Aug 2022 Minutes

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Alan Booth Secretary

Woodlea, Perth Road Dunblane

FK15 0BU

Tel: 01786824791

Ailsa Gray

Chair Old Glassingall

Dunblane FK15 0JG

Tel: 07775313038


Minutes of the Dunblane Community Council held on Wednesday, 7 September, 2022, in the Library, Dunblane, at 7 p.m. This is a "blended" meeting with some attendees joining via Zoom.


Present: Ailsa Gray (Chair), Alan Booth (Secretary), Terence O'Byrne, Graham Mowat, Karen Jenkins, Stewart Corbett, David Prescott, Andy Mitchell, Annelise Bakri. Joining by Zoom: Fiona Plumtree.

In attendance: Councillors Alasdair Tollemache and Ewan Dillon, Bridget Clark, Catherine McKay, Anna Jarchow-MacDonald, PC Ross Barclay, PC Paul Gilliland, members of the Kippendavie Owners and Residents Association: Allana Johnstone, Ross Tavendale and Andrew Sawers, and Margaret Bragg (Minutes Secretary). Joining by Zoom: David Mercer.

1. Apologies

Apologies have been received from Councillors Houston and Dodds, Chris Toop, Sharon Mylchreest and Craig French.

2. Chair's Remarks

The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting. There are no conflicts of interest and no Press attendance.

3. Co-option process and welcoming an associate member

It was agreed that Anna Jarchow-MacDonald be adopted as an associate member.

As Annelise Bakri can become a full member after this meeting, there will be an opportunity for the community council to co-opt new members. The Secretary will publicise that the community council is opening co-opting to the community of Dunblane. The submission date for all co-opting nominations forms to be returned


to the community council is 28 September and the voting for co-opting will take place at its scheduled meeting on 5 October.

4. Approval of minutes of 3 August 2022

Bridget Clark wished it clarified that, under agenda item 4 (Steps at Argyle Way), she was not advocating that the steps be removed but there should be an alternative route without steps. With this amendment, the minutes were approved, proposed by the Secretary and seconded by Terence O'Byrne.

5. Matters arising: See attached paper.

Steps at Argyle Way It was agreed to put this forward to the next meeting.

Cathedral Burial Ground Andy Mitchell has written to Historic Environment Scotland but has not yet received a reply.

Waste bin review Councillor Dillon confirmed that the consultation is focussing on the work force but he will try to push that community councils are included in the consultation, which should be concluded by January next year. Terence O'Byrne agreed to write to the Council to stress the importance of including community councils in the process. Action: Terence O'Byrne.


Burgh Chambers Councillor Tollemache confirmed that he is meeting with Graham Lyle (Service Manager, Stirling Council) to discuss the withdrawal of registration services from the Burgh Chambers. Annelise Bakri is going to attend this meeting as well. Graham Mowat reported that the recent Open Day on 27 August was well attended and 20 volunteers were recruited. It will also be open as part of Doors Open Day on 24 September. A timetable for when the building will be operational is being worked on.

Laighhills The Secretary had a walk round the Laighhills with various parties, including Donna Mills from Stirling Council, and reported that the cricket club wants to extend the area of the cricket pitch. Councillor Tollemache is going to discuss the needs of the football and cricket clubs with a senior officer in the Council and will report at the next meeting. Action: Councillor Tollemache.


Newton Playpark Bridget Clark reported that grants of up to £100,000 are available from the Ian Findlay Path Fund to improve paths. She is going to work with the Paths Group of the Dunblane Development Trust. She felt that muddy sections of paths in the Newton Playpark should be tarmacadamed to improve the Active Travel route to school.

Kinbuck Road and Auchinlay Road Councillor Tollemache reported that, in response to Stirling Council's refusal to reduce the speed limit on Kinbuck Road, he is in contact with some Kinbuck residents to take this forward. He is going to discuss this with the Chair and report at the next meeting. Action: Councillor Tollemache. The Council has agreed to consider Auchinlay Road becoming a walking/cycling/horse friendly road when budgets allow.


Kellie Wynd Representatives from the Kippendavie Owners and Residents Committee introduced themselves. In view of the proposed development (see last month's Minutes) they wanted to gauge the view of the community council. The Chair repeated the community council's stance that it objects to any development which is outwith the Local Development Plan. She also noted that a Local Place Plan (see Minutes August 2022) would address the needs of local communities before developments are proposed. It would also include consideration of such issues as sustainability, net zero targets and 20 minute communities. Two-thirds of communities in Stirling Council area have completed LPPs but these are within National Park boundaries and, thus, easier to formulate. Allana Johnstone stated that residents do not want the proposed development to have a negative impact on the area's amenities and volunteered to help with input into the LPP.

Housing shortfall Councillor Tollemache will contact the Chair about the paper from Planning Democracy she sent him. The Council has confirmed that the housing supply is adequate. However, it was reported that there are two different methods of calculating housing need, which results in uncertainty. In view of the fact that a Reporter has been appointed to determine the application at Blairforkie Drive, Bridge of Allan, the agreed housing need is important. The Chair agreed to discuss this further with Councillor Tollemache. Action: The Chair and Councillor Tollemache..


Scottish Water There is still a speed limit on George Street. However, there had been no severe traffic congestion at the start of the school term. Terence O'Byrne reported that Scottish Water does not think the work on Springfield Terrace will be completed until mid-October. It was agreed to discuss traffic problems at the High School at the next meeting of the community council.

Disabled toilets Terence O'Byrne reiterated that they are not fit for purpose and Councillor Tollemache has raised this issue with senior officers at the Council.

Train timetable Mark Ruskell MSP has been in contact with the Chair, who is going to discuss this further with David Prescott. Action: The Chair and David Prescott.


6. Standing items

Gullies and gritting Terence O'Byrne reported on a useful meeting and walk round he had with Roads Service Manager, Gary Neill. Since then, a recent rainstorm caused flooding at Claredon Place, where the new Scottish Water pipes are not yet connected, and Terence O'Byrne sent photos to Gary Neill, requesting that gullies be cleared in the area to reduce future flooding.

Terence O'Byrne is going to go over his previous report on winter maintenance and gritting in Dunblane and draw up a priority list to send to the Roads Manager.

David Prescott complained that Stirling Council has been told for years of the importance of keeping the gullies clear of leaves and litter but it has never got to grips with the problem. He stressed the need to build this into budgets and treat it as a high priority, especially as Dunblane is unique in having steep hills causing severe water run-offs. In response to a concern raised by Allana Johnstone that more housing at Kellie Wynd would cause the culvert there to be overwhelmed, David


Prescott reassured her that modern developments have to include Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems.

The Chair reported that there is a report from the Scottish Environment Protection Agency that surface water from Dunblane, entering the Allan Water, has an effect further downriver in Bridge of Allan. She agreed to send a copy of this to Terence O'Byrne. Action: The Chair.


Cycle routes and Active Travel Bridget Clark led a discussion on the lack of joined- up Active Travel routes and the lack of importance this is given by the Roads Department and the planners. She had tried to highlight this with reference to the proposed development at Hillside. She asked Councillor Dillon, who is on the Planning Committee, to look at including Baxter's Loan as part of an Active Travel plan. The Chair said that at present this is looked at on a development by development basis and Active Travel routes are thus fragmented. However, a Local Place Plan would overcome this by formulating an overall plan to link routes.

In reply to a query from Bridget Clark about the lack of a dropped kerb and the erection of barriers and a chicane which are in contravention of the Equalities Act 2010 and impossible for disabled people to negotiate, at Victoria Park, Councillor Tollemache reported he has raised this and is waiting for a reply. David Prescott criticised the weak enforcement of planning. Bridget Clark also reported that there is a similar situation at the High School where 40 metres of non-compliant fencing ended at a chicane which funnelled children on to the dropping-off roundabout. These barriers have been repaired at a cost of £10,000 but Bridget Clark felt strongly that they should be removed. The Chair suggested involving the High School and Councillor Tollemache is going to raise this with Council officers. Action: Councillor Tollemache.


Cathedral Burial Ground Andy Mitchell has sent a letter of complaint on behalf of the community council, countersigned by Councillors and local MP and MSPs, to Historic Environment Scotland but has not yet received a reply. There are other issues, such as the clock not working, the interior door taken away for repair and not returned, a wall needing repair and the cutting of opening hours. David Mercer has also written to the Press complaining on the lack of action by HES to tidy the site. He felt that more should be done to pressurise HES and Andy Mitchell reiterated that many attempts have been made by the community council over the last year with very little progress. David Mercer has also submitted a formal complaint to HES which could end up with getting the Public Services Ombudsman involved. He encouraged other members of the community to write to the Ombudsman and is going to publicise this on social media to increase public awareness. He is trying to engage with HES collaboratively before escalating the complaint. Councillor Tollemache has met with Joyce Kitching from HES to express the frustration of the public and received an email today confirming they are going to reply to the community council's letter. David Mercer agreed to keep the community council informed of any response he receives.

7. Planning updates: See attached.

Terence O'Byrne circulates the weekly planning schedule from the Council.


With reference to the retrospective application to remove signage and interior fittings at the Bank of Scotland building, Terence O'Byrne commented that this is a listed building and the Council has the right to go back to the BoS over this retrospective application. It showed a lack of respect for the community and he would be disappointed if the Council do not take enforcement action.

With reference to the PAN )Proposal of Application Notice) submitted for ten self- build plots near Lecropt House, some of the plots are in the Dunblane community council area. David Prescott stressed the importance of being seen to engage with people in a reasonable manner and to work through the planning process. He commented that the boundaries of community councils do not always make sense and need to be redrawn. He asked the elected Councillors to consider this issue.

With reference to the development near Douglas Place, David Prescott reported that some bungalows, of which there is a need in the town, have been included in changes to the original application, a reflection that the developer has paid heed to comments by the community council.

A discussion arose over the transparency of the planning process. David Prescott commented that after the community council has submitted comments, changes are sometimes made to applications. However, community councils have a problem in looking at the detail of applications which are still "live", as they are not notified of any subsequent changes to the original applications. Terence O'Byrne confirmed he will check the planning website over past months for applications which are of interest to the community council and where changes may have been made and further documents submitted. In reply to a question from the Chair about the ability of the community council to view which Section 75 conditions have not been satisfied and which community benefits have not been delivered, David Prescott reported that this cannot be checked by looking on the website.

8. Local Place Plan

The Chair reported that Stirling Council has provided funding for some of the recent LPPs within national park boundaries and she agreed to send details of these to Terence O'Byrne. Action: The Chair. She has met with Sandy Fleming from the Dunblane Development Trust to discuss the possibility of the DDT supporting the LPP process and being co-author of the LPP. She advised that the DDT is able to access funding not available to the community council. The Chair and Terence O’Byrne were also meeting with Pauline Roberts from Stirling Council's Communities Team. The purpose of the LPP process is for the community to decide on their vision for Dunblane.

9. The Police Report: See attached.

The two police officers, PC Ross Barclay and PC Paul Gilliland, introduced themselves and went over the report. They said that surgeries they have held in Dunblane in different venues and at different times have not been well attended, but they noted the upcoming Open Day at the Burgh Chambers later this month as providing an opportunity to engage with the public.


With reference to Anti-Social Behaviour problems, the police are liaising with the High School as well as involving the ASB officers at the Council. There had been an ASB incident at Mill Row at which police officers had attended, resulting in vandalism and broken glass in the play area. Councillor Tollemache wanted to discuss the situation, on behalf of local residents, with the police after this meeting. There was no mention of this incident In the report as it was not recorded as a crime but had been referred to Council officers.

PC Gilliland stressed the need for the public to use the 101 number to call the police as if incidents are not reported then the area will not be prioritised. Terence O'Byrne said that people were reluctant to phone the police and a campaign was needed to publicise the 101 number. However, PC Gilliland stated that they do publicise it, including the use of social media. David Prescott suggested that the police could use The Wire to explain the difference between the 999 and 101 numbers and this would go into every house in Dunblane. PC Gilliland agreed to pass this on to the social media officer in the force.

A discussion arose over the level of crime in Dunblane and the difficulty of trying to compare it now with previous years and with different areas. Councillor Tollemache reported that the Council received updates on comparisons of crime rates across the area and Councillor Dillon, who is on the relevant committee, agreed to send out ward comparisons to the community council. Action: Councillor Dillon.


Anna Jarchow MacDonald reminded the meeting of the work the police do in engaging with young people, with education and running extra patrols, and that their work is not necessarily about crime. PC Barclay commented that it takes him a considerable time to collate the report for the community council each month. PC Gilliland also said that they were often pulled away to work outside the area when necessary.

10. Treasurer's Report : See attached.

Stewart Corbett will take over from Chris Toop as Treasurer as soon as possible.

11. Correspondence Report: See attached.

12. Reports of external meetings

Town Centre Group Terence O'Byrne and Stewart Corbett attended the meeting on

4 September. Stewart Corbett reported that Keir Stevenson (Place Development Manager, Stirling Council) said that some funding will become available over the next six months. They are looking for funding for a part-time development officer to promote the town, to encourage people to use the High Street. A Steering Group is going to meet with a view to reinstate the Xmas Extravaganza this year. A suggestion for a monthly event in the High School was discussed but Terence O'Byrne commented that this would involve a lot of work and organisation. Only a small number of traders attended the meeting and Stewart Corbett warned of the possibility that the focus could become too narrow. The Group also discussed various questions such as parking, bus parking, marketing, wifi speed, the use of the Bank of Scotland building, shopfronts, and sending out a questionnaire. The Chair said it was good to get together and get everyone talking and Dunblane’s LPP is the


vehicle which will pull the various projects currently underway together. Terence O'Byrne agreed to send her contact details of Paul Nelson. Action: Terence O'Byrne.


Anna Jarchow-MacDonald commented that the community orchard could be used as a starting-point, to hold four events reflecting the four seasons. The Secretary said that there are quite a few orchards in Dunblane including in the Laighhills, at schools and the Dunblane Centre. Bridget Clark suggested an Apple Day, and also to tie in events with the traders when the High Street was closed: the Fling, the Xmas Extravaganza, and the Road Race.

Stewart Corbett reported that the Shop Local initiative is progressing and it is hoped to have a Halloween Treasure Hunt. .

Terence O'Byrne concluded that this project is still in its infancy and will take time to progress,

13. Reports from Ward councillors There was none.

14. Dunblane Development Trust Report

Alan Booth reported that the Annual General Meeting will be held shortly. With reference to applying to the Ian Findlay Path Fund, this could help with fundraising for improving paths in Dunblane.

15. AOCB

With reference to the proposed changes in Stagecoach timetable, David Prescott will contact them suggesting a meeting at which the detrimental impact of these changes can be discussed. In particular, residents of Kinbuck including pupils travelling to school in Dunblane will be severely affected. Action: David Prescott.


With reference to new "banking hubs" being set up in towns in Scotland, David Prescott agreed to draft something in an attempt to interact with the banks to progress this idea for Dunblane. Action: David Prescott.


Anna Jarchow-MacDonald instigated a discussion on resilience, especially in view of the energy and cost of living crises. Councillor Tollemache reported that Stirling Council is actively looking into using buildings such as libraries and churches as “warm spaces” where people can go. Councillors Tollemache and Dillon are going to work together to progress this. Action: Councillors Tollemache and Dillon.


16. Election of eligible co-opted members to full membership

Annelise Bakri was voted on as a full member of the community council.

Annelise Bakri, Anna Jarchow-MacDonald and the Chair are particularly interested in getting High School pupils interested in the community and Annelise Bakri suggested a Newsletter to publicise what the council does. She has been in touch with Stirling Council who are prepared to help and support the start-up costs. She suggested that this would be a very simple publication, with a view to transferring it to the Dunblane website. The Chair, Annelise Bakri and Anna Jarchow-MacDonald


will discuss this further. Action: The Chair, Annelise Bakri and Anna Jarchow- MacDonald.


17. Date, time and place of next meeting

The next meeting of the Dunblane Community Council will take place on Wednesday, 5 October, 2022, at 7 p.m. in the Library.

The meeting ended at 9.20 p.m.

This is a true representation of the meeting.

Ailsa Gray ……………………………………………………….. Date ………………………….. Chair

Alan Booth …………………………………………………… .. Date ………………………… Secretary