July AGM 2021 Minutes

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Polmaise Community Council Minute of Meeting

Monday 19th July 2021 @19:00 Annual General Meeting: Zoom meeting


In attendance:

Alex Fraser- Vice Chair Karen Perrie, Treasurer Gayle Jeffery, Secretary

Sharon McGrouther, Community Engagement Officer Billy Bruce, Voted on




James Thompson Karen Walker

David Perrie, Associate Council Member


1. Adoption of previous AGM minute- they are online


These minutes cannot be approved until they are verified. Need to email Steven have not had the final documents back. Intending to have that at the next meeting. Still give an update at the treasurer’s report for the incomings and outgoings.

Minutes were shown through video link

Gayle proposed and Karen seconded the meeting

2. Reports- Internal

a. Chair


No reports, except regarding the anti-social behaviour and the group doing terrific work with the secretary

b. Secretary (including correspondence)

Gayle to send report over- 3rd Monday of each month no meeting in August 2021.

c. Treasurer


The food hall has come to a close left with £11.91 going to donate to Stirling community food


$455.18 in- admin grants and minute grants

£219 out- for minute taker, poppy wreath

£1508.18 in the bank

d. Planning


3. Appointment of members Office Bearers


a. Chair nominations- Alex nominated Billy, Gayle seconded the nomination. Billy advised that he would be happy to be chair.

b. Vice Chair- Claire nominated Alec and Karen seconded the role- Alex accepted

c. Secretary- Karen Nominated Gayle and Alex seconded- Gayle accepted

d. Treasurer- Gayle nominated, Alex seconded- Karen accepted

e. Planning correspondent- Karen nominated and Gayle seconded and Kevin accepted

4. AOB (Any items that Community Councillors wish to raise that are not an agenda item)


Change the month off from August to July As Vice Chair Alex closed the meeting

Next AGM- 20th June 2022 venue TBC