December 2022 Minutes

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Alan Booth Secretary

Woodlea, Perth Road Dunblane

FK15 0BU

Tel: 01786824791

Ailsa Gray

Chair Old Glassingall

Dunblane FK15 0JG

Tel: 07775313038

Minutes of the Dunblane Community Council held on Wednesday, 7 December, 2022, at 7.30 p.m. This meeting was held by Zoom.

 Present: David Prescott (Acting Chair), Alan Booth (Secretary), Terence O’Byrne, Karen Jenkins, Andy Mitchell, Annelise Bakri, Graham Mowat. Sharon Mylchreest joined later.

In attendance: Anna Jarchow-MacDonald, Councillors Alasdair Tollemache and Douglas Dodds, Bridget Clarke, Mairi Santolini, Ryan Barker (Technical Director, Dandara), Chris Wright (Land and Planning Manager, Dandara), Stuart MacGarvie (representing Arnbathie Developments Ltd), Margaret Bragg (Minutes Secretary).

  1. Apologies

Apologies have been received from Ailsa Gray (Chair), Fiona Plumtree, Craig French and Councillor Graham Houston.

  1. Chair’s Remarks

The Chair welcomed the representatives of Dandara to the meeting.

  1. Approval of minutes of 2 November 2022

These were approved without changes, proposed by Alan Booth and seconded by Terence O’Byrne.

  1. Presentation by Dandara

Chris Wright and Ryan Barker gave a brief presentation on their initial thoughts for development on the land holdings on which they hold options at Hillside, Anchorscross and land behind the High School. This is the start of what is expected to be a long-term consultation on gauging the community's needs and wants, as part of their engagement in developing the next 10-year Local Development Plan. Assumptions were made on the future housing allocation that Dunblane would have to meet following Scottish Government’s requirement under the National Planning Framework 4 (NPF4) to provide 1,500 new homes over the LDP period. Dandara claimed that Dunblane’s 10 year share of this requirement could be met entirely by developments on these sites without the need for piecemeal development elsewhere in the town.

The presentation highlighted the constraints and opportunities of the sites. Some areas will contribute to more than just housing, with opportunities for retail/commercial and community areas, including a play park. There would be a mix of housing, including bungalows. Access points were picked out and connections to the town and public transport were stressed, fulfilling the 20-minute neighbourhood criterion, although they noted the challenges presented by the hilly nature of the sites and the town as a whole. Noise mitigation measures will be put in place to reduce the noise from the A9, and mature woodland will be retained. The historical importance of the site will be respected and the Core path network is acknowledged.

In response to Dandara’s request for information, the Chair briefly explained that the community council’s Local Place Plan process of community engagement in planning will feed into this LDP preparation.

In reply to a question by David Prescott over whether the present road network could cope with the increase in traffic, he was informed that traffic modelling will be done in the future. He also highlighted that in the past Dunblane had been allowed to expand without the provision of added facilities and this needed to be remedied. The Local Place Plan will find out what the people in the town want in the future, not what developers want. The community needs to see what the plans are for the sites, and he stressed the need for a flexible and collaborative approach.

Dandara clarified that the land to the south-west of the Wanderwang strip was part of a designated landscape and, as such, they had excluded this site from any future built development and accepted that it is likely to remain as green belt. They agreed that the Anchorscross site was topographically challenging and that the land behind the High School was narrow and that they saw this as more suitable for commercial or community development rather than housing.

When pressed to say where the next development might be if these sites were developed, Dandara could not identify any further sites and accepted the Chair’s suggestion that this land was the last significant potential development in Dunblane.

Bridget Clarke was interested in the permeability of the sites so that people could walk or cycle to the schools and the town and thus live more sustainably. In particular, the need to feed in to the proposed cycle route from Dunblane to Bridge of Allan should inform the plans. She was disappointed that proper paths had not been included at the development at Douglas Place. She also felt that new designs should be for passive housing, not using fossil fuel. Anna Jarchow-MacDonald also said that the provision of bungalows and a shop were needed.

In reply, it was agreed that a Masterplan would give better value and best quality, to link path networks together. This will be looked at in greater detail later with the Council through the Scottish Government's National Planning Framework 4 (NPF4).

The Secretary pointed out that no mention was made of this land being in the Greenbelt which would surely constitute a constraint on development. In response, it was stated that all sites suitable for development in Dunblane are in the Greenbelt and development on their sites would prevent piecemeal development on Greenbelt sites throughout the town.

In conclusion, it was acknowledged that this is the start of a long process which will initially be conducted through the Local Plan Process and that discussions will be transparent and there will be full engagement with the community.

  1. Matters arising: See


  1. Election of eligible co-opted member of full membership

It was agreed to consider this at the end of this meeting when Anna Jarchow- MacDonald will have fulfilled the criterion of the number of meetings attended.

  1. Report from Ward Councillors

Councillor Tollemache has contacted the Council about leaves not cleared up on the Perth Road making the surface slippy after rain. He will pursue this. Action: Councillor Tollemache.

  1. Planning Update: See

A discussion arose over the application for a 5G telecoms mast at land in Murdoch Terrace near the primary school. Fourteen objections have been received so far, but Councillor Tollemache informed the meeting that this is not a "normal" planning application and is considered a permitted development. Officers can take into account objections before they make a judgement but it will not be referred to the Planning Panel. In the past, the possible effects of magnetic fields from masts on children raised concerns. Anna Jarchow-MacDonald said that there was ongoing research but results were unclear. She agreed to look in the literature for any evidence and work with Stewart Corbett on this issue. Action: Anna Jarchow- MacDonald and Stewart Corbett. With reference to the application for solar arrays at the Queen Victoria school, Terence O'Byrne asked for any comments to be sent to him within the next few days. With reference to Park of Keir, David Prescott informed the meeting that discussions are progressing between the Council and the developer and he expected more information in the New Year.

  1. Treasurer's Report: See


  1. Police Report: See

It was noted that the new community officer is Sergeant Sarah Stephenson who has taken over from Sergeant MacDonald.

A discussion arose over gatherings of teenagers in the gazebo behind Braeport and concerns were raised over their behaviour fuelled by alcohol and perhaps drugs. The Dunblane Development Trust wants the issue raised with the police. Councillor

Tollemache noted that Mill Row attracted similar groups during the summer but felt the community should have a responsibility in sorting this problem out and not leave it to the police. He is happy to be any part of a process to engage with them. Anna Jarchow-MacDonald said the teenagers should be given more information on what is available for them and an effort should be made to get them involved in the Local Place Plan process. Andy Mitchell said that the numbers involved are quite small and the Secretary pointed out that teenagers want their own space, not overseen by adults.

  1. Standing Items

Local Place Plan Terence O'Byrne reported that the planned meeting on the LPP has been postponed by the Council. He noted that NPF4 has had changes made in the last few weeks and they need to be considered by the group at its next meeting in January. There is no clarity on how the LPP will be integrated by the Council into its Local Development Plan. He hoped to have more information next month.

In the context of local engagement, Anna Jarchow-MacDonald informed the meeting of a tool used in Newcastle where tiles were used on which people could draw and then talk through their ideas. She agreed to send details to Terence O'Byrne. Action: Anna Jarchow-MacDonald.

Cathedral Burial Ground Andy Mitchell reported that there had been a meeting with Historic Environment Scotland and local groups last month and work has started to restore the gravestones. It is more complicated than first thought as there are many gravestones hidden under the top layer of soil.

Road and footway gritting Terence O'Byrne and Councillor Tollemache are working with the Team Leader and Manager at the Council to get on top of the problem of blocked gullies on the main access roads into Dunblane. He was hopeful that more progress will have been made by February. He was critical, however, of the failure to grit both sides of Station Road during the recent bad weather. He is going to check that the grit bins in Dunblane have all been filled. In response to a question from the Secretary, Councillor Tollemache is going to find out more about the Bridge of Allan Resilience Group and how it works, after a meeting later this week.

Cycle routes and Active Travel In response to a query from Bridget Clarke, Councillor Tollemache reported on a meeting with the Headteacher of the High School and Ailsa Gray about the barriers at the High School (see minutes, September 2022), when it had been agreed that both the barriers and the roundabout should be removed. No timescale has been given and they are working towards a solution. With reference to the LPP, Bridget Clarke suggested that Bridge of Allan and Dunblane should work together to have co-ordinated discussions over matters of mutual benefit, such as extending cycle routes. With reference to removing the cycle lanes on the B8033, Councillor Tollemache agreed to pursue this again. Action: Councillor Tollemache.

In response to a query from Analise Bakri that the expected crossing had not been installed from the bottom of the path from George Street lane over the Doune Road, Councillor Tollemache said that there had been a commitment by the Council to review this but he is still waiting for a reply.

Analise Bakri also noted that it is dangerous for children to cross to the Dunblane Centre as there is no direct pedestrian crossing there, compounded by the speed of traffic. Bridget Clarke said this was included in her report on Walking, Cycling and Wheeling Improvements in the Dunblane Area. Councillor Tollemache agreed to raise again the possibility of installing a crossing from John Grey Road to Marks and Spencer. Action: Councillor Tollemache.

Burgh Chamber Group A report on the progress from Steve Mason has already been circulated. The Secretary felt that more details of the involvement of school children were needed.

Report from the Dunblane Development Trust The Secretary reported that the Paths Group is going to improve the path from the cemetery behind the Perth Road to the scouring burn. David Prescott noted the success of the Christmas Extravaganza on 1 December and on behalf of the community council expressed thanks to the Town Centre Group.

  1. Correspondence Report: See


  1. AOCB

Kare Jenkins requested that someone take over the community council's Facebook page when she is away and Anna Jarchow-MacDonald agreed to do this. Sharon Mylchreest suggested that the page be linked to other local groups' pages to promote the work of the council. Returning to agenda item 6, it was agreed unanimously that Anna Jarchow- MacDonald be voted on as a full member of the community council.

  1. Date, time and place of next meeting

The next meeting of the Dunblane Community Council will be held on Wednesday, 1 February, 2023 in the Library at 7 p.m.

David Prescott wished everyone a Happy Christmas and a Good New Year. The meeting ended a 9.45 p.m.

This is a true representation of the meeting.


David Prescott ………………………………………………….. Date …………………………

Acting Chair


Alan Booth ……………………………………….………………. Date ………………………….


Police Service of Scotland

Community Council Meeting



Community Council:



December 2022

Officer completing:

PC 775 Paul Gilliland

Email address:


Introduction / synopsis of previous month:

This report should provide sufficient information regarding police activity since the last community council meeting. If you have any further questions about the police report or any incidents that you are aware of that are not included in this report then please email us direct on the above email address and we will answer your questions.

If anyone has any information on any incidents that we have been unable to identify a suspect then please let us know by email, 101 or by contacting Crime stoppers.

The report encompasses all relevant crime and matters of note which have occurred between the 2nd November and 6th December 2022 inclusive.

Please note police are not on duty at the time of the meeting and will not be attending.


Current Priorities:

Our current priorities in the Dunblane area continue to be Anti-Social Behaviour, Housebreaking's, Road Safety and Community Engagement and Reassurance.


Main Report:

Between the 2nd November and 6th December 2022 a total of 15 crimes occurred within the Dunblane area. The crimes detailed below are those that are of relevance to the local community.


During the afternoon of 17th November a window of a residential property at Braemar Park, Dunblane was damaged having been struck by a stone or similar. This is crimed as Vandalism and is still under investigation at the time of update, CR/0111482/22 refers.

Sometime between the 24th and 26th of November a shed door located within the sensory garden at the Braeport Centre was damaged. This is crimed as Vandalism with lines of enquiry being progressed by CPT officers, CR/0116337/22 refers.


On the 22nd of November a male was stopped by police in Perth Road, Dunblane and found to be in possession of tablets, believed to be non-prescribed Valium. These tablets will be tested and if confirmed to be Valium the male will be warned or reported for being in possession of Class C drugs.


On the 8th of November a male was subject of a minor assault in Edward Street, Dunblane. This has been fully investigated and no suspects identified.

On the 1st of December a minor assault occurred near to Dunblane Train Station whereby a male was punched in the back. This incident is currently under investigation with lines of enquiry to be progressed, CR/0116761/22 refers.

On the 1st of December at The Cross, Dunblane a male youth was approached by two other males who were known to him. The victim was thereafter pushed against a wall and forced to empty his pockets and hand over his money and thereafter assaulted (non-serious). This is crimed as Robbery and is now detected.


Between the 3rd and 4th November a life size fibreglass highland cow was stolen from a farm near Balhaldie on the A9. Investigation in relation to the theft is still ongoing with positive lines of enquiry being pursued. This will be detected.

Sometime between the 18th and 19th November a residential property at Newton Crescent, Dunblane was broken into, entry being gained by forcing a bedroom window and property stolen. This has been crimed as Theft by Housebreaking and is being investigated by the Divisional Priority Crime Team, CR/0112242/22 refers.

On the 23rd of November a residential property at Leewood Park, Dunblane was broken into via the patio area and property stolen. This is also crimed as Theft


by Housebreaking and is under investigation at the time of update by the Priority Crime Team, CR/0113785/22 refers.

On the 25th of November a low value theft by shoplifting occurred at the Co-op, High Street, Dunblane. This will be investigated by CPT officers with lines of enquiry to be progressed, CR/0115222/22 refers.

Sometime between the 30th November and 5th December a property located within the grounds of Dunblane Hydro was broken into. This has been crimed as Housebreaking with Intent to Steal and is being investigated, CR/0117770/22 refers.

CPT officers would ask that local residents remain vigilant and should they see any persons acting suspiciously in and around houses to contact police.

Police would also ask that householders/business that have alarms ensure that they are in working order and switched on when residents/owners are out with their properties/businesses. We would further request that residents use light timers when leaving their properties particularly during the hours of darkness and ensure that garages/lock ups and sheds are secure.


On the 24th of November at High Street, Dunblane a vehicle being driven by a male struck two parked cars and subsequently failed to stop and provide details. Following investigation a male motorist has been traced and will be reported in relation to road traffic offences.

On the 5th of December a pedestrian whilst on foot within Tesco car park was struck by a vehicle (non-serious injury). This incident was later reported to police and a female motorist will be reported to the Fiscal in relation to Careless Driving.


Between the 2nd of November and 6th December 2022 there has been a total of 149 calls to the Dunblane area. A breakdown of some of the calls are as follows: 1 public nuisance call, 1 disturbance type call, 1 noise related call, 4 assault calls, 3 damage calls, 5 suspect person calls, 3 housebreaking calls, 5 theft type calls, 1 domestic related call, 13 missing person type call/concern for person calls and 31 road traffic related calls.


Activity for forthcoming month:


·         Patrol hotspot areas in which ASB is an issue.

·         Carry out a police surgery, date and location to be determined.