Nov 2021 Minutes

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Polmaise Community Council
Minute of Meeting

Monday 15th November 2021 @19:00

In attendance:

Billy Bruce, Chair

Alex Fraser, Vice Chair

Karen Perrie, Treasurer
Kevin Jack, Planning Officer
Karen Graham (Walker)
Dave Perrie

Councillor Macpherson

Sharon McGrouther, Community Engagement Officer
Dionne Gallacher, Community Engagement Officer
Vicky Williams, Big Noise



Gayle Jeffery, Secretary


  1. Recording of Declarations of Interest

  2. Adoption of previous meeting(s) minutes – 18th October 2021


    Karen Proposed
    Alex seconded


    Minutes accepted


  3. Matters Arising


    Bruce Drive – No further update as yet, will chase and update at next meeting


    Walkie/Polmaise Subsidence – Contractor priced, waiting on start date. Cracks
    appeared in one of the houses, photos taken and will be emailed to ccenquiries

    Defib – HR Gray bought a Defib for the village, Tesco are installing in due course. Defib
    could take up to 8 weeks to be delivered so hopefully have fully installed by Feb.


    Gracie Play Park – Edging and bark to be completed by end of November.


    Drop Kerbs – Stirling Road to be done as part of David Hoppers project. Several other
    streets on the list as well to be done, Billy to review list to see if these are the ones he


    Bin at Football pitch – Dog waste bin has been replaced and moved closer to the path.
    Cast iron bin to be removed but probably Spring/Summer time.


    Bandeath/Castleview path – had been trimmed back.


    Horses using school grounds – Horses are allowed to use the grounds. Maureen
    arranging a letter to go to the owners reminding them of good moral deeds.


    Residents parking on grass verges – Polmaise fence already in place will be extended
    slightly to stop cars driving behind. Housing have been contacted to see if they would
    be able to install fencing in some of the other areas of grass that have been flagged.


    Dog waste – additional bins being installed at Polmaise Park, Polmaise trees and Alpha
    field to held with dog waste issue. Dog wardens have been requested to contact Billy
    to discuss the issue and also Billy meeting with Fallin PS to discuss a possible campaign
    in January. Dionne confirmed we would need permission to place posters on railings
    and lampposts.


    Debris between Fallin and Throsk – contractor still not cleared this but markings now
    on the path so possible work due to start there by the Council. Enquiry to be made
    and chase up the clearing of the path.


    Alpha update – Alpha working was being carried out today and confirmed by Tracey
    Mills that bookings can commence from today.


    Zebra crossing – poles and lights have been removed as not working, Council are
    arranging with Scottish Power to install wiring to make crossing permanent, crossing
    closed in the meantime.


  4. Reports- External

    1. Police Scotland/Enforcement Officer- busy with COP26, not report for this month

    2. Elected Member

      • Discussion on the pardon of ex-miners currently going through Scottish
        Government, charged during 80’s strikes.

      • Update of the ongoing COP26 conference in Glasgow.


  5. Reports- Internal


    1. Sub Groups- Miners Museum, no work done in the past month on this. Cllr
      Macpherson stated that PCC should contact Ogilvie to discuss possible money or
      work to be included within the housing application.


    2. Chair- no further update other than dog waste above.


    3. Secretary (including correspondence)


      Gayle unwell, no update.


    4. Treasurer

      £1,506.61 in the bank


    5. Planning – No update


  6. Community Council Business (Community issues brought to the attention of the
    Community Council for debate and to agree/vote on actions that are in the
    interests of the community)

    Vote to install Robert Bell as an associate member and appoint to the sub group
    looking at Miners Museum funding, all PCC members present voted for.


    Co-opting for additional members to begin at the next meeting in January 2022,
    require advert to be done by then.


    Vote and agreed on the spend of £40 for Remembrance Day wreath.

  7. AOB (Any items that Community Councillors wish to raise that are not an agenda

Community raised items:

Dog waste – discussed as above.

Wallace tree trimming – this has been completed but was reported for over 2 years.

Bruce Dr/Polmaise trees from woods – overhanding in quite a few gardens, hindering access
at points and blocking sunlight from properties, enquiry logged.

Next Meeting: 17/01/2022 @ 7pm