Oct 2021 Minutes

Drymen Community Council


Minutes Of The Ordinary Meeting
Held On Tuesday 05th October 2021
Via Skype Online

Virtual Meeting Platform


At 7.40 pm Marie Elder opened the meeting, welcomed all of the attendees and
thanked them all for participating. FR joined shortly thereafter.




Fraser Robb (FR), Marie Elder (ME), Jemma Allan (JA), Walter Hemfrey (WH), Carol
Hemfrey (CH), Adrianna Dent (AD), Andrew Richardson (AR) and Carole Kerr


Also Present


Councillor Rob Davies (CRD) representing Stirling Council, Kay Robertson (KR) and
Sally Kennedy (SK) from Stirling Council’s Education Department, Willie Nesbit
representing Loch Lomond And The Trossachs National Park Authority, and one
member of the community: Mr Robert Edwards (RE).




Mike Kane (MK)


Declarations Of Interest In Any Agenda Item




Approval Of The Minutes Of The Last Meeting


The minutes of the previous meeting were proposed by AR, and seconded by ME.


Matters Arising From The Previous Minutes





Police Report


AR read out the police report:

  • Antisocial Behaviour

    • No complaints of anti-social behaviour within the Drymen area, since the
      last report.

  • Road Safety

    • A single vehicle incident on the A811 near the gates to the Buchanan
      Castle estate, in which a car left the road.

  • Theft

    • There have been no thefts in the Drymen area since the last report.

  • Fraud

    • The community is reminded not to give out their bank details nor PIN to
      any unsolicited telephone call or emails.


      Buchanan Primary School Update


      KR introduced herself and her colleague as representatives of Stirling Council’s
      Education department.


      SK informed the meeting of the following:

  • In 2011, Buchanan Primary School located within Milton Of Buchanan, shared
    a head teacher with Drymen Primary School.

  • During 2017, the number of pupils attending Buchanan Primary school fell
    from five to zero, due to the parents requesting that their children attended at
    Drymen Primary School.

  • During 2018, Buchanan Primary School was mothballed by Stirling Council.

  • The formal consultation process in relation to the future of Buchanan Primary
    School has begun.

  • On the 19th October 2021, Stirling Council will hold two online public
    consultation meetings: 1-3pm and 7-9pm. Anyone wishing to participate in
    either of these meetings should contact Stirling Council via educ-
    comments@stirling.gov.uk or telephone 01786 233633, to obtain the required


    JA said that she may be able to participate in the evening meeting.


    WN asked if the consultation included the sale of the building. KR replied that the
    sale of the building would be considered by Stirling Council’s assets department,
    should the consultation recommend the closure of the school.


    KR added that the consultation had three possible outcomes:

    1. The school closes.

    2. The school continues to be mothballed.

    3. The school re-opens.


      FR asked who owns the Memorial Hall next to the school. KR replied Stirling
      Council, but it is used but it is used by the local community.



      AD asked if the school building could be used for commercial purposes. KR replied
      that that decision would be taken by the assets team, after the consultation had


      Both WH and WN raised the issue of children coming from the proposed new
      housing developments at Balmaha and Drymen, and the housing development at
      Dalnair. KR replied that the new classroom proposed for Drymen Primary School has
      been put on hold, because the MacTaggart and Mickel development in Drymen has
      been put on hold. Additionally, Drymen Primary School has a capacity of 150, but
      currently has 116 pupils. Therefore, the school has additional capacity which will be
      used first.


      FR asked about the Section 75 payment due to Drymen Primary School from the
      Dalnair housing development, and what would happen to that money if the additional
      classroom was not built. KR said that she would enquire with Stirling Council. FR
      replied that he had been in contact with Iain Jeffery from Stirling Council.


      AD said that she would post notification of the two consultation meetings onto


      Post meeting note: on the 07th October 2021, Ms Robertson provided Stirling
      Council’s response to FR asking about the Section 75 payment (above): “The
      specific enquiry regarding funds related to house building would be needed to
      responded to as Freedom of Information request. If the group member wishes they
      can send a Freedom of Information request to




      AR informed the meeting of the following correspondence:

  • 03rd October – Email received from a resident living on the Balfunning road
    which links the A81 with the A811. The resident was concerned about the
    amount of traffic using the road since the Catter Burn Bridge closed on
    Thursday 30th September, and expressed concerns about the damage being
    caused to the road’s verges, and the risk of a collision. On 04th October I
    visited the road and observed the damage to the road’s verges and the
    inappropriate speed of vehicles using that road. I then sent an email to Carlyn
    Fraser and Angela McGibbon requesting that they close that road for road
    safety reasons.

  • 30th September – Email received from Councillor Davis informing us of the
    Catter Burn Bridge closure.

  • 30th September – Email from Bruce Hampton of MacTaggart And Mickle,
    informing us that they are still waiting for the NPA to grant them planning
    permission for the revised levels application, to address the peat issue on site
    and retain as much of the peat on site as possible, rather than the peat going
    off site.

  • 29th September - Email received from Councillor Hutchinson informing us that
    she will get together with Councillors Berrill and Davis to agree a way forward
    on the lack of public toilets within Drymen.

  • 28th September – Email received from Councillor Hutchinson in reply to
    Mike’s enquiry about the number of parking spaces within the council owned



    Balmaha car park. The number of spaces is as follows: 195 car spaces
    reducing to 191 car spaces, which will facilitate 4 disabled spaces, 5
    caravan/motorhome spaces and 5 coach spaces.

  • 16th September – Email received from Councillor Hutchinson, forwarding on
    the reply from Iain Jeffrey of Stirling Council in relation to the Section 75
    payments due from the Dalnair estate. 19 units have been occupied.
    Therefore, the Section 75 payment is due. Stirling Council will write to the
    architect and request payment.

  • 15th September – Email received from a local resident with an attached letter
    from the Post Office. The letter informed us that Drymen Post Office will close
    at 3pm on Tuesday 05th October. The Post Office will operate a mobile post
    van from Kippen, which will be at The Square on a Tuesday: 3.30 – 4.30pm
    and on a Thursday: 9am – 10.30am.


    WN said that if the email from Bruce Hampton referred to the planning application
    which had been considered recently by the National Park Authority, it was approved
    on the 01st October.


    RE asked why Stirling Council had not paid the Winnock Hotel its comfort partner
    fee. FR replied that we were still waiting on an answer to that. CRD said that he
    would attempt to find out the answer.


    WN asked if it was just the Winnock Hotel or all comfort partners who had their
    payment stopped. No one knew that answer.


    ME suggested that Covid might be the reason, because the toilets should be cleaned
    after each visit, and visitors should sign in and out of the hotel.


    Chairman’s Report


    FR informed the meeting of the following:

  • Meetings have been held between DCC and the DCDT in relation to The
    Square, safe routes to school and obtaining funds for the resurfacing of The
    Square. It was agreed that Stirling Council would be asked to provide a
    pavement along the front of The Square, next to the road, linking The Square
    with the Clachan.

  • Killearn Community Council has contacted DCC to express concerns about
    the Ballat crossroads junction. FR said that he went to the junction and whilst
    it was well marked, vehicles drove at speed past the junction. FR asked if
    DCC should support Killearn CC with this matter.


    There followed a discussion about Ballat crossroads during which:

    • CRD said that Stirling Council has said that the junction already
      complies with the guidance.

    • JA said that the increased volume of traffic caused by the Catter Burn
      Bridge closure has added to the volume of traffic using the Ballat
      crossroads junction.

    • WN agreed with JA, that the volume of traffic using the Ballat
      crossroads was due in part to the Catter Burn Bridge closure. WM
      suggested that the local community councils should put pressure onto Stirling Council, to repair the Catter Burn Bridge and the A811 at
      Catter. He added that if the A811 is closed, there will have no direct
      access to Glasgow and Balloch.

    • FR said that Stirling Council had been out to look at the A811, but
      failed to take into account the action of the Endrick.

    • RE said that he believe that the repairs to the Catter Burn Bridge will
      take 120 working days, and asked CRD when the repairs to the bridge
      will start. CRD did not know when the repairs might start.

    • CRD said that he has been contacted by the owners of the St Mocha
      coffee shop at Carbeth, who are worried that the closure of the bride is
      affecting their trade. FR commented that passing trade through
      Drymen was also down.

    • CRD commented that he was concerned about the impact of increased
      traffic on the bridge at Blane Smithy, caused by the closure of the
      Catter Burn Bridge.


  • FR said that comments had been raised by a Drymen Community Councillor
    regarding the proposed tree planting at Drumquassle Farm on Gartness
    Road. Due to the short timescale for responses on the project, FR considered
    the project and could not see any reason for DCC to object to the project.


    Treasurer’s Report


    JA provided the meeting with the following update:

  • There is £3214.95 in the bank account.

  • Stirling Council will send out the next admin grant. But she does not know
    how much that will be.

  • Drymen In Bloom collected their cheque.


    Planning Correspondent’s Report


    WH provided the meeting with the following update

  • A planning application and listed building application has been submitted by
    Endrick Hill, which is the house surrounded by trees at the bottom of the
    village which used to be the manse. They have a small bothy which they wish
    to convert into a small house. No objections were raised.

  • The Hanover development on Conic Way/Montrose Way has started, which
    will provide 16 houses.


    Roads Correspondent’s Report


    AR provided the meeting with the following update:

  • 30th September – RTC at the junction of the A81 and Gartness Road,
    between a vehicle and a van which failed to stop at the junction. MK visited
    the junction and found that the STOP sign was obscured by overgrown
    vegetation, the STOP markings on the road were worn away, and the road
    verges were overgrown. MK emailed Stirling Council who will task their roads maintenance team to address the issues at the junction. I informed Killearn
    CC who were unaware of the collision.

  • 29th September – FR, MK and AR met online with Paul Saunders, Richard
    Boddington and Ewan MacKay of the DCDT, to discuss road safety measures
    at The Square. It was agreed that the DCDT will request Stirling Council to
    construct a pavement along the front of The Square next to the road.

  • 21st September – FR, MK and AR joined Richard Boddington and Ewan
    MacKay of the DCDT, Patrick Robertson who is the head teacher at Drymen
    Primary School, and Angela McGibbon from Stirling Council’s roads
    department, to discuss traffic management within Drymen. Drymen Primary
    School has requested speed limit signage to be installed within the school car
    park and roundabout area, and a zebra crossing to link the mountain rescue
    car park with the school car park.

  • 13th September – We received an email from Ewan MacKay of the DCDT,
    informing us that they plan to undertake the following works at The Square:

      1. Replacement of the electrical box for the Christmas tree.

      2. Installation of a power cable to the bus shelter.

      3. Replacement of roof in the bus shelter.

      4. Installation of solar panels on the roof and lights in the bus shelter.

      5. Removal of tree on the side of the bus shelter.

      6. Installation of bike rack and charging point for electric bikes.

      7. Installation of bike repair tool stand.

      8. Installation of Mural by local artist Cameron Reid on the inside of the
        bus shelter.


    RE asked about the legalities of creating a Zebra crossing between the mountain
    rescue car park and the school car park. AR replied that it would be for the land
    owners to agree between themselves.


    JA asked if the proposed bike repair facilities would take business away from the
    bike shop across from the Buchanan Arms Hotel. FR did not believe that it would.


    Publicity Report


    AD provided the meeting with the following update:

  • She will post reminders on Facebook about the Buchanan Primary School
    consultation, and the Post Office mobile service at The Square.

  • She would like to post information about any Christmas activities within the
    village, on Facebook.


    JA suggested that a Halloween event could be organised similar to the Advent
    windows, and DCC could provide a prize.


    AD asked if the community councillors would be supportive of putting their pictures
    onto Facebook, to inform the local community of who they are and what they do for
    the community. It was agreed that AD would suggest a time and date when
    community councillors could meet at The Square and have their photographs taken,
    if they wish. This was agreed by the community council.



    Councillor’s Report


    CRD updated the meeting on the following:

  • The bridge closure has already been covered in the meeting.

  • There will be a meeting of Stirling Council on Thursday 07th October, during
    which the possibility of returning to in person meetings will be discussed.
    Therefore, he hopes that the November meeting of DCC will be in person
    within the village hall.


    Loch Lomond And The Trossachs National Park Authority Update


    WN updated the meeting on the following:

  • The local community councils should work together to pressure Stirling
    Council into repairing the Catter Burn Bridge and the A811 at Catter.

  • The National Park Authority have had their first face-to-face meeting within
    their headquarters. However, no members of the public were admitted.


    Community Councillors’ Photos For Facebook


    This was discussed during the publicity report, and it was agreed that AD would
    suggest a time and date when community councillors could meet at The Square and
    have their photographs taken, if they wish.


    Any Other Competent Business


    AR informed the meeting of the following:

  • DCC data protection obligations mean that information can only be retained
    for as long as is necessary.

  • The DCC Gmail account has over 2500 emails.

  • AR proposes to delete emails from 19th March 2019 until and including 30th
    December 2019, during December 2021. This will allow anyone with any
    genuine reason which complies with the data protection obligations, to save a
    copy of any relevant email.


No objections were raised to AR’s proposal.
FR thanked CK for recording the minutes.

RE proposed the vote of thanks to FR for chairing the meeting.


Date Of Next Meeting


7.30 pm on Tuesday 02nd November 2021. The meeting format i.e. online or in
person, will be decided closer to the date and in line with official Covid guidance.