Apr 2022 Minutes

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Alan Booth Secretary

Woodlea, Perth Road Dunblane

FK15 0BU

Tel: 01786824791

David Prescott

Chair Broomfield Smithy Loan FK15 0HQ

Tel: 01786 822848


Minutes of the meeting of the Dunblane Community Council held on Wednesday, 6 April, 2022, at 7 p.m. via Zoom.


Present: David Prescott (Chairman), Alan Booth (Secretary), Sharon Mylchreest, Karen Jenkins, Rosemary Hunter, Andy Mitchell, Ailsa Gray, Graham Mowat.

In attendance: Councillors Graham Houston and Alasdair Tollemache, Bill Cowan (candidate for the Alba party in the upcoming Council elections), Kate Fawcett, Mairi Santolin, Margaret Bragg (Minute Secretary).

Apologies Apologies have been received from Fiona Plumtree, Craig French, Chris Toop and Councillor Douglas Dodds.

2. Chairman's Remarks, Conflicts of interest

The Chairman is not aware of any conflicts of interest. This meeting is held via Zoom under Stirling Council's revised Amendments to the Community Council Establishment arrangements.

3. Approval of minutes of 2 March 2022

These were approved, proposed by Karen Jenkins and seconded by Alan Booth.

4. Standing items from previous meetings

Future of the Burgh Chambers Steve Mason has informed the Chairman that progress is being made in developing the project and its relationship with the High School. The Secretary raised the issue of the community council room in the building, which it has already been agreed is no longer used except for storage of community council's records. (See Minutes October 2021.) He suggested that he contact Stirling Council agreeing to the additional use of the room by the Midweek Group of the Dunblane Development Trust to store the Christmas lights. This was


agreed. Action: The Secretary. Stirling Council has confirmed that it will re-open its offices in the Burgh Chambers once extra staff have been trained.

Defibrillators in Dunblane Steve Mason has reported that additional funding for ongoing operation (pads and batteries) is being sought.

Gritting of roads and footpaths The Chairman reminded the meeting that many streets have not been cleared of autumn leaves which will result in blocked drains. There is no further progress on any other activity, but suggested that it is now left until after the local election.

Scottish Water works Because of a shortage of bitumen, there have been delays in completing the work in Claredon Place. The Chairman criticised the lack of engagement by the Council over the difficulties residents in George Street have with car parking during the works, in particular their refusal to allow residents to use the lower car park at Tesco for free. Karen Jenkins thanked Councillor Tollemache for coming and talking to residents in George Street when cones restricting parking were put out without any warning, found to be in error and swiftly removed.. Scottish Water is expecting the works in George Street to be finished by 17 June. The Chairman reported that the traffic lights are going to be replaced with more reliable lights but reiterated his concerns over the lack of consultation by Scottish Water with the wider community in Dunblane, especially in the context of road closures, which will really impact when work moves to Springfield Terrace. In reply to a question from the Secretary, the Chairman informed the meeting that work in Springfield Terrace should be finished by the end of July. He requested that the programme of works be posted on the Dunblane website. The closure of pavements and problems with access were discussed as little information has been circulated. It was noted that delays are being caused by the shortage of bitumen.

Safety on the A9 north of Dunblane A paper has already been circulated by Ailsa Gray, following the Reporter's unaccompanied site visit. This resulted in the Reporter requesting more information from Transport Scotland and Stirling Council, focusing on road safety. Ailsa Gray has brought together various points of safety and issues which were not addressed in the original design. The Chairman stressed the need for a road safety audit to be undertaken before designs were submitted, rather than afterwards and that this should be part of the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges requirements. He suggested that the council respond to the Reporter to stress that this site is deliberately designed to attract people from Dunblane to buy fuel, with a concomitant increase in traffic and an increase in the number of u-turns. If the central reservation were closed, this would have an impact on more people than has been considered. It was agreed that the Chairman and Ailsa Gray will draft a response. Action: The Chairman and Ailsa Gray.


Cycle routes and Active Travel Kate Fawcett raised concerns over the 20 mph limit on the B8033 and the delineated cycle lanes, feeling that they were potentially dangerous. She was assured that these are in the process of being redesigned and changes are in the pipeline.

Anchorscross It was reported that the fence has been removed. (See last month's Minutes.) Councillors Tollemache and Houston reminded councillors that the


residents who erected the fence have understandable concerns over the behaviour of car drivers who block driveways when dropping off schoolchildren and over the safety of speeding bicyclists. Stirling Council officers are going to monitor the situation and the Chairman is going to raise traffic safety issues with the Police, noting that Councillor Houston has also done so. Action: The Chairman.


Participatory Based Budgeting projects The work was virtually complete, including some works in Bridgend Toilets, and consequently it was agreed to drop this item from future agendas. The Secretary was thanked for his perseverance in getting the work on the toilets at Bridgend completed.

5. Future meetings

It was agreed not to progress this until after the May Stirling Council elections. Graham Mowat gave a brief report on the various venues available and which have suitable equipment for "blended" meetings. Steven Bly (Community Link Officer, Stirling Council) confirmed that Stirling Council does not have any equipment community councils could borrow. Any costs for hiring a venue and equipment would be covered by the Administration Grant. Graham Mowat agreed to find out if a room in Churches House with suitable equipment were available. Action: Graham Mowat.


6. Closure of Bank of Scotland Dunblane branch

The Chairman has drafted a letter to send to the Chief Executive of the bank, Charlie Nunn, which he proposes to copy to the Financial Standards Authority, the Competition and Markets Authority, the Lending Standards Board, and to MSPs and MPs. Kate Fawcett expressed her extreme disappointment with the proposed closure which will disadvantage many residents, especially the elderly. In particular, there was no consultation before the closure was announced. The Chairman agreed with her that the figures of a reduction in footfall used by the Bank as a reason for closure do not take into account Covid lockdowns. The suggestion by the Bank that customers can use the Post Office was criticised as only basic transactions will be possible. The nearest Bank of Scotland branches are in Alloa and Stirling, which are not convenient for many customers. Kate Fawcett agreed to share any response she receives from the Bank to her complaint. The Chairman suggested that community councils of towns similarly affected could work together. He is also minded to take his letter of complaint to the Bank manager in Dunblane so that it is put into the Bank's system and he could expect a response.

Councillor Tollemache suggested that the elected members should submit a joint letter of complaint and he agreed to organise this. Action: Councillor Tollemache.


The Chairman led a discussion on the future of the 200-year old building and felt that the Bank should gift it to the town. The Secretary, however, suggested that it would be difficult for the Dunblane Development Trust to take it over at the present time as it has many other commitments.

7. Police Report: See attached.

8. Planning Report: See attached.


The Chairman stressed the need for Travel Plans to be monitored to ensure that they are adhered to after developments are completed and that this should be an on- going process.

The Chairman noted that much is still to be done with reference to Park of Keir.

The Secretary noted that the Carman Family Foundation has submitted an application to instal a gate in the wall at the rear of the Braeport Centre to allow access onto Holmehill. Concerns have been raised by the Dunblane Development Trust and the Scottish Wildlife Trust over the plans for Holmehill.

9. Treasurer’s Report: See attached.

It was noted that the Treasurer is going to resign from the community council at the next AGM, because of family and work commitments. He was thanked for the work he has done for the community council.

The Chairman is going to speak to Steve Mason before the community council finalises the funding of the Digital Makerspace at the Burgh Chambers. It was noted that the Garden Project at the High School will need in the region of £300 - £400 over the next year or two., with a grant of £7,000 to the Burgh Chambers project.

10. Correspondence Report: See attached.

11. Dunblane Development Trust Report

The Secretary reported that the Trust is looking for people with specific skills to help in the community. It was felt that the Trust has lots of projects but not a lot of input from the wider community.

He noted that the DDT is concerned about the new plans submitted by the Carman Family Foundation for two ponds and a fernery on Holmehill and that consultation between the CFF and Braeport and local residents was essential.

12. Report of other meetings: There was none.

13. Elected Members’ Reports

Councillor Houston informed the meeting that the work on the playparks is going to start shortly. At Newton playpark, paths are going to be widened and a safer surface is going to be installed, along with new equipment.

Councillor Houston reported that the Common Good Fund for Dunblane does not have a lot of capital (approximately £38,000) and only the interest on this can be spent. Any application submitted to the Civic Panel can be considered only if the community council supports it; no applications have been received. The Secretary has been working on identifying Community Good Fund assets, but has been unable to find the data relating to the capital or accrued interest in the fund. Councillor Houston agreed to find the missing information. Action: Councillor Houston. In reply to a question from Sharon Mylchreest, Councillor Tollemache agreed to find out when the list of Common Good Funds assets is going to be published. Action: Councillor Tollemache. The Secretary has asked the Council if an asset which


should have been included as Common Good has already been sold, should the proceeds not have gone into the fund. He has not had a reply yet.

Councillor Tollemache highlighted the unsociable methods some dog owners use to dispose of dog waste.

It was noted that the Council elections take place on 5 May.

14. AOCB

The Secretary informed the meeting that, to mark the centenary of the opening of the New Golf Course in Dunblane, there are plans for a demonstration by golfers dressed in the correct attire of the period at the site of the old Golf Course in the Laighhills. Dr Jane Dunbar is going to fund a bench on the site of the old golf clubhouse and it was suggested that an information board with details of the history of golf in the town would also be a good idea, ideally including a map showing the former 9-hole course.

The Secretary also noted that there is interest in resuscitating the BMX track in the Laighhills.

The Secretary reminded the meeting that an application was going to be made to the Tesco Community Grant scheme to fund training for the community orchard. Voting in store commences shortly.

15. Date, time and place of next meeting.

The next meeting of the Dunblane community council will take place on Wednesday, 4 May, 2022, at 7 p.m., by Zoom. The Chairman will be on holiday but will have prepared all the necessary papers beforehand. He reminded councillors that due warning has to be given in advance of the AGM in June.

The meeting ended at 8.20 p.m.

This is a true representation of the meeting.

David Prescott ………………………………………………. Date …………………………….. Chairman

Alan Booth …………………………………………………… Date ……………………………… Secretary


Dunblane Community Council

Additional Paper for Zoom Meeting - Wednesday 2nd March 2022

Agenda item 4


a) Future of Burgh Chambers – Work on-going to create the Makerspace, provide the technical support and develop the relationship with the High School

b) Defibrillators – additional supporting funding being sought

c) Dunblane High School / DYPP project update


d) Road and footway gritting (No report – nothing happened), S Water work – Chair

e) A9 Safety – Discussion on Paper re TS comments to DPEA - AG

f) Cycle Routes and Active Travel including Living Streets and including Anchorscross - Chair


g) Priority Budgeting - Work is virtually complete and will be finished next week. Some work also undertaken in Bridgend toilets Item can now be removed from the Standing List- Chair

h) Cathedral Burial Ground – AM


j) Action items - if not on the agenda – None




David Prescott Chair Dunblane Community Council 5 April 2022


Dunblane Community Council

Planning Report - Major Issues – to end March 2022



Glassingall – Proposal of Application Notice – Demolition and fire at Glassingall House.

Nothing further to report.

Park of Keir – Next Stages.

No change – no sign of next application yet.

Firs of Kinbuck 19/00243/PPP

Reporter’s decision is due in March, but not delivered, and has raised questions about the road safety aspects of the site Response discussed under A9 safety

Douglas Place/Hillside 21/01072/FUL

Objection submitted

Blairforkie (Bridge of Allan) 22/00042/FUL

Objection submitted

Land at Lecropt – release for Section 75 restriction 22/00069/DOM

Objection submitted

Victoria Park – Miller Homes

Bus stop now in place – with notice case now fitted

Travel Plan – Councillors Houston and Tollemache are taking this forward as a wider issue

Wider development proposals

No further information

David Prescott 5 April 2022




Police Service of Scotland

Community Council Meeting

Comm unity Council




April 2022

Officer comple


PC 775 Paul Gilliland

Email addres


DunblaneBridgeofAllanCPT@scotland.pn n.police.uk

Introduction / synopsis of previous month:

This report should provide sufficient information regarding police activity since the last community council meeting. If you have any further questions about the police report or any incidents that you are aware of that are not included in this report then please email us direct on the above email address and we will answer your questions.

If anyone has any information on any incidents that we have been unable to identify a suspect then please let us know by email, 101 or by contacting Crime stoppers.

The report encompasses all relevant crime and matters of note which have occurred between the 2nd of March and 3rd April 2022 inclusive.

Please note police are not on duty at the time of the meeting and will not be participating.


Current Priorities:

Our current priorities in the Dunblane area continue to be Anti-Social Behaviour, Housebreakings, Road Safety and Community Engagement and Reassurance.


Main Report:

Between the 2nd March and 3rd April 2022, a total of 10 crimes occurred within the Dunblane area. The crimes detailed below are those that are of relevance to the local community.


Sometime between the 7th and 19th of March, minor damage was caused to a door of a property at Rylands Avenue, Dunblane. This has been crimed as Vandalism and a positive lines of enquiry is being followed up.

Sometime between the 9th and 10th of March a vehicle then parked within Rylands Road sustained damage to some of its tyres. This has been crimed as a Vandalism and is undetected, Police call card PS-20220310-2267 refers.

On the 10th of March damage was caused to a window pane at a residential property located within Springbank Crescent, Dunblane. All lines of enquiry have been carried out and no suspects identified, PS-20220310-3431 refers.


On the 13th of March at a hotel in Perth Road, Dunblane a male was found in possession of a quantity of what are believed to be Magic Mushrooms (Psylocybin) The items recovered by police will be subject of laboratory testing to confirm the content and if found to be controlled drugs then a report will be submitted to the Fiscal in relation to a drugs possession offence.


None reported.


Sometime prior to the 11th March, a section of lead was stolen from the roof space at St Blanes Church Hall, High Street, Dunblane. This has been crimed as Theft and no suspects identified, PS-20220311-1606 refers.

On the 18th of March a petrol theft occurred at a fuel station on the A9 Southbound. This has been crimed as Theft and positive lines of enquiry is being progressed.


On the 6th of March at Stirling Road, Dunblane a minor road accident occurred whereby damage was caused to a vehicle by a motorist who thereafter failed to stop and report the accident. This matter is now detected and a report will be submitted to the Fiscal.


Between the 2nd March 2022 and 3 rd April 2022 there has been a total of 117 calls to the Dunblane area. A breakdown of some of the calls are as follows: 5 public nuisance calls, 3 drug related calls, 2 disturbance type calls, 2 domestic incident type calls, 3 noise related calls, 5 neighbour dispute calls, 3 theft related calls, no assault calls, 2 damage calls, 10 concern for person type calls and 25 road traffic related calls.


Community engagement and reassurance:


Minor Road Traffic Operation carried out in Perth Road, Dunblane on the 23rd of March – 1 motorist dealt with in relation to a motoring offence.

Activity for forthcoming month:

  • Patrol hotspot areas in which ASB is an issue.
  • Carry out a Road Traffic Operation – date and location to be determined.
  • Carry out a Police Surgery – date and location to be determined.

Any issues raised at Community Council meeting:





Dunblane Community Council


Treasurer’s Report




DCC account

00347 7 02


Total Account balance last report





Committed but not paid.

End Feb






DHS Garden Project




DCC Minutes




Remaining balance by fund


DCC administration




Project fund




Community view fund




Total Balance




Balance in Bank account





1. Accounts for 21/22 account now reviewed and approved.


2. No meeting in July or Jan 22


3. DCC admin grant paid in Oct.


4. Added a column to call out any expenditure committed but not yet paid.


5. Forecast for School Garden project £300 - £400 over next 24 months.


So contribution to Creative Dunblane Digital Makerpace could be £7k - DCC to debate and agree.

6. Creative Dunblane company and bank account now set up.


Chris Toop