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Dunblane Community Council

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David Prescott

Smithy Loan
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Minutes of the meeting of the Dunblane Community Council held on
Wednesday, 3 February, 2021 at 7 p.m. held remotely via Zoom

Present: David Prescott (Chairman), Alan Booth (Secretary), Chris Toop (Treasurer),
Fiona Plumtree, Craig French, Karen Jenkins, Christina Feaks, Rosemary Hunter,
Graham Mowat, Andy Mitchell. Sharon Mylchreest joined later in the meeting.

In attendance: Councillors Graham Houston, Alasdair Tollemache and Douglas
Dodds, Ann Dickson, Bridget Clark, Susan Mitchell and Bruce Reekie (Senior
Manager, Environment and Place, Stirling Council), Margaret Bragg (Minutes

  1. Apologies, conflicts of interest, Press and Chairman's Remarks

    Andy Davis (Community Link Officer, Stirling Council) has sent his apologies. The
    Chairman welcomed everyone to the first meeting of 2021. There is no Press
    presence and no stated conflicts of interest. This meeting is held via Zoom under
    Stirling Council's Temporary Amendments to the Community Council
    Establishment arrangements. The community council sent its condolences to
    Councillor Alastair Majury whose father has recently died.


  2. Approval of minutes of 2 December 2020

    These were approved, proposed by Alan Booth and seconded by Karen Jenkins.

  3. Standing items and actions from previous meetings: See attached.

Future of the Burgh Chambers The Chairman has circulated a letter from Barbara
Allan,Chair of the Dunblane Development Trust, to Carol Beattie, Chief Executive, Stirling Council, stressing the community's opposition to the possible sale of the building. It was noted that Steve Mason is still taking an active interest in
discussions around the building's future.

Local Rail Development Fund Project The Chairman expects that Transport
Scotland will report shortly.

Participatory Budgeting Project The Chairman reported that the outdoor gym is now complete and the toilet work is slowly progressing.

Dunblane twinning proposal This will be included in the agenda for the next
meeting. Action: The Chairman for the agenda.

Hielanman's Land Councillor Houston reported that he has been in contact with the Carman Family Foundation (CFF) and there have been many responses to their consultation exercise. Most people would prefer the CFF to be given a long lease of the land rather than it being sold by the Council. He did not think the relevant Council committees will object to this and agreed to arrange a virtual meeting between Council officers and the CFF. Action: Councillor Houston. He also commented that as the land had been gifted to the people of Dunblane it should be in the Common Good Fund. The Chairman strongly agreed that this land should be part of Dunblane’s Common Good.


Spaces for People Following on from the consultation survey in October last year, Council officers, with officers from Sustrans, have finalised the projects for development and delivery. The proposals for Dunblane which went before the Environment and Housing Committee for noting were: cycle parking in the High Street; a 20 mph speed restriction from The Cross and High Street roundabout up to the Fourways roundabout and down the B8033 to Marks and Spencer; and artwork on the road next to the High School to highlight pedestrian priority.
However, the proposal for a 20 mph speed restriction on the Doune Road has not been included and residents have expressed disquiet about this. Councillor Dodds
said that they could be considered in ongoing discussions. Susan Mitchell felt that the size of Dunblane's population should have meant a larger proportion of the SFP budget was allocated to Dunblane and that indicative costs for the various projects should have been given. She commented that there was no indication of more cycle paths and that 20 mph restrictions on Glen Road and Auchinlay Road would have attracted increased pedestrian use. She stressed the importance of traffic calming in making streets safer.


Councillor Dodds reported that updates will be provided on costs and progress and that the recommendations will be carried out. However, Councillor Houston said that more consultation should take place and that there was a variety of views about 20 mph restrictions on Doune Road and Perth Road. Councillor Tollemache
reported that the committee had discussed how to measure the reaction to the proposals. Ann Dickson stated that this was the first time she had become aware of these proposals and that this needed careful consideration.


The Chairman reminded the meeting that the community council facilitated the consultation by the Council at the beginning of the SFP process. The proposed speed restrictions will be publicised through Road Traffic Orders. Bruce Reekie stressed that the Housing and Environment Committee supported safe and active travel through the SFP Project. A wide-ranging consultation exercise was undertaken last October, eliciting 500 responses. Feedback is seen as very important and engagement with communities will take place during February and March and regular updates will be given.


The Chairman also pointed out that existing cycle paths are not well maintained or cleaned and that this needs to be rectified if cycling is to be encouraged.


Gritting of roads and footways Terence O'Byrne has submitted a report detailing problems throughout Dunblane during the recent snowy and icy conditions when pavements became difficult to negotiate. In particular, when vaccination clinics were due to be held at the Victoria Hall pavements had to be cleared by volunteers. Bruce Reekie reported that the snow had become compacted and frozen on pavements making them difficult to clear. According to the winter maintenance policy, priority is given to Routes One and Two roads and footways. In light of what has happened, the Council will be reviewing its winter services provision.
There is a full list of the venues and times of the vaccination clinics and they will be given priority in the event of more bad weather.


Terence O'Byrne also highlighted the failure of the pavement tractors and Bruce Reekie admitted that the new machines needed to be adjusted but that this has been dealt with.


The community council is concerned that it is not recognised that the weather in Dunblane is often worse than in Stirling. Bruce Reekie replied that weather
forecasts and information from remote ice sensors are available but this will be reviewed to improve local area reporting of weather conditions.


Rosemary Hunter commented that the road to the new houses at the top of the Glen Road was not cleared. Susan Mitchell asked that, when roads are cleared, piles of grit are not left in the middle of the road making it difficult for cyclists. Bruce Reekie agreed to follow this up as grit should be left at the sides. Terence O'Byrne has requested that Braeport be made into a Priority One Route. The Chairman also reported that there is a high degree of variability in the routes the tractor takes.


Councillor Tollemache reported that Terence O'Byrne had contacted him and the Council about the pavements round the Victoria Hall. Terence himself did a lot of snow clearing, as well as submitting a detailed report of the shortcomings in dealing with bad weather in Dunblane. He was thanked for all he has done as an individual and on behalf of the community council. Bruce Reekie confirmed he will reply to Terence O'Byrne. He appreciated the work that has gone into putting the report together and said it will impact on the Council's long-term policy. The Community Support Group volunteers were also thanked for the work they did in clearing the snow and ice.

The Chairman summed up by making it clear that the service in Dunblane needs to improve now, especially in supporting the vaccination programme, as well as looking to the longer term.

Council services The Chairman commented that this will be a challenging issue as Council budget cuts affect community needs and has included it as a “standing item” on the agenda.


  1. Police Report: See attached.

    A discussion arose over the police being unable to use Zoom for virtual meetings.
    For Council officers as well as the police, Microsoft Teams is the preferred programme and Councillor Dodds confirmed that the Council is looking at ways that community councils could use Teams rather than Zoom. It was also noted that, in the future, Teams would be useful for Council officers who could organise virtual rather than physical meetings of people from over the large Stirling area.


  2. Treasurer's Report: See attached.

    The Treasurer reported that there has been no real change.

  3. Correspondence Report: See attached.

  4. Report of other meetings

    Rosemary Hunter reported on the first of the Forth Valley LEADER virtual meetings she has attended, to look at ways of building in resilience and sustainability in communities, not just in terms of funding. She agreed to report back after future meetings. Action: Rosemary Hunter.

  5. Dunblane Development Trust

    Rosemary Hunter reported that a successful virtual AGM has taken place. In future, a "blended" approach of virtual and physical meetings will be considered.
    At a Board meeting, two new members were elected. The DDT volunteers were thanked.

  6. Elected Members' Reports:

      There was nothing to add.

  1. AOCB

    The Secretary suggested that the community council look at how it can elicit the views of the people of Dunblane, especially considering that many are not aware of new proposals such as the Spaces For People initiative. Councillor Houston said that as Dunblane was of a sufficient size and had many local groups it should have an area forum in its own right. He is prepared to take this on as a way of reaching a wide section of the community and getting feedback. Councillor Dodds confirmed that the Community Planning and Regeneration committee is going to
    discuss restarting Area Forums and he will mention Dunblane for consideration.
    The community council stressed that Dunblane should not be part of another Forum but should comprise a Forum by itself to reflect the community. It was
    agreed that Councillor Houston and the Secretary will prepare a paper for the next
    meeting of the community council. Action: Councillor Houston and the Secretary.

  2. Date, time and place of next meeting

The next meeting of the Dunblane Community Council will take place by Zoom on
Wednesday, 3 March, 2021, at 7 p.m.



4. Planning Report: See attached.

Councillor Dodds left the meeting, as he is a member of the Planning Panel.

Park of Keir The Chairman reported that the extension to the negotiation period between the Council and the developer expired at the end of December and the Council has not been informed of any further extension. The Secretary is aware that the Soccer Club no longer supports the development because of the changes in design and he agreed to approach them for a letter to confirm this for the community council. Action: The Secretary.

Wider development pressures The Chairman said the town should be thinking of any spin-off benefits from developments. Community councillors should think of how the community could be more involved in the process of bringing the next Local Development Plan together. It is important to start with what the community
needs and wants. The Secretary pointed out that there is not going to be a Main Issues Report as in the past. Graham Mowat said it was important to get
information about the LDP out to the public in good time rather than later on in the process.

Firs of Kinbuck At this point, Councillors Houston and Tollemache also left the
meeting. The Chairman reported that the Judicial Review has concluded, with the judge determining to quash the Council's planning decision and award costs. It was noted that this affected the decision-making process and the application would need to be redetermined. It is important that the data on road accidents is included. The Chairman indicated that he will contact Christina Cox (Planning Manager, Stirling Council) to find out more about the process and how the community council can be kept in the loop. Action: The Chairman.

The meeting ended at 8.40 p.m.

This is a true representation of the meeting.

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Alan Booth .................................................................................. Date ...................................



Dunblane Community Council

Additional Paper for Zoom Meeting - Wednesday 3rd February 2021

Agenda item 4


  1. Future of Burgh Chambers – DDT has written to Council CE to request that time is given post-Covid to
    continue the process which was underway and going well pre-Covid

  2. Local Rail Development Fund project update – TS response expected next week. Grant claim can now be
    made to pay for work done. Next stage depends on TS response

  3. 2021 Participatory Budgeting – Footpath work and Outdoor Gym are complete.
    Toilet progressing slowly.

  4. Dunblane High School / DYPP project update / Newton School

  5. Dunblane twinning proposal – Councillor Tollemache to report (Action item from previous meeting)

  6. Heilanman's Land - Proposed transfer to Carman Family Trust – Alan and Councillor Houston to report
    (Action item from previous meeting)

  7. Cycle Routes and Active Travel in Dunblane – Spaces for People Paper has been to Committee Report back
    required - Councillors.

  8. Road and footway gritting – Bruce Reekie, Stirling Council, in attendance

j) Action items - if not on the agenda - None


David Prescott Chair Dunblane Community Council 3 February 2021


Dunblane Community Council


Planning Report - Major Issues – to end January 2021

This week has seen an upturn in smaller matter after a long period when it has been generally quiet in terms of numbers of applications. The big issues also quiet:


Glassingall – Proposal of Application Notice – Demolition and fire at Glassingall House.

The case against demolition contractor David Kerr of Cumbernauld to be heard on April 22, with procedural hearing on March 30. Mr Kerr has pleaded not guilty (The Courier). No change, no further information.


Park of Keir - Section 75 Processes.

The Minister may have granted a further extension beyond the end of December, when the last one ran out.
However, Stirling Council have not been informed of any further extension.


19/00243/PPP Firs of Kinbuck (North bound services)

The local community is still in the Judicial Review process against Stirling Council, an action which will need
private funding.

The Planning Information which was removed from the Council website after the Planning Panel decision is still awaited. It is available – the size of the file is making publication difficult.


Wider development proposals

Limited informal email dialogue has taken place. There is the possibility of meetings taking place to understand the developers’ ideas, views, and proposals.

It remains to define the benefits that we should be seeking.


David Prescott 3 February 2021




Police Service of Scotland

Community Council Meeting






February 2021


PC 954 Chalmers




Introduction / synopsis of previous month:


This report should provide sufficient information regarding police activity since the last community council meeting. If you have any further questions about the police report or any incidents that you are aware of that are not included in this report then please email us direct on the above email address and we will answer your questions.

If anyone has any information on any incidents that we have been unable to
identify a suspect then please let us know by email, 101 or by contacting

The report encompasses all relevant crime and matters of note which have
occurred between 1st December and 2nd February 2021 inclusive.



Current Priorities:

Our current priorities in the Dunblane area continue to be Anti-Social Behaviour, Housebreakings, Road Safety and Community Engagement and Reassurance.



Main Report:


Between the 1st December and 2nd February 2021, a total of 22 crimes were recorded/occurred within the Dunblane area (including the motorway). The crimes detailed below are those that are of relevance to the local community.


On 24th December 2020 at Clement Loan a female was charged with wasting police time after making numerous 999 calls to police. Can we please remind the public to use this service only when required.

Between 21st and 29th January 2021 at Rylands Road a vehicle was damaged while parked in the driving way, if you have any information please contact 101 ref:

On 23rd January 2021 at Bogside 2 males acted in a threatening and aggressive manner, these males are known to police and will be charged in due course.

On 26th January 2021 at Edward Place a police officer was assaulted after
attending a routine call, he was uninjured and the female was arrested and
charged with this offence.


On 27th December 2020 at Newton Crescent, a male was found to be in
possession of a small amount of cannabis. He was charged in relation to this
and issued with a warning.


On 18th December 2020 at Edward Street a male was robbed of numerous items by two known females to him. Enquiry was conducted by CID officers with assistance of local CPT and the items were recovered and the females were charged in relation to this offence and will be reported to fiscal in due course.


On 5th December 2020 at Perth Road a walking pole was stolen from an insecure porch. If you have any information in relation to this please contact 101 ref: PS-



On 23rd January 2021 at A9 a female was charged with dangerous driving after crashing her vehicle at a petrol station, no serious injury was sustained and the driver was charged in relation to this.



The community team have conducted speeding checks on Perth Road and
Doune Road on 5 occasions over the last few months, 3 drivers were warned in relation to speed and 1 was warned in relation to a lighting offence.

Our Pop up police officer has been deployed on several occasions within the
local area and from speaking with locals he has had a positive impact on driver behaviour, we will continue to deploy him when we can.

Between 1st December 2020 and 2nd February 2021 there was 268 calls to police in the Dunblane area. A breakdown of the call are as follows: 32 public nuisance calls, 9 concern for person calls, 6 domestic related incidents and 51 road traffic related calls.



Community engagement and reassurance:


Continue to monitor hotspots for anti-social behaviour and speeding within the
local area.


Activity for forthcoming month:


  • Conduct HHR in area in which complaints are being received re speeding.

  • Patrol hotspot area in which ASB is an issue.


Any issues raised at Community Council meeting: