May 2022 Minutes

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Alan Booth Secretary

Woodlea, Perth Road Dunblane

FK15 0BU

Tel: 01786824791

David Prescott

Chair Broomfield Smithy Loan FK15 0HQ

Tel: 01786 822848


Minutes of the meeting of the Dunblane Community Council held on Wednesday, 4 May, 2022, at 7 p.m. via Zoom.


Present: Ailsa Gray (Acting Chair), Alan Booth (Secretary), Karen Jenkins, Andy Mitchell, Rosemary Hunter, Fiona Plumtree.

In attendance: Councillor Graham Houston, Bridget Clark, Margaret Bragg (Minutes Secretary).

1. Apologies

Apologies have been received from David Prescott (Chairman), Sharon Mylchreest, Chris Toop (Treasurer), and Councillors Douglas Dodds and Alasdair Tollemache.

2. Chairman's Remarks

It was agreed that Ailsa Gray would act as interim Chair for this meeting, in the absence of David Prescott. There are no conflicts of interest or Press attendance. This meeting is held via Zoom under Stirling Council's revised Amendments to the Community Council Establishment arrangements.

3. Approval of minutes of 6 April 2022

These were approved, proposed by Alan Booth and seconded by Andy Mitchell.

4. Standing items from previous meetings

Future of the Burgh Chambers An update from Steve Mason indicated that discussions were under way with the High School and that its website Is now operational: Fiona Plumtree is going to contact Steve Mason with information about an already existing Makerspace.


Defibrillators in Dunblane An update from Steve Mason indicated that three machines do not have long-term funding, although the local Rotary Club is willing to replace pads in the short term.

Dunblane High School/Dunblane Young People’s Project Update Rosemary Hunter confirmed that there is provision to continue the garden project.

Scottish Water works An update was circulated and publicised on the Dunblane website. Karen Jenkins reiterated the concern of residents over car parking when the work starts in George Street. Despite requests by the community council and local members, Stirling Council has refused to allow residents' cars to be parked free of charge in the lower Tesco car park for the eight weeks while work is being carried out. Councillor Houston agreed to go back to Scottish Water and ask them to refund the Council for the loss of income if cars park in the Tesco car park. Action: Councillor Houston.


Bridget Clark suggested that when Scottish Water reinstates the footpath from the Church of the Holy Family up to Argyle Way, this would be a good opportunity to restore it to its original width and to improve the steps; this would be a good Active Travel route. It had been graded and maintained in the past. The Secretary suggested that Bridget Clark contact the Access Officer at the Council on behalf of the community council to find out what sort of reinstatement was going to take place and she agreed to do this. Action: Bridget Clark.


Safety on the A9 north of Dunblane Ailsa Gray reported that a further serious accident took place on 17 April and traffic was rerouted through Dunblane for several hours. David Prescott wrote to the Reporter informing them of this but was informed that the submission was too late to be accepted. The Reporter's decision is still awaited.

Cycle routes and Active Travel Bridget Clark commented that there will be no progress on the B8033 until the Scottish Water works are completed. She confirmed that there will be a smooth surface on the buffer strip which will not become slippery when wet. The ideal solution will be if the off-road route from the Fourways roundabout to Bridge of Allan opens at some future date.

Cathedral Burial Ground Andy Mitchell stated that there has been no progress and complained that Historic Environment Scotland has not publicised the search for descendants whose family gravestones are unsafe or in need of repair.

5. Future meetings

Guidance has been received from Stirling Council on the return to live and blended meetings. It is important that meetings are open to as many members of the public as possible and a discussion arose over the equipment needed. However, councillors felt that most people would want to turn up in person and, therefore, they should concentrate on returning to live meetings, while also being able to broadcast the meeting live for anyone who wants to participate. It was agreed that the Secretary will contact Steve Mason to enquire if the Burgh Chambers was available for the next meeting on 1 June. He also agreed to publicise that the Annual


General Meeting of the community council will be held immediately before the main meeting. Action: The Secretary.




6. Closure of Bank of Scotland branch

It was noted that David Prescott has sent letters, as minuted last month, and that Councillor Tollemache has organised a petition. Councillor Houston had received a response from the Bank that they are not prepared to revisit their original decision. It was noted that similar attempts by other communities to preserve their local banks had almost without exception been unsuccessful.

Rosemary Hunter suggested that the Bank could be asked to hand over the building for community use and a community body could register an interest under the Right to Buy legislation. A discussion arose over the setting up of a Community Interest Company (CIC) and Ailsa Gray agreed to look into the process of how this could be achieved. Action: Ailsa Gray. Doubts were expressed that the Burgh Chambers Group (Creative Dunblane) and the Dunblane Development Trust would be interested in such a project as they were very busy with other projects.

It was noted that the Post Office provides only basic banking services and concerns were expressed over queues forming there, especially when businesses pay in their cash takings. The Royal Bank of Scotland's mobile unit visits Dunblane weekly. Rosemary Hunter suggested that all the banks work together to provide a "banking hub" in one location in the town and that such a banking hub had been trialled in the Borders.

Councillor Houston summarised that (a) the idea of a banking hub, and (b) a community buyout and transfer of the building, should be pursued.

7. Police Report: See attached.

The Secretary agreed to ask if there were any common issues in the traffic-related calls received by the Police. Action: The Secretary.


8. Planning Report: See attached.

Ailsa Gray reported that, with reference to Glassingall, there was potentially another court case.

9. Treasurer's Report: See attached.

It was noted that the Treasurer is standing down at the AGM next month.

10. Correspondence Report: See attached.

11. Dunblane Development Trust Report

The Secretary reported that the DDT is looking for new trustees and needs more people to cover its many projects.

12. Report of other meetings: There was none.


13. Elected Member Report

Councillor Houston reminded councillors to vote in the Council elections the next day.

14. AOCB

Councillors were reminded that the Chairman and Treasurer are going to step down at the AGM next month and that efforts should be made to publicise the vacancies. Action: The Secretary.



15. Date, time and place of next meeting

The next meeting of the Dunblane Community Council will be held on Wednesday, 1 June, 2022, at 7.15 p.m. preceded by the Annual General Meeting. It is hoped that this will be a live meeting, in the Burgh Chambers.

The meeting ended at 8.10 p.m.

This is a true representation of the meeting.

Ailsa Gray …………………………………………………….. Date …………………………… Acting Chair

Alan Booth …………………………………………………….. Date …………………………….. Secretary


Dunblane Community Council

Additional Paper for Zoom Meeting - Wednesday 4th May 2022


Agenda item 4


a) Burgh Chambers Project Three of the Creative Dunblane Team met recently with staff from Dunblane High School and discussed ways of working together to provide opportunities for pupils in the School's 'Skills Programme'. They are hoping that a couple of older pupils might be interested in joining our team of volunteers. Website is now operational


The DCC funding, has helped in securing funding from the Dunblane BID’s skills4life project.


b) Defibrillators 3 defibs still have an uncertain financial future but, thanks for funding from the local Rotary Club, the pads will be replaced as they all run out soon. This gives time to find longer term funding solutions.


The defibrillator at Riverside Restaurant was used recently. TS&R has provided a replacement defib while the owner gets replacement pads.


c) Dunblane High School / DYPP project update


d) Road and footway gritting (No report – nothing happened), Scottish Water work progressing slowly New update issued and circulated on 29 April 2022

e) A9 Safety – Discussion on Paper re TS comments to DPEA - AG

f) Cycle Routes and Active Travel including Living Streets


g) Cathedral Burial Ground – AM


h) Action items - if not on the agenda – None



David Prescott Chair Dunblane Community Council 30 April 2022


Dunblane Community Council

Planning Report - Major Issues – to end April 2022

Glassingall – Proposal of Application Notice – Demolition and fire at Glassingall House.

Nothing further to report other than excellent coverage in the Stirling Observer on the Court Case and £740 fine on the contractor. This still has some distance to run with David Kerr the demolition contractor said to being sued by the Glassingall Estate for demolishing the house.

Park of Keir – Next Stages.

No change – no sign of next application yet.

Firs of Kinbuck 19/00243/PPP

Reporter’s decision is due in March, but not delivered, and has raised questions about the road safety aspects of the site. Response discussed under A9 safety.

Douglas Place/Hillside 21/01072/FUL

Objection submitted

Blairforkie (Bridge of Allan) 22/00042/FUL

Objection submitted

Land at Lecropt – release for Section 75 restriction 22/00069/DOM

Objection submitted – but the indications are that Council officers are going to agree the request. If this happens it greatly weakens the protection and further undermines trust and confidence in what is a deeply confrontational and adversarial system.

Victoria Park – Miller Homes

Pretty much complete

Bus stop now in place – with notice case now fitted

Travel Plan – Councillors Houston and Tollemache are taking this forward as a wider issue Play park in good use

No further need to report

Wider development proposals

No further information

David Prescott 30 April 2022







Police Service of Scotland

Community Council Meeting

Community Council:



May 2022

Officer completing:

PC 163 Ross Barclay

Email address:

Introduction / synopsis of previous month:

This report should provide sufficient information regarding police activity since the last community council meeting. If you have any further questions about the police report or any incidents that you are aware of that are not included in this report then please email us direct on the above email address and we will answer your questions.

If anyone has any information on any incidents that we have been unable to identify a suspect then please let us know by email, 101 or by contacting Crime stoppers.

The report encompasses all relevant crime and matters of note which have occurred between the 4th April and 3rd May 2022 inclusive.

Please note police are not on duty at the time of the meeting and will not be participating.


Current Priorities:

Our current priorities in the Dunblane area continue to be Anti-Social Behaviour, Housebreakings, Road Safety and Community Engagement and Reassurance.


Main Report:

Between the 4th April 2022 and 3rd May 2022, a total of 7 crimes occurred within the Dunblane area. The crimes detailed below are those that are of relevance to the local community.


On Sunday 17th April 2022 various areas around the Laighhills and Barbush estate were sprayed with sectarian graffiti. Two individuals were subsequently traced and charged in relation to this incident.

At some point between the 13th and 17th April 2022 two vehicles parked in close proximity to each other were damaged in Kilbryde Crescent, Dunblane. Both incidents are believed to be linked and at this time damage to both vehicles is currently being treated as vandalism. Enquiries into this incident are ongoing at this time. Police call card PS-20220417-2719 refers.

On the 3rd May 2022 Police received a report that a small section of yellow and blue bunting which had been hung over the railings outside Dunblane Cathedral had been burned at some point between the 30th April and 2nd May. Enquiries into this incident are currently ongoing. Police call card PS-20220503-1102 refers to this incident.


None reported


None reported.


On the 10th April 2022 a theft of fuel took place at the Balhaldie service station, A9, Dunblane. Enquiries into this incident are ongoing at this time.

Police are currently carrying out enquiries in relation to a fraudulent scheme which occurred around the 4th April 2022 whereby a local resident has answered a call on their home telephone to an automated message claiming to be the Bank of Scotland Fraud department regarding suspicious activity on their account. The victim has thereafter selected one of the options on the automated message and has been put though to a male claiming to work for the Bank of Scotland fraud team. The victim has thereafter been coerced into parting with a four figure sum. Enquiries into this incident are currently ongoing.


None reported



Between the 4th April 2022 and 3rd May 2022 there has been a total of 138 calls to the Dunblane area. A breakdown of some of the calls are as follows: 4 public nuisance calls, 0 drug related calls, 2 disturbance type calls, 0 domestic incident type calls, 4 noise related calls, 4 neighbour dispute calls, 4 theft related calls, 1 assault calls, 3 damage calls, 6 concern for person type calls and 32 road traffic related calls.

Fuel Theft Guidance

Officers have been asked to share crime prevention advice to combat fuel thefts from domestic and commercial tanks. Please find below some tips to avoid becoming a victim of such a crime:

ü Locate your tank in a safe location remembering that many thieves use Google Maps to find satellite images of fuel tanks.

ü Consider locating your tank behind a garage or shed and away from roads. Positioning it close to your business or home will ensure it’s in clear view.

ü Locate inside a security gate or cage with a good quality, robust fence or cage to make life difficult for thieves.

ü Install an alarm Consider fitting alarms to external gates surrounding your fuel tank or to the inside of a shed or outbuilding that is housing the tank.

ü Fit a fuel theft lock, thieves often come armed with tools so it’s worth investing in quality locks, locking fuel caps and anti-siphoning deterrents to slow down the criminals and reduce the likelihood of success. Locks with a CEN or BSEN 12320 Grade 6 classification indicate maximum security (Grade 1 is the least secure)

ü Install outdoor security lighting positioning your tank in the bright light is an effective solution worth considering. With the majority of thieves striking at night, installing automatic security lighting will help stop criminals from targeting your fuel tank.

ü Install CCTV cameras on your premises to dissuade anyone from targeting your tank as well as catch a thief in the act, providing the police with the evidence required to bring those to justice who choose to ignore the deterrent.

ü Put up signage to highlight the security measures you’ve installed can help deter those up to no good. These could include: Private property, keep out, Warning CCTV in operation, All vehicles are left with minimum fuel, Security patrols in operation, All vehicles fitted with security devices etc

Report any suspicious activity, or those involved, to Police Scotland by calling

101. If the theft is in progress and in an emergency, call 999.


Prevention Products to consider

The Oil Defender by Fuel Alarms Ltd – with SBD Accreditation (

Watchman Alarm | Oil Tank Alarm | Kingspan | Great Britain

Facebook / Twitter

We have been responding to a rising number of calls regarding thefts of fuel from domestic and commercial tanks.

There are a few simple precautions you can take to protect your fuel tank

ü Using lockable gates

ü Fitting a locking fuel cap or alarm

ü Install Security Lighting

ü Check tank levels regularly

Report any suspicious activity to Police Scotland by calling 101 or 999 in an emergency.

Prevention Products to consider

The Oil Defender by Fuel Alarms Ltd – with SBD Accreditation (

Watchman Alarm | Oil Tank Alarm | Kingspan | Great Britain


Community engagement and reassurance:


Activity for forthcoming month:

· Patrol hotspot areas in which ASB is an issue.

  • Carry out a Road Traffic Operation

· Carry out a Police Surgery – date and location to be determined.

Any issues raised at Community Council meeting: