Aug 2021 Minutes


Dunblane Community Council



Alan Booth

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David Prescott

Smithy Loan
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Minutes of the meeting of the Dunblane Community Council held on Wednesday,
4 August, 2021, at 7 p.m., held remotely via Zoom.


Present: Alan Booth (Secretary), Chris Toop (Treasurer), Andy Mitchell, Graham
Mowat, Rosemary Hunter, Karen Jenkins. Ailsa Gray joined later.


In attendance: Councillors Douglas Dodds and Graham Houston, Bridget Clark,
Margaret Bragg (Minutes Secretary).


  1. Apologies Apologies have been received from David Prescott (Chairman), Craig
    French, Sharon Mylchreest, James Byrne, Fiona Plumtree and Councillor Alasdair


  2. Appointment of Chair, Chairman's Remarks, Conflicts of Interest

    It was agreed that Rosemary Hunter will be Acting Chairperson for this meeting.
    Thereis no Press presence and no stated conflicts of interest.


  3. Approval of minutes of 2 June 2021

    These were approved, proposed by Karen Jenkins and seconded by Andy Mitchell.


  4. Standing items and actions from previous meetings: See attached.
    FFFFFF Fof Burgh Chambers A meeting on this will be held shortly.


    Dunblane High School/Dunblane Young People's Project Rosemary Hunter reported
    that there have been complaints about the state of the plant tubs at the bottom of
    the Old Doune Road, which, because of the pandemic, have not been maintained by
    High School pupils. The Treasurer confirmed that money could be drawn down from
    the fund to pay for preparing them for the new school term and it was agreed that
    the work could go ahead. Action: Rosemary Hunter.



    Twinning project There is nothing to report.


    Hielanman's Land - proposed transfer to Carman Family Trust There is nothing to


    Cycle routes and Active Travel Bridget Clark reported that there is no progress on
    installing "walking, cycling and horse friendly” signs as Stirling Council has decided
    not to go ahead with this as part of the temporary measures. (See minutes April
    2021.) Rosemary Hunter reported that Councillor Tollemache has agreed to pursue
    this. Action: Councillor Tollemache. There is to be a meeting to discuss Auchinlay
    Road. Rosemary Hunter reported that the surface of the cycle routes is unsuitable
    as it is too uneven and dangerous for cyclists. Just after this meeting Susan Mitchell
    circulated her report on the difficulties faced by cyclists in Dunblane, including
    unusable or broken bike racks, incomprehensible bike lane markings, illegible
    pavement signs and confusing speed limit signs on the Doune Road. Councillor
    Dodds reported that there is vegetation overhanging the pavement between
    Dunblane and Bridge of Allan, causing difficulties to both pedestrians and cyclists.


    Gritting of roads and footpaths There is no further progress.


  5. Police Report: See attached.

    Andy Mitchell noted that incidents of anti-social behaviour have decreased and
    commended police action in deploying mounted officers in the Laighhills. Chris
    Toop agreed that the increased police presence has had a positive effect. Thanks
    were also expressed to the new volunteer co-ordinator at the Dunblane Development
    Trust who organised a litter pick by children. Chris Toop agreed to draft a letter of
    support and thanks to the police. Action: Chris Toop.


  6. Planning Report: See attached.

    Park of Keir Councillor Dodds reported that the Section 75 agreement between
    Stirling Council and the developer was noted by the Planning Panel and will now be
    passed to the Planning Minister. The paper before the Panel could not be approved
    or rejected; the only action open to the Panel was to note it. He had unsuccessfully
    suggested that a public meeting be held and that it be deferred. However, a detailed
    planning application will have to be submitted in due course, and if there is a
    material change from the original application, then objections could be raised.
    Councillor Dodds urged people to write to the Minister to ensure she is fully aware
    of the situation and it was agreed that David Prescott will draft a paper for the Press
    the Minister, and the local MSPs. Action: David Prescott.


    Firs of Kinbuck Ailsa Gray reported on a recent accident at the central reservation,
    highlighting traffic dangers.


    Auchinlay glamping development The application has been rejected but Councillor
    Dodds expected there to be a revised plan submitted in due course.


    Kippendavie Woods The Secretary reported that the developer, as requested, has
    undertaken a consultation exercise and wanted to present the findings to the
    community council. At present, the land is overgrown and boggy, with trees fallen over. The argument of the developer is that limited development should be
    permitted to fund future maintenance. Chris Toop raised the issue of the
    community council hearing only one side of the question. It was agreed to ask the
    developer to submit the report for circulation to the community councillors. If it
    was then felt that their attendance at a council meeting would be helpful, then this
    would be publicised so that residents would also have the chance to attend.
    Rosemary Hunter agreed to refer this to David Prescott for his guidance. Action:
    Rosemary Hunter.


  7. Treasurer's Report: See attached.

    With reference to outstanding actions from the Annual General Meeting, the
    Treasurer was pleased to report that the accounts for 2020-2021 have been verified
    by the Treasurer of the Bridge of Allan community council. The accounts were
    approved by the community council and the Treasurer will send a copy to Stephen
    Bly (Community Link Officer, Stirling Council). Action: The Treasurer.


  8. Correspondence Report: See attached.

    Temporary speed limits The Secretary noted that there have been complaints about
    the temporary speed limits on cycle routes and that the Vehicle Activated Sign (VAS)
    on the Doune Road, which flashes when a vehicle exceeds the speed limit, has been
    switched off rather than being recalibrated to take account of the temporary
    reduction in the speed limit. Councillor Houston has raised this issue with Council
    officers, also pointing out that when entering Dunblane on the Doune Road there
    are no 20 mph repeater signs and the signs on the road surface differ from the pole-


    Giant hogweed Rosemary Hunter had circulated a report on a child suffering from
    burns caused by giant hogweed in Dunblane and she thanked the Secretary and
    Terence O'Byrne for their continued efforts in reducing its spread. The Secretary
    and Councillor Dodds are to attend a meeting later this week with Council officers
    to discuss how to tackle it. Although Council officers can spray it when it is growing
    on Council land, the problem is getting private landowners, Network Rail and
    Scottish Water to deal with it on their land. Rosemary Hunter urged that, at least,
    warning signs are erected where the plant is prevalent.


  9. Dunblane Development Trust Report

    Rosemary Hunter reported that the Chair, Barbara Allan, and a few other trustees
    are going to stand down at the upcoming AGM, and thus the DDT is looking for new
    Board members. Andy Mitchell reported that he understood that the application for
    gates onto Holmehill has been withdrawn. The Secretary informed the meeting that
    David Chisholm, with Paul Nelson from the DDT, building on the work of Discover
    Dunblane and the BID, is looking at tourism and how Dunblane promotes itself.
    Rosemary Hunter felt that the community council should be involved in this.


  10. Report of other meetings

    The Secretary found himself the only attendee at a meeting with Council officers via
    Teams to discuss the new waste strategy: the change from two- to four- weekly
    uplifts of the grey and blue bins and the requirement to purchase a permit for the
    uplift of garden waste. He highlighted that extra bins and uplifts will be provided for those with two children in nappies and those disposing of personal medical
    waste. He agreed to circulate the PowerPoint slides of the meeting. Action: The
    Secretary. Councillor Houston said that people should compact their waste before
    binning it, as it is necessary to reduce the amount of landfill. There has been a very
    good uptake in purchasing permits for garden waste. He reassured the meeting that
    any anomalies will be dealt with, for example in narrow streets such as Ramoyle and


  11. Elected Members ' Reports: There is nothing further to report.


  12. AOCB

    The Secretary reported that Trossachs Search and Rescue, which took over from
    Dunblane First Responders, is now in charge of the defibrillators in Dunblane. They
    are undertaking a review of the defibrillators and are looking for local sponsors to
    help with funding their maintenance. Steve Mason is liaising with them and
    Rosemary Hunter noted that the machines need regularly checked.


    The Secretary also raised the issue of complaints about the grass cutting regime,
    especially at Braemar park. Supporters of the Council's pollinator strategy are in
    agreement with leaving grass uncut while others want it cut more regularly.
    Councillor Dodds reported on Memorial Park in Bridge of Allan where the strategy
    was changed, including the kind of mower used, with an improvement in the park’s
    appearance. It is recognised that it can take three years before the pollinator
    strategy can be properly assessed and it is essential that this is explained to local
    residents. Council Houston criticised the fact that any consultation this year was
    undertaken at the same time as the change in the policy took effect. Rosemary
    Hunter said that Stirling is hoping to transform itself to the Greenest Region in
    Scotland. The Secretary questioned whether the Council had the necessary
    equipment to lift the grass in parks when it does get cut and Councillor Houston
    added that there are associated costs of disposing of it.


  13. Date, time and place of next meeting

The next meeting of the Dunblane Community Council will take place on Wednesday,
1 September, 2021, probably by Zoom. The council will have to await guidance from
Stirling Council on when it can return to live meetings or hold "blended " meetings.


The meeting ended at 8.15 p.m.


This is a true representation of the meeting.


Rosemary Hunter …………………………………………………. Date………………………

Acting Chairperson


Alan Booth ………………………………………………………….. Date ……………………….



Dunblane Community Council

Planning Report - Major Issues – to end July 2021


Glassingall – Proposal of Application Notice – Demolition and fire at Glassingall House.

Nothing further to report.


Park of Keir - Section 75 Processes.

Planning Panel demonstrated their dissent from the proposed agreement, but legal opinion was that the
Council had no option but to sign it. This Agreement will now be registered and passed back to the Minister
for his final decision.

This is only for Planning in Principle, there will have to be further applications to deal with the detail.


19/00243/PPP Firs of Kinbuck (Northbound services)

No further progress, other than noting that the Battlefield Trust has made helpful interventions.


21/00216/FUL Auchinlay Road – glamping development

Application rejected by Planning Panel on 3rd August in accordance with officer’s recommendation.


Kippendavie Woods

Consultation has now finished and the planning consultant for the Trust wishes to present the results to
DCC. DCC needs to consider whether and how to engage on this long-running proposal. Discussion Point


Wider development proposals

Nothing more to report at the moment


David Prescott 3 August 2021





Police Service of Scotland

Community Council Meeting






August 2021


PC 775 Gilliland



Introduction / synopsis of previous month:


This report should provide sufficient information regarding police activity since
the last community council meeting. If you have any further questions about the
police report or any incidents that you are aware of that are not included in this
report then please email us direct on the above email address and we will answer
your questions.


If anyone has any information on any incidents that we have been unable to
identify a suspect then please let us know by email, 101 or by contacting


The report encompasses all relevant crime and matters of note which have
occurred between the 2nd of June and 3rd August 2021 inclusive.


Please note police will not be participating in the meeting.



Current Priorities:

Our current priorities in the Dunblane area continue to be Anti-Social Behaviour,
Housebreakings, Road Safety and Community Engagement and Reassurance.





Main Report:


Between the 2nd of June and 3rd of 2021, a total of 27 crimes occurred within the
Dunblane area (including the motorway). The crimes detailed below are those that
are of relevance to the local community.




On the 15th of June a vandalism occurred in Ramoyle where plant pots were
uplifted and damaged. At the time of update this is undetected.


On the 23rd of June a window at Edward Street, Dunblane was smashed. This was
crimed as Vandalism and is now detected.


On the 23rd of and 24th of June at Clement Loan and Landrick Avenue, Dunblane a
male was seen to be shouting at swearing. A male was later traced and arrested
in relation to Section 38(1) Criminal Justice & Licensing Scotland Act 2010
offences and was remanded in custody.


On the 29th of July a male was seen near to Springfield, Dunblane shouting,
swearing and issuing threats towards occupants of a property. The suspect has
been identified and will be subject of a report to the Fiscal in relation to a Section
38(1) Criminal Justice & Licensing Scotland Act 2010 offence.




On the 13th of July a juvenile youth was traced in possession of herbal cannabis
and was subject of a warning.




On the 27th of July near to Millrow, Dunblane a juvenile male was seen to be in
possession of a knife. The circumstances are still under investigation however the
knife has been recovered and a juvenile male will be charged with various
offences in the coming days.


On the 30th of July a male entered a business premises in Stirling Road, Dunblane
and thereafter racially abused and assaulted staff. A male who is not from
Dunblane area and who was under the influence of alcohol, was subsequently
traced, arrested for various offences including Assault and Racial Breach of the
Peace and was taken into police custody.




On the 8th of June at the Haining, Dunblane, a transformer was stolen whilst
workers were carrying out work at a nearby property. This has been crimed as
Theft and is undetected, PS-20210609-0673 refers.




On the 17th of June two males were seen acting suspiciously within the grounds
of a property in Park of Keir, Dunblane. Officers attended promptly however
those involved had made off prior to police arrival and were not traced. This was
crimed as Section 57(1) Civic Government Scotland Act 1982 – (Intended theft),
PS-20210617-0281 refers.


Sometime between the 20th and 21st of June a property at Park of Keir was subject
of a Housebreaking and various items of property stolen. This is likely to be linked
to the incident on the 17th of June and police are pursuing lines of enquiry at the
time of update, PS-20210621-0610 refers.


On the 9th of July, cooking oil was stolen from a business premises in Perth Road,
Dunblane. This has been crimed as theft and a positive line of enquiry is currently
being progressed.


On the 20th of July a male was seen acting suspiciously within the garden of a
property at Douglas Place, Dunblane. This was crimed as an offence under Section
57(1) Civic Government Scotland Act 1982 – (intended theft) and is under
investigation at the time of submission, PS- 20210720-2533 refers.




On the 15th of June a vehicle then parked within Braeport Centre was struck by
another vehicle. Following enquiry a motorist was charged with Failing to Stop
and Failing to Report a Road Accident.




Between the 2nd of June and 3rd of August 2021 there was a total of 291 calls to
the Dunblane area. A breakdown of some of the calls are as follows: 21 public
nuisance calls, 2 drugs/substance related calls, 4 disturbance type calls, 6 noise
related call, 5 neighbour dispute calls, 10 theft related calls, 9 suspect person
calls, 6 concern for person calls, 3 domestic related incident and 58 road traffic
related calls.



Community engagement and reassurance:


On the 14th of July in response to complaints from the public and concerns raised
via elected members regarding antisocial behaviour within the Laighills, police
mounted branch deployed officers on horseback into the area. A small quantity
of alcohol was seized and 5 youths spoken to. This deployment was organised by
CPT officers and was well received by members of the public frequenting the area.



On the 23rd and 24th of July, CPT officers with support from other officers carried
out plain clothes and high visibility bicycle patrols within the Laighills, Dunblane.
There was no antisocial behaviour relates issues identified within the Laighills
during the course of the operation.


There has been a total of four youth related antisocial behaviour calls since the
24th of July, three of which related to the same incident which occurred within,
Millrow, Dunblane on the 30th of July. (See violent crime)



Activity for forthcoming month:


  • Patrol hotspot area in which ASB is an issue.

  • Conduct school patrols

  • Police Surgery organised for 21st August

  • Police bike marking event organised for 21st August.


Any issues raised at Community Council meeting: