September 2023 Minutes

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Dunblane Community Council
Alan Booth
Woodlea, Perth Road
FK15 0BU
Tel: 01786824791

Ailsa Gray
Old Glassingall
FK15 0JG
Tel: 07775313038

Minutes of the Dunblane Community Council held on Wednesday, 6 September, 2023, at 7 p.m. in the Library, Dunblane. This is a “blended” meeting, with some attendees joining by Zoom.
Present: Ailsa Gray (Chair), Alan Booth (Secretary), Stewart Corbett, Graham Mowat, Anna Jarchow-Macdonald, Calum Thomson. Joining by Zoom: Fiona Plumtree.
In attendance: Councillors Douglas Dodds, Alasdair Tollemache and Robin Kleinman, David Whelan, residents from Dykedale Farm: Lorraine Cowie, Steven and Lucy Black and Derek Easton; Margaret Bragg (Minutes Secretary). Joining by Zoom: Mairi Santolini (Parent Council, High School), Alexander Escala (pupil representative, High School), Stuart Mackay (Headteacher, Dunblane High School).

1. Apologies
Apologies have been received from Terence O'Byrne, Annelise Bakri, Karen Jenkins, Jonathan Failes and Bridget Clark.

2. Conflicts of interest
As Councillor Douglas Dodds is a member of the Planning Panel at the Council, he will absent himself from the discussion on the application relating to Dykedale Farm.

3. Approval of minutes of 9 August 2023
An addition to the minute on the proposed Local Nature Conservation Site at the Laighhills was suggested by the Secretary: "There was uncertainty over whether it will include the whole of the Laighhills or exclude the football pitches and the skateboard park."

With this addition, the minutes were approved, proposed by Graham Mowat and seconded by the Secretary.

4. Matters arising
Ramoyle Councillor Tollemache reported back on the recent meeting and confirmed that residents are to be consulted about traffic calming measures such as erecting street furniture outside houses.
Youth Action Group This is carried forward to the next meeting.
Communications Report Calum Thomson will follow up inviting the Press to meetings. Action: Calum Thomson.
Kinbuck Road 40 mph request The proposed petition will be discussed at the next meeting.
Station lifts Councillor Tollemache has contacted Network Rail and Mark Ruskell MSP. (See las month's Minutes.)
Stirling Council Biodiversity Officer In view of the present vacancy, Councillor Tollemache will find out who to contact at the Council. Action: Councillor Tollemache.
Support for councillors Stirling Council has publicised Community Council Induction Sessions.

5. Planning Update: See attached.
Councillor Dodds left the meeting temporarily at this point.
Dykedale planning application The meeting was addressed by Lucy Black who was representing the residents of the houses at Dykedale Farm. An application has been submitted for a new house to be built in the garden of Dykedale Farm itself, and this will be considered by the Planning Panel at the Council. Lucy Black raised the following objections:
Ther property is within the Green Belt and is not allocated for development under the present Local Development Plan (LDP).
In terms of the newly-adopted National Planning Framework 4 (NPF4), the site is well beyond what would be required for 20-minute neighbourhoods and there is no good path into Dunblane.
The design of the house is visually discordant with the existing cluster of homes.
Although this is an environmentally friendly design, it constitutes an over-development and will take Dykedale Farm steadings into the designation of a 'small settlement' (10 houses in a cluster in a rural location).

Access is by a lane from Sheriffmuir Road which is unadopted and maintained by the residents. There is no winter maintenance. There has been an increase in the number of pedestrians and cyclists and another house would raise the probability of an accident. The driveway is shared with all the houses.
There are drainage issues and the current waste collection point is at capacity. The Council can send only a small bin lorry as there is no turning point.
This development would be in contradiction to the deeds which state that only one dwelling house is allowed on each plot. In addition, no building construction is permitted in the area in front of the farm.
In conclusion, she asked the community council for support and advice.
In reply, the Chair pointed out that planning policy is in a state of flux with the adoption of NPF4 and the uncertainty on how it sits with the existing LDP. She invited them to look at previous applications and the decisions of the Council with reference to new building in existing properties and to return if they consider the LDP and NPF4 are not being followed.
The Secretary advised the residents to send in individual responses but not to copy the content of other letters.
Randolph Hill nursing home An application for a 20-bed extension has been submitted and the Chair will ask Terence O'Byrne to look at this for the next meeting. Action: Terence O’Byrne.

6. Chair's Report: See attached.
Kellie Wynd and Blairforkie Both these applications have been sisted until the Court of Session has decided on the appeal to the Court of Session for the proposed development at Mossend, West Lothian.
Windburn windfarm Richard Callender (Senior Planning Officer, Stirling Council) is willing to liaise with the community council. The Chair indicated that because the visual impact will be greater than first thought, Dunblane should be eligible for community benefit. It was noted that the proposals have not yet been finalised.
Graveyard Working Group The Chair, with particular reference to the High School and speaking directly to Alexander Escala, pointed out the opportunities afforded by Historic Environment Scotland (HES) to pupils interested in archaeology, history and traditional crafts. Councillor Tollemache requested that all Councillors be invited to future meetings of the working group. With reference to the focus on tourism, the Chair reported that HES wants to work with all the historic sites in Dunblane, such as the Leighton Library, the Museum and the Cathedral.
Common Good Fund The Chair reported that the Council is carrying out a review on what can be considered common good assets and is asking

communities to review this. Councillor Tollemache confirmed that the Laighhills is considered a common good asset, but could not get an answer as to whether the pavilion is included. The Chair agreed to ask the Council for more clarity on which assets should be considered common good assets. Action: The Chair.
Bank Square The Chair has drafted a letter of support for the development of the former bank building into a community resource. This was approved by the community council. As she has been asked to sit on the Board of Bank Square, which will be set up as a community membership company limited by guarantee, in future Anna Jarchow-MacDonald will cover this item at council meetings. It is proposed that the board includes representatives from other community stakeholder groups.

7. Operations Report: See attached.
Winter maintenance Terence O'Byrne has been assured by Gary Neill (Road Services Manager, Stirling Council) that he expects there to be 100% salt in the grit bins this winter.
Gullies Terence O'Byrne will give an update at the next meeting.
Cycle lane works on the B8033 Both Terence O'Byrne and Councillor Tollemache have requested updates on the time scale and provisionally the work will be carried out during the school October holidays. Terence O'Byrne is still waiting for the final version of the traffic management plans to be sent to him for comment.
Memorial Bridge Councillor Tollemache and Terence O'Byrne have been stressing that the repairs should be completed by Remembrance Sunday and Councillor Tollemache has received a guarantee to this effect.
Crossing the B8033 The Chair commented that residents at Glenallan Court and the sheltered housing at John R Gray Road find it difficult to cross the carriageway to access essential amenities on the other side because of the volume and speed of traffic. Parents have also prevented children from walking to the Dunblane Centre due to similar concerns. Councillor Tollemache noted that these concerns have been raised previously with the Council. It was agreed that the Chair will engage with the community and write to the Council to explore the possibility of installing pedestrian lights of a pedestrian crossing. Action: The Chair.
Traffic at Dunblane Primary School Councillor Tollemache reported on the danger of cars driving on the Doune Road into Dunblane and encountering cars coming round a corner in the middle of the road, having been forced by parked cars out of their lane. The Secretary also reported on cars parked on the Perth Road on a corner at Bogside.
Councillor Dodds pointed out that speeding is a police matter and community police officers should be asked to carry out speed checks. He advised the use of a pop-up portable policeman to deter drivers from speeding. Additionally, the Chair said the problem was also the volume of traffic and encountering queues of standing traffic.
Slips on to the A9 at the Queen Victoria school The Chair reported another accident had occurred, fortunately without injury.
It was agreed that the Chair and Councillor Tollemache will draft a letter covering road safety issues to send to the Council. Action: The Chair and Councillor Tollemache. Stewart Corbett commented that these issues should be informing the Local Place Plan. Action: Jonathan Failes.
Councillor Tollemache also reported on the dangerous state of the pavement between Braeport and Westinhouse.

8. Local Place Plan: See attached.
Jonathan Failes has already circulated a document on the process and is scheduling meetings with local groups. It was noted that the LDP and the LPP will run in tandem. There are, therefore, two potential surveys aimed at young people and Anna Jarchow-MacDonald reported on the engagement with High School pupils. The 50th Jubilee of the High School is in 2024 and will provide an ideal opportunity for young people to look back and also forward on possible future changes in the community. The Chair encouraged suggestions from young people and noted the many opportunities for volunteering within the town. Anna Jarchow-MacDonald welcomed Alexander Escala and encouraged school pupils to be more aware of the resources of the Leighton Library with its many old maps.

9. Communications Report
Calum Thomson said he will get a flyer together on the community council's initiatives and policies for circulation. Action: Calum Thomson.

10. Treasurer's Report: See attached.
The Acting Treasurer, Anna Jarchow-MacDonald stood down and it was agreed that Stewart Corbett be elected as Treasurer.
There is a delay in the auditing of the accounts until the accountant is satisfied with how and why the remainder (£7,000) of the Dunblane Young People's Project funds was disbursed to the Dunblane Makerspace in the Burgh Chambers. Stewart Corbett will work with the Secretary and Anna Jarchow MacDonald and report at the next meeting on how the money was raised and how it has been used. Anna Jarchow-MacDonald said it was important to show how young people at risk are being supported and how the High School and the Makerspace are working together. Action: The Treasurer.

11. Police Report: See attached.
Councillor Tollemache reported that there had been a recent incident at Mill Row playpark, but commended the police on arriving quickly and engaging with the young people involved.
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12. Correspondence Report: See attached.
The Secretary reported that the Cricket Club is merging with Doune Cricket Club because of drainage issues on the Laighhills pitch, with rabbit damage also being a problem. Councillor Tollemache reported that sand is being used to improve drainage and over time this will have an effect. He agreed to organise a meeting with the Secretary, Council officers, Anna Jarchow-MacDonald and Soccer Club and Cricket Club representatives to discuss this. Action: Councillor Tollemache. The Secretary has circulated his reply to an email received from the Secretary of Dunblane Cricket Club.

13. AOCB
With reference to pupils vaping at the High School, Alexander Escala said that discussions were taking place on how to tackle the problem. Stirling Council has also written to the Scottish Government and an invitation has been received from Gillian Mackay MSP to send a representative to give input into future action on this issue. Mairi Santolini is attending the meeting, representing the Parent Council at the High School, and she agreed to write to Gillian Mackay’s representatives to see if a pupil from Dunblane High School could also attend.
It was agreed that the discussion papers would be sent to regular attendees of the community council before each meeting and that prior notice would be given for the AOCB item on the agenda.

14. Date, time and place of next meeting
The next meeting of the Dunblane community council will be held on Wednesday, 4 October, 2023, at 7 p.m. in the Library, Dunblane.
The meeting ended at 8.40 p.m.
This is a true representation of the meeting.
Ailsa Gray ………………………………………………………. Date …………………….
Alan Booth …………………………………………………… Date …………………….

Police Service of Scotland
Community Council Meeting
Community Council:
October meeting
Officer completing:
PC 775 Paul Gilliland
Email address:
Introduction / synopsis of previous month:
This report should provide sufficient information regarding police activity since the last community council meeting. If you have any further questions about the police report or any incidents that you are aware of that are not included in this report then please email us direct on the above email address and we will answer your questions.
If anyone has any information on any incidents that we have been unable to identify a suspect then please let us know by email, 101 or by contacting Crime stoppers.
The report encompasses all relevant crime and matters of note which have occurred between the 5th September and 30th September 2023 inclusive.
Current Priorities:
Our current priorities in the Dunblane area continue to be Anti-Social Behaviour, Housebreakings, Road Safety and Community Engagement and Reassurance.

Main Report:
Between the 5th September and 30th September 2023 a total of 13 crimes occurred within the Dunblane area. The crimes detailed below are those that are of relevance to the local community.
Between the 8th and 10th September a vehicle then parked within Bogside was damaged by use of key or similar. This has been investigated and is currently undetected.
On the 10th September a vandalism occurred at a property in Braeport whereby the house name was pulled from the exterior wall. This is crimed as Vandalism and is under investigation at the time of submission.
On the 6th September at Lawder Place a minor assault occurred following a dispute between family members. A female has since been issued a Recorded Police Warning.
During the evening of 8th September a fight broke out in Kirk Street, Dunblane. This is crimed as Assault to Injury and will be detected in due course.

On the 22nd of September a youth was assaulted by another youth in the playpark at Millrow. This is crimed as Assault to Injury (minor injury). Those involved have been identified and the youth responsible will be charged.
Sometime between the 11th and 21st of September money was stolen from a property in Rylands Road. This is crimed as Theft and is currently undetected.
On the 20th of September police took a report of male failing to pay for a booked taxi to Dunblane. This has been crimed as Taxi Fraud and a male will be subject of a report to the Fiscal.
On the 8th of September on the A9 Southbound/Keir Roundabout a two vehicle road accident took place where one of the vehicles involved having caused rear end damage to the other vehicle, failed to stop to exchange details. The identity of the offending vehicle is unknown.
Between the 5th September and 30th September 2023 there has been a total of 110 calls to the Dunblane area (this also includes calls to sections of the A9 and M9). A breakdown of some of the calls are as follows: 3 neighbour dispute type calls, 1 public nuisance call, no drugs/substance misuse calls, no noise related calls, 3 assault calls, 3 disturbance type calls, 1 damage call, 1 theft type call, 4 domestic incident call, 3 fraud calls,11 concern for person calls, 1 abandoned vehicle call and 30 road traffic related calls.
Community engagement and reassurance:
- Input being delivered to P2 pupils at Newton during October in relation to Policing – What we do.
Activity for forthcoming month:
- Carry out patrols in areas where antisocial behaviour is reported.

Any issues raised at Community Council meeting: