June 2021 Minutes

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Dunblane Community Council



Alan Booth

Woodlea, Perth Road

FK15 0BU


Tel: 01786824791

David Prescott

Smithy Loan
FK15 0HQ


Tel: 01786 822848




Minutes of the meeting of the Dunblane Community Council held on Wednesday,
2 June, 2021, at 7 p.m. , held remotely via Zoom.


Present: David Prescott (Chairman), Alan Booth (Secretary), Chris Toop (Treasurer),
Karen Jenkins, Fiona Plumtree, Craig French, James Byrne, Andy Mitchell, Sharon


In attendance: Councillors Graham Houston, Alasdair Tollemache and Douglas
Dodds, David Chisholm, Ailsa Gray, Margaret Bragg (Minutes Secretary).


  1. Apologies, conflicts of interest, Press, and Chairman's Remarks Apologies have
    been received from Rosemary Hunter and Graham Mowat. There is no Press presence
    and no stated conflicts of interest. The meeting is held via Zoom under Stirling
    Council's Temporary Amendments to the Community Council Establishment


  2. Approval of minutes of 5 May 2021

    These were approved, proposed by Alan Booth and seconded by Andy Mitchell.


  3. Co-option of new member

    The Chairman welcomed Ailsa Gray to the meeting and invited her to introduce
    herself. Her background is mainly in the private sector as a corporate lawyer but
    also as a non-executive director of Highland and Islands Enterprise and Business for
    Scotland. She works to support companies to build a broader social and
    environmental commitment and to help communities to demystify governance
    procedures. Living in Old Glassingall she is interested in local history and would be
    the community council's representative for Ashfield, Kinbuck and the surrounding
    area. She was elected unopposed to the community council and welcomed by the
    councillors. The Chairman reiterated his appeal for help in attracting more people
    to apply to be community councillors.


  4. Standing items and actions from previous meetings: See attached.

    Cycle routes and Active Travel The Chairman will have an update for the next
    meeting on when the work will be complete. Councillor Tollemache reported that
    representatives of the Active Travel group from Dunblane and Bridge of Allan have
    been looking at the possibility of a cycle route between the two towns and he agreed
    to find out how it is progressing. Action: Councillor Tollemache.


    A discussion arose over the introduction of 20 mph limits and Councillor Houston
    clarified that these were introduced on the B8033 from the Fourways roundabout to
    Marks and Spencer as a result of the Spaces for People initiative. However, on the
    Doune Road they were introduced as a result of pressure from residents. It was
    reported that, as well as the new 20 mph signs, the existing signs of "20 mph when
    lights are flashing" were still in position and were causing confusion. Fiona Plumtree
    also reported that 30 mph was still painted on the road surface.


    Craig French felt that drivers were not always adhering to the new speed limits and
    that further publicity and enforcement or traffic calming measures were required.
    David Chisholm agreed that the signage on the B8033 was not clear and drivers were
    not keeping to the speed limits.


    The Chairman commented that he believes the work is not yet complete and knows
    that it is on a temporary basis. Its impact will not be apparent immediately. He
    agreed to pass on the comments raised to Council officers. Action: The Chairman.


    Gritting of roads and footpaths The Chairman understood that there was to be a
    meeting last month with Council officers but has not been informed of any, and
    Councillor Houston confirmed that planned improvements have not come before
    the Council yet. He agreed to check on the timetable with Bruce Reekie (Senior
    Manager, Environment and Place, Stirling Council), but said that the review has taken
    Terence O'Byrne's report into consideration. Action: Councillor Houston.
    Councillor Houston has insisted that the report should come to the community
    council for comment before going to the Council, and the Chairman agreed that it
    should be made clear that concerns raised by the community have been listened to.


    Dunblane High School/Dunblane Young People's Project The Secretary asked if
    young carers at the High School have been sufficiently supported during the
    pandemic and he agreed to ask Rosemary Hunter to report on this at the next
    meeting of the community council. Action: The Secretary.


  5. Police Report: See attached.

    Councillor Tollemache reported that he raised the issue of anti-social behaviour in
    the Laighhills at the Public Safety Committee of the Council and the Police Inspector
    agreed to report back to him. Chris Toop led a discussion about the incidence of
    attacks on young people in the Laighhills and of broken glass on the footpaths. He
    feared this would increase in the summer months. As the young people are fearful
    of reprisals, they do not report these incidents to the police. Both Councillor Dodds
    and Councillor Houston insisted that it is essential to phone 101 and that it can be
    done anonymously. Only by recording the incidents will the police divert more resources to tackling the problem. David Chisholm commented that there have been
    problems in the Laighhills over the years and it is essential that the police are more
    pro-active in dealing with them. Ailsa Gray agreed to contact the Headteacher at the
    High School to make him more aware of the problem and to stress the need to
    encourage children to report incidents to the police. Action: Ailsa Gray. It was also
    suggested that posters advertising the 101 number be put up in the Laighhills. It is
    understandable that after the lockdowns and restrictions on meeting, anti-social
    behaviour will be a problem this year.


  6. Treasurer's Report: See attached.

    It was noted that the £1,500 Scottish and Southern Electricity Network Community
    Resilience grant has not yet been distributed. Now that society is starting to recover
    with the rollout of the vaccine, people could find this money useful. This will be
    discussedagain at the next meeting of the community council in August and the
    Chairman agreed to contact the Dunblane Development Trust for suggestions.
    Action: The Chairman.


  7. Correspondence Report

    This will be circulated shortly. Action: The Secretary.


  8. Report of other meetings

    Karen Jenkins reported on a meeting with representatives of Scottish Water about
    their forthcoming work on flood prevention measures for Claredon Place.
    Additional sewerage capacity is going to be installed within Claredon Place,
    Springfield Terrace and George Street, and surface water from Argyle Way will be
    diverted across the field and down to Duckburn and the river, instead of being added
    to the existing sewerage pipes. This work will involve considerable disruption to
    traffic from the end of June until next February, affecting Claredon Place, George
    Street, Sunnyside and the dual carriageway at different times. In closing Claredon
    Place, Sunnyside and the dual carriageway will become one-way, controlled by lights.
    She has pressed that Tesco and Marks and Spencer be informed that their articulated
    lorries will have to change their routes. Councillor Houston reported that the
    Council will keep the gullies cleaned to clear out the drains. This is necessary work
    but it is essential that the associated road closures be publicised across the whole
    of Dunblane. Karen Jenkins agreed to keep following this up. Action: Karen


    Alan Booth reported on a meeting that he, with Terence O'Byrne and Councillor
    Tollemache, had with Donna Mills (Stirling Council Land Services) about issues
    relating to the Laighhills. Donna Mills agreed to try to have the wall which is falling
    into the scouring burn, and the bridge repaired. Councillor Tollemache said that
    problems with this have arisen because the pavements at Ramoyle have not been
    repaired by the Council, despite pressure over a few years for this to be done. This
    has caused water to rush down the path to the burn and cause erosion.


    Donna Mills confirmed that funding is available to upgrade the football pitches and
    changing rooms at the Laighhills. The Soccer Club will be taking over the pitch as
    their home pitch and, therefore, requires the pavilion to be repaired so that visiting
    teams can use it. The Secretary suggested that, once in use, the toilets there could be available to the public. It is also proposed that AstroTurf be used on the upper
    pitch which would be used for 5-a-side football and cricket. Councillor Houston
    reported that the suitability of AstroTurf is being looked at.


    However, the proposal to reroute the riverside path, which has eroded into the river,
    did not go forward for costing by the Council.


  9. Dunblane Development Trust Report: There was nothing to report.


  10. Elected Members' Reports

    Councillor Houston reported that nine pupils at the High School are self-isolating
    due to Covid. He also reported that, after the introduction of paid permits for the
    uplift of brown bins, only 18 bins throughout Stirling had not been emptied due to
    non-payment. The Chairman is interested in knowing how much money has been
    raised by the Council under this scheme.


  11. AOCB

    The Secretary reported that Stirling Council has, as a legal requirement, developed a
    Pollinator Strategy covering (a) roadside verges and (b) recreational grassland,
    including Newton park and Braemar park. The grass is going to be left uncut until
    the end of the summer with the aim of increasing biodiversity and pollinator species
    over the next few years. With reference to Newton park, James Byrne reported that,
    with the involvement of school pupils, trees have been planted. Residents worked
    together and have been granted funding of £20,000 for new play equipment, as the
    old equipment has been removed as unsafe. A discussion arose over whether this
    money was to be used to replace the old equipment or to "improve" the park by
    purchasing additional equipment. Councillor Houston insisted that the old unsafe
    equipment should be replaced and the £20,000 is for additional equipment; and that
    it should not be used to improve the drainage, which is a maintenance matter. The
    community council wholeheartedly supported this view.


    James Byrne thanked Councillor Dodds for the six signs highlighting clearing up
    after dogs (see last month's Minutes) and asked that councillors contact him with
    suggestions over siting them.


    The Chairman, on behalf of Terence O'Byrne, has been in touch with Network Rail
    about the eradication of giant hogweed. It will be necessary to see if what has been
    done so far has had any effect.


    The Secretary reported that Living Streets, through Councillor Majury, has contacted
    the Dunblane Development Trust to conduct an audit of dropped kerbs and
    accessibility within Dunblane. The Chairman pointed out the value of the
    community council and the DDT working together to improve Dunblane for its


  12. Date, time and place of next meeting

    The next meeting of the Dunblane Community Council will take place by Zoom on
    Wednesday, 4 August, 2021, at 7 p.m.


  13. Planning Report: See attached.

Councillor Dodds left the meeting, but Councillor Houston remained to listen to the
views of the community council.


Glassingall The Chairman commented that it will be useful to understand the case
for the defence when the case comes to court later this year.


Park of Keir No agreement has been signed yet. The Chairman has written to Tom
Arthur MSP, the new Minister for Public Finance, Planning and Community Wealth,
requesting that he refuse any further extension. He pointed out that there will be
strong opposition to the detailed application if the appeal is upheld. He repeated
that if this does not meet the original application, then the Council could reject it.


Firs of Kinbuck The Chairman noted that the recent response by Transport Scotland
has included many more comments and observations than its previous submission.
The application will return to the Council of Planning Panel for consideration and
the Chairman thought there would still be pressure to approve, in spite of the road
safety issues.


Auchinlay glamping development Councillor Tollemache informed the meeting that
the application will go to the August meeting of the Planning Panel.


Kippendavie Woods A discussion arose over this long-running proposal and it was
noted that a consultation exercise has begun with local residents. This refers to
retirement housing, and not a nursing home, as was erroneously reported in the
Press. The Chairman pointed out that the main issue with this development is that
it is contrary to the Local Development Plan, and that the community council's
automatic position is to object to it. He asked what community councillors thought
of developers making a presentation to them and opinion was divided. On the one
hand, it would be an opportunity to get more information but, on the other, only
one side of the case would be given.


As the Chairman pointed out, if the local community wants to take control of this
land, then there are mechanisms by which they could seek to take ownership and
manage it. It is essential that the community is aware of this proposal.


Wider development proposals There is nothing further to report,


Andy Mitchell raised the issue of the application for the listed wall at the back of the
Braeport Centre being breached to instal gates into Holmehill. The Secretary said
that the view of the DDT was that it agreed to there being pedestrian access from
the sensory garden onto Holmehill and had given consent to the planning
application to go forward, but the gate had to be self-closing and rabbit- and deer-
proof. He clarified that the wall is not scheduled but forms part of a scheduled
building. The proposed gates have attracted letters of objection. The Chairman
agreed to put together a response and will circulate it to the community councillors.
Action: The Chairman.


The meeting ended at 8.55 p.m.


This is a true representation of the meeting.


David Prescott ……………………………………………………… Date ………………………



Alan Booth ……………………………………………………………Date ………………………




Dunblane Community Council

Additional Paper for Zoom Meeting - Wednesday 2nd June 2021

Agenda item 3


  1. Future of Burgh Chambers – Project still active - SM will report when there is anything to update

  2. Dunblane High School / DYPP project update / Newton School – no report

  3. Dunblane twinning proposal – Councillor Tollemache to report (On hold until after the elections)

  4. Heilanman's Land - Proposed transfer to Carman Family Trust – progress update?

  5. Cycle Routes and Active Travel in Dunblane –Spaces for People works now largely complete.

  6. Road and footway gritting – follow up after Bruce Reekie, Stirling Council, attendance at February meeting.

    No further information . What is the position – a follow up meeting was proposed


  7. Action items - if not on the agenda - None


David Prescott Chair Dunblane Community Council 2 June 2021




Police Service of Scotland

Community Council Meeting






June 2021


PC 775 Gilliland




Introduction / synopsis of previous month:


This report should provide sufficient information regarding police activity since
the last community council meeting. If you have any further questions about the
police report or any incidents that you are aware of that are not included in this
report then please email us direct on the above email address and we will answer
your questions.


If anyone has any information on any incidents that we have been unable to
identify a suspect then please let us know by email, 101 or by contacting


The report encompasses all relevant crime and matters of note which have
occurred between 5th May and 1st June 2021 inclusive.


Please note police will not be participating in the meeting.



Current Priorities:

Our current priorities in the Dunblane area continue to be Anti-Social Behaviour,
Housebreakings, Road Safety and Community Engagement and Reassurance.




Main Report:


Between the 5th May and 1st June 2021, a total of 12 crimes occurred within the
Dunblane area (including the motorway). The crimes detailed below are those that
are of relevance to the local community.




On the 29th of May two vehicles then parked within Old Doune Road had their
wing mirrors damaged. This is crimed as Vandalism and is currently being
investigated, PS-20210529-1215 refers.


On the 29th of May a vehicle then parked within Glebe Place, Dunblane had wing
mirror damaged. This is also crimed as Vandalism and is under investigation at
the time of update, PS-20210529-1560 refers.


On the 30th of May a Vandalism occurred within Edward Street, Dunblane where a
window was smashed. This is currently under investigation, PS-20210530- 4306




Nothing to report.




One minor assault reported to the police in relation to an incident which occurred
on the 10th of May at Montgomery Crescent. This is now detected and the incident
dealt with accordingly.




On the 12th of May a Dunblane resident was contacted via telephone by an
unidentified fraudster claiming to be representing her bank. After her trust was
gained she was duped into transferring large sums of money into an account.
After becoming suspicious and after contacting the bank it was established that
a Financial Fraud had been committed. This is being investigated at the time of




On the 28th of May a motorist was stopped in Springfield Terrace, Dunblane and
found to be over the drink drive limit. The driver will be subject of a report to the


On the 30th of May a motorist was stopped on Stirling and found to be over the
drink drive limit. Again the motorist be subject of a report to the Fiscal.





CPT officers are aware of recent youth related calls to the Laighills and will
continue to attend in the area at key times and when the opportunity arises.

Between the 5th of May and 1st June 2021 there was a total of 138 calls the Dunblane
area. A breakdown of some of the calls are as follows: 12 public nuisance calls,
zero drugs/substance related calls, zero disturbance type calls, 1 noise related
call, 1 neighbour dispute calls, 2 theft related call, 1 suspect person calls, 8
concern for person calls, 1 domestic related incident and 32 road traffic related



Community engagement and reassurance:


Respect inputs delivered to approximately to 60 P3 and P4 pupils at Dunblane
Primary School on 13th May.


Bullying and Internet Safety Inputs delivered to approximately 60 P7 pupils at
Newton Primary School on the 27th May.


Police Surgery held on 29th May.


Speeding checks carried out in Perth Road, Dunblane – 3 motorist warned
regarding vehicular speed and Pop up Bob deployed in Perth Road and Ochiltree,


Activity for forthcoming month:


  • Conduct HHR in area in which complaints are being received re speeding. (Perth
    Road, Dunblane)

  • Patrol hotspot area in which ASB is an issue.

  • Conduct school patrols.


Any issues raised at Community Council meeting:






Dunblane Community Council

Planning Report - Major Issues – to end May 2021


Glassingall – Proposal of Application Notice – Demolition and fire at Glassingall House.

Nothing further to report, other than the court case has been put off until November.


Park of Keir - Section 75 Processes.

It is understood that, as of last week, the applicant had not signed the legal agreement.

A letter had been sent to the new Planning Minister, Tom Arthur, requesting that he refuse any further
extension and accept that the conditions set by his predecessor cannot be meet, so logic suggests that he
should now reject the appeal.


19/00243/PPP Firs of Kinbuck (Northbound services)

Further submissions have been made exploring the road safety issues and Transport Scotland have provided
an updated response which has been clearly influenced by our dialogue with them.

Even if this is approved there will be a lot more work when the detailed application comes forward and it will
potentially drag on for another two years. If it is rejected by the Council expect an appeal.

There is likely to be pressure to shut some of the central reservation gaps to prevent U-turns which will
disbenefit existing residents and businesses along this section of the A9, although the bulk will probably be
in Perthshire and Perth and Kinross Council have not objected to this application.


21/00216/FUL Auchinlay Road – glamping development

Awaiting events.


Kippendavie Woods

A developer lead consultation is now live (running to Friday 11th June) https://www.kippendavie-consultation.com/ This follows from a site visit last summer. We were clear that our position is to object to
planning applications not in line with the LDP but suggested that a full community consultation may help
inform our view.

This has produced the anticipated objections from many people and a major article in the Stirling Observer
with a completely erroneous headline about a nursing home, when it is quite clear that the consultation
refers to retirement housing. Such poor reporting by the press does little to help dialogue about these
contentious issues.


Wider development proposals

Nothing more to report


David Prescott 2 June 2021