May 2021 Minutes


Dunblane Community Council



Alan Booth

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David Prescott

Smithy Loan
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Minutes of the meeting of the Dunblane Community Council held on
Wednesday, 5 May, 2021, at 7 p.m., held remotely via Zoom.


Present: David Prescott (Chairman), Alan Booth (Secretary), Fiona Plumtree, Karen
Jenkins, Christina Feaks, Rosemary Hunter, Graham Mowat, Andy Mitchell.


In attendance: Councillors Graham Houston and Douglas Dodds, Margaret Bragg
(Minutes Secretary).


  1. Apologies, conflicts of interest, Press and Chairman's remarks

    Apologies have been received from Councillor Tollemache, Andy Davis
    (Community Link Officer, Stirling Council) and James Byrne. Sharon Mylchreest
    was unsuccessful in joining the meeting towards the end of the session. The
    Chairman intimated that Christina Feaks is resigning with effect from the end of
    this meeting, as she is moving to Bridge of Allan. The community councillors
    joined him in thanking her for her contribution to the work of the council and in
    wishing her all the best for the future. The Chairman noted that the next meeting
    of the community council will be preceded by the Annual General Meeting. He
    highlighted the need for more councillors, asking that more publicity for this be
    disseminated on social media. Graham Mowat agreed to do this. Action: Graham
    Mowat. The Chairman has collated attendance and apologies lists in preparation
    for the AGM. There is no Press presence and no stated conflicts of interest. The
    meeting is held via Zoom under Stirling Council's Temporary Amendments to the
    Community Council Establishment arrangements.


  2. Approval of minutes of 7 April 2021

    These were approved, proposed by Karen Jenkins and seconded by Fiona Plumtree.


  3. Standing items and actions from previous meetings: See attached.


    Blossom House outdoor classroom (Newton School) The Chairman reported that
    this is now installed and is in use.


    Cycle routes and Active Travel The Chairman reported that the proposals brought
    forward from the Spaces for People consultation are going through the Council
    processes. In answer to a question from Andy Mitchell regarding reference to side
    roads, he suggested that these were included as the current 20 mph limit signs will
    be installed about 10 yards into the roads in question. He has not been told of an
    implementation date nor of an implementation plan but understood that it is
    imminent. Noting that there will be criticism, Andy Mitchell asked what the
    Council took into consideration in going ahead with these proposals. Councillor
    Houston reported that he was told that the speed limit on the B8033 was being
    introduced following recommendations from the community council. The
    Chairman noted that the Council could withdraw these proposals if they meet with
    too many objections once implemented.


    Gritting of roads and footpaths The Chairman has circulated the reply received
    from Bruce Reekie (Senior Manager, Environment and Place, Stirling Council), in
    which he stated that, following review meetings in May, he will engage further with
    the community council. Councillor Houston said that, on behalf of the community
    council, he had expressed disappointment with the lack of response. The Chairman
    stressed the importance of good intelligence on weather conditions in Dunblane.


  4. Police Report: See attached.

    Fiona Plumtree noted that fire raising in the Laighhills, which she had reported to
    the police at the time, is not included in the report. She tried the 101 number but,
    receiving no reply, had used the 999 number; the Chairman reported that this
    echoes difficulties other people have had in contacting the police using 101. Andy
    Mitchell reported that there has been a fire on the artificial football pitch at the
    Primary School, and there has been an increase in graffiti around the town. He felt
    there is a need to discuss low-level anti-social behaviour in the town with the
    police. The Chairman stressed how dangerous fire raising can be.


  5. Treasurer's Report: See attached.

    It was noted that the insurance premium has been paid.


  6. Correspondence Report: See attached.

    The Secretary noted that correspondence is coming from Steven Bly, a new
    member of the Community Development Team at the Council.


  7. Report of other meetings: There was none.


  8. Dunblane Development Trust Report

    The Secretary reported that at a recent strategy meeting, it was agreed to progress
    with the updating of the Braeport Centre which has been delayed because of the
    pandemic. The Paths Group has been doing work at the old paddling pool, down
    from the allotments. The Secretary questioned whether the presence of lampreys
    has been investigated as he thought they had been present in the past.



  9. Elected Members' Reports

    Councillor Dodds reported that he handed over six signs highlighting clearing up
    after dogs to James Byrne. He had also asked police to attend at Laighhills Park as
    he anticipated that problems with anti-social behaviour there will increase over the
    summer months. It was noted that there is no barrier to vehicles accessing the


  10. AOCB

    The Secretary reported on the ongoing issue of the erosion of the path at the lower
    football pitch at the Laighhills, with more disappearing into the river all the time.
    In response to his question whether the Council has funds to reroute the path,
    Councillor Houston said that it does not look likely in the near future.


  11. Date, time and place of next meeting

    The next meeting of the Dunblane Community Council will take place by Zoom on
    Wednesday, 2 June, at 7.15 p.m., preceded by the Annual General Meeting at 7 p.m.


  12. Planning Report: See attached.

Councillors Houston and Dodds left the meeting.


Park of Keir The Chairman reported that another extension, believed to be until 30
June, has been granted and he has been informed that an agreement has nearly
been reached. He said that it is unprecedented to delay planning approval for a
private development while waiting for funding. He thought that the development
will look quite different to the original proposals. Sportscotland has been asked
for funding, and the Chairman has contacted them detailing the issues the
community council has with the proposal. The Chairman insisted that there is a
public interest as it seems likely that public funding will be required. The planning
meeting held by the Council to consider approval should, therefore, be made


Glassingall The court case will not be held until November.


Firs of Kinbuck The Chairman has submitted a full response. He highlighted the
disparity between Transport Scotland's criteria in assessing the proposal and both
road safety policy as defined by Government and Active Travel considerations. In
particular, crossing the A9 for pedestrians, cyclists, and employees catching the
bus south remains very problematic. The Secretary suggested proposing a site
visit to the Planning Panel, but it was agreed to wait for any response from
Transport Scotland.


Auchinlay Road glamping development It was noted that this is not in the Green
Belt but it highlighted the pressure for development north of Dunblane. The
Chairman felt that the Council might approve on the grounds of economic
development, in which case he proposed that the glamping pods be moved away
from neighbouring properties.



Wider development proposals

With reference to the proposals at Lady’s Mount by the Kippendavie Group Trust,
(see last month’s Minutes), the Chairman noted that these would have benefits and
disadvantages for the community and felt there should be a pre-application
Planning Advice Note (PAN) and consultation before the full application is


With reference to the proposed development at Hillside for 15 houses, including
bungalows and semi-detached houses, the planning approval is now complete,
although the plan for the access road is still to be finalised.


With reference to the planning proposal, on behalf of the Carman Family
Foundation, to remove part of the wall behind the Braeport Centre to install gates
onto the land at the rear, Andy Mitchell criticised the design of the gates as being
out of character with the location. The Chairman agreed to look at this. Action:
The Chairman. However, the Chairman was concerned that he was not aware of
this proposal at an earlier stage. He noted that the original plans for an elaborate
water feature on the land attracted many objections and was withdrawn.


The meeting ended at 8.05 p.m.


This is a true representation of the meeting.


David Prescott ............................................................................................ Date.....................



Alan Booth .................................................................................................. Date ....................





Dunblane Community Council

Additional Paper for Zoom Meeting - Wednesday 5th May 2021

Agenda item 3


  1. Future of Burgh Chambers – Project still active - SM will report when there is anything to update

  2. Dunblane High School / DYPP project update / Newton School - Blossom House outdoor classroom, in
    memory of Jane McManus at Newton Primary is now installed.

  3. Dunblane twinning proposal – Councillor Tollemache to report (On hold until after the elections)

  4. Heilanman's Land - Proposed transfer to Carman Family Trust – progress update

  5. Cycle Routes and Active Travel in Dunblane – Spaces for People proposals now in final stage, with site
    works and installation imminent.

  6. Road and footway gritting – follow up after Bruce Reekie, Stirling Council, attendance at February meeting.

    Response last week (29/4) - below


    “I wanted to provide you with an update on the review of our Winter Maintenance Policy and the more
    detailed discussions we will take forward with yourselves.

    We have two Officer sessions during May to review our Winter Maintenance Policy. The document kindly
    pulled together by Terence, and the further comments provided by the Community Council, will help inform
    those meetings.

    Following on from those meetings we will be in a position to feedback and engage with yourselves in relation
    to the treatment and routes in Dunblane.

    The agreed changes will form the basis of our Winter Maintenance Policy and approaches to be taken to the

    Environment and Housing Committee in September this year.”


    So they are sticking to their plan, and we await with interest

  7. Action items - if not on the agenda - None


David Prescott Chair Dunblane Community Council 5 May 2021




Police Service of Scotland

Community Council Meeting






May 2021


PC 775 Gilliland



Introduction / synopsis of previous month:


This report should provide sufficient information regarding police activity since
the last community council meeting. If you have any further questions about the
police report or any incidents that you are aware of that are not included in this
report then please email us direct on the above email address and we will
answer your questions.


If anyone has any information on any incidents that we have been unable to
identify a suspect then please let us know by email, 101 or by contacting


The report encompasses all relevant crime and matters of note which have
occurred between 7th April and 2nd May 2021 inclusive.


Please note police will not be participating due to being off duty at the time of
the meeting.



Current Priorities:

Our current priorities in the Dunblane area continue to be Anti-Social Behaviour,
Housebreakings, Road Safety and Community Engagement and Reassurance.



Main Report:


Between the 7th April and 2nd May 2021, a total of 7 crimes occurred within the
Dunblane area (including the motorway). The crimes detailed below are those
that are of relevance to the local community.




On the 24th of April a vacant property within Perth Road, Dunblane was subject
of a Wilful Fireraising. Four unidentified youths were seen running away from
the immediate area at the time that the fire was reported. This is an ongoing
police investigation at the time of update, PS-2021 0424-2800 refers.


On the 27th of April a vehicle then parked within Sheriffmuir Road, Dunblane
was damaged. This has been crimed as Vandalism and is being investigated at
the time of submission, PS-20210427-2175 refers.




On the 16th of April male whilst stopped by police for an unrelated matter was
found to be in possession of Herbal Cannabis. The male will be reported to the
Fiscal or issued with a Recorded Police Warning in due course.


On the 1st of May a male youth was traced in Doune Road in possession of a
small quantity of Herbal substance which later tested positive for Cannabis. The
male will be issued with a Recorded Police Warning.




Nothing to report




On the 7th of April a petrol drive off took place at a petrol station on the A9.
Following enquiry a male has been charged in relation to this theft and multiple
similar offences within the Forth Valley area.




Nothing to report.




On the 16th of April 2021, police received a number of calls in relation to males



carrying out door to door sales across a number of streets within Dunblane and
potentially scamming elderly residents.

Following police attendance and subsequent investigation by the Community
Policing Team five males were traced and charged with offences under the
Pedlars Act 1871 and will be reported to the Fiscal.


The pop up police officer has been deployed in Perth Road and Wallace Street,
Dunblane and school patrols at all three primary schools.


Due to the easing of lockdown restrictions, the Community Policing Team are
looking to recommence police surgeries. At this time suitable venues and dates
are being considered.


Between 7th April and 2nd May 2021 there was a total of 108 calls the Dunblane
area. A breakdown of some of the calls are as follows: 10 public nuisance calls,
zero drugs/substance related calls, 1 disturbance type call, 1 noise related call,
4 neighbour dispute calls, 2 theft related call, 9 suspect person calls, 3 concern
for person calls, 1 domestic related incident and 22 road traffic related calls.



Community engagement and reassurance:


Bullying and Internet Safety Inputs delivered to approximately 90 pupils at
Dunblane High School on 27th April 2021.


Extra patrols carried out, including deployment of Mounted Police within the
Laighills and surrounding area on Friday 30th April 2021.


Public houses visited in line with the easing of lockdown restrictions.


Activity for forthcoming month:


  • Conduct HHR in area in which complaints are being received re speeding. (Perth
    Road, Dunblane)

  • Patrol hotspot area in which ASB is an issue.

  • Conduct school patrols.


Any issues raised at Community Council meeting:



Dunblane Community Council

Planning Report - Major Issues – to end April 2021

Glassingall – Proposal of Application Notice – Demolition and fire at Glassingall House.

Nothing further to report, other than the court case has been put off until November.


Park of Keir - Section 75 Processes.

Stirling Council advise that the developer has been granted a further extension, and is, allegedly, close to
signing up having secured a further extension to presumably 30 June 2021. We have been here before.

A response was sent to Sportscotland setting out the issues that the Community Council found with the
proposal. There has not been any response, but Sportscotland cannot feign ignorance if anything goes
wrong later.


19/00243/PPP Firs of Kinbuck (North bound services)

The application is live again, with all the material available on the Planning Portal after pressure from DCC.
The local legal challenges remains very live!! There are a lot of objections.

There is clearly a gulf in view between the Planning view of changes to the LDP and the community’s view,
especially in the context of development in the countryside beyond the very narrow Green Belt. But the key
issue is road safety where the Transport Scotland position seems to be at odds with the Ministerial
pronouncements on road safety and local road users view on road safety.

A comprehensive response has been submitted. There may be supplemental responses as the statutory

consultees’ responses, especially Transport Scotland’s, are published.


21/00216/FUL Auchinlay Road – glamping development

A new application for a tourism based development along Auchinlay Road has been submitted, neighbour
objections are coming in. This is another development pressure in the countryside north of Dunblane and it
is suggested that it is opposed as inappropriate for the site, creates traffic problems and that the layout is
not at all appropriate (Linear along the road and close to the neighbour). As there is a risk that the Council
approve this citing “economic development” a supplemental request has been made to revise the layout to
remove the worst aspects especially neighbour nuisance.


Wider development proposals

Arising from the informal dialogue it is understood that KGT is proposing a planning application for an eco-
hub at the Lady’s Mount site (B8033/A9 northbound slips). Facilities to include EV charging, local filling
station (possibly eco fuels), e-bikes and possible car club with a parcels hub to enable consolidated in-town
deliveries using E vans and cargo-bikes not big diesel vans. It is a Green Belt site, so will be subject to
considerable scrutiny. Early consultation, pre-application, has been suggested to gauge views of the wider

This is potentially a new route to helping to deliver a lower carbon community.


David Prescott 5 May 2021