Feb 2022 Minutes

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Dunblane Community Council

Alan Booth

Woodlea, Perth Road

FK15 0BU

Tel: 01786824791

David Prescott

Smithy Loan
FK15 0HQ


Tel: 01786 822848


Minutes of the meeting of the Dunblane Community Council, held on Wednesday,
2 February, 2022, at 7 p.m. via Zoom.
Present: David Prescott (Chairman), Alan Booth (Secretary), Chris Toop (Treasurer),
Rosemary Hunter, Fiona Plumtree, Andy Mitchell, Graham Mowat, Karen Jenkins,
Craig French, Ailsa Gray, Sharon Mylchreest.
In attendance: Councillors Alasdair Tollemache and Graham Houston, Jessica
Hunnisett and Douglas Wilson from Historic Environment Scotland (HES), Emma
O’Halloran and two others from Newton Parent Council, Bridget Clark, Steve Mason,
Margaret Bragg (Minutes Secretary).
  1. Apologies Apologies have been received from Councillor Douglas Dodds.
  2. Chairman's Remarks, Conflicts of Interest

    The Chairman welcomed the report in the Stirling Observer on the handover to the
    Council of houses built by Miller Homes at Victoria Park as part of their larger
    development at Barbush. This meeting is held via Zoom under Stirling Council’s
    revised Amendments to the Community Council Establishment arrangements.


  3. Approval of minutes of 1 December 2021

    These were approved, proposed by Alan Booth and seconded by Karen Jenkins.

  4. Standing items and actions from previous meetings: See attached.

    Cathedral Burial Ground Following on from the report in the December minutes, an
    email was received from Historic Environment Scotland which has been circulated.
    Andy Mitchell introduced Jess Hunnisett, District Surveyor for the mid-Scotland
    region for HES, who gave a detailed presentation on the condition of the gravestones
    in the graveyard. She appreciated that the site has looked very untidy for 18 months
    with Heras fencing preventing access, fencing which has blown down in high winds.


    She reported that HES is undertaking a detailed inspection of all their properties to
    identify safety issues, both with high masonry and unsafe gravestones. There has
    not yet been a published policy on memorials on the HES website, but she appealed
    for patience and to trust that HES is working through this process. All the memorials
    in Dunblane have been inspected and recorded and 200 have been identified as
    needing work. Having judged that intervention is needed, HES is legally unable to
    carry out the work without the consent of the lair owners who are responsible for
    their repair. HES is appealing for families and their descendants to come forward,
    which, as many of the graves are very old, is proving a long process. Attempts have
    to be made for at least 12 months to contact family members, who have to provide
    relevant documentation to demonstrate they have owners' rights to the grave, and,
    therefore, responsibility for repairs. As the burial authority, Stirling Council is also
    looking through their records for ownership details. Andy Mitchell said that
    communication from HES has been almost non-existent and a more widespread
    publicity campaign was required to reach family owners of the lairs. It was
    suggested that the wider community could be asked to help with the repairs or raise
    funds to meet the cost. However, Jess Hunnisett reassured the meeting that training
    suitable staff was being undertaken and money is available. Gravestones are the
    responsibility of their owners and whoever makes repairs takes on that liability.
    Carrying out repairs is a complicated process: Dunblane graveyard is a scheduled
    Ancient Monument and thus any repair has to be carried out to accredited protocols
    with an approved methodology.


    Having undertaken the inspection and identified varying degrees of risk, some
    memorials are regarded as dangerous and others have the potential to fall over. By
    putting in place access restrictions, visitors are protected from harm. Jess Hunnisett
    acknowledged the problems with the fencing but reported that the site has been
    tidied up considerably and the fencing made more secure. The most problematic
    area was at the west end closest to the public path, where the Heras fencing was
    unstable. However, the fencing there has now been weighted down and buttressed
    to prevent it from blowing over. At present, HES has not given authorisation to lay
    stones flat, which, Jess Hunnisett pointed out, could cause more damage to the
    stones. She suggested that a possible scenario in future would be that some
    headstones would be repaired, some would be fenced off and others laid flat. At
    present the focus is on tracing lair owners. Although pressed, she was unable to
    give a timetable for when work will be started but hoped things will become clearer
    within the next few months. She said that there will be better, more informative
    signage soon and that there will also be an official statement on the HES website
    about its policy on memorials.


    The community council felt that, as the Cathedral is a major tourist attraction and
    weddings will be taking place over the summer, it would be better if HES allowed
    stones to be laid flat as a temporary solution, until a more permanent solution was
    agreed, as it could not countenance the graveyard being in such an untidy state over
    the next few years. Jess Hunnisett welcomed the feedback from the community and
    Andy Mitchell will keep in touch with her. He thanked her for attending the meeting.
    The Chairman asked Councillor Houston and Andy Mitchell to work together to
    progress this. Action: Councillor Houston and Andy Mitchell.



    Defibrillators in Dunblane Steve Mason has informed the Scottish Ambulance
    Service and the British Heart Foundation of the transfer of the guardianship of the
    defibrillators in Dunblane from Dunblane First Responders to Trossachs Search and
    Rescue. The survey of the machines is nearing its conclusion and he hoped to return
    to the community council in April with the final results. Most of the defibrillators
    have been taken over by the owners of the buildings on which they are situated.
    Emma O'Halloran, on behalf of the Newton Parent Council, raised concerns over the
    survey letter received by the school, as there is no fund-raising in place to maintain
    the defibrillator placed there. Fund-raising has been hit hard during the pandemic
    and she did not think it fair that the school pay towards equipment which is not for
    the benefit of the children. She suggested that other funding streams were
    investigated, rather than ask parents. Steve Mason reassured her that the views of
    the school will be included in the final report and invited her back to the meeting in
    April. He thought that the number of defibrillators in the town might be reduced,
    to prevent a shortfall in funding.


    Future of the Burgh Chambers Rosemary Hunter did not take part in this discussion,
    as she is a member of the Burgh Chambers Group. Steve Mason has already
    circulated a detailed proposal on the future of the building, and he gave a brief
    resumé of the history of the Burgh Chambers Development Group. It is hoped to
    secure the asset transfer of the Burgh Chambers from the Council to the Dunblane
    Development Trust within two years. In the meantime, the Group is proposing to
    use the building as a Digital Makerspace and he gave a brief description of what that
    would entail. The Council has assured Councillor Tollemache that it will keep its
    Registration Office in the building. A grant has been secured for the equipment
    identified for the Digital Makerspace but the Group will lose this if it does not find
    match-funding. It is, therefore, looking to apply to the Dunblane Young People’s
    Project (DYPP) fund for £7,400. Steve Mason has been in touch with the High School
    to get their support for the proposed Digital Makerspace. The school (post-meeting)
    has confirmed support for the.proposals.


    Sharon Mylchreest raised concerns over ownership of a community building being
    transferred to the DDT, which is a voluntary organisation whose representatives are
    not elected. Steve Mason reassured her that the asset transfer would not take place
    for another two years and there would be prior consultation with the community.
    He said it was important that the community was proactive in using the building and
    the proposal to use it as a centre for arts and culture within Dunblane would be the
    basis for consultation. He reported that the condition of the building is deteriorating
    and dampness is an ongoing issue. This will only worsen if the building is not in


    Councillor Houston supported community use of the Burgh Chambers and asked
    Steve Mason for more details. Action: Steve Mason. He reported that it is being
    considered as part of the Common Good Fund in which case if it were to be sold, the
    money would pass into Dunblane's Common Good Fund.


    The Treasurer reminded the meeting of the original aim of the DYPP, which was to
    use the money to engage with disaffected, hard to reach, young people. It has been
    well used over recent years with gardening and cookery projects, suitable pupils being identified by the High School. He felt the availability of digital equipment
    would be attractive to many young people. Rosemary Hunter commented that even
    if the asset transfer does not take place, the digital equipment could be moved to
    another site. She stressed the need for community consultation, and reported that
    community ownership of assets is taking place in other places.


    Both Sharon Mylchreest and Alan Booth expressed concern that using the DYPP fund
    in this way did not fulfil its original criteria and it was agreed that a properly worked
    out plan, in collaboration with the High School, to identify and support suitable
    pupils was required. It was also felt that all ages and generations should be
    encouraged to use the equipment, and that additional funding might be required to
    run courses. Rosemary Hunter was able to reassure councillors that the gardening
    projects at the High School will continue. With these reservations and comments, it
    was agreed in principle that the community council will release the funds once more
    details of the involvement of the High School were obtained. A detailed proposal
    will be circulated for the consent of councillors.


    Cycle routes and Active Travel, including Living Streets Councillor Tollemache has
    received a communication from Michaela Jackson (Active Travel Community
    Engagement Officer, Stirling Council) confirming the redesign of cycle lanes on the
    B8033 (see Minutes December 2021). He agreed to send updates to the community
    council when available. Action: Councillor Tollemache. Alan Booth agreed to
    circulate the consultative survey on the Spaces for People initiative. Action: Alan


    Gritting of roads and footpaths The Chairman repeated a comment from Terence
    O'Byrne that it is fortunate that there has not been much snow and ice this winter.
    There is general disquiet over the ability of the Council to deal with severe weather.
    Councillor Houston agreed that there is no continuity in following the agreed plan;
    the issue is not one of resources but of how the resources can be used effectively.
    The Chairman stressed this is an ongoing issue which needs attention.


    Road safety on the A9 Ailsa Gray reported that there have already been three
    accidents on the stretch north of Dunblane (see Minutes December 2021) and
    suggested an approach to Transport Scotland be made, especially as there is a
    proposal for development near the slip roads at the Queen Victoria School. The
    Chairman asked her to draft a response. Action: Ailsa Gray. She also agreed to
    send Councillor Houston the background to the slips with reference to the DMRB
    (Design Manual for Roads and Bridges). (See Minutes, November 2021.) Action: Ailsa


    Participatory Based Budgeting projects (See Minutes February 2020.) With reference
    to improving the accessibility of public toilets, the Chairman has already circulated
    a report that in both the library and Burgh Chambers automatic door openers cannot
    be fitted because of the layout and age of the buildings. Help buttons will be
    installed outside so help can be summoned, and other work will include repainting
    in dementia-friendly colour tones. Work has to be completed by 31 March otherwise
    the funds will be lost. Alan Booth commented that documentation about the designs
    had been requested for the December 2021 meeting but had not been forthcoming, and now there is no time to change them. Already, £10,000 has been spent on the
    design. Councillors agreed with the criticism expressed by the Chairman of the
    Council's lack of consultation and information. Councillors Houston and Tollemache
    agreed to feed this back to Council officers. Action: Councillors Houston and


  5. Future meetings Graham Mowat reported on the results of his poll of councillors
    and that either Monday or Wednesday evening would be suitable. He will continue
    to explore the restrictions relevant to the various venues. Stirling Council is
    investigating how "blended" meetings, with some attending virtually, would work
    and what equipment would be required. Councillor Houston reported that the
    Council is taking a very cautious approach but is also finding out how to broadcast
    meetings online. The Chairman stressed the need for good equipment so that people
    can interact remotely and Graham Mowat agreed to pursue this with the Council.
    Action: Graham Mowat.


  6. Dunblane station opening hours

    The proposed changes have already been circulated. As the changes for Dunblane
    are minimal and appear sensible, it was agreed not to raise objections.


  7. Police Report: See attached.

    It was noted that the new officer is PC Ross Barclay. The Chairman has been in email
    contact with a resident of Springfield Terrace about parked cars being damaged by
    passing traffic.


  8. Planning Report: See attached.

    Park of Keir After the appeal being allowed by the Minister, the next stage will be a
    detailed application which the community council will need to review.


    Hillside The community council agreed with the Chairman to object to the new
    application, as the benefits of the original application with bungalows have now been
    lost. Bridget Clark commented that there is now no reference to the importance of
    core paths for Active Travel. The original application had a very good report from
    the Access Officer, which highlighted the need to upgrade drainage and surfaces and
    access to cycle paths to Bridge of Allan. She wanted confirmation that this will be
    taken into account, and Active Travel legislation will be followed. The Chairman
    stated that he will support any objection she submits.


    Victoria Park - Miller Homes The Chairman commented that the Travel Plan
    associated with this development was not well drawn up and he has pressed the
    Council to make sure that this is addressed in future planning applications. The
    planned bus stop should be installed shortly. (Post meeting note: it has now been
    installed and is operational.) Bridget Clark, referencing Active Travel considerations,
    commented that there are no dropped kerbs at Victoria Park and trees have been
    planted on the path.


    Wider development proposals A PAN (Proposal of Application Notice) has been
    issued for a proposal for a gardening centre, restaurant, craft shop and rural larder,
    filling station, EV chargers and a town parcels hub, at Ladies Mount near the Queen
    Victoria School.


    There is a renewal of an application for a bungalow at Kippendavie, and the
    Chairman is going to have a look at this as it is a development in the Green Belt.
    Sharon Mylchreest was concerned about the loss of old trees on the site and she
    agreed to draft a response. Action: Sharon Mylchreest.


  9. Treasurer's Report: See attached.

    The Treasurer agreed to separate out the SSE Community Fund Resilient Fund from
    the accounts to clarify expenditure, and expected expenses.


  10. Correspondence Report: See attached.


  11. Dunblane Development Trust Report

    The Secretary reported on the recent meeting of the DDT at which reports were given
    from the Burgh Chambers Group, the Fund-raising Group, the Dementia Friendly
    Dunblane Group and the Dunblane Town Centre Development Group (DTCDG).
    There is a proposal to instal a community gym at the Dunblane Centre. The DDT is
    also investigating how to run "blended" meetings.


    Andy Mitchell suggested that the responsibility of the community noticeboard
    outside Bennetts the butcher be passed to the DTCDG and the Secretary agreed to
    pass on this request. Action: The Secretary. He reported that the DTCDG is taking
    over responsibility of the electronic noticeboard at the station.


  12. Report of other meetings

    The Chairman has met with Scottish Water to express concerns over traffic
    management during the ongoing works (see Minutes, June 2021). The Secretary
    commented that residents outwith the immediate area do not receive information
    about the changes to traffic management and Scottish Water should publicise these
    better. Councillor Tollemache reported that things have improved with monthly
    meetings with Scottish Water but stressed the importance of good communication.
    The Chairman tried unsuccessfully to get parking in George Street suspended, with
    the Council allowing residents to park for free in the lower Tesco car park in order
    to ease congestion.


  13. Elected Members' Reports

    Councillor Tollemache has received a briefing note from Steve MacDonald (Service
    Manager, Economic Growth, Culture, Tourism and Events, Stirling Council) with an
    update on the discussions to extend the City Fibre Network. He has already
    circulated this as it proposes that the network be extended to another 9,000
    premises, including Dunblane. This is still at the discussion stage, and Councillor
    Houston reported that the Council has to apply to a Government fund but stressed
    the importance of Dunblane being covered.


    Councillors Tollemache and Houston have been contacted by residents complaining
    of an increase in noise from a bridge over the A9, and reported that Transport
    Scotland is going to investigate whether it needs repairing


  14. AOCB

    The Chairman and Secretary are involved in discussions over what should be
    included in the Common Good Fund.


    A discussion arose over the planning of the Stirling Marathon, due to come through
    Dunblane on 15 May and the Chairman stressed that the Council needs to publicise
    its plans. In previous years, residents have been unhappy about roads being closed
    for many hours. It was also noted that the Dunblane Road Race will take place on 29


    The Treasurer has received a request from a community member proposing that the
    20 mph limit be extended to Perth Road and asked how the existing plan can be
    extended to include this. Councillor Tollemache has already raised this with Council
    Officers. The Secretary suggested it be added to the Spaces for People survey.


    It was noted that Council elections will be held in May.


    With reference to the sundial which has been bequeathed to the town (see Minutes
    December 2021), Sharon Mylchreest expressed her disquiet at the proposal it be
    erected at the Memorial Garden at the Fourways roundabout. It was agreed that the
    children's memorial garden was an inappropriate and possibly insensitive site and
    that the original proposal to have it erected at the Laighhills would be better.
    Councillor Houston agreed to take this up with Council officers. Action: Councillor


  15. Date, time and place of next meeting

The next meeting of the Dunblane Community Council will take place on Wednesday,
2 March, 2021, by Zoom.


The meeting ended at 9.40 p.m.


This is a true representation of the meeting.


David Prescott ………………………………………………. Date ……………………………



Alan Booth ……………………………………………………. Date …………………………….



Dunblane Community Council

Additional Paper for Zoom Meeting - Wednesday 2nd February 2022

Agenda item 4


  1. Future of Burgh Chambers - Steve Mason
    Separate Paper - attached

  2. Defibrillators – update – Steve Mason


  3. Dunblane High School / DYPP project update / Newton School


  4. Cycle Routes and Active Travel including Living Streets


  5. Road and footway gritting - Chair


  6. A9 Safety AG


  7. Priority Budgeting


    Update meeting held on 20 January. Neither Library or Burgh Chambers external doors can be fitted with
    automatic door openers because of their size and locations. Help buttons will be provided to enable
    intending users to call staff for assistance. Other work will be to make the toilets more dementia friendly
    with colour tones and in the Burgh Chambers to make the space bigger. Work to be completed by 31 March
    otherwise it is lost back into the Council’s general funds. Chair/Secretary


  8. Cathedral Burial Ground – see attached Article on HES policy - AM


j) Action items - if not on the agenda – None


Agenda Item 6 Dunblane Station Booking Office opening hours – ScotRail proposed changes:

ScotRail are consulting on proposals to change the booking office opening hours

The changes are quite small: 06 40 – 13 00 instead of 07 40 – 14 32 Mondays to Saturday and as now not
open on Sunday. The supporting data shows only an average of 1 ticket sold after 13 00 but several before
the current official opening hours. This appears to be a sensible change to enable commuters to purchase
tickets, which we can support.


David Prescott Chair Dunblane Community Council 30 January 2022


Police Service of

Community Council Meeting





February 2022



PC 163 Barclay





Introduction / synopsis of previous month:


This report should provide sufficient information regarding police activity since the last
community council meeting. If you have any further questions about the police report or any
incidents that you are aware of that are not included in this report then please email us direct
on the above email address and we will answer your questions.


If anyone has any information on any incidents that we have been unable to identify a
suspect then please let us know by email, 101 or by contacting Crime stoppers.


The report encompasses all relevant crime and matters of note which have occurred
between the 1st December 2021 and 30th January 2022 inclusive.


Please note police will not be participating in the meeting.



Our current priorities in the Dunblane area continue to be Anti-Social Behaviour,
Housebreakings, Road Safety and Community Engagement and Reassurance.

Current Priorities:





Main Report:


Between the 1st December 2021 and 30th January 2022 a total of 27 crimes occurred within
the Dunblane area. The crimes detailed below are those that are of relevance to the local



There has been 2 crimes recorded in relation to vandalism over the stated period.
One of the incidents reported relates to a fence that was damaged on Craigton Farm,

Dunblane whereby a 10ft section of fence has been cut at some point on the 10/01/2022.
Enquires into this incident are currently ongoing at this time.


In the other reported vandalism a suspect was identified for this incident and a report will be
submitted to the Procurator Fiscal.




None reported.




There has been 3 crimes recorded in relation to crimes of violence over the stated period.


Two of the assaults reported were isolated incidents and had no impact on the wider


Of note enquires are currently ongoing in relation to an incident which occurred In the early
hours of Christmas Day whereby two members of the public were assaulted by a male
suspect whilst walking up the path between Springfield Terrace and George Street,
Dunblane. Enquiries into this incident are ongoing at this time.




Over the stated period there has been 14 crimes recorded in relation to crimes of dishonesty.


7 of the crimes recorded relate to fraud/attempted fraud. Of note Police are currently
investigating a number of reported frauds/attempted frauds which have recently been
reported to police by residents in the Dunblane/Bridge of Allan area whereby elderly
residents have been contacted by telephone by persons claiming to be from the bank. They
have then advised that their bank accounts have been compromised.


On occasion fraudsters after gaining the victims trust have arrived at properties and obtained
monies or duped their victims into attending at the bank to lift or transfer money with the
intention of the money being passed over to them or deposited into a fraudster’s bank


The individuals involved are professional and advise their victims not to disclose to banking

staff or family members why they are either lifting large sums of money or attempting to
deposit large sums of money into other accounts.




The fraudsters are often working as part of a team, some making phone calls claiming to be
from the bank and others arriving at properties during an arranged follow up visit claiming to
represent the bank or police.


Please note that police and banking staff will NEVER call you via telephone and ask for your
bank details. If you ever receive a call from an individual claiming to represent the bank and
intimating that your account has been hacked or financially compromised ask for their details
including name, telephone number, position and organisation they claim to represent.


Do NOT call these individuals back on numbers provided by them nor allow them to access
your bank account online.


Do NOT accept a home visit following a phone call such as that detailed above.


If someone arrives at your door following a phone call such as this Do NOT under any
circumstances allow them access to your property.


Ask them to remain outside until you carry out your own checks (again Do NOT call any
numbers provided to you), secure your door and call the police and/or your bank.


Do NOT be coerced, pressurised or persuaded into allowing these individuals into your


Alternatively attend at your bank in person or have a trusted family member do this on your
behalf and make enquiries with your bank providing ALL relevant information to them. Do
NOT hold information back.


Again Do NOT allow someone you don’t know to accompany you to the bank.


Please do not hesitate to contact police should you have any concerns – we are here to help
you as is your bank.


Enquiries into the above incidents are currently ongoing at this time.


Between the 22/01/2022 and the 24/01/2022 a pedal cycle was stolen from outside an
address in Chisholm Avenue Dunblane. Enquiries into this incident are ongoing at this time.


Local officers are also carrying out enquiries into two incidents whereby an individual has
attempted to gain entry to the vehicles parked in Smithy Loan (occurred on the 24/0/1/2022)
and Drummond Rise (occurred between 03/12/2021 and 05/12/2021). Both vehicles were
secure and the individual responsible has been unable to gain access to the vehicles.

Enquiries into both these incidents are ongoing.


Local officers are also investigating the theft of lead from the roof of the library and St Blanes
Church on High Street, Dunblane. Given their proximity to each other both incidents are
believed to be linked. It is believed that these incidents have occurred at some point
overnight between Wednesday 26th January and Thursday 27th January 2022. Should
anyone have any information in relation to either incident Police can be contacted on 101
quoting the following reference PS-20220129-4344 refers.


Local officers would like to remind residents of the importance of ensuring that their
properties and personal belongings are kept secure at all times and would ask local
residents in these areas to remain vigilant and to report anyone seen acting suspiciously by
contacting 101 or crime stoppers on 0800555111. Contact can also be made to local officers
by emailing the community mailbox however please be advised that this mailbox is NOT
monitored 24/7.




There has been 3 crimes recorded in relation to road traffic matters over the stated period.


Each of these enquiries relates to incidents whereby drivers have failed to stop and failed to
report a road accident.


Over the last couple of months local officers have deployed the pop up officers in various
locations on Perth Road and Doune Road and have also carried out speed checks on Perth
Road Dunblane.


Local officers have also carried out cycle patrols outside Dunblane Primary school in relation
to reports of inconsiderate parking and causing unnecessary obstructions during drop off
and pick up times.




Between the 1st December 2021 and 30th January 2022 there was a total of 236 calls to the
Dunblane area. A breakdown of some of the calls are as follows: 8 public nuisance calls, 3
disturbance type calls, 1 drugs/substance related call, 6 noise related calls, 4 neighbour
dispute call, 8 theft related calls, 3 assault calls, 2 damage calls, 4 suspect person calls,
12 missing person type call/concern for person calls and 57 road traffic related calls.



Mobile patrols carried out around primary schools in the catchment area as above.
HHR checks carried out on Perth Road, Dunblane as above.

In light of recent reported frauds, Police (Community Safety Department officers) have
attended at the local bank and offered advice and reassurance to members of the
public in relation to crime prevention. CPT officers have also where and when possible
been engaging with elderly members of the public and raising awareness of the issue
and providing appropriate advice to negate them being the victims of Fraud.

Community engagement and reassurance:




  • Patrol hotspot areas in which ASB is an issue.

  • Hand held radar to be carried out (Please advise of any areas you wish to carry out checks of)

Activity for forthcoming month:


Any issues raised at Community Council meeting:


Planning Report - Major Issues – to end November 2021

Glassingall – Proposal of Application Notice – Demolition and fire at Glassingall House.

Nothing further to report.

Park of Keir - Section 75 Processes.

Minister decided to allow the appeal. There was no new justification and no new evidence to support his
decision. The next stage will be a detailed application or Matters Subject to Conditions application which
will be a big piece of work to review.

Firs of Kinbuck 19/00243/PPP

The rejected applicant appealed. 14 days were allowed for our response opposing the appeal. A
comprehensive rejection of their case (which did not present anything new) has been submitted. A number
of other submissions have been made against allowing the appeal. The appellant has a right to reply which
is running now.

One of the conditions required by Stirling Council (should it be approved at appeal) is a pedestrian crossing
approved by Transport Scotland – noting the TS approved option.

Reporter’s decision is due in March.

Douglas Place/Hillside 21/01072/FUL

Dandara have submitted a new detailed application for 18 houses with access, landscaping and associated
works as an amendment to planning approval 19/00332/FUL. This has replaced the bungalows with houses.
There is a mix of houses including some that hopefully will offer affordable family housing).

As this site if included in the LDP for housing it will be approved.
Draft response for discussion (attached).

See below an extract from an email from Chris White the new Dandara Land and Planning Manager, received
on 9 December 2021:

“Our new product range does not include bungalows, so these are not included in the revised proposal for
the 18-unit site.

As part of our promotion of part of the wider site for housing through the next LDP though, which we intend
to support with market research for the area, we would look to include a requirement for bungalows to
come forward as part of a new larger allocation for the area, instead. We appreciate this would not come
forward in the short-term, but a larger LDP allocation on the wider site would allow us to propose a greater
number of bungalow, which we would potentially look to bring forward with a development partner.”


Victoria Park – Miller Homes

Following a query from a resident Stirling Council will be creating a bus stop on the northbound carriageway
opposite the QV School wall. The Planning Condition only required Millers to provide a design, but not
funding to instal it

The poor quality of the Travel Plan has been the subject of on-going correspondence – It is factually incorrect
and pretty much useless. Moreover it should be available to all prospective purchasers not after they have
all moved in, which is way too late.

That Stirling Council seem to accept these poor quality Travel Plans is a concern that, with their declared
Climate Emergency, needs to be urgently addressed. Currently they are no more than “Greenwash”.



Wider development proposals

PAN has been issued for a proposal for George Morrisons Garden Centre to move to the Ladies Mount field
with a restaurant, craft shop and rural larder. Also included are a local filling station and EV charging facility
with the potential for a town parcels hub where parcels are transferred to local eco delivery vehicles for the
final delivery in the town.

The PAN is not strictly required by the Planning regulations but gives the community the opportunity to
make comments before the formal planning application and will give DCC the chance to gauge the views in
the community.

This course of action is the result of dialogue between DCC reps and the landowner.


David Prescott 30 January 2022



Dunblane Community Council

Treasurer’s Report



DCC account



Total Account balance last report

End Nov





















DCC Minutes Dec








Remaining balance by fund




DCC administration




Project fund




SSE Fund




Community view fund




Total Balance





Balance in Bank account £11,520.48



  1. Accounts for 21/22 account now reviewed and approved.

  2. No meeting in July or Jan 22

  3. DCC admin grant paid in Oct.


Chris Toop



Administration funding can be used towards:

  • Hall/Meeting Room Hire

  • Photocopying

  • Postages

  • Production of Community Council’s own newsletter or reasonable financial contribution to other forms
    of communication within the community

  • Design or maintenance of Community Council’s own website

  • Involving local people in local decision making (eg surveys or consultations on local issues)

  • Participation in local and area Community Planning (eg any administration costs incurred by the
    Community Council becoming involved in community planning processes)

  • Developing links with other local groups (eg costs incurred from joint working with organisations such
    as the local history society, pathways/environment groups, young people, minority groups, etc)

  • Additional insurance required

  • General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) registration fee

  • Community Councillor expenses


The Administration Grant is not provided to cover honoraria, donations or gifts; no part of the Grant should be
passed to any other organisation/individual except in payment of goods or services received.

If the Administration Grant, and Minute Grant where applicable, has not been spent in full, on permitted
costs, by the end of the financial year your Community Council may be asked to repay their underspend
or the following year’s grant may be reduced.


Community Councils are required to operate within the terms of the Scheme for Establishment, Constitution,
Standing Orders and Code of Conduct. Failure to do so could result in future admin funding being withheld.