Jul 2022 Minutes

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Alan Booth Secretary

Woodlea, Perth Road Dunblane

FK15 0BU

Tel: 01786824791

Ailsa Gray

Chair Old Glassingall

Dunblane FK15 0JG

Tel: 07775313038


Minutes of the meeting of the Dunblane Community Council held on Wednesday, 6 July, 2022, at 7 p.m. via Zoom.


Present: Terence O’Byrne (Acting Chair), Alan Booth (Secretary), David Prescott, Andy Mitchell, Karen Jenkins, Annelise Bakri, Stewart Corbett.

In attendance: Steve Mason, Susan Mitchell, Bridget Clark, Councillors Graham Houston and Douglas Dodds, Margaret Bragg (Minutes Secretary).

1. Apologies

Apologies have been received from Councillors Ewan Dillon and Alasdair Tollemache, James Byrne, Sharon Mylchreest, Ailsa Gray and Chris Toop.

2. Chair’s Remarks

In the absence of the Chair, Ailsa Gray, it was agreed that Terence O’Byrne would chair this meeting. There are no conflicts of interest and no Press attendance. The Secretary agreed to contact the local Press with information of future meetings.

3. Approval of minutes of 1 June 2022

These were approved, proposed by Alan Booth and seconded by David Prescott.

4. New members' roles and future direction of the Community Council

Stewart Corbett has agreed to take over as Treasurer from the next meeting and he will liaise with Chris Toop before then.

Terence O'Byrne has agreed to take over as Planning Correspondent and will be liaising with Alan Booth and David Prescott. David Prescott will maintain an interest in Park of Keir and will provide a continuity link with Terence O'Byrne in the upcoming work for the Local Development Plan.


Annelise Bakri is interested in cycling and communications. Andy Mitchell at present posts updates on Twitter and uploads the Minutes to the Dunblane website while Karen Jenkins updates the Facebook page. The Secretary reported that both Annelise Bakri and Ailsa Gray are interested in the prospect of a community newsletter and it would be worthwhile pursuing this idea, funded both by advertising and by sales of copies. In the first instance it was agreed to contact The Wire, the local free drop magazine, to find out if it were possible to have a free page in it.

The Secretary noted that the three new co-opted members will become full members after three meetings, at which point more co-opted members could be admitted. A previous councillor, Anna Jarchow-MacDonald, has expressed an interest in returning.

A request from the Dunblane Development Trust has been received for another representative from the community council to sit on the Windfarm Grant Committee, as Craig French has stepped down. The Secretary asked for expressions of interest before the next meeting of the community council.

5. Standing items from previous meetings

Scottish Water works Terence O'Byrne reported that the roundabout has been reinstated. Work on Springfield Terrace should start on 18 July, with traffic being diverted up Hillside and along George Street. Councillor Houston agreed to find out when work on the cycle lanes will start. Action: Councillor Houston.


Cycle lanes and Active Travel Susan Mitchell confirmed that the buffer zones beside parked cars on the B8033 will be resurfaced with non-slip paint. Cyclists will use the main carriageway when the cycle lane markings are removed. Councillor Houston said that cyclists will be advised to ride in the middle of the carriageway and there will not be room for overtaking vehicles. The 20 mph limit will remain. David Prescott warned that there might be a backlash from car drivers on encountering cyclists in the middle of the carriageway, especially going uphill where cycling speeds are low. Susan Mitchell said the problem with cycle lanes was that it encouraged cyclists to ride too close to parked cars with the risk of car doors opening, while car drivers assume all cyclists will be in the cycle lanes. David Prescott felt that all markings should be removed from the B8033 and a solution should be worked through from a clean slate. As most cars are parked there by commuters, it did not make sense to have buffer zones for opening doors when the cars are not being moved frequently.

Bridget Clark reminded the meeting that this would be a temporary solution only until the off-road segregated cycle route between Dunblane and Bridge of Allan is in place. The latter has achieved higher priority now and it is hoped it will receive the funding necessary (between £2 and £3 million) through the City Region Deal. Angela Simpson (City Region Deal Active Travel Project Manager, Stirling Council) is hopeful that consultation will commence by 2024.


Bridget Clark raised the issue of the steps and path up to Argyle Way (see last month's minutes) but Councillor Houston repeated that Scottish Water will carry out reinstatement only on a like-for-like basis and has made slight improvements at their own expense. Bridget Clark felt that, as work is being done, this is a missed opportunity to make the path easier for cyclists and walkers. Terence O'Byrne agreed to have a look at the steps. Action: Terence O'Byrne.


Susan Mitchell reported that the deteriorating surface of the road from Auchinlay Road to Kinbuck is causing difficulties for cyclists.

Burgh Chambers project Steve Mason will give a fuller report at the next meeting of the community council. He thanked the community council for providing funding for the Digital Makerspace and also confirmed that the Council has responded positively to this use of the building. Insurance is now in place, equipment has been purchased and seven volunteers are ready to help. He has had two constructive meetings with the High School, with the possibility of pupils coming outwith school hours to begin with and progressing towards attending as part of timetabled schooling during the day. He recognised it would take a few months to get everything sorted out, although he hoped to organise an opening shortly. He invited the new community councillors to contact him for a tour of the Burgh Chambers.

Roadway and pathway gritting Terence O'Byrne, and Councillors Alasdair Tollemache and Ewan Dillon are going to meet the new Senior Manager and Manager in the Roads Department on 28 July and will report back at the next meeting of the community council. Terence O’Byrne reported that, after heavy rain, some gullies on the B8033 were blocked. These same gullies have been blocked for many years and will be discussed again at the meeting on 28 July. An audit of grit bins was completed last October to ascertain if their size and location were suitable.

Defibrillators Steve Mason reported that a map of the locations of defibrillators is on the Dunblane website. Apart from three, all of the defibrillators have long-term funding. The Rotary Club of Dunblane and Bridge of Allan has paid for the pads to be replaced on the remaining three machines, allowing more time to secure funding. Susan Mitchell was joined by the community council in thanking Steve Mason for his efforts.

Cathedral Burial Ground Andy Mitchell reported that there has been no progress with Historic Environment Scotland and agreed to contact them again for an update. The fencing has been up for nearly two years and it was felt that the search for descendants has not been publicised enough locally or nationally. Action: Andy Mitchell.


6. Planning Report

The Secretary will discuss with Terence O'Byrne and David Prescott the need for an Environmental Impact Assessment on a proposed housing development on the Kippendavie Estate. As this potentially would increase traffic accessing the A9, David Prescott and Terence O'Byrne will discuss this further with Ailsa Gray. Action: Terence O’Byrne, David Prescott, the Secretary and Ailsa Gray.


Terence O'Byrne agreed to look at the application for a cottage and garage at The Crescent.

Councillor Houston noted that the Reporter has rejected the appeal by the developer of the proposed development at Firs of Kinbuck.

Local Development Plan It was agreed to request that a Stirling Council officer attend a future meeting to explain how this is developed and how the Council is going to involve the local community. Steve Mason noted that there is a lot of guidance provided by the Scottish Government in drawing up Local Place Plans which have to be taken account of when LDPs are formulated. Local communities will have a bigger say in their future but this is a big issue which needs to be handled in a manageable and focussed way. Terence O'Byrne and David Prescott agreed to discuss this further. Action: Terence O'Byrne and David Prescott.


7. Treasurer's Report: This is not available.

8. Correspondence Report: This has been circulated.

Councillor Houston confirmed that the next phase of the broadband City Fibre rollout will include Dunblane but will go ahead only when funding is available. He stressed how important this is for Dunblane.

With reference to the review of waste bin collections, Terence O'Byrne asked the Secretary to contact Councillor Dillon to find out how the community council could have an input into it, with a response hopefully before the next meeting. Action: The Secretary.


With reference to the Dunblane Library Community Development Group meeting on 14 July, it was agreed that Bridget Clark will attend on behalf of the community council. The Secretary agreed to ask Angela Seaton (Community Library Officer) for further information. He also agreed to ask Graham Mowat to attend (see last month's Minutes) as the Library is a potential venue for future community council meetings. Action: The Secretary.


9. Dunblane Development Trust Report

The Secretary agreed to circulate notes on the meetings of the Town Centre Group.

Action: The Secretary.


10. AOCB

Update on closure of Bank of Scotland Dunblane branch The branch will close this week, and there has been no public meeting.

Tesco Community Grants The Secretary reported that the community council has bid for funding for the community orchards. Once that has expired, a different bid could be submitted.

Newton Playpark Donna Mills (Land Services, Stirling Council) organised a meeting with local groups to look at the new equipment and the regime of grass cutting.


Laighhills There are ongoing problems with drainage of the upper football pitch and the contractor has not reseeded the area to the agreed schedule, causing difficulties for the Cricket Club. Both the Cricket Club and the Soccer Club have raised the idea of improving the changing rooms in the Laighhills so they could be used, especially in view of the hundreds of young people involved in the Soccer Club.

Braemar Playpark Susan Mitchell reported that three species of orchids have been found there.

The damage to the "totem pole" opposite the Riverside has been reported to the Council by Councillor Tollemache.

11. Date, time and place of next meeting

The next meeting of the Dunblane Community Council will take place on Wednesday, 3 August 2022, at 7 p.m. in the Library.

The meeting ended at 8.30 p.m.

This is a true representation of the meeting.

Terence O’Byrne …………………………………………………. Date…………………………. Acting Chair

Alan Booth ………………………………………………………… Date ……………………… Secretary