Sept 2021 Minutes

Drymen Community Council


Minutes Of The Ordinary Meeting
Held On Tuesday 07th September 2021

Via Skype Online
Virtual Meeting Platform


At 7.30 pm Fraser Robb opened the meeting, welcomed all of the attendees and
thanked them all for participating.




Fraser Robb (FR), Marie Elder (ME), Andrew Richardson (AR), Mike Kane (MK), and
Carole Kerr (Minutes)


Also Present


Councillor Jane Hutchinson (CJH) representing Stirling Council, Willie Nesbit
representing Loch Lomond And The Trossachs National Park Authority, and two
members of the public: Mrs Kate Robb (KR), and Mr Robert Edwards (RE).




Jemma Allan (JA), Walter Hemfrey (WH), Carol Hemfrey (CH), Adriana Dent (AD)


Declarations Of Interest In Any Agenda Item




Approval Of The Minutes Of The Last Meeting


The minutes of the previous meeting were proposed by AR, and seconded by ME.


Matters Arising From The Previous Minutes




Police Report


AR read out the police report:

  • Antisocial Behaviour



    • Complaint received about noisy music coming from a licenced premises in
      the village. Police attended and made staff aware of the complaint. Music
      was turned down.

    • Complaint regarding noisy music and potential Covid breach of regulations
      from a house in Drymen. Police attended. The music was not excessive
      and there was no breach of regulations.

    • There are a couple of neighbour disputes in Old Gartmore Road, Drymen.
      Attempts have been made and are continuing by Police and council to try
      and resolve these issues.

    • There was a report of a disturbance coming from a house in Stuart Dr.
      Police attended and the disturbance was an argument between father and
      son. Advice was given.

    • A complaint was received regarding dirt bikes at Garabhan Forest. Police
      attended and there was no trace. Extra attention was given to the area to
      trace the bikers but to no avail.

    • A female was cautioned and charged with allowing her dog to worry sheep
      in a field near to Buchanan Castle Golf Club.

  • Road Safety

    • 2 x Road Traffic Collisions (RTC) on A811 on Drymen by pass. These
      resulted in carriageway blockages. However, no serious injuries occurred.
      Fixed penalties for careless driving were issued to drivers at each RTC.

    • An RTC involving 2 vehicles occurred at Ballat Crossroads. However, no
      injuries were sustained.

    • 2 drink drivers were caught. One at Milton of Buchanan and another at
      Old Gartmore Rd.

  • Theft

    • There have been no thefts in the Drymen area since the last meeting.
      Sheds have been attempted in Strathblane recently.

  • East Loch Lomond

    • Various calls were dealt with by Police on East Loch Lomond. These
      varied in nature. However, the calls included mountain rescues, water
      recues, disturbances and parking issues of which resulted in a vehicle
      being uplifted.

  • Fraud

    • Further frauds have been reported in other villages. One of these frauds
      involved receiving a call from what the person thought was from Microsoft.
      He allowed the caller access to his computer and access was gained to
      customer’s online banking. However, no money was obtained as a result
      of this. The other fraud was when a male purchased a Go Pro from
      Facebook Marketplace. However, no goods were received.




      AR informed the meeting of the following correspondence:

  • 07th September – Marina sent me copies of letters which she has sent to the
    Dean Lockhart MSP and Kevin McCormick, Waste Services Manager for
    Stirling Council, thanking them for changing the bin collection day from a
    Sunday to a Thursday.

  • 06th September – We received an email from First Bus Midland, informing us
    that they will be changing their timetables due to driver shortages, and
    advising us to regularly visit their website for updates to their timetables.



  • 06th September – We received an email from Ed Lees, forestry assistant with
    Savills Estate Agents, informing us that Drumqhassle Farm want to plant a
    mixed woodland on their land bordering Gartness Road.

  • 03rd September – I received a letter from Marina asking if DCC would donate
    to the cost of tulip bulbs for Drymen In Bloom’s flower barrels and flower

  • 25th August – We received an email invitation to join Carlyn Fraser from
    Stirling Council, and members of the Trust in a Microsoft Teams meeting
    between 2pm – 4pm on Tuesday 21st September.

  • 25th August – We received an email with letter attached from Kay Robertson
    of Stirling Council, informing us that Stirling Council will begin the consultation
    process required to close Buchanan Primary. The consultation will take place
    from 15 September 2021 until 10 November 2021 (closing date). A Public
    Meeting will be held on Tuesday 19 October 2021 at 7 pm. Kay and her
    colleague will join us at our October meeting.

  • 23rd August - I received a letter of complaint about the ongoing construction
    work at 8 Muirpark Way. The letter was signed by 7 local residents, and
    focused on rusty scaffolding, sagging netting and tarpaulin which noisily flaps
    in the wind. The letter was also sent to the planners both at Stirling Council
    and LLTNPA, our elected councillors and an MSP.

  • Early August – I received messages from two members of the community
    complaining about the overflowing glass recycling bins within Stirling Road car
    park. I visited the bins and discovered that there was substantially large
    quantities of identical alcohol bottles of different types, which suggested that
    the bins were being used for trade waste. I contacted Stirling Council and they
    emptied the bins. I also posted a message and pictures onto our Facebook
    page, asking the business not to dispose of their trade waste in domestic
    waste bins. I received angry responses from both managers at the Drymen
    Inn, alleging that I had named the Drymen Inn as the business responsible for
    the trade waste. One manager suggested that if I had contacted her or her
    husband, the problem could have been sorted out face-to-face. I informed
    both individuals that I had never named any business, and that in fact, they
    were the only business to complain about the post. Since the post was
    published, there has been no reoccurrence of the issue.


    FR commented that litter was becoming an increasing problem throughout the area.


    Chairman’s Report


    FR informed the meeting of the following:

  • He hopes that in person meetings will resume as soon as possible.

  • He was recently informed about a theft at a local business which offers pod
    accommodation, and the daughter of the business owner who offers teas,
    coffee and home baking with payment via an honesty box. The honesty box
    was stolen. A security camera was then installed which itself was later stolen.

  • The first payment of the Dalnair development Section 75 money should have
    been paid. But as yet, Stirling Council have not received the payment.

  • No update from MacMic on their Drymen development.

  • David Allan will cut the hedge on Main Street between the cemetery and The



  • The farm next to FR’s house has lost their dog somewhere in the Drymen
    area. If anyone finds the dog, inform FR.

  • It’s good news to hear that Stirling Council are moving bin collection day in
    Drymen from Sunday to Thursday.


    Treasurer’s Report


    JA provided this update via email, which is added as a post meeting note:

  • The bank account is sitting at £3,364.96.

  • Paid £300 to the Village Hall for their wifi.

  • The accounts were audited and signed off and sent to Stirling Council, they
    have acknowledged receipt. I asked whether as we have had no hall costs
    our expenditure was down from previous years for the grant, usually they
    would reduce our grant if not spent, I asked if this rule was being relaxed due
    to Covid restrictions. Have been advised that they think the reduction will
    stand, but could be picked up in future years. I managed to put through some
    of the covid general expenditure to the grant so any reduction in grant should
    be minimised.

  • As always if anyone has any expenditure, please let me know.


    Planning Correspondent’s Report


    WH provided the following update via email, which was read by AR:
    My recommendations are as follows:-

  • Item 1 - New Tree Preservation Order approved for village. Recommendation

    - For Noting

  • Item 2 - Application for 12 houses on land north of the cemetery, Main Street.
    Already considered by the Council, and agreed to recommend refusal on
    density and traffic grounds. No decision as yet by NP as Roads Dept of
    Stirling Council appear to want certain changes to the plans. Application
    appears to be in limbo.

  • Item 3 - Application for new Nursery School at Drymen Primary. Much
    improved design. (New classroom units delayed. Library replacement under
    review – Stirling Council appear to want a better site near village centre).
    Recommendation - No objections.

  • Item 4 - Proposal for 4 Pods on steeply sloping site on Main Street opposite
    Skoosh. Has narrow, 1 metre, footway at present. 4 Parking spaces proposed
    at frontage with pods set into slope facing east. Stirling Council Roads Dept
    have no objections to proposal but require lots of changes - total of 5 parking
    spaces; 1.8metre wide footway and sightlines to north and south. This is a
    very awkward site for access due to the street parking on the west side.
    Council Members should perhaps try to visit this site. Traffic movements in
    and out of the site are likely to be limited due to the nature of the
    development. Recommendation - On balance I would recommend that we do
    not object.

  • Item 5 - Application for the creation of a Pond, (for environmental reasons), at
    the south end of the former quarry floor on Gartness Road. Recommendation

    - No objections

    All recommendations were accepted by the community councillors.



    Roads Correspondent’s Report


    MK provided the meeting with the following update:

  • Together with AR, he attended at a meeting with Carlyn Fraser from Stirling
    Council, and Paul Saunders and Ewan MacKay from the DCDT. The meeting
    was arranged to discuss roads and the safe route to school. However,
    because the meeting was held during the school holidays, no teachers nor
    parents were present. Another meeting has been arranged for 22nd

  • Stirling Council favour the traffic island on Main Street, and narrowing the
    roads to control traffic. RE stated that the traffic island has been discussed for
    over 5 years, and suggested that Stirling Council erect a camera to monitor
    unacceptable driver behaviour at the traffic island. CJH said that near-misses
    should be reported to Stirling Council. RE informed CJH that the issue has
    been reported for over 5 years, without resolution. FR said that other traffic
    calming measures were available, and asked MK if those other measures had
    been discussed. MK replied no, but he would chase them up. FR suggested
    that if the traffic island was removed, it could be replaced by double yellow

  • Stirling Council are putting plans into motion to deal with the required repairs
    to the A811 road at Catter (Drymen to Balloch). WN said that he believed that

    £72,000 has been set aside for the A811 Drymen to Balloch road. But nothing
    seems to be getting done. MK said that the issue was raised with Carlyn


    Publicity Report


    AD provided the following update via email, which was read out by AR:

  • 5th June - Reached out to Paul Saunders who kindly gave me an insight into
    the DCDT and its website. We discussed networking opportunities and
    opportunities for working closer together on cross over events etc. via the
    Drymen website. He confirmed that there is a page dedicated to Community
    Groups in Drymen, as per last agenda discussion, and that we can also put
    forward any information that we wish to be listed on the website.

  • I raised question about group photo of Community Council in village square.
    Believe this would give a fresh, friendly, colourful and relatable tone to our

    Facebook page / its header. Also put forward idea for ‘Meet Your Community
    Councillors’ in the Facebook photos section. As representatives of the
    community, I don’t think our identities should be a secret. New people to the
    area won’t necessarily know who to approach if they want to raise something,
    but many people now use the internet to search for community representation

    / groups even before they move to an area (I know I did!) so that they can get
    an idea of what goes on / who to reach out to on various issues etc.


    I thought maybe just a picture and a very short bio for each of us would be
    nice? For example: Name (can just be first name if preferred), Position,
    Interests. Happy for both these ideas to go to a vote, if enough support to do
    so. If it is, we could maybe pass something forward to the Drymen Reporter,
    so that we just give people (new and existing) a wee reminder of who we are
    and what we do?

  • 6th June - Posted Facebook post Re Army Pipe band.


  • 21st June - Shared the DCDT’s website via our Facebook page.

  • 24th June - Posted reminder about Army Pipe Band.

  • 28th June - Shared link for Community Groups Page on our Facebook page.


    It was agreed that a vote would be taken during the next DCC meeting, regarding the
    photos and Facebook suggestion.


    Councillor’s Report


    CJH provided the meeting with the following update:

  • It’s a great result in getting the bin collection day changed from a Sunday to a

  • She will speak with Stirling Council about the Endrick junction (the subsidence
    and associated traffic lights on the A811 at Catter). She has been talking to
    Sally Page at Dumbarton Council about this.

  • Community Councils are still required to meet virtually. In some areas, groups
    such as the Cubs and Brownies are still not meeting.

  • She has joined the board of directors for Mugdock Country Park.

  • 20 MPH speed surveys are being carried out within the council area.

  • A RingGo machine (allows people to pay for parking via their smart phone)
    has been installed in Balmaha car park.


    FR asked CJH her opinion on public toilets. CJH replied that she supported public
    toilets, and said that she didn’t know the availability of public toilets within Drymen.
    However, she agreed that more public toilets and litter bins were needed.


    FR said that the public toilets in Mallaig are funded by users paying 30p via their
    smart phones, and that the toilets were of a very high standard.


    AR asked CJH for an update on the residents’ complaint about 8 Muirpark Way. CJH
    replied that she had to remain neutral on that.


    MK raised the issue of local residents having to pay for parking on the lochside, and
    asked if there were any plans to introduce a permit system for local people. CJH
    relies that she would clarify and get back to DCC.


    Loch Lomond And The Trossachs National Park Authority Update


    WN informed the meeting of the following:

  • The honesty boxes at Weir’s Rest, Balmaha, have been broken into.

  • The Section 75 requirement (payment to Stirling Council) will be attached to
    the development, and not to the developer.

  • Councillor Alistair Berrill has been appointed to the board of directors for the
    National Park Authority.

  • National Park board meetings are still being held virtually, so that the public
    can attend.


    Drymen Community Development Trust Update – Ewan MacKay


    Ewan MacKay provided the following update to the meeting:

  • He gave an overview of the proposed redevelopment plans for The Square,
    which have been drawn up and circulated amongst DCC.

  • The Trust is focusing on completing resurfacing work to the roadway around
    The Square. They have had quotes for this work, which will cost
    approximately £100,000 to complete. They are currently looking at options for

  • They are currently looking at the Rolph Scotland fund, to see if the Trust is


RE asked Ewan if the Trust had considered allowing MacMic to use The Square as a
car park during the redevelopment of Drymen car park, on the condition that MacMic
reinstate The Square afterward, including resurfacing the roadway around The
Square. Ewan replied that that was not an option, due to the timescale involved.


FR commented that he was pleased to see that the pipe bands had again performed
in The Square during July and August.


Ewan said that the application was in to revamp the bus shelter at The Square.


Community Councillors’ Photos For Facebook


It was agreed that a vote would be taken during the next DCC meeting, regarding the
photos and Facebook suggestion.


Hedge Between The Laurels And Drymen Cemetery – Complaint Received


FR said that David Allan would cut the hedge.


8 Muirpark Way – Complaint Received: Planning Issue


CJH gave no update, stating that she had to remain neutral.


Any Other Competent Business


RE asked if DCC had received an update from Alyn Smith MP, on the Spar’s
decision to withdraw the Post Office counter. No update had been received from the


RE asked DCC to recognise the achievement of Ms Melanie Woods, who came fifth
in the Tokyo Paralympics wheelchair race. DCC offered their congratulations and
best wishes to Melanie, and wish her every success for the future.


Date Of Next Meeting


7.30 pm on Tuesday 05th October 2021. The meeting format i.e. online or in person,
will be decided closer to the date and in line with official Covid guidance.