Discussion was that the planning was approved when there was a local bus.
8. Correspondence received
Polling place – nursery is not on the list.
Online survey Stirling Council website.
and a meeting to be held re the Big Conversation on 15 Nov, 6pm to 7.30pm at BHS.
NHS Forth Valley Annual review 20th Nov- opportunity to feedback online and in person in Falkirk – see Stirling Council website and Forth Valley website.
It was noted that in the Budget cuts there is threat to Drymen library-so we can comment on this in the Big conversation survey.
Nursery- Further online meeting scheduled for Thur 16th Nov. Place plan survey included a question re the nursery –there have been 95 responses to the Village survey which is 64% of the households in village.
Q included was The building is vacant – would you wish to see the building used.
78% want to have it for community. 1 in 10 said no.
If any facilities – would you use them? Ie shop, learning centre, community garden - 90% wanted a shop 2/3 a hall, less wanted a play park.
Suggestion of talking to Community Council in Gargunnock. Also, Gartmore Village hall has been developed.
Q who owns the Nursery? Council could retain ownership – community can use it.
Leading way to make plans.
Q do you want to purchase from the council? Possibly in the future. Kilmarnock have received grants to maintain the building. £700K in grants.
PH- There is funding available of £500 to support the creation of a Resilience plan with £15K available to implement.
Drymen Square- Drymen CC are consulting Drymen residents on the Road Calming
Trial created with a Consultancy firm to narrow the road in Drymen Do we wish to make a representation on behalf of Croftamie CC?
It was suggested that the Survey monkey survey is online ( and we can comment individually on this rather than a Community response. An address is required to verify the responses.
Q how do you measure the trial? DCT compiled speed trials before and after.
The Annual sing around the Christmas tree will be on Mon 18th at 6.30pm and
then back to But and Ben for mulled wine and mince pies supplied by the Trust.
The venue is not available on 10th January so our next meeting will be held on 17th January instead.
Confirmation of Next meeting
Wednesday 17th January 2024 at 7.30 pm
Location- But n Ben