October 2023 Minutes

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Venue - But n Ben Wednesday
11/10/23 at 7.30pm

Attendees: Henry Braid (HB), Cyndy Bourbousson (CB), Alli Peterson (AP),
Callum Crawford (CC), Rosemary Fraser, Stirling Council (RF) Plus 7 Residents.
Apologies David Mackie – LL&TNP, David & Lynn Armstrong, Clifford Clark (CC), Margaret McLachlan
1. Previous Minutes – September. Approved by CB, seconded by HB.
August – Approved by CC, seconded by AP
2. Police Report – CB
Forth and Endrick, Croftamie Community Council
September 2023 – Compiled by PC Graeme McNulty
Antisocial Behaviour
No calls of an antisocial behaviour nature received during the period of this
No recorded thefts during the period of this report however of note there has
been recent reports of thefts of motorcycles and also hens from nearby
villages. Please remain vigilant and report suspicious activities to Police.
Road Safety
A call was received regarding a herd of sheep on the road. There was no trace
upon Police attendance.
On 29 September 2023, Police conducted Handheld radar in Croftamie. Three
drivers were warned for excessive speed.
Police also held a meeting with a local councillor and members of the
community council regarding speeding through the village. A number of good
points were raised for consideration.
Is your motorcycle a target for thieves?
Motorcycles and scooters are an easy target for thieves but theft does not have to be inevitable, a few simple steps could reduce your chances of becoming a victim.
Security tips when out and about
• Ensure your bike is fitted with a combined alarm and immobiliser
• Fit a tracker
• Attach a combination of chain, disc lock and U-lock. Do not rely on
one device, the more security placed on your bike, the less
attractive it is to a thief. The longer it takes to overcome the
security, the more of a deterrent it is
• Try to park under street lights
• When applying your locks, ensure they are secured to a solid
anchor point or a permanent piece of street furniture. Keep the
lock off the ground where possible as this makes it difficult to cut
• Cover your motorcycle and ensure the cover is attached to the
security device
• If possible use Thatcham , Sold Secure or Secured By Design
approved devices. These have been industry tested and are
generally agreed to be amongst the most robust security devices
• Ensure you always activate the steering lock
• Do not leave your helmet or other possessions on the motorcycle
or in luggage space or panniers.
• Look out for car parks that are accredited to the Parkmark
scheme, as they are safer places to park vehicles. Log
onto parkmark.co.uk for a list of car parks on your area
• Be vigilant, ensure that you are not being followed home and
check for suspicious items attached to your motorcycle or
transporting vehicle/trailer that could be used to track your
Security Tips at Home
If you have a garage, shed or storage area consider securing your
motorcycle there.
• Fit a hasp and padlock with dome headed, non-return screws to
prevent tampering. Consider Sold Secure soldsecure.com or
Secured by Design www.securedbydesign.com products
• Secure windows and don’t enable people to see inside with
curtains or opaque film. Fit grills, heavy mesh or reinforced glass
• If you have a house alarm consider extending it to cover, garages
and out buildings
• If your garage adjoins your home and there is a through door it
should be external quality and kept lock
• Secure your bike within the storage area with a ground anchor and
• Community Engagement and Reassurance
• It is important to you to have community officers who you know, who
are accessible and who address local problems.
• PC’s Graeme McNulty and Matt McCammon are the Ward Officer for the
Forth and Endrick area. They are based at Balfron Police Office and can
be contacted at the office, on 101, or at
ForthEndrickCPT@scotland.police.uk. It is recommended that this email
address is used by the local community for email contact however this
should not be used to report crimes.
• Please remember that we regularly publish useful information and
updates on social media, including appeals for information, updates
about road closures and crime prevention advice. Our Facebook and
Twitter pages can be found at;
• www.facebook.com/forthvalleypolicedivision
• www.twitter.com/stirlingpol www.twitter.com/
Croftamie Community Council had a discussion with the police regarding
speeding. One idea was to come out and do speed checks, but there aren’t
enough staff. If there is only one staff member they can only stop and advise,
not give penalties. There are only 2 officers who cover a very large area.
The police are also looking at the possibility of have a mobile speed camera
vehicle in Croftamie, however this would depend on an appropriate parking
space for the van.
Another option could be to have a fake police officer displayed in the village as
a deterrent. There is no local traffic officer at the moment.
Councillor Paul Henke had arranged for a roads officer from Stirling Council to
come. Unfortunately there was a mix up on their part and, however Paul Henke did receive an email to say they were going to carry out a stage 3 traffic audit.
There is no set date for this yet.
The council didn’t attend the meeting, therefore the police could only discuss
how it could enforce the existing limits, but not about what else could be
added in the village from a council perspective.
There was a correction to the police report that hens on the outskirts of the
village but within the Croftamie community area have been stolen twice.
3. Planning Report -AP
Planning report 07/10/23
Item 1: New Planning Application
Renewal of planning permission (2020/0239/DET) for erection of ancillary
residential unit
Ballatone 15 Cattermills Croftamie Stirling G63 0BB
No change to previously approved application
Item 2 : Pirniehall Application 2022/0329/PPP Large multiple purpose leisure
We are still waiting for the applicant to provide all required additional
information and it to be made available on the planning portal for community
A large new tree report has been uploaded within the last month to the
planning portal but no further information uploaded.
Item 3 : Dalnair Estate Application 23/003239/FUL Erection of 3no.
dwellinghouses Land To Rear Of 1 - 6 Mid Dalnair Dalnair Estate Croftamie
Determination deadline was 8th September but no decision information on the
planning portal as yet.
4. Roads Update – CC
As the area doesn’t currently have a traffic management officer, not much can
be done at the moment. However, there have been discussions with the police,
and they are having more of a presence in the village.
- The Blane Smiddy traffic lights are now fixed
- Stirling Council are removing lollipop crossings across the area due to
budget cuts.
- Stirling Council have confirmed that they have ordered new chevrons
for the end of the A811 at the junction- ref 101000721134.
- The bin at the post office will be replaced as soon as resources allow.
- Traffic survey will be undertaken shortly.
- Works will be taking place on the footpath next week and the week
after. There are no details yet as to what these works will be.
5. Treasurer Update – HB
The balance of the bank account is currently £971.62 before the admin grant is received from Stirling Council.
£270 has been paid to McAlpine Graphics for the Website and the email
As the mailbox was constantly full, a domain with IONOS has been purchased
at a cost of £3.60 a month for the first 6 months and rising to £6 a month. The mailbox will continue to be serviced by Gary McAlpine whose fees for next year will be adjusted accordingly.
6. Stirling Council Update - Rosemary Fraser
Polling stations in the area are currently undergoing review. Stirling Council
said that with the nursery being closed the polling station for Croftamie would
be in Drymen. RF has raised as an issue with this due to accessibility and lack of transport.
RF questioned if the nursery could still be used as the building is there,
however Stirling Council responded that this request had to come from the
Community Council. Stirling council will go to consultation on this issue and will ask for suggestions.
Rf feels that it is not acceptable. She explained that Stirling Council don’t have
to give other options but noted it would be good for the Community Council to
suggest the nursery/But and Ben. The Community Council confirms that it will
lodge an objection to this.
The next UK election will be within the next year. RF wanted to inform
attendees that this will require ID to vote at a polling station. Stirling Council
will provide ID to those without.
RF reiterated that the council needs to find 13m cuts next year. Statutory
provision covers education and social care, however other services will be
under pressure. In the next few weeks, we should have the basis of where
some of the decisions will have to come from regarding council cuts.
7. LL&TNP update - David Mackie unable to attend.
8. Correspondence Received
• There was an email received about library and mobile library use.
Croftamie Community Council will post a link on their social media with
the relevant information.
• Drymen Road Traffic Questionnaire is being extended to parents of
children at Drymen nursery/primary. HB will write to Drymen
Community Council to ask if this can be extended to all residents of
9. AOB
• Nursery site - Community use
There was a meeting with Stirling Council and 5 people including the chair of
the Development Trust. There are currently several options for the nursery:
- The community identifies part time uses for up to 2 years and
the council tenders for leasehold of the property with the
community’s part time use included for perspective
- To apply for community asset transfer to take ownership of the
buildings and the land. This option would be after the 2-year
lease is up. It would take the 2 years to work out precisely what
could be done.
- The community identifies part time uses and the Council goes
out to tender on sale of the buildings and the land with
conditions on the sale for part time community use
- Sell it
It has been agreed to go back within a month to let Stirling Council know what
the community think. The council were quite positive regarding this discussion.
There is a company who have potential interest with community use available
in the evenings so far.
RF also recommended putting in a right to buy application, as this would put
the community ahead of anyone else as there is still the 2-year lease in place.
However, it is unlikely the Community Council would be able to do this, it
would have to be the Development Trust
Striling Council need to see a plan for the sustainability of the asset transfer
from the community.
Stirling council won’t provide information regarding the lease/sale value, but
will give as much information as they can regarding running costs etc to date.
To get funding from the Scottish land fund, they will need a valuation survey.
The Scottish Land fund can provide up to 95% and the Community Ownership
Fund goes up to 85%. There could be a combination of these two funds, which
could possibly cover remedial work to the building and the purchase price.
The nursery is part of the place plan questionnaire to get community feedback.
• Place Planning Survey
Copies of the questionnaire were available for residents to look at.
There was some discussion regarding wording of the questions in the place
plan questionnaire (i.e., “would you like a crossing” changed to “should there
be”) as these questions pre-empt answers. The Community Council takes these suggestions on board.
The survey will be available online on Google Forms, and hard copies will be
delivered door to door. Hard copies can be posted in a box in the But and Ben,
but members of Croftamie Community Council will also go back door to door
for responses. The survey should be ready to go out by this weekend.
A link to the planning application will be included in the Pirniehall question.
Pirniehall developers are basing their application on the local development
plan, therefore the place plan survey could have a significant effect on this. The community will get a second chance to comment of this planning application and in that comment they could identify the answers in the place plan survey.
• Associate Member
CC and CB propose and second Margret Thorsteinsdottir as an associate
community council member.
• Other
There is a bench on the railway that looks directly into a cottage. There was
some correspondence asking the Community Council to look into this. The
Community Council will write asking if the position can be changed.
One resident questioned if anyone in the village had fibre broadband yet.
There are works happening on the back roads, but this hasn’t reached the
village yet. There was a general feeling that there is very poor broadband
connection in the village.
Confirmation of Next meeting
Wednesday 8th November 2023 at 7.30 pm
Location But n Ben