June 2021 Minutes

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Polmaise Community Council
Minute of Meeting

Monday 21st June 2021 @19:00
Zoom meeting


In attendance:

Alex Fraser- Vice Chair

David Perrie, Associate Council Member
Karen Perrie, Treasurer

Maureen, Councillor



Gayle Jeffery, Secretary
James Johnson

Karen Walker

Sharon McGrouther, Community Engagement Officer
Billy Bruce, Voted on


  1. Recording of Declarations of Interest


    There were no declarations of interest


  2. Adoption of previous meeting(s) minutes – 17th May 2021.

    Minutes from the meeting of May 17th will be approved in the next meeting

  3. Matters Arising


    The group was advised that for the installation of both parks it cost £54,000 but it
    was £90,000 that was raised.


    They were advised that anything that was not spent was going back into the council.
    Maureen is going to ask for a breakdown of cost for each of the parks


    She added it would be £11,000 to resurface polmaise park and £16.000 for Drymen


  4. Reports- External

    1. Police Scotland/Enforcement Officer- to be sent over

    2. Elected Member

      Maureen advised that she has spoken to Grant Douglas at Scottish Power and he
      stated that it is Ross Forbes that is taking over the project as he is on holiday until next


      Maureen had a meeting with the Scottish Power legacy steering group and the council
      are going to help with the projects because it has taken a bit of time and they are
      worried that they are going to run out of time. The council are going to manage the
      project and oversee it. David stated that the last thing they heard was about the skate
      park but no one has told them anything else.


      Maureen has got the estimates and costs but they can only provide the funding to
      Stirling Council who are going to look into match funding.


      Maureen added that The City Regional Deal could be used for the funding but It had
      already been allocated so they need to find the match funding. Spen are meant to be
      keeping the group up to date. Maureen asked if an email could be sent out to Spen to
      be invited to the next meeting.


      Spen have gave some money to fix the bridge but it is coming out of the money for
      the skate park. The repairs are to start on the 12th July 2021.


      David stated that he has done a lot of work and is frustrated wil the lack of


      Maureen has resigned as a SNP member last year for personal reasons but has joined
      the Alba party and is still a councillor. If there is anything the need they can put in
      constituents enquiries


      David advised that he put a CC enquiry in for rock salt in January and he has only
      received a response this week.


  5. Reports- Internal

    1. Sub Groups

    2. Chair

    3. Secretary (including correspondence)

      1. Treasurer

        1,658.18- is currently in the account £80 has been withdrawn for the account for
        pay to the minute taker leaving £1,578.18. There is £319.04 left for the food hall.


        Maureen asked if they had funding for the food hall and David advised that they
        did not. She asked how they are going to keep it going and he advised that they
        would need funding to keep it going but Stirling Council have not helped in the

      2. Planning

  6. Community Council Business (Community issues brought to the attention of the
    Community Council for debate and to agree/vote on actions that are in the
    interests of the community)


    Gayle set up a gofund me account on Wednesday for the notice board
    Have some collection tins bring this up in the next meeting

    Have had quotes in for the notice board waiting on for Stirling council to get back in
    touch. Maureen said she would chase this up


    The parking at Bruce Drive is to wait until next. Billy has emailed about the petition


    AGM to be put on the agenda for next month.


  7. AOB (Any items that Community Councillors wish to raise that are not an agenda



Next Meeting: 19th July – open to public delay AGM a month July