October 2023 Minutes

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Dunblane Community Council
Alan Booth
Woodlea, Perth Road
FK15 0BU
Tel: 01786824791

Ailsa Gray
Old Glassingall
FK15 0JG
Tel: 07775313038

Minutes of the Dunblane Community Council held on Wednesday, 4
October, 2023, at 7 p.m. in the Library, Dunblane. This is a “blended”
meeting, with some attendees joining by Zoom.
Present: Ailsa Gray (Chair), Alan Booth (Secretary), Graham Mowat, Anna Jarchow-MacDonald, Calum Thomson, Terence O’Byrne, Karen Jenkins, Jonathan Failes, Annelise Bakri. Joining by Zoom: Fiona Plumtree.
In attendance: Councillor Alasdair Tollemache, Bridget Clark, Steve Mason
(Creative Dunblane), David Storrie (Chair, The Bank), Margaret Bragg (Minutes
Secretary). Joining by Zoom: Mairi Santolini (Parent Council, High School),
Alexander Escala (pupil representative, High School).

1. Apologies
Apologies have been received from Stewart Corbett (Treasurer), Councillors
Douglas Dodds and Robin Kleinman, and the Police.

2. Conflicts of interest
As the Chair is on the Board of The Bank Dunblane, which is an agenda item,
she will stand down during the discussion. The Secretary also stated that he
will not comment on a planning application near his own house.

3. Approval of minutes of 6 September 2023
These were approved, proposed by Calum Thomson and seconded by the

4. Matters arising
Biodiversity Officer Councillor Tollemache reported that a replacement has
not yet been appointed and he will check that the post is going to be filled.
Action: Council Tollemache.

Slips on to the A9 at the Queen Victoria school This is carried forward to the
next meeting. Action: The Chair.
Treasurer’s Report With reference to the final signing off of the accounts, this
is carried forward to the next meeting. Action: The Treasurer.
Cricket Club Councillor Tollemache will report on the upcoming meeting at
the next community council meeting. Action: Councillor Tollemache.

5. The Bank Dunblane
For this agenda item, Anna Jarchow-MacDonald took over as chair.
David Storrie, Chair of The Bank, gave a brief overview of the consultation
already undertaken, both at the Christmas Extravaganza last year and the Fling this year, on what people want for this community-led development. The building was open earlier this week, and there are now over 650 members (membership is free). The focus is on two main strands: a cinema/ music/events venue; and a communal area for functions and pop-up restaurants. It could also operate as a tourist hub in partnership with VisitScotland. Any profits will be fed back into the community. More details
are on their website: www.thebankdunblane.org. David Storrie reported that they are working with the Digital Makerspace at the Burgh Chambers, the Leighton Library, the Cathedral and High Street traders and are applying for community ownership funding. They are mindful of not duplicating what is already on offer in the town and to that end are collaborating with the Dunblane Centre, the Victoria Hall and Braeport. The Secretary noted that there had been a Community Facilities Group in the past which had collated information from all venues, including church halls. Ailsa Gray stated that the focus should be on attracting people into Dunblane, by rail, using sustainable travel. Dunblane should be promoted by
VisitScotland, Historic and Environment Scotland, and Stirling Council. A
communal events calendar would be useful to promote what is happening in Dunblane.
In response to a question from Graham Mowat, David Storrie confirmed that they were in dialogue with the resident of the first floor of the bank building.
With reference to the setting up of a cinema, he said that there has been a lot of research into community cinemas and that the Macrobert in Stirling has indicated that it would help.
In reply to a comment about the traders on the High Street, David Storrie emphasised that it is essential for the whole High Street to thrive and for the Bank not to compete with existing businesses.
In reply to a question from the Secretary, he confirmed that at present it is being staffed by volunteers but that there will be the need for paid employees in the future. The Secretary also asked about using the space outside the building and David Storrie indicated that it could be possible to have a
Farmers’ Market there. There is also the possibility of erecting a conservatory at the back.
Councillors Tollemache and Kleinman have met with Sarah Phillips (Economic Development Officer, Stirling Council) and will pass on feedback to David Storrie. The Chair indicated she would also like to be involved in this conversation. She also thought it would be useful to engage with young people on the future of the Bank.
Anna Jarchow-MacDonald relinquished the Chair back to Ailsa Gray.

6. Planning Update: See attached.
With reference to the Dandara development at Hillside, Terence O’Byrne will report back at the next meeting on the Haul Road application, documents have been received. Action: Terence O’Byrne.
With reference to the potential change of use at 66 High Street to a kebab takeaway, Terence O’Byrne reported that there is no planning application at present, but the concerns of neighbouring residents have been noted.
With reference to the application for a new house on the Perth Road, it was agreed to object as it is a backyard development.
5G mast With reference to the proposed 5G mast near the primary school, a report on the Council’s mismanagement of the application appeared in this
week’s Stirling Observer. Councillor Tollemache indicated that he is going to write to CK Hutchison (Three) to protest. The Chair reported that emerging case law from England indicates that Councils could accrue liability if they locate masts next to schools and do not consider the potential health risks.
Case law also indicates that those who rent out space on their buildings for 5G masts may also be liable in the eventuality of future claims. Graham Mowat asked who owns the land on which this mast is proposed and Councillor
Tollemache agreed to look into this. Action: Councillor Tollemache.
The Chair reported on three cases in the U.K. where the proposed erection of masts near schools has been blocked, with health concerns specifically cited.
Anna Jarchow-Macdonald said there was no evidence of harm but long-term damage could not be ruled out and 5G masts are relatively new. The Chair said that people are not being made aware of the potential risks. Anna Jarchow- MacDonald asked what 5G technology there is in the town.
The Chair suggested that the community council should write to Stirling Council and the Scottish Government highlighting these points and agreed to draft a letter before the next meeting. Action: The Chair.
Randolph Hill nursing home With reference to the proposed construction of a new extension and car parking, it was agreed not to object in principle.
However, there were several concerns:

(a) The path which at present links the bus stop on the Perth Road to the Hydro path network, and another path on the other side would be lost. There needs to be a delineated path in the new plan and Terence O’Byrne will comment on this in the community council’s submission.
(b) In response to a suggestion from Anna Jarchow-Macdonald that the existing zebra crossing outside Randolph Hill be replaced by pedestrian activated push-button traffic lights, Terence O’Byrne agreed to include this.
(c) Bridget Clark was concerned that some of the garden space was being lost and how important this is for older people.
Terence O’Byrne agreed to check with Stirling Council on the work in the car park that has already started. Action: Terence O’Byrne.

7. Chair’s Report: See attached.
Windburn windfarm Wind2 intends to have a public exhibition in Dunblane in November and, in response to their query, it was suggested that the Victoria Hall would be a suitable venue running during the day and into the evening.
It was agreed to invite Richard Callender (Senior Planning Officer, Stirling Council) to this so that he would be made more aware of the impact on Dunblane and the Sheriffmuir battlesite. It is recognised that the windfarm will probably go ahead but Dunblane should be in line for a portion of the community benefit. The Secretary stressed the need to publicise this locally.
Action: the Chair.
Tayside and Central Scotland Transport Partnership (Tactran)Strategy David Prescott has drafted a response to the 2024-2025 Tactran strategy consultation. Calum Thomson agreed to discuss some suggestions he had with David Prescott. Action: Calum Thomson. Bridget Clark has sent comments to the Chair and David Prescott.
Common Good Fund The Chair has circulated a letter she proposes to send to Julie McAfee (Chief Officer, Governance, Stirling Council) asking for clarification on which assets are, and in the past have been, included in the list of Common Good assets in Dunblane, and their value, and whether the capital and interest can be spent. It was agreed to send it. She thanked the Secretary for his input and his work on this in the past. The Secretary reminded the meeting that the decision on how it is spent rests with the Provost’s committee. Councillor Tollemache agreed to ask the specific
question of whether the capital as well as the interest can be disbursed.
Action: Councillor Tollemache. He also stressed the importance of
transparency so that all groups can apply to the fund.
Pedestrian crossing on B8033 on Stirling Road The Chair has circulated a draft letter to Gary Neill (Roads Manager, Stirling Council) pointing out the problems that elderly residents and children have in crossing this busy road,
as highlighted in last month’s Minutes. Councillor Tollemache commented that this has been on the Council’s agenda for some time and, although agreeing that this should be integrated into the cycle path design, felt that the crossing should be prioritised first. Karen Jenkins complained about the state
of the path and Councillor Tollemache agreed to raise this again with Council officers. Action: Councillor Tollemache.
Speed limit on the B8033 north of the QV slips The Chair has circulated a draft letter to Gary Neill (Roads Manager, Stirling Council) calling on him to review
the speed limit on the only stretch of 60mph between the Keir roundabout and Braco (a 2km section of road north of the QV slips to the speed limit south of Kinbuck). She detailed the many hazards on the road and its use by walkers, runners and cyclists and by school children, all of whom are designated
vulnerable users. Councillor Tollemache noted that the Council has now agreed to put in a pedestrian crossing on the Doune Road near the Dunblane Primary School,
which will prevent cars parking there, and will now ask for a crossing on the Old Doune Road.

8. Dunblane High School students at meetings: See attached paper.
Anna Jarchow-MacDonald has circulated a draft form for use by High School pupils who attend community council meetings. A copy will be sent to Mairi Santolini (Parent Council representative, Dunblane High School) and Alexander Escala (pupil representative, Dunblane High School) for comment.

9. Operations Report: See attached.
Winter maintenance Terence O’Byrne has been assured that the grit bins will be filled with 100% salt this winter.
Kinbuck Road gullies and surface repair Although originally scheduled for August, Terence O’Byrne has been assured the repair works will be carried out
this month. Cycle lane works on the B8033 These are delayed until the replacement of the
gas main is complete. Councillor Tollemache highlighted the Cycling UK in Scotland Annual Gathering to be held in the Victoria Hall on 28 October and will find out if this will be affected by the gas mains work. Action: Councillor Tollemache. He noted that the problems with the cycle lanes were first raised with the Council over two years ago and Bridge Clark commented that the Council has been talking about community-wide consultation for over a year.
Calum Thomson felt it is important to understand the bigger picture, looking at crossing points and parking.
Memorial Bridge Terence O’Byrne has been assured the bridge will be open for Remembrance Sunday.
Footway weed clearance Karen Jenkins complained about the state of the path between Marks and Spencer and the Keir roundabout and Councillor

Tollemache agreed to raise this again with Council officers. Action: Councillor Tollemache.
Ramoyle traffic proposals With reference to the proposal that access
restrictions would apply between Tannahill Terrace and North End Garage,
Councillor Tollemache agreed to progress this. Action: Councillor

10. Local Place Plan (LPP)
Jonathan Failes gave a brief overview of the feedback from meetings he has had with large organisations in Dunblane. However, he has had limited success in getting feedback from smaller groups and is proposing sending out another round of emails to them. He has drawn up a draft of the questions to be included in the LPP survey and will go over them with Terence O’Byrne
before the survey goes live, hopefully at the end of this month. He has also been in touch with the LPP team at Stirling Council but it is not doing specific consultation with individual groups. Councillor Tollemache will raise this issue. Action: Councillor Tollemache.
When Mairi Santolini asked for an update on the youth survey, Jonathan Failes said that the intention is to get the main survey up and running first with the youth survey going ahead at the start of 2024. Anna Jarchow-MacDonald
suggested that with the LPP and Local Development Plan (LDP) surveys running at the same time, it would be useful if representatives from both
surveys attended an assembly at the High School, to explain how the LPP is used to inform the LDP.
Jonathan Failes commented that many people volunteer in Dunblane and are invested in the town and that the positive aspects of the town should bepromoted more.

11. Communications Report
Calum Thomson has sent round a discussion paper on inviting the Press to community council meetings. He suggested that the council has a central document repository to help with communications. More publicity should be given to community council successes.

12. Treasurer’s Report: See attached.

13. Police Report: See attached.
There is no police attendance at this meeting.

14. Correspondence Report
The Secretary reported that, in his absence at the next meeting, someone else will have to organise the Zoom technology.

15. AOCB

Burgh Chambers Steve Mason reported that Stirling Council has indicated that it does not need the Burgh Chambers any more but has not formally said it is surplus to requirements. It would be worth pursuing with the Council that they retain a local office in the building, although the registration services are
not returning. It was noted that the closure of the building had meant the loss of a public toilet in the town centre. He was now able to report that Creative Dunblane is registered as a charity and is run by the volunteers themselves.
A business plan is being drawn up and it is hoped to take the building over in the next 12 months. Good progress has been made in working with the High School and volunteers are going to the school to work with pupils.
Dunblane High School Careers Fair This will take place on 7November, andMairi Santolini asked for the community council to   on its social media the request for former pupils to return to talk about their career paths. She will send details to Karen Jenkins for posting. Action: Mairi Santolini and Karen Jenkins.
Action on vaping Following the Scottish Government’s round table discussion on this, the Headteacher at the High School has been proactive in taking steps
to inform all age groups of the dangers of vaping. However, Mairi Santolini acknowledged that young people might find it difficult to stop and it is essential to keep engaging with them over this problem and supporting them and their families.
Riverside walk The Secretary agreed to reply to a complaint about the state of the path. Action: The Secretary.
Laighhills pavilion Councillor Tollemache indicated that the Council is going to consult about demolishing it.
Steps from Menteith View to Newton playpark The steps are in need of repair and, historically, they are the responsibility of home owners in Menteith View to maintain. However, many people now use them, not just Menteith Viewhomeowners and they have become a public walkway.

16. Date, time and place of next meeting
The next meeting of the Dunblane community council will take place at 7 p.m.
on Wednesday, 1 November, 2023, in the Library, Dunblane.
The meeting ended at 9.20 p.m.
This is a true representation of the meeting.
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