November 2023 Minutes

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Dunblane Community Council
Alan Booth
Woodlea, Perth Road
FK15 0BU
Tel: 01786824791

Ailsa Gray
Old Glassingall
FK15 0JG
Tel: 07775313038

Minutes of the Dunblane Community Council held on Wednesday, 1 November, 2023, at 7 p.m. in the Library, Dunblane.
Present: Ailsa Gray (Chair), Graham Mowat, Anna Jarchow-MacDonald, Calum Thomson, Terence O’Byrne, Karen Jenkins, Jonathan Failes, Annelisa Bakri.
In attendance: Councillors Robin Kleinman and Douglas Dodds, Bridget Clark, Mairi
Santolini (Parent Council, High School), Margaret Bragg (Minutes Secretary).

1. Apologies
Apologies have been received from Stewart Corbett (Treasurer), Alan Booth
(Secretary), Fiona Plumtree, Councillor Tollemache and the Police.

2. Conflicts of interest Under agenda item 6 (Planning), with reference to the
application for two houses near Old Glassingall, the Chair declared an interest as
she would be a close neighbour. Councillor Dodds also declared he would take no
part in the discussion as he is a member of the Planning Panel to which this
application might be referred.

3. Approval of minutes of 4 October 2023
These were approved, proposed by Terence O’Byrne and seconded by Graham

4. Matters arising
Biodiversity officer at the Council Councillor Tollemache has still to receive a
response. Action: Councillor Tollemache.
Cricket Club Councillor Tollemache will report back at the next meeting of the
community council. Action: Councillor Tollemache.

Slips on to the A9 at the Queen Victoria school The Chair has made a Freedom of
Information request to Transport Scotland in the light of the Tayside and Central
Scotland Transport Partnership (Tactran) strategy consultation.
Treasurer’s Report With reference to the final signing off of the accounts, this is
carried forward to the next meeting. Action: The Treasurer.
5G mast Councillor Tollemache is trying to find out who owns the land that the
proposed mast would be built on. Action: Councillor Tollemache.
Tactran consultation Calum Thomson confirmed that the response has been submitted.
Path between Marks and Spencer and the Keir roundabout Councillor Tollemache
has raised the issue of the state of the path but has not yet received a response.
Action: Councillor Tollemache.

5. Chair’s Report: See attached.
5G mast The Chair has already circulated letters of support written by Keith Brown
MSP and a final decision has not yet been made by CK Hutchison Networks (Three).
Councillors Dodds, Tollemache and Kleinman are working together and wrote to the
Stirling Observer. They have three questions to ask of the Council:
(a) Is Stirling Council prepared to meet with CK Hutchison Network (Three) to
discuss the possibility of not going ahead? However, it was noted that the
Council has no obligation to arrange a new discussion on this.
(b) Is Stirling Council prepared to meet with the local community? They have
met with some residents but have no plans for wider meetings, for example
with the community council, to discuss this.
(c) Is Stirling Council aware the mast company has been doing exploratory
digging? It does not seem so.
Councillor Kleinman summed up by saying that they would continue to fight this
and there is a possibility that the company will change its mind, but Stirling
Council will not ask them to do so.
Graham Mowat wondered if the exploratory drilling were a violation of the
planning application as no notice was given. Concerns were expressed that most
residents are unaware of this proposal and Mairi Santolini said that even the
Parent Council at the primary school had no knowledge about this. However, the
Chair said that planning permission is not needed as the government is
committed to providing a faster internet service. Councillor Kleinman said that
utility companies are under no obligation to give prior notification of work to
neighbouring residents.
The roll-out of 5G masts is covered by the UK government and guidelines on nonionising
radiation safety (including mobile phone masts) provided by the UK
Health Security Agency. Mairi Santolini said that she will circulate information
she has on fallout from masts. Action: Mairi Santolini.

The Chair reminded the meeting of the various court cases emerging and the
potential for the Council to be legally responsible if it were proved in future to
be damaging to health. (See minutes October 2023.)
Councillor Dodds said that the situation had arisen because of an office system
error at the Council and should not happen again.
Pedestrian crossing at the Dunblane Centre The Chair reported that a survey of
traffic speeds is going to be carried out. However, as pedestrians are inhibited
from crossing because of the perceived danger, a survey of the number of people
crossing at present would not be valid. The Chair is going to comment on this.
Action: The Chair.
Common Good Fund The Chair agreed to follow up her recent letter to Stirling
Council (see minutes, October 2023) with a Freedom of Information request.
Action: The Chair.
Windburn windfarm There will be a public exhibition held in the Dunblane Centre
on 14 November between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. The Chair requested the attendance
of elected members and community councillors. She suggested preparing an
article to highlight the visual impact of the turbines from Dunblane and
Sheriffmuir and will contact Richard Callender (Senior Planning Officer, Stirling
Council). Action: The Chair.
Dandara Following their presentation to the community council (see minutes,
December 2022), Dandara has produced a brochure to support their case for
development in Dunblane. It was noted that other developers will also be
interested in expanding in the town. The Chair stressed that this is the reason
the content of the Big Dunblane Questionnaire and the Local Place Plan (LPP) is
important. These. are essential in formulating Dunblane community’s vision for
Dunblane (rather than relying on an external developers vision) which in turn
informs the Council’s new Local Development Plan and future development in
Calum Thomson said that the community should be looking at possible benefits
coming from future developments. Bridget Clark is going to look at the proposals
with regard to the Active Travel network. Action: Bridget Clark.
6. Planning update: See attached.
With reference to the application for two houses near Old Glassingall, it was
noted that there have been previous applications for building there. However,
this is a divergence from the earlier applications which conformed to the
Council’s guidelines for housing in the countryside, in that the proposed façade
is of brick. The Chair, as a nearby resident, will submit a response as an
individual, and Councillor Dodds informed the meeting that if five objections are
received the application will automatically go before the Planning Panel.

Terence O’Byrne informed the meeting that the potential change of use of 66 High
Street to a kebab shop was a hoax, and the premises are going to be a dog
grooming parlour.
7. Local Place Plan (LPP)
Jonathan Failes gave a brief report on progress so far. The responses received
will inform the draft questionnaire. The Chair has highlighted the importance of
including in the LPP only those themes allowed in its criteria. Jonathan Failes
and the Chair are going to work together in producing the survey questions.
Action: Jonathan Failes and the Chair. Karen Jenkins asked that paper copies
of the questionnaire will also be available and this was agreed by the Chair.
8. Operations Report: See attached.
Terence O’Byrne reported that work on the Kinbuck Road culverts, gullies and
road surface should be carried out in the week commencing 11 December.
With reference to the request for a 40 mph restriction on the Kinbuck Road, as
there has not been a formal notification from the Council, Terence O’Byrne
suggested that this be progressed to the Petitions Committee.
B8033 flood southbound With reference to the flood on the B8033 between
Marks and Spencer and the Keir roundabout which occurred during heavy rainfall
on 7 October, Terence O’Byrne reported that the road surface has disintegrated
and will be repaired next month. In the long term, a new drain will have to be
installed from the field under the carriageway. Calum Thomson felt this was a
good time to open up the discussion about this road and how to make it more
resilient and sustainable. He suggested putting a gap in the central reservation
near the Keir roundabout for a shorter turnaround for traffic. There is also the
more long-term plan for a dedicated cycle path from Dunblane to Bridge of Allan
to consider and Bridget Clark reported that there is more momentum at present
to progress this. She said that a user advisory group is going to consider proposed
designs, and then have community consultation. One of the proposed designs is
for one side of the dual carriageway to be a cycle lane and the other for traffic.
Calum Thomson indicated another route would be through the Kippenross and
Keir estates.
The Chair noted that there were many issues with this legacy road to consider
after the initial meeting of the user group, and Terence O’Byrne also said it is
important not to raise antagonism against cycle lanes.
Gas main replacement work Terence O’Byrne is going to complain to the Council
about the lack of advance notice of this work, covering Glen Road to the Fourways
roundabout and up the Perth Road to Kippendavie Avenue. The first phase at the
roundabout will start on 6 November. Action: Terence O’Byrne.
Cycle lanes work on the B8033 In response to an email received from the Council
promoting the cheaper option of hatching the cycle lane areas and burning off
markings no longer required, Bridget Clark noted that the Council does not have
the money for a more detailed solution. She stated that as it is just now it is
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dangerous and against regulations; it would be better to agree with the revised
plans for now and focus on the future cycle path to Bridge of Allan.
Pedestrian crossing at Springfield Terrace A request for a crossing at the bottom
of the vennel from George Street was rejected in 2005 but Terence O’Byrne has
requested that the Council look at this again and undertake a traffic speed survey.
Action: Terence O’Byrne
9. Communications report
Calum Thomson has circulated an update in an email. He reported that the home
page for the community council on is now more dynamic. Annelise
Bakri will discuss with Terence O’Byrne on how to post the minutes and various
reports on the community noticeboard.
Graham Mowat queried whether the community council should be seen as
supporting the Bank initiative (as noted on the home page) when it is not clear
what the proposals will be. More neutral language would be more acceptable
until proposals have been finalised.

10. Treasurer’s Report: See attached.

11. Correspondence Report
This will be circulated later, as the Secretary is away.
The Chair noted that the resignation of Sharon Mylchreest was noted with thanks
at the AGM held in August.
The Police Report, as it arrived late, is still to be circulated and will be considered
at next month’s meeting.

12. AOCB

13. Date, time and place of next meeting
The next meeting of the Dunblane community council will take place at 7 p.m. on
Wednesday, 6 December, 2023, in the Library, Dunblane.
The meeting ended at 8.15 p.m.
This is a true representation of the meeting.
Ailsa Gray …………………………………………………. Date …………………………….
Anna Jarchow-MacDonald ……………………………. Date ……………………………
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MONTHLY REPORT – November 2023.
New Planning Applications received since last meeting in October 2023
It is considered that the following applications have no implications for Dunblane as a whole and it is
recommended that we leave it to the neighbour notification system to identify any local objections
that there may be:
• Single storey extension to rear of dwellinghouse at 19 Grant Drive,
Applications to be discussed.
• Erection of 2no dwellinghouses and associated garden ground at Land And Buildings Some
100 Metres North East Of Old Glassingall, 23/00630/FUL | Erection of 2no dwellinghouses and
associated garden ground | Land And Buildings Some 100 Metres North East Of Old Glassingall Dunblane
Progress on Planning Action Log Items since last meeting.
• Application in 2019 for an access road for construction traffic on the Dandara development
at Hillside. The FOI information has been examined, nothing significant to note in the
progression of this application over the 4 years. By the end of 2019 it looked close to being
granted permission, Covid effectively made 2020 a year where little progress was made. In
2021/2022 the Council asked for much more detailed information, there was a change of
house type application on the building site which lead to further delays. The end result was
that the application was minded for refusal in late 2022 and was withdrawn in 2023. All
construction traffic is through the Montgomery estate, after initial problems this has now
settled down in the main.
• Proposed 5G telecoms installation: H3G 15m street pole and additional equipment
cabinets. at Land Opposite, 38 Murdoch Terrace. The planning department refused this
application in January 2023, The issue is that they did not respond in 56 days due to an error
with dates. See the Chair’s report for details of actions taken by the Community Council.
Significant press coverage has resulted, MPs and MSPs have supported the case asking
Hutchinson /Three to not proceed. Three have responded to the publicity stating they have
not yet made the decision to proceed.
• Erection of dwellinghouse and alterations to access at Garden Ground Of East
Deanston, Perth Road. No decision.
• Construction of a new two storey 20no. bed luxury care home and associated parking
and landscaping at Randolph Hill Nursing Home, Perth Road. No decision.

Other Planning Matters
No 66 High St potential change of use from Dry Cleaners to Kebab takeaway. After
investigation by the Council this turned out to be a hoax, the intention is for it to become a dog
grooming parlor which would not require planning permission for change of use.
Park of Keir has featured here for many years, no detailed planning application submitted yet.
Terence O'Byrne
Opera􀆟ons report, Dunblane Community Council mee􀆟ng 1st November 2023
This report details the issues that involve the Roads Department in the main at S􀆟rling Council since
the October Community Council mee􀆟ng. I met with the Roads Manager on October 20th to get an
update on the various outstanding issues. As a result of this mee􀆟ng the week of December 11th has
been scheduled for many of the outstanding works.
1. Winter Maintenance Review.
Grit bins have been filled with 100% salt mix. We requested some addi􀆟onal Priority 1 road gri􀆫ng,
this was to be decided in October.. The Grit Bin audit I did in 2020 is being validated this month,
confirma􀆟on of what can be done will be provided before the November mee􀆟ng. Report ready for
December mee􀆟ng.

2. Kinbuck Road culvert.
The landowner of the land containing the blocked ditch which causes the gully on the bend near the
culvert cannot be traced. The Council will clean the ditch themselves as a priority, the culvert
cleaning will be later, it is not as high a priority as the ditch. Week of December 11th.

3. Kinbuck Road gullies and poor road surfaces.
These repair works were scheduled for the end of August. These have not been done yet. I met with
the Roads Mgr on October 3rd and 20th to discuss; the poor road surfaces were iden􀆟fied again. The
work on clearing all the vegeta􀆟on on the path has been completed except for backfilling some
sec􀆟ons of the path. Week of December 11th.

4. Gullies and road surface issues between the QV school and the 4 Ways Roundabout.
DAMM have to revisit 4 gullies close to the Hotel entrance. To be completed within next 4 weeks.
The road surface issues at various points are causing water ponding leading to pedestrians ge􀆫ng
showered with water and old stone walls ge􀆫ng damaged have s􀆟ll not been fixed. Work to fix the
flooding at the 4 Ways roundabout crossing has s􀆟ll not been scheduled. Now have SGN working on
this stretch, Council will liaise with SGN to see how they can fit in these works on Perth Rd

5. Gullies on all the main entrance routes to Dunblane.
These include Doune Road from the junc􀆟on the A9 slips roads, Springfield Terrace to the lights at
Sunnyside, Keir Roundabout to the 4 Ways Roundabout, Glen Road. It was requested that all gullies
be cleared on these routes, this was done at the February mee􀆟ng. Most gullies with the excep􀆟on
of those on the B8033 have been done.

6. Cycle Lane works on the B8033.
I received an email from the Council on October 23rd sta􀆟ng: “We’re not comfortable with the cost of
the scheme in terms of it representing value for money to the Council: we’re asking for a lighter touch
design which will basically just involve hatching the cycle lane areas and burning off markings that
aren’t required’. I have not received any further details or 􀆟meline. Cllr Tollemache has writen to
officers asking for more details. This project has been ongoing now since February this year.

7. Bridge at the Memorial Park.
Works commenced 2 weeks ago. We have emphasised yet again that all works must be completed
for November 12th.
8. Footway Weed clearance M&S to Keir Roundabout.
No atempt has been made to clear the significant debris on the pavement between M&S and the
Keir roundabout. In places there are tree seedlings growing. No progress since this was reported at
the August mee􀆟ng. Cllr Tollemache contacted Land Services on October 18th, they responded on the
23rd saying that the footway would be inspected by the Roads Dept. Work will commence January

9. Kinbuck Bridge approach road altera􀆟ons.
The parapets on the north bound approach are the main point of damage. This is caused by oversize
vehicles. There are measures in place to prevent this, but these are inadequate. There needs to be a
width restric􀆟on put in place in addi􀆟on to the current weight restric􀆟on. In addi􀆟on, the road
geometry needs further altera􀆟on to help reduce the possibly of damage. This topic was raised again
by me at my mee􀆟ngs on October 3rd and October 20th . The width restric􀆟on will be implemented in
the next 3 months. Road realignment will take longer as detailed engineering evalua􀆟ons have to be

10. Kinbuck Road 40mph request.
The Roads Mgr indicated at our mee􀆟ng on October 20th that the final decision on our request was to
reject. We are awai􀆟ng formal no􀆟fica􀆟on of this decision. To progress this mater, we need to take
our request to the Pe􀆟􀆟ons Commitee. The proposed 20mph through Kinbuck village has s􀆟ll not
been implemented.

11. Ramoyle traffic proposals.
Draft proposals were provided to reduce traffic flows and calm traffic through Ramoyle. These
proposals require some fine tuning. The request to restrict the Access Only zone limits was not in the
proposals. We had asked that the restric􀆟on start just a􀅌er the Tannahill junc􀆟on and end just before
the garage. A new Roads Officer has been appointed to take this work forward. Ac􀆟on: Cllr
Tollemache and Terence O’Byrne to take the revised proposal forward.

12. Footpath to Memorial Bridge.
The footpath on the Cathedral side is muddy in parts. The DDT have agreed to clear the mud and put
down red blaze, S􀆟rling Council to provide the red blaze. This work will be done the week before
Remembrance Sunday.

13. Flood on B8033 southbound.
The B8033 flooded again on October 7th and 8th resul􀆟ng in a full closure on October 8th for a few
hours while water was pumped away and a single lane closure which is s􀆟ll in place. The single lane
closure is due to the road surface disintegra􀆟ng caused by high ground water levels. The road surface
needs to be excavated before the surface can be reinstated. This may require a full road closure. No
date provided yet for this work. The high ground water levels were caused by the ‘lake’ that formed
in the field on the le􀅌-hand side of the B8033. A new drain needs to be installed under the road to
enable the water from this field to drain directly into the drainage system on the B8033. This work
will be scheduled for next Spring. Carriageway reinstatement week of December 11th.

14. Gas main replacement 4 Ways roundabout, Glen Rd, Perth Road to Kippendavie Ave.
Sco􀆫sh Gas Networks (SGN) are replacing the steel gas main between November 6th and February
26th. We did not get any advance no􀆟ce from SGN. The S􀆟rling Observer No􀆟ce from the Council
provided no informa􀆟on on the phasing. I met with SGN onsite on October 24th to discuss. A
document has been posted on with details. This is yet again another example of a total
lack of advance engagement for a major set of works from either the Council or the contractor
despite repeated requests.

15. Damaged wall at botom of Beech Rd.
This wall was damaged a few months ago. The result is that the wall was taken down leaving a
dangerous situa􀆟on at the wall end where the footway is steep and curved. Cllr Tollemache asked
the Council to inspect and to take ac􀆟on against the wall owners to have it safely repaired. The Roads
Dept inspected and decided that the demolished wall did not represent any danger and therefore
they would not take any ac􀆟on. Cllr Tollemache has responded disagreeing with the decision.

16. Skatepark drainage
The first bowl in the skatepark has been having drainage issues for the last number of months. The
Council looked at and ‘fixed’ a couple of months ago. A􀅌er the heavy rain on October 7th and 8th
there was over 1m of water in the bowl which represented a danger to skatepark users. The Council
was asked to fence off the bowl, this was done but was inadequate. Cllr Tollemache has requested
that the drainage issue be inves􀆟gated again, that the bowl be fully fenced off and that park users
are informed by Social Media.

17. Springfield Terrace Pedestrian Crossing
Our request for an addi􀆟onal pedestrian crossing at the botom of the ginnel from George St has
been acknowledged. The Council rejected a crossing at this point in 2005 but will inves􀆟gate again.
No 􀆟mescale provided; I have requested one. We have also requested that a traffic speed survey be

18. Braemar Play Park
Cllr Tollemache met recently with local residents who have expressed an interest in se􀆫ng up a
group to support the play park. A mee􀆟ng has been requested with officers to discuss the condi􀆟on
of the play park
Terence O’Byrne.
1st November 2023
Dunblane Community Council
Treasurer's Report
DCC Account
Balance by fund:
Total Balance
31 Oct 2023
Balance in bank a/c £ 2,727.72
Account Balance ( ) 4 Oct 2023 £ 1,743.05
Stirling Council Admin Grant 11 Oct 2023 £ 1,089.87
M. Bragg - Oct Minutes 23 Oct 2023 £ 50.00
T O'Byrne - Expenses; Wreath 23 Oct 2023 £ 55.20
£ 1,630.33
£ 346.39
£ 751.00
£ -
£ 2,727.72
Prepared by: Stewart Corbett (Treasurer)
31 Oct 2023
last report
DCC Administration
Project Fund
Community View Fund
Community Orchard
1. Annual account indepedent review on hold pending review of Project Fund close out
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Jonathan Failes LPP Report 06/09/2023
Police Service of Scotland
Community Council Meeting
Community Council: Dunblane
Month: November meeting
Officer completing: PC 775 Paul Gilliland
Email address:
Introduction / synopsis of previous month:
This report should provide sufficient information regarding police activity since the last
community council meeting. If you have any further questions about the police report or any
incidents that you are aware of that are not included in this report then please email us direct
on the above email address and we will answer your questions.
If anyone has any information on any incidents that we have been unable to identify a
suspect then please let us know by email, 101 or by contacting Crime stoppers.
The report encompasses all relevant crime and matters of note which have occurred
between the 1st and 31st October 2023 inclusive.
Current Priorities:
Our current priorities in the Dunblane area continue to be Anti-Social Behaviour,
Housebreakings, Road Safety and Community Engagement and Reassurance.
Main Report:
Between the 1st and 31st October 2023 a total of 20 crimes occurred within the Dunblane
area. The crimes detailed below are those that are of relevance to the local community.
Between the 7th and 10th October a local landowner discovered damage to fencing at
Auchinlay Road. This crimed as Vandalism and there are positive lines of enquiry being
pursued at the time of submission.
During the morning of 28th October police received reports of a male damaging property and
acting aggressively near to an address in Charles Street, Dunblane. A further report was
also taken in relation to an unidentified male causing damage to a door at another property in
Charles Street, Dunblane around the same time period.
These incidents appear to be linked and have been crimed as Vandalism and Section 38(1)
Criminal Justice & Licensing Scotland Act 2010.
There are positive lines of enquiry being progressed and from investigation carried out to
date this will be detected and the individual responsible traced in due course.
Sometime between the evening of 27th October and morning of Monday 30th October
damaged was caused to various section of building at Dunblane High School after persons
have drawn multiple symbols on the walls with an unknown implement. This is crimed as
Vandalism. Investigation is at an early stage however following engagement with the school
there are positive lines of enquiry being progressed and this will be detected.
None to report.
On the 3rd of October a disturbance was reported within flats at Charles Street whereby an
individual was the victim of a minor assault. This is under investigation however is currently
On the 21st of October police attended at a property in Station Road, Dunblane following
reports of a disturbance within. Following investigation a female was charged with Assault
and will appear at court at a later date.
On the 5th of October a male entered a café within Beech Road, Dunblane and stole a
confectionery item from the counter and then left. This is crimed as Theft and is under
investigation at the time of update.
On the 6th of October a resident of Dunblane was contacted by email from whom she
believed to be a friend asking her to purchase Apple Gift Cards on her behalf. After doing so
and sending the codes via email, the victim became suspicious and on contacting her friend
established that her friends email had been compromised and that she had been the victim
of Fraud. This is still being investigated at the time of update.
During the morning of 22nd of October police took a report of unidentifed males acting
suspiciously within the grounds of a building site at Douglas Place, Dunblane. No parties
were present on police arrival and following investigation it was confirmed that no property
was removed however this has been crimed as an offence under Section 57(1) of the Civic
Government Scotland Act 1982 (being within the curtilage of a site with the intention to
commit theft).
On the 25th of October two unidentified males, working together stole a quantity of alcohol
from Tesco, Dunblane. This is crimed as Theft by Shoplifting and is under investigation at the
time of update.
Sometime between the 22nd and 23rd of October a residential property within Ochiltree,
Dunblane was entered via an insecure window and property stolen. This is crimed as Theft
by Housebreaking and is under investigation at the time of submission.
On the 29th of October a secure property within St Mary’s Drive was broken into. No property
was taken and it would appear that those involved many have left immediately after an alarm
activation. This is crimed as Housebreaking with Intent to Steal.
On the 12th of October a road accident occurred at the zebra crossing at Tesco’s car park
where a member of the public was struck by a car. Following enquiry a motorist will be
reported to the Fiscal in relation to Dangerous Driving.
Given the time of year, darker nights and due to the reports of thefts and housebreaking we
would like to remind the community to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity to police.
Use light timers, ensure house alarms are in good working order and alarms set when out
and about
Please also lock outbuildings and make sure that doors and windows are adequately
secured particularly when leaving the house.
We would also ask that you do not leave items of value in show within your vehicle which
would restrict the potential for vehicles being broken into and ensure that it is locked when
not in use.
Thank you.
Dunblane CPT.
Between the 1st and 31st October there has been a total of 153 calls to the Dunblane area
(this also includes calls to sections of the A9 and M9). A breakdown of some of the calls are
as follows: 1 neighbour dispute type call, 5 public nuisance call, 1 drugs/substance misuse
calls, no noise related calls, 1 assault call, 8 disturbance type calls, 3 damage calls, 4 theft
type calls, 2 housebreaking type calls, 4 domestic incident calls, 2 fraud calls, 7 concern for
person calls, 1 abandoned vehicle call and 41 road traffic related calls.
Community engagement and reassurance:
- Input delivered to P2 pupils at Newton Primary during October in relation to Policing –
What we do. This was well received by the children and teaching staff.
- Crime Prevention/Security Advice provided to staff at one of the community centre/hubs
in Dunblane.
Activity for forthcoming month:
- Carry out patrols in areas where antisocial behaviour is reported.
- Carry out patrols in areas where crimes of dishonesty have occurred
Any issues raised at Community Council meeting: